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San Jose, Costa Rica

Key Largo (bar) in San Jose, Cost Rica. Many average to above average
Ticas (Costa Rican females) who will go out with you if the price is
right ($50-$100 / hour). Key Largo has a good band and tee shirts!

Outside bar beware of Tranvestites who will mug you.

Stay in San Jose Holiday Inn when visiting.
Best hotel in San Jose and near key Largo.

Subject: Costa Rica Update: San Jose Date: Mon, 15 Jan 1996 05:36:15 UTC Your FAQ must have been written by someone who wanted only the cheapest, nastiest ladies he could find. The Key Largo club he mentions is indeed "an oasis of Pussy" but it is filled with the second and third strings. The ladies here are generally trashy looking and overwight (with some notable exeptions, mostly Columbianas, Panamanians or Brasileiras). A short cab ride to the north is perhaps every Gringo's ultimate fantasy: a strip club called "Olympus" with fifty centerfold quality girls of many nationalities (including may of the exotic negritas from Coasta Rica's Carribean coast), full nudity, lap and table dances, and private rooms where you are encouraged to have sex with the lady of your choice! It is not cheap: about $17.50 gets you in the door, there is a mandatory two drink minimum (at $10 and up per!) and the ladies are constantly after you to buy them $16 glasses of watered down white wine for which they get a 10% kickback. But, on the plus side, you can see exactly what you are getting when the ladies dance (mostly to serious rap and salsa), for $40 to the house and $50 to the girl you can get a righteous blowjob on a couch in a private room with a 2 way mirror window so you can still see the show and most of the ladies will gladly set up an appointment to see you outside the club the next day at approx $150 with no overhead from the club. Overall, a great deal when you consider that you have lots of choice and get to see them in the altogether before you choose. The club (like everything else in Costa Rica!) doesen't open until 9 pm but goes till four am every night. Curiously, despite the outragious cost of everything in the club, they offered the best exchange rate on dollars to colones I saw anywhere!
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 1996 04:28:47 UTC The age of consent in Costa Rica is 18. Taxi driver says that for tourists, it cost $100. For Costa Rican or tourists in non-touristy bars, it can cost as cheap as $11. Hope this helps!
Date: April 1996 * Cheap airlines serving Costa Rica from the U.S.: LACSA, Mexicana, TACA * Weather: on the west coast, December through April is the dry season. Otherwise it rains a LOT. * In the Aparthotel Ramgo you get an apartment where you can bring visitors. * Might be able to pick up girls in the Park Central or in the Park Hotel at its southwest corner. The whole area is kind of a red light district. * Check out the UNI-SEX barber shops in this area. They all have a massage parlour upstairs, with full service available.
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 1996 03:08:13 UTC Subject: Re: Key Largo Closed? Unfourtunately this is true. I do not know what the exact charges are, but when I was there last week the gates were shut and there was also a heavy police presence standing outside of the place. Not to worry. Most of the action has moved to the Blue Marlin Bar (inside the Hotel Del Rey) and to Happy Days (be careful!).
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 1996 12:14:35 UTC Subject: Costa Rica fun I just got back and I've got some great news. There's a new massage parlor (opened 1/96) in San Jose near the Holiday Inn called BBC. $35 gets you _everything_! "Everything" includes a sauna, steam, shower, massage AND sex. Tips aren't necessary (or necessarily expected). Richard, the owner, is a friendly guy from Long Island. He had a unique idea -- open up an affordable clean place and give the customer what they want. He explained the ladies are really trained in the art of massage... he has someone come in twice a week to give lessons to the girls. There is no time limit on the visit, unlimited drinks (that steam room sure gets you thirsty!) and everything is completely hassle-free. I arrived mid-afternoon and there was one other patron and about 7 ticas. Richard gave me a complete tour and introduced me to all the ladies. I was given a choice of choosing a tica immediately or whenever. I chose to take a sauna, steam and shower first. Then the best part. The ticas ranged From about 5 - 8 in looks. I chose a really sweet (aren't they all?) college student and spent the next hour in heaven. Completely unrushed massage (and very professional) as well as incredible sex. I was there for about 2.5 hours. I had to leave my tip for Stacey (the equivalent of $10) with Richard cuz Stacey was nowhere to be found after my shower. He said that she would be thrilled by the amount. Upon further discussion, I learned the girls get to keep 50% of the $35, which is a better deal than in other similar places. Because there are so few costs involved, everyone, including the customer, makes out very well. In addition, they provide an escort service, hotel service, or accompaniment for trips in Costa Rica. This latter service is similar to one offered by Fiesta Costa Rica, which I tried on my first visit to CR. Although I didn't try this service from BBC, I have experience with Fiesta. With Fiesta you have little choice about where to go or stay. With BBC, you can choose from a dozen girls, (Richard sez the escorts are generally different than the ones that work in the massage and they're all 8 - 10), while you choose a girl from a picture with Fiesta. (Maybe it's gotten better, but most of the girls were around 5 - 7 from Fiesta). I forget Fiesta's price, but both of these places are on the expensive side. BBC is $250/day, though I got the impression that the price is negotiable. My advice is to find your own Tica (at Del Rey perhaps) and negotiate your own deal. My Spanish is not the greatest, but I had no problems anywhere. As for the Key Largo situation, it appears the shutdown is probably temporary. It seems most of the business moved to the Marlin Bar at Hotel Del Rey. I dunno about Happy Days... maybe I went there on off nights, but the few ticas there ranged from 3 - 6. The place was half empty the 2 times I went there. Hasta la vista, -jook
Subject: Costa Rica Update Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 14:55:20 UTC Here's the latest on San Jose, Costa Rica, as of June 1996. The world famous/infamous Key Largo Bar is closed, probably permanently. The front gates are locked, and there is usually a police guard out front. They tried to pull a fast one by opening a casino, and the new city manager didn't like it. They were closed, opened briefly, and then closed again. Since they are directly across the street from an elementary school, the chances of them ever opening again are just about zero. Naturally, this put a lot of people out of work, and forced the girls to move elsewhere. Most of them drifted over to the Del Rey Hotel's Blue Marlin Bar. The trouble is, the Blue Marlin is small, and even on Monday nights is now uncomfortably packed. It gets worse on the weekends, and security guards even have to restrict access by some of the girls just so that customers can get in to buy a drink. There is no way for the bar to expand unless the casino wants to relocate, and fat chance of that. On the other hand, I found Julie (whose real name is Kristi), and Karina, to be real treats. They were the prettiest women I came across in the bar, and I recommend both of them (ask them about Arturo, and get ready for some stories). During the early afternoon, you'll probably see Rosi (Row-see) waiting for you at the bar. I knew her from a couple previous trips last year, and she is a pretty good kid. Mention my name, and she'll talk for a half an hour at least. She was absolutely astounded that I brought with the photos I took of her last year. Well, all I can say is that Arturo always keeps his word. Incidently, Rosi also speaks Japanese, so we spent as much time in that language as we did in Spanish or English. Some sentences ended up with words from all three languages. Speaking of overcrowding, even the snake-pit Happy Days bar is full to bursting, though it really is to be avoided, unless old, ugly, gravel-voiced whores turn you on. Fortunately, there are a couple new health spas (wink, wink) that opened this year. Tai Pan is one, and advertises in Costa Rica Today (pick up a free copy at the airport). Another, which is just a few blocks from the Key Largo, is BBC. BBC has to be the best deal I have ever encountered, world-wide, including Mexico, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Their one-price service includes all you want of sauna, steam room, shower, TV, and unlimited drinks (beer or Coke), PLUS a full massage and sex with the girl of your choice. The price? $35! You can pay in dollars or colones (7,000 of them, currently). You can tip if you want, but it is not mandatory (Tip hell! I wanted to take her back with me to the USA!). The manager, Richard, is an American, and the place is really bright and clean. There were at least six girls there each time I visited, and they were really much prettier than the great majority of women hanging out at the Blue Marlin. BBC is at Avenida 3, Calle 7/9 (next to Secondamano, just two blocks north of the Auto Mercado supermarket). Their English speaking phone number is 257-3036. They are usually open from noon to midnight. My first massage was given by Alonda, who is just about the prettiest & happiest woman I have ever been with. We started out in the sauna. After a few minutes, I began to sweat like a hog, and she never ever had even a drop of perspiration. Then we took a shower together, and headed for one of the private rooms. The rest was a pure delight, including a slow, full massage, hand job, blow job, and then full sex. The next day I tried Karen, who can best be described as shy but sultry. I swear that Fanny/Fannie looks a lot like Sandra Bullock (especially the eyes), and if you like them tall, with very short hair, try Nicole. Marilyn and Wendy were also hot to trot, as was Alejandra. If you want them to go into the sauna with you, it's no problem at all. Karen & Fanny like the steam room, too. Speaking of the steam room, they had just put in some fresh eucalyptus, and it smelled just like hops to me (being a home-brewer, there is no greater smell than fresh hops). In fact, since there is no time limit, you can stay all day or night if you want, though you do have to pay again for a second massage & sex. You can do any of the activities in any order; it's up to you. I finally settled on the steam room both before and after the massage. Also consider this: in San Jose, most hotels charge you an extra $10 to take your Tica up to your room with you. Just about any woman you come across in the Blue Marlin Bar will want at least $40 to go to your hotel with you. Since this is a given, you are really getting a much better deal for at least $15 less than you could do on your own, and without any hassles ro delays. Richards says their affiliated escort service, R&R (296-5656) has truly gorgeous women available, at probably half what you'd pay for just short time in the USA. He says they are ready to go, but don't like hanging around bars waiting to get picked up. Quite frankly, I never got around to even wanting to check it out, as I spent most of my last two days just hanging around BBC. BBC's ad mentions some guy who said he had wished he found out about BBC his first day, instead of his last. Well, I can certainly attest to that. Honest & truly, your BEST way to start a Costa Rica vacation is to head right to BBC as soon as possible after checking into your hotel. Since there is no problem with getting a guided tour, in English, you'll immediately see you are in a first-rate operation. If you don't like what you see, just leave. But, I bet you won't want to. Do me a favor, and tell Richard that Arturo sent you. Bars with floor shows & private rooms include Olympus, Hollywood, & Josefinas. They have cover charges & drink minimums, so make sure you get your copy of Costa Rica Today to get free admission or drink coupons. Don't bother to look in the Tico Times newspaper that comes out every Friday. They refuse to run any sex-related ads. << Arturo >>
Subject: Costa Rica, September 1996 Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 18:21:24 -0800 San Jose is vastly overrated! Ugly, expensive, whorish women in tawdry surroundings. (i.e., I didn't like it.) tried the Del Ray, Key Largo reopened while I was there, all not worth the time. the only thing i liked was the gambling - at least I MADE money on the trip! went to the Olympus and another club, not worth the trip. only bright spot was the new massage/sauna BBC. the girls are great, 5-8, give good massages and everything else, and the price is right. practically worth the trip. the advice to go there first is correct: and don't bother with anywhere else. Pamela was great, but many of the other girls would probably be as good. the price is right too! you can spend the entire day/night there for less than some girl in the bar who you need to take to a seedy hotel. saw some of the girls from the escort service who came in, and they were really pretty - the best i saw anywhere in C.R., but I suppose the price is high too. guess I am spoiled by Brasil! Southern Traveler
Subject: Key Largo in Costa Rica! Date: Mon, 04 Nov 1996 21:39:32 -0500 I just got back from Costa Rica and contrary to the news that I read here, the club called Key Largo is alive and well. I got into C.R. on Monday night and promptly proceeded to see if this place was open, along with some of the fellow male passengers that I had met on the way down from Mexico City. To my delight, it was. When I walked in, there were approximately 50 women and about a dozen men (it was about 3 am). You could take your pick of the women...they started at $80 (american) and I managed to work a girl down to $50. By and large, the women were absolutely gorgeous! What a deal! Although she didn't speak English, she had her prostitution license with her and she was HIV negative (she had gotten the test back that day and I saw the paperwork from the clinic). They sell condoms right there at the bar in packs of three. She initially said I could come twice, but once back at the hotel and we were romping, she proceeded to put the third one and we finished off the pack :). That was the best $50 I ever spent :)
Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 10:48:16 -0500 Subject: San Jose update There have been big changes in the Gentleman's club/massage parlor scene in San Jose, CR. Club Luxor was closed before December 1, possibly due to the child of the owners living on the premises. Later BBC, which had gone down hill since August was closed in a raid. A few days before Christmas, Bob McIntosh, the owner of Taipan Massage was shot to death in front of the business. After talking to him for a while I had considered boycotting the place, but it was a great way to spend the afternoon. Bob had been involved in many shady deals around town, and the impression I get is that Taipan will be missed much more than he will. One added complication is that he had just bought the Park Hotel, so who knows what will happen there. I only hope that the girls, who were nice, get their pay. I got the impression from the Blue Marlin gossip mill that he was keeping accounts for them, so they may be out of luck.
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 23:43:46 -0800 Subject: Costa Rica First let me thank you for the great information posted. It certainly made it a lot easier, fun (and cheaper) for my first visit to Costa Rica. I have been to many countries, but CR is got to be the best pussy hunting ground in the western hemisphere. I landed at the airport, took a cab to a small downtown hotel, took a shower and headed directly to BBC massage parlor. Everything you said is true! I met Richard (there are two. One American and a Latin one). Richard has been getting a lot of business from this site. The place is clean, the ladies are beautiful and Richard will make your visit a delight. He is a very friendly guy. No pressures, free beer and most of all great prices. I guess I spent a great deal of my vacation at BCC. I plan to return soon to sample the rest of the ladies. I found one lady specially delightful and sexy. Her name is Pamela and you can tell her I sent you. She is an experience that,I will bet,you will never forget. The Blue Marlin was OK, but rather crowded. Most of the clientele are gringos and the ladies expect you to bargain a little. The usual asking price is $100, but I never paid more than $50. One note of caution. Do not go to the Asian Motel. This is a dark, dirty, and dingie little motel the ladies use if you are not staying at Hotel Del Rey or have another place. Most of the girls are willing to go with you out of town (if you have a rented vehicle) for about $100 and meals and other expenses. This is well worth it. If you go to San Jose visit BCC and tell Richard Nettie sent you. (Maybe he will give me a discount on my next visit).
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 13:44:05 +0000 Subject: San Jose Costa Rica I just returned from San Jose Costa Rica and have the latest scoop on the situation there. Good news the Key Largo is open again. I had several good experiences there. The ladies there are more aggressive than the ones at the Blue Marlin Bar in the Hotel Del Rey. You dont have to stay at the hotel to visit the Blue Marlin. I stayed at the Hotel Del Rey and found it very convienient to pop down to the bar whenever I wanted to to checkout the available ladies. It appears that the Blue Marlin has a rule that the ladies must be very NON aggressive with their customers if they are to be welcome. You MUST motion the lady to your table if you are going to get her to talk with you. I found the same thing at the Olympus strip club. No ladies will bother you unless you ask them to your table. Bad news BBC is closed down. I dont know why but it is. Too bad it sounded like a great place. A block and a half from Del Rey is a full service place called Arte Y Sauna. I got the works to my full satisfaction for 7,000 colones. About $35 US. If you want a casual no pressure evening of shopping for a lady I recommend the Blue Marlin bar.(Watch out for a cute one named Catalina she immediately started asking for more money after I paid $10 to get her into the room. I was very mad and did not pay her any more than we had agreed to and got crappy service. BE Warned!) If you like a more agrressive type of woman situation I suggest trying Key Largo. Prices seem to be the same at both places. I was paying these ladies 20,000 colones for 3hrs of letting me photograph them and video them and get a blowjob. Simple sex price seemed to be over 15,000 colones. Keep in mind that this was the peak tourist season when I visited and better prices must be available on the off season. 215 colones= $1 US. One more comment. The $10 charge to get a woman up to your room is not that bad of a deal because the security guy locks up her ID until you are done with her. They know who she is so she wont pull any illegal stuff. I liked that and did not mind paying the extra. Hope this info is helpful Larry
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 1997 22:02:38 -0800 (PST) Subject: San Jose, CR Atta, First, thanks for your efforts. Second, I'm glad to be able to contribute. Also, please send my regards, if possible, to the gentleman who contributed OUTSTANDING travel reports to Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia (Oct. '96). Everyone should strive to achieve such quality [in reporting]. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ San Jose, Costa Rica -- Feb. 1, 1997 Exchange rate: $1 = 216 to 220 colon Street system: Avenues: East-West, Streets: North-South North of Central Ave: odd Avenues South of Central Ave: even Avenues East of Central St: odd streets West of Central St: even streets Checked into Hotel Del Rey ($39 + 18% Tax). Went to look for BBC (an event which I had anticipated after reading previously posted material) -- could not find it!!! Finally met a guy who informed me that the place was shut down by the tax man; also, someone named Tony was trying to re-open it (or a similar place). He also informed me that Taipan owner got shot. Meanwhile while looking for BBC, came across a local whorehouse (3rd St & 13th Ave), next to VIPs -- no name/sign, a dump with a long corridor lit by a red lamp. At the end of the corridor a small room with 3-4 girls and a bunch of men sitting on couches (those men were probably waiting for other girls to come out, as the ones inside the room were 0-3). Price? - - 2300 colon ($11). BTW, I did find an acceptable girl, after having to stop by three times. The procedure was simple: she takes you to a small room; both undress; you lay down on a matress; she puts a condom on; sucks; gets on top, fucks; carefully removes the condom; goes to take a shower while you dress. Bring your own supplies (many men inside were carrying bags) - only toilet paper to clean yourself, if necessary. This one treated me very nice. Although the going rate at Blue Marlin and Key Largo was, I was told, $40, I quickly negociated with a girl outside Hotel __??__ or Happy days (75 yards south of Key Largo, Ave 7) for 5000 colon ($23). Remember, that your hotel will add $10 + TAX to your room bill. You may also want to establish the rules beforehand: one girl from Blue Marlin decided, after 1st minute, that she did not want her breasts to be touched (was it that she just came in and I was the 1st trick? or C 5000? or ??). Stopped by Arte y Sauna -- very poor choice (7000 colon "con sexo"). Club IDEM was closed on Sunday, contrary to the ad. Key Largo admission is $5, unless after around 3am. Lots of truly exotic/beatiful looking women in C.R.
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 1997 02:26:14 -0800 Subject: Costa Rica Me and the rest of the world always knew the Blue Marlin Bar as the Hotel del Rey. Key Largo is open again. I don't know about the VP of Key Largo's suicide being suspicious. However, the Taipan is closed for good the owner was hit with an AK-47. He was a gringo con man who word has it ripped off some mafiosa from the states who wanted to make an example of him. Damn right women are for sale at Club Hollywood, at about $70 and $100 with jacuzzi. The owner is married to an ex-hooker who supposedly used her hard earned savings to help him set up the place.
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 13:00:33 -0800 Subject: Costa Rica Update San Jose, COSTA RICA The BBC Sauna has apparently changed hands. It is now a rip-off. I went two times and was disappointed both times. The 3 girls present were a 6 and 3 and 3. I chose the 6 and the price has increased to $40.00 per hour. She would not take a shower with me and only stayed in the sauna about 5 minutes. The massage was OK and then a half bj, half hand job with condom was so so. Then I had to take a shower alone. All in all it lasted about 45 minutes. The second time I went the 2 girls present were no better than a 4. So I went searching to other places which were no better. I will take Santo Doningo, Dominican Republic any day.
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 1997 09:26:24 -0700 Subject: WSG Costa Rica Just got back from Costa Rica. All reports are true. The good, bad and the ugly. Mostly good though. In San Jose. Bad news! The BBC has changed ownership and the place is now a dump. The showers don't work, the girls are from 2-6 on a 10 scale. If you are in the health club mode as BBC try Arte's down the street from Del Rey. Girls are better, place is cleaner and everything works. Price around $37.00. Key Largo, alive and well. Good place! Drinks are higher than anywhere else in San Jose. Girls run the entire range 1-10. Always crowded. Yesterday's still there. Mostly locals. Girls range 3-8 on 10 scale. Prices better than at Key Largo. Blue Marlin, still the Blue Marlin. Good place all ranges and prices. One hint. My buddy did not speak spanish and I did. I can say without hesitation, spanish helps immensely. Did well with amateurs there in San Jose. Above-average looks and enthusiasm. Going back soon.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Report on Costa Rica Date: 8 Jul 1997 11:49:47 GMT Every time I've stuck my head in the Park bar I have found only a few women and none above a 3 or 4. I will give it another try on my next visit. The girls at the Blue Marlin might ask for $100 but you generally have to pay no more than $70.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Trip Report - San Jose, Costa Rica (Full Report) Date: 14 Jul 1997 02:47:55 GMT I was there in May and in June. The BBC is a dump now and I wasn't real impressed with it last year but I know a lot of people did like it. The Taipan club is closed down as the owner got shot for not paying the debts he incurred. This was a great place - too bad. The R&R escort service was terrible last year as everyone in the prior album was fat (muy gorda). Before my visit I had hime e-mail me a picture of his best - Vanessa and it was pretty disappointing so I didn't even pursue it down there. If you are not satisfied with a girl you need to complain to the Hotel - especially Hotel Del Rey. Remember it is legal there and a lot of their clientele come for the women. If there are women there that are not providing good service you need to tell Greg, the Manager, and/or Steve Estaban - the black bouncer in the Blue Marlin Bar. He is a straight up front honest guy that will treat you right and he has a few good connections himself!! I have only had trouble exchanging bill with that dingy blond at the exchange desk in the Lobby of the Blue Marlin. I'm not sure why Greg puts up with her but I guess she is a good dependable worker and he decides to take the bad with the good regarding her qualities. Have you had trouble elsewhere? Holiday Inn 2 blocks away gives a better exchange rate and I never had any trouble there. As far as the quality of service, I have always hired for a day or more. That way there is no limitation. I usually ask para sexo cinco, sies, o siete por dia es OK o no. Necessito calquier cosa yo quiero, cuanco yo quiero (I need whatever I want, when I want). When you hire from the upscale places Josephines, Clube Elite, Olympus - you won't get ripped off, you get a good value, you don't get a girl that's been had several times the same day by someone else, and they are basically your girl friend for the time you spend with them.
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 18:59:34 -0700 Subject: Costa Rica --September 97 Visited Costa Rica and benefitted greatly from all postings. Blue Marlin was rocking--stocked amply with a wide range of Ticas and Dominicanas. I was told to stay away from the Dominicanas, as they tend to be all business. This was not so easy, as a couple of them were absolutely stunning. Ticas truly are a breed apart: affectionate, passionate, warm, and genuinely horny. I had one Tica from the Blue Marlin that was breathtaking-- shiny bronze skin, big cat-like eyes, long, raven hair, high cheek bones, tight bod-- and she gave the best head I've ever had. This babe had an insatiable appetite for affection and sex... she wouldn't let a minute go by without fucking, sucking, kissing, petting, or cuddling, and she genuinely got soaked during sex. Price was $40 US for the entire night... as many orgasms as I wanted. From the way she accepted the money I almost felt payment was optional. Man, Costa Rica truly is the motherlode! I believe the low price may have been a function of the lowered tourist demand for pussy during rainy season. I probably benefitted from being one of the few younger guys in the bar as well. Key Largo is alive and breathing, albeit barely. The supply of women was low and the quality poor. I visited club Olympus and found it to be a horrible high-pressure rip-off joint. I do not recommend it to anybody. Women were pretty, but prices high, and pressure to buy expensive drinks and dances was relentless. They even tried to rip me off by padding my bill. I had to argue to get it reasonably adjusted, and they were entirely unapologetic about the whole thing . A bunch of scumbags, if you will. I did not get out to the massage scene, as I left San Jose after a day to see the country. For availability, price, and quality Costa Rica gets an enthusiastic thumbs up. I'll definitely return. *If anyone has good experiences with the Dominicanas, please post.
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 22:53:09 -0600 Subject: Costa Rica As someone who has travelled quite a bit, I would say San Jose has been overhyped by those who contribute to your fascinating guide. Yes, the Blue Marlin does have whores but most aren't better than average looking and none are all that cheap. I was charged $40 for an hour-long session and $60 for an all nighter. The girls are affectionate and, as always, Costa Ricans are more pro-American than anyone except Jesse Helms. However, Costa Rica doesn't compare with Brazil and, if you're half-way young where you can get it for free, Chile.
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 1998 00:48:41 EST Subject: costa rica went to san jose in december 1997. thought i would drop some notes and tips. as its reputation boasts, the center of the life is the hotel del ray. it has a feel to it as you would expect in casa blanca, or key largo. casino on main floor with a charming reception. and the blue marlin bar. girls previously reported as 4-7. that is generous scoring. but not too bad. they will ask for $ can get them, if you are staying in the hotel, between 50 and 75....if ya gotta travel any, just pay the hundred and consider it cab fare back. the elite strip clubs...josephines which is not too far from the blue marlin, is the place to go on sataurday night. the girls are very attractive. anywhere from a real nice 7 1/2, to a 9 1/2. its expensive. they are basically real girls making a living dancing...turning 2 - 3 tricks a week. most are mothers supportting a child. they will ask you to buy them a drink which costs, for them, $21...($10 is for them. buy it. i'll show you how to save money) the club deal is you must buy a bottle of wine ($109) to take one home. they'll ask for $300. they will negotiate anywhere from $100 to $150. if you got some money, they are worth it. they'll stay with you all night if you like. suck without condom, fuck with one, and they are not so hardened like those who work the bars turning 2, 3 tricks a night. but don't take them that night. make private arrangements for the next night. they will take a night off, and turn a private trick avoiding the club charge of buying the fucking wine. after you make your arrangments, go back to the blue marlin and take one for an hour...go to sleep and'll need your energy for the next night.
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 09:37:00 -0500 Subject: Costa Rica Hello! I'm back from a trip to San Jose, Costa Rica (1-2-98). The good news is that Arte y Sauna has been taken back by the old owner, Tom (an American). He has done a lot of improvements, and recruited a lot of new girls. For $33, you can get an all inclusive treatment. There are about a dozen girls, averaging about 8 on a 1 to 10 scale. The establishment is about a four minute walk from Hotel Del Rey, eight minutes from the Holiday Inn. Also, Key Largo and the Blue Marlin Bar at Hotel Del Rey are still going strong, most of the girls will try for $100, but will settle for $40 - $50. Now the quality is not the greatest, with a lot of worn down hags in the crowd, but there are still some 9's around. There is another bar, next to Del Rey; Bella Dona, which has some talent once in a while. My advise: upon arrival in San Jose, go immediately to Arte y Sauna, see the real good looking ones, get your rocks off, and then hit town. If you do this, you will be in a much better position negotiating with the girls hanging around the Gringo bars, and you know what to expect when it comes to quality. P.S. Somebody mentioned on your web site that the bar maids at Key Largo are difficult to pick up. They are not, and they do not charge you!
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 00:34:46 -0800 Subject: Costa Rica I spent 12/29/97 through 1/11/98 in Costa Rica. San Jose is worthless around New Year's because everyone leaves town or spends time with their families. Marlin Bar at the Del Rey-most women were too fat &/or too old. Out of the usual 20 to 50 on any given night less than 5 were stunning. They were the young ones who just recently started the business. Prices ranged between $50 & $100 for 1 hour. I took one who had given birth 3 months earlier & got to have some of the baby's milk but she was terrible in bed. BBC - I don't know if it was the time of year or what but there were only 4 women there. The 2 up front were fat & ugly. 2 others were in the back but I didn't get to see them. The price was OK but they are too time conscious & the 2 I saw were such turn offs I nixed the place. The interior though is very nice. The place has potential. Arte y Sauna - by far the best deal in San Jose. The sauna & massage alone are worth the price. After a massage I didn't care whether or not I had sex because the massage was so good. This is where the locals go. The place is a little dingy but there are plenty of girls to choose from & most are very well mannered. The best time to go is 2 to 4 p.m. as the management is very relaxed with the girls & most like to leave for dinner. They do not rush you so you can take your time. Club Elite - this is a real scam even if you are ready to spend a lot of money. There is no entrance fee but they charge top dollar for drinks & get the strippers to come to your table to entice you to drink more. They have rooms with one way mirrors around the periphery where sex can be had with the strippers for a hefty price. These are by the way the nicest looking women I saw in Costa Rica. My friend & I negotiated to take 2 woman with us to a bar & then the hotel. We of course did them first in one of the peripheral rooms to test the goods. This consisted of them stripping us screwing, slurping, etc. as fast as possible to get us off. We then departed for a nightclub infinito. After having us buy them a number of drinks, & trying to get coke or extasy out of us they went to the bathroom & then ran out to catch a cab abandoning us at the club. We were pissed & went back to Elite only to find the same women on stage doing their thing. After a discussion with the manager he agreed we were ripped off. We came back twice in the following 2 days to negotiate compensation with the manager while he supposedly relayed messages to his boss. After some run around I obtained a statement with the word cancelled stamped on it & am in the process of disputing the $800 charge with my credit card company. If they had stayed the night I would have gladly paid the money but their goal is to do the largest number of customers as quickly as possible. They are a ripoff don't go there or you will be paying $100+ for cheap $10 California champagne among other things. The same company owns Josephine's in San Jose & Josephine's in Guatemala, Panama, Nicaragua & Dominican Republic. The girls travel from 1 club to another. Please cross post this to these other countries. Don't go to them unless you want to be ripped off.
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 16:43:26 EST Subject: key largo, happy days January, 1998 Having traveled back and forth to Costa Rica since 1992, I can say the Key Largo club and Happy days haven't changed very much. My most recent trip was in January of this year. There are many groups of very young girls outside of Happy days, probalbly 16 or younger. Stay clear away from them. They will escort you promptly around the first corner where you will be robbed and beaten. This did not happen to me but I was informed from a friend who lives there. Key Largo now cost 600 colones to enter The girls are the usual trashy looking bunch. Every once in a while you will get a new commer, I did, 18 years old, fresh, ready, and willing for 50 dollars an hour(ALWAYS go to your own hotel if possible). Happy Days should be called Sad Nights because of the caliber of girls in there is to say the least are very rough.Don't waste your time. Now for the good news. In about ten months I am moving to Costa Rica with 100,000 dollars and opening my own club probably in San Pedro away from most of the rif- raf. I will try to bring some organization to the hooker scene and cater to American men who visit Costa Rica with only select girls of my own. I am an american and also speak very good spanish. This will cut through the language barrier for those who don't speak spanish and bring a little confidence and security to my clients. I let you know more as it happens. Hasta Luego
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 11:14:24 -0700 Subject: costa rica I just got back from San Jose and I have to tell you things are going well there. Most action is still at the Del Rey in the blue marlin bar. Prices are about 50.00 for a girl of less. If that's too much then I would suggest the BBC. The girls there were all right. Set price is 9,000 colonies or about 36.00. Safe lock boxes and nice young girls, showers, sauna etc. I found a good one who was 23 yrs old Sher did a job on me. Key Largo sucks It has no cover on sunday night, but don't waste your time. It had a poor choice of women and many were going over to the Del Rey when I was leaving with my friends. I also found out that a retired cop from Los Angeles owns Key Largo. The last time I was in San Jose was about two years ago. I did not dtay at the Del Rey at that time and it was a mistake. This time I did stay at the Del Rey and I am very glad that I did. You are in the center of all the action and can walk to most places. Talk to Steve (one of the bar tenders) He is from Canada and a truly a nice person. He will set most tourists straight if they act civil in the bar and ask him for some information. Don't change money at the hotel or take cash advances on your credit cards unless its really necessary. The hotel gives you about 141.00 colonies to the USD on the exchange and will charge you a 8% fee on on a cash advance if you use a credit card. The rate at the bank was about 151.50 colonies to the USD. and a 5.00 flat fee to get cash on a credit card. The money you save on a 400.00 cash advance will get you a good piece of ass. There is a bank 1 block from the hotel, but this bank always has long lines. Walk a bit farther into town on Avenita #1 and you will find more banks with less lines. I also spoted some transvestites and some real bad fat cunt outside Key Largo one night. The bad fat cunt will try to grab at you and proposition you while another one tries to pick your pocket. I have seen this shit before and just blasted them away when they approached while telling my friends who were walking behind me to watch their wallets. All city's have shit heads and San Jose is no exception. However this is still one of my favorite city's to go to. I will not go to Mexico alone because if feel its dangerous but I do feel safe in San Jose and will travel there again even by myself.
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 1998 23:25:57 EDT Subject: Costa Rica My experience with Tony in San Jose. I have had the same girl from him on 3 seperate trips. Initially she was quite endearing, but there was something not right. Discovered he apparently rounds up, in essence wayward girls. Brings them into his stable where his wife Sherry plays mama [ good guy] while he does his dirt. This guy takes nearly 75% of the girls money. The girls know this and their morrale is next to zero. I will not use him again and am sorry I ever supported this pimp. My understanding is most of the other services keep 25%. Much different program.
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 14:39:27 -0700 Just back from CR with a bunch of fond memories. Prices have gone up since just last year but, there are still bargains to be had. you can get yourself well taken care of for as little as $10. or as much as you want to spend. Taking a lady to the beach for a few days will set you back a couple hundred or so but, think of the fun. The exchange rate was 248 colones per US dollar. For your convenience, I will stick to dollars in this report. San Jose: When I visited CR five years ago for the first time, I was only able to pay a visit to the Key Largo. But, that was plenty. The place was just crammed with top quality women. Beauties, dressed to the nines, seventy to a hundred of them. It was awesome. Today? Forget it! Oh, it might be worth a visit just to see the inside of the building but, for women, go to the Del Rey hotel bar, the Blue Marlin. More on that later. So what happened to the classy beauties that were there before? I asked the manager that question last year and his response was that after the place was closed, the good ones just never came back. My take on why is this; before the closure, Key Largo management worked hard to lure the best, suggesting that they always ask for $100 making it very inviting to professional girls, secretaries and the like, to earn some extra bucks, easily. Well, when the government closed the place, they made a media event out of it. All of the local TV stations had camera crews on site, dozens of police cars, and so on. Those ladies found themselves on the late news, in full color. They simply never came back to risk going through that again. Where did they go? Hard to say. Some moved over to the Del Rey. Others, in my opinion, signed on with one of the many escort services that have sprung up since the closing of the Key Largo. The Key is open now but, the ladies there come dressed in jeans or ratty shorts, no class. Especially compared to the women in evening gowns and other spiffy evening wear that were the norm before the govt did their thing. Not to worry, there are other opportunities and I will discuss the ones I found here starting with the lower priced services and moving up the price list. Under $15.00: I suspect there are quite a few brothels that offer inexpensive service in this range but, I managed to find only three. About five blocks down the street from the Auto Mercado (supermarket) on calle 3, on the corner is Vip's Bar. A beer will cost $1.45 and for another $10., a young lady will take you to a room and show you a very nice time. It is a Tico place and can get rowdy but, it is safe and say hi to Mike, the manager that speaks good english. The girls will vary quite a bit but, you dont want to be too picky. Remember what it costs..As you walk out the door of Vip's, turn right and walk into the first open door you come to. There is no sign but, it is called "Jet Set". As you walk down the hall and push your way through a couple plastic curtains, you will come to large room. Here, I found fourteen women that I would rate from 4.5 and up to 7. At least six were above 5.5, which is my acceptance level. On my first visit, the mood was somber. Only one of the girls showed the slightest interest in even talking to me. Since she was quite nice, I partied with her and did very well. Nice BJ w/o condum..I asked why the attitude. She said that one of the girls that worked there was murdered earlier that day (not in the place). I was glad I asked after the party. On my second visit there, I partied with Ruth. The overall attitude had changed and it was a fun place. Lots of flirting and the like. These places are in a reasonably safe area and I had no problem walking there any time. The price? Same as Vips, $10. The 747 is another story. The 747 is an address on calle 4 between ave 7 and 9. Now, this is in what was called the zona roja, or Red zone and was the domain of the "Chapalinas", gangs that terrrorized tourists to the point that the US Dept of State issued a warning to travelers to San Jose which destroyed tourism for a while. They still roam the streets but tend to prey on Ticos and leave the tourists alone. So, I went there on the recommendation of a couple gringos that live in CR, in daylight. You let yourself in by reaching inside and releasing the latch on the steel grate type door. You are now in a big room with chairs all along the walls another door and cashier's window at one end. I found six girls, half were acceptable. Two immediately began flirting with me but, neither was the pretty one that I would probably taken if I were buying but I wasn't. Since I visited early in the day, there were only a few girls. They have more later on and for $10. It was a friendly place and the girls were not bad. I just did not like the area where they were located. Centro Mesaje: Located on calle 4 just down the block from the Park Hotel, the CM is up a flight of stairs. There is a small area with a little bar and benches along the walls. It is kind of a seedy place and very small. Also, very tico. Never once heard a word of english in this place. They dont really have rooms, just a sort of cubicles. Since I stayed at the Park a couple of nights I popped in several times but, never saw any acceptable talent. Last year was different. I found two very sweet young ladies that were very giving. But, for $10 it is worth a look. Vip's Moulin Roja: This place is in an even worse area of town than the 747 but, cabs are cheap here. This place has been a night club for many years and was recently taken over by Vip's. It is fairly roomy with a stage, bar, and tables. From time to time, one of the girls will come out on the stage and dance, finishing up nude, much to the delight of the howling crowd. There were a dozen or so girls there, most of which were 6 or better! All are available for about $15 (c3300). When a lady finishes her dance you can go to her room and dance horizontally. The night I was there, the place was jumping, lots of ticos buying the ladies drinks, so it was not easy to snag the lady of choice. In such cases, I see three options: one is to be very patient, two is to send a waiter to express your desire to see her and, three is to leave. On that particular night I chose three. I will go back there someday. It is the best deal in town given the quality of the girls and the price. The Park Hotel: Located about a half block from Parque Central on ave 4 is the Park Hotel. Built and run by gringos for gringos, for many years. You can hear english spoken any time. It is a hangout for tourists and expats that live in Costa Rica. It is also the hangout for 10 to 20 girls that are available for about $24 an hour. Less, if you care to negotiate a little. The nice part about this place is that you can cut a deal with the lady, go to the front desk and get a room for about $6 and then up the stairs to have fun. Considering most other hotels, Del Rey, Holiday Inn, et al, soak you $10 to take a girl to your room. (The Don Carlos wont even allow it.) Rooms at the Park are about $30 for a single and no extra charge for company. The girls that work at the Park are carefully selected and no ripoff artists or druggies are tolerated. So there is an extra degree of security there. Under $50: In my opinion the best of the bunch is the IDEM. It is a straightforward brothel that reminds me of the Mustang Ranch. Located about 5 or 6 blocks from the Del Rey hotel in a safe area, the place has a bar and tables with rooms and showers up stairs. They always seem to have a nice bunch of girls there, pretty and pleasant. Many of them carry pagers and work escort as well and will offer to see you in your hotel or go to the beach etc. The lady of your choice will collect your $45 give it to the cashier and then lead you upstairs to a nice room, take a shower with you and procede to spend a unhurried hour or so making you happy. I have been there many times and never left without seeing some real winners. The $45 is a flat fee but they will charge you a buck or so for a condum if you did not bring one. I found it nice that they take Visa.. There a several massage parlors, the BBC has been written about on the WSG but there have been changes. It is under new management, they are open but, do not have a liquor license yet. For about $37 you get to choose a lady and she will give you a nice massage and finish up by slipping a condum on you and then finish you off with her mouth and/or her pussy. She may even shower with you or sit in the steam room with you as well. It is a nice experience. You get pretty much the same service at the Arte Sauna but, they charge just a little more. There is another place called Troy's just of avenida Central that was a hotel but is now a massage place. Went there last year and they had a lot of girls but, strangely, none appealed to me. They charge about $30 for full service. Worth a look.. In this price range, if you can speak some spanish, you might score well at the Del Rey or the Key Largo. But, you will probably do better at the Happy Days bar, just down from the Key Largo. The women there vary in quality but, most will go to your room for $30-$50. There are some other places that the hookers check on like the Piano bar in the Balmoral Hotel. Over $50.oo: As usual, you can pay a lot or a little. Just depends. The Blue Marlin Bar in the Del Rey hotel is like that. The girls will always ask for $100. The general rule is, never give it. Sadly, there are a lot of fishermen and other tourists that happily pay. So sometimes it is hard to cut a deal. Patricia spent the night with me for $60. There were a couple others, including Judy, a striking green eyed blonde, that spent several hours with me for that price as well. One of those never even asked for money! When I raised the question, she ignored it. I did give her $80 later. She was worth twice that and more. The Key Largo is pretty much the same but, I spent little time there and no money. There is a new massage parlor well worth a look that is located next to the night club Olympus. Very pretty and well dressed young ladies there will massage you and soak you in the jacuzzi that each room has. They are the kind that you empty after each use. Full service for a flat $65. The place is connected to the Olympus but, they have a separate entrance because they open much earlier in the day. Visa and Mastercard accepted. I'll try it next time. The Luxor has been mentioned in previous reports is located in a residential area out of town a ways in Pavas. About a $4 cab ride. Went there last year and it was great. Nice facility, full service for $60 by your choice of a half dozen pretty girls. For some reason the Luxor was reported to be closed. Too bad! And now the pricey ones...I could not really give the night clubs a separate category like, Over $100. There are options that fall under that amount. Good negotiating skills, or nice blow job in a private room while you watch the dancers through oneway glass, will be less for example. The Olympus is said to offer such a service. Both Josephines and Hollywood have rooms on site and that can set you back a couple hundred or more because the house tacks on a charge for the room and a dancer will charge a lot. Not that they dont soak you from the start. About $15 will get you in the door and pay for a couple drinks or so. Drinks for you run $3-5, for the girl $7-10, table dances are the best deal. $10 and totally Nude! Last year, at the Olympus a very pretty little dancer latched onto me and after what amounted to a three and a half hour table dance, I got out for about $90. And that included a couple lap dances, drinks for she and me, and a tip! Not too bad and the quality was terrific. Gave her my hotel number but, sob!, she never called. This year I tried a new club called Pure Platinum. Big place! Appears to be an old warehouse gussied up for the purpose. The cab drives right inside. Fifteen or so dancers but only a couple hustled table dances. One of those was an easy 9+ !! I took a table near the stage and enjoyed watching a succession of beauties doing their thing on the stage, in the nude. Then, this beauty came out wearing more than most, dance around a bit then, right there in front of me, shed the outfit, what a body!!! She then proceded to dance there in front of me, for me, and did what I can only describe as, well, she threw her pussy at me! The next thing I remember is that she was sitting next to me offering her services to me for the rest of the night (time now 12:30am) for $250. She was a real beauty, easily qualified for the centerfold spot. Having been laid earlier that day, I was not up for such action but, I offered her $150.00 anyway. Hell, it would have been worth that much to take her to the hotel and just look at her. Alas, $200 was as low as she would go. No deal! In a town where you can get laid in grand style for $50 or less, $200 is just too much, even for a beauty like she was. Spoke good english too... Some other stuff: Like, where to stay..The Holiday Inn is close to everything, especially the Key Largo and Del Rey. It is expensive so, being the frugal type that I am, I choose to stay elsewhere. There are lots of nice places under $50/day such as the Hemingway, Dunn Inn, Best Western (Not a good neighborhood). My favorite is the Morazan. A clean room with A/C and TV for $25 plus tax. It is right next to the Happy Days and Key Largo and one block from the Del Rey. They do charge $10 when you bring in a woman but, they make a copy of her Id card and sign her in. So there is a record of her visit should anything go wrong. If all else fails there are plenty of hotsheet places around town. $5 or so for all the time you need. Security is an often discussed subject. Talked to several guys that were robbed, mugged, had their pocket picked, or were otherwise abused. One guy had a choke hold put on him and in seconds he blacked out. His wallet was taken and he was left lying on the sidewalk. The joke was on the robber however. The victim was carrying a dummy wallet with nothing in it. His money was in a secure place. Interesting strategy, I always use the hotel safe and carry only what I expect to spend, one credit card and a copy of my passport. A spare credit card is in the safe with my passport. In all my time in CR, I have had no such problems however, I take great care in not making myself a target. Something I do anywhere I go. Don't drink too much in public, stay alert to what is happening around you, use cabs at night, only $1-2 in San Jose. I am a tad over six feet tall so that helps in a town where most of the ticos are about five-eight or less. Still, no excuse to be careless. Cuidado (spanish for be careful) and have a great time...
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 01:58:25 -0700 (PDT) Subject: info on Costa Rican prostitution Dear friends, I am a local Costa Rican male who recently read your World Sex Guide. If you're looking for authentic Costa Rican pussy, don't bother to go to central San Jose, (its a complete dumpster), I'm not proud if it. But if you want 8- 10 women who give everything (blowjobs, tit-fucks, anal, and shower/massage) go to Alajuela, this a more rural area where the girl are more open to anything. It also is incredibly cheap not $30 for a drink, only about (( $2 )) !!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you may think carribean chicks are better but until you dont check out Alajuela or Coronado, don't fly out to Dominican or Puerto Rico. As for Key Largo its open again but the governor is giving problems again. I highly*** recomend you check out "El Pueblo", pussy there is outrageous you can get laid easily with no bargaining necessary. (I got a good fuck for only 3000 colones !!!!!!) ( $1 = 255 colones) well thats all i thought you pussy fanatics should know..... PS, costa rican clit tastes like honey!!

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