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San Mateo, California

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 1996 10:01:11 UTC

The first week in January, police in San Mateo, CA conducted a raid on
several massage parlors.  Asian Gardens Spa, Kahala Tanning and Relaxation,
and one other (I think Bay Tanning, right next to Kahala) were raided.
 Several people were caught in the middle of sex acts.  All the men had ID
and warrant checks run, but were released.  I don't believe any men were
charged.  Several women were arrested and charged with prostitution, and who
knows what else.

This was part of a plan to drive prostitution out of San Mateo, and these
three places were picked because they are directly on the Bayshore Freeway
(Route 101) and are highly visible.  Asian Gardens appears to be closed now
(lights all out the last few times I drove by), but the other two were back
open right away.  There are several other massage places in San Mateo, but
they weren't raided at this time.

Those planning to frequent any of these places should be aware that (a) the
police may have their eye on you and (b) the women are probably *very*
nervous right now.  If I get any more information, I will pass it on.

Subject: San Mateo Massage Date: Fri, 14 Jun 1996 15:13:27 UTC I recently had the pleasure of visiting the Excellent Relaxation and Tanning salon in San Mateo. The establishment is located in a small strip center just off the 101 freeway on the west side between the Poplar and 3rd street exits. I'm not sure if they get much business since the larger (albeit now closed) establishments are more visible from the freeway. When you first enter the place it is a little weird since you have to be buzzed in and you are waiting in a parking area with other businesses around. (I tend to go during the day, so the businesses are open - night time is probably more discreet.) A small waiting area greets you along with one of the "relaxation technicians." Just as with most places, the greeter wants to be your hostess. If she is not to your liking, you should ask if there are other hostesses available. They seem accustomed to this as long as you're not rude. If any other girls are available, you'll be introduced. The house fee is $40.00 for an hour. Unlike massage parlors, "relaxation" establishments won't rub you down. They have you disrobe and lay on a small bed. Hot towels are placed on your body and the girl simply places her hands on the towel - quite bogus, but I think San Mateo has some new ordinance about "massage" parlors. The rooms at Excellent are quite small which consist of a twin bed, mirrors and a shower stall in the room. I've been there twice and have had the pleasant company of a girl named "Kathy." Kathy is half Chinese and half Vietnamese. She is very pretty with long black hair. She is about 5' 7" and 125 pounds. The first time I visited, she was very leery of me. I began to ask her about extras and she emphatically told me "No" while shaking her head. I began to let my hands roam on her very nice body and she seemed to relax. She kept insisting that they don't do those things there (while smiling!), but when I took her hand and put it on my very hard member, she gave in. We did the "mime" thing and agreed to head for $50.00. She briefly left the room with the cash and returned. She smiled and began giving me a good blow job - sans condom. During my oral bliss I "inspected" her beautiful ass with my hands - she has an awesome mound! Anyway, I came and she helped me get dressed. The second time I visited, I asked for her and she recognized me. She was very friendly and gregarious and actually gave me quite a massage before asking me what I wanted. I told her that I wanted a half and half today - no mime. We agreed on $100.00. After leaving she returned in a very nice silk robe. She took her robe off and was I ever surprised! Most Asian women have fairly small breasts, but Kathy had some great knockers! (Probably augmented, but a very nice job indeed!) Anyway, she motioned that I should lie down, but I began kissing her neck and fondling her tits. I then moved down to her ass and began licking and sucking on those wondrous cheeks. She seemed to like what I was doing and began gyrating her beautiful body. I laid her down on the bed and began licking her pussy. Unlike some girls, Kathy quietly moaned as I continued. After a while she sat up and told me to lean against the bed. She knelt before me and began sucking on my balls. She then moved to my shaft and began licking the underside of my aching member before taking the head of my dick into her mouth. After about 10 minutes of this incredible action, she slid a condom on me and began riding me like a rodeo champion. Needless to say, I thought the "reservoir" on the damn rubber was going to blow up and kill us both! If you ever get a chance to visit this place, make sure to ask for Kathy! Have fun!
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 00:08:30 UTC San Mateo: Drove past Kahala Tanning and Relaxation and Bay Relaxation last week. Both are closed and have FOR SALE signs up. Asian Gardens also appears to be closed. I am truly disappointed as these places were favorites of mine.

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