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Prostitution in: San Francisco

Legal Situation:

Prostitution Status: Prostitution is illegal, of course.
Legal Situation: A task force on prostitution was appointed in 1994 to study prostitution issues and has since issued its final report, recommending that the city repeal all laws against prostitution and not enforce any related state laws. Mayor Brown, himself a liberal (and accomplished San Fran whore's lawyer in the early sixties), had a very liberal District Attorney elected into office, who is on record for opposing anti-prostitution laws. Street prostitution is still prosecuted though.

Finding prostitutes:

Magazines with information: The two free weeklies "SF Weekly" and "SF Bay Guardian", and the "Spectator" which is available in all adult bookstores.


  • A large list of call girls advertising in the Spectator and elsewhere, complete with reviews.
  • Some reports about experiences with Bay area call girls and escort services.
  • A report about a bad experience in San Francisco.
  • A couple of articles describing the street prostitution scene in San Francisco and the Bay area, plus a trip report.
  • A comprehensive guide to bay area massage parlors.
  • More information about the massage parlour scene.
  • San Fran Pleasure Guide, reviews of escorts and massage parlors
  • Updates on massage parlours in the bay area, including Mountain View.
  • Incall places
  • JayHawk's report on street prostitution and massage parlours in the bay area, and more.
  • Berkeley
  • The strip clubs and peep shows.
  • A swinger motel.
  • Bits and Pieces.

  • Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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