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San Deigo, California

Date: Sat, 11 Feb 1995 04:52:16 UTC

     San Diego is home to more sailors than just about any other city in the
U.S.  Street hookers can be found in many business/commercial areas that are
close to the many naval bases and air fields.  The best spot is probably
University Avenue between about 70th and 30th.  Not a lot of girls out, but
you will find 2-4 in a given evening.  My one experience was anal sex for $50
(a bargain!) with an older (maybe 35-40), but attractive woman.

     Unlike Hollywood, San Diego has a very active massage scene.  One
wonders if there is a massage union, because every place I have been in (5
between 1991-1994) all having exactly the same price ($45 for 30-45 min
massage) and nearly the exact operation.  In all but one place I've been in,
a handjob is free; some, but not all, girls will do more for a tip: blow job
is about $40-60, sex is $60-80. I never found a girl who would do anal sex.
The bulk of the places are on University Avenue between about 25th and 78th the same basic area where streetwalkers hang out.  There must be
at least 15 places on this strip, and all are listed in the Yellow Pages. I
recommend making a list from the phone book, starting at the 78th end, and
stopping at each place to look at the girls.  Most places only have 2 girls
working at a time, and one is usually busy.  They are willing to come to the
door so you can look at them.  A few places get a bit rude if you don't
choose them, but this is a good way to screen out the nastys.  Don't be shy:
tell them you are looking around and may stop back later.  At the same time
you can check out the streetwalkers on University Avenue.  I can't remember
the names of any of the places I've been, but I know that I have tried 5
different ones on that stretch.  Nearly all have only Asian girls, and they
range in looks from 5's to 8's.

     The same comments on San Diego apply to the many massage places in the
surrounding communities.  Chula Vista, La Jolla, and many other cities have
massage parlors, and they all operate just about the same.

Subject: San Diego escorts Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 12:07:03 UTC I 've been a regular client of "Heartbreakers" escort service in San Diego for three years now, and highly recommend them. I've seen eight of the gals, and all I can say is that whoever does the hiring has high standards. They've ranged between 19 and 38 years old, and represent just about every type of look you can fathom...except ugly!! Michelle is a 20 year old, perky, petite, Brazilian with a tight body and a great personality. Heather is a 38 year old petite blonde with DD tits who uses her experience to your great satisfaction. Lisa is a 35 year old blonde "bikini model" type. Cindy is a reed thin 26 year old brunette. The only inconsistency is the price. $150 gets you 1 hour of light massage. After that, you're at the gals' mercy. One (she has unfortunately left the service) gave me the best fuck of my life, then stayed around on her own time and did me again, all for a $50 tip! Another wanted $1000 for what turned out to be good sex (but I regretted having shelled out that kind of money as soon as she left...hey, she had me by the balls when we negotiated the price!). Anyway, be sure you know what she charges, because it varies dramatically. But they'll all fuck you if the price is right, except Michelle who gives a great handjob. They always have 4 or 5 girls "on" at any time, so you usually have a selection to choose from.
Subject: San Diego restraining Orders are they legal?? Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 20:00:41 UTC Hi guys I am a resident of San Diego and I am dismayed at the tactics that the police and courts are using here to keep my ladies off the streets. The court system has issued a blanket restraining order against any known working girl from doing business in any of the known areas. For instance the Midway district and El cajon Blvd. If the ladies are caught they are fined 1000.00 dollars and have to do some jail time. This is not if they are caught soliciting but if they are seen in those areas. Needless to say this has pratically put an end to the Ho-stros in San Diego. Have you guys heard of this and is it legal? I could have sworn that the constitution gives us the right to free assembly where we choose? What do you know about this problem??
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 1996 00:20:15 >I remember a year or so back, the "track" down at Midway/Rosecrans was >always busy. Girls could be found in the bars, shops or on the street. >When I was there a month back, it was dead (on a Friday night). What >happened??? Where did they move on too? I don't have a clue as to where they went, but what happened was that they closed the Naval Training Base. No more squids with too much money on their hands I guess.
BY the way, I'd like to know more about the hostess bars staffed by Navy ex-wives in San Diego that was mentioned in the Tijuana FAQ section. Any info you can give me?
Date: June 1996 The oriental massage parlour all offer at least hand jobs if you ask nicely and usually more; the caucasian places don't offer any sex at all.
Date: Fri, 3 May 1996 23:31:53 UTC STREET WALKERS Well folks, I checked out the area between 25th and 70 th on University avenue. Let me tell you, it sucked. I spent 3 nights... 8 hours/night. I saw mostly a few black chicks (nasty!) and a white/hispanic girl here and there. Mostly ugly or fat. One decent girl who jumped in a taxi. I'm not sure if she was a hooker or not. If you are going to look in San Diego, stay between 35th and 52nd...the other areas are so commercial or residential, and hookerless. Pay close attention to the area between Swift and 42nd. You guys may get luckier than me. University is hard to find on a map, but if you're going South on I-5 from La Jolla area, get off at Washington- going East. There is a ramp to get on University. You can also get on University from 163 and 805. Get a map! If you're in San Diego, and you want sex. Goto Tijuana...information is below. ESCORT SERVICES San Diego has a good selection of Escort Services in the Yellow Pages. The cost is 150 dollars. However, generally you have to tip the girls. I tipped the girl 50 dollars.. so really it costs around 200. HOWEVER, Let me tell you, the girl I got was incredible. She was easily a 9.5 out of 10. She was 19, and a student at a local Major University. Long brown hair, here name was Shelly. 36B (But a big B cup, all natural.) 24-35... no extra body cottage cheese...just gorgeous bikini model... Oh Man..she was a fantasy...and I did her.... Unfortunately, I only had time to call one Escort service, but it was a grand slam. She has a picture perfect face. Give it a try if you can afford it. If you can't, save your money, go get a better education, and get a better job. I mean that.
Subject: Bad experience in San Diego Date: Thu, 30 May 1996 20:46:18 UTC Boy, do I feel inspired. I have just read a few reviews of different massage, escort, etc and decided to forewarn you guys of a recent event in my life here in San Diego. If you are not from San Diego, please know there are places to look for sex other than the yellow pages. Two publications - SWING - which costs about $3 and may be purchased in adult bookstores and the Reader - which is a free publication available at most convenience stores and comes out on Thursday. Anyway ... here's the scoop. I've been sucessfully using massage therapists from the Reader now for about four yrs. Most will give you what you want within reason once you have "Pre-Qualified" them over the phone. DO NOT EXPECT to get anything from one service which is personally owned. The ad in the Reader - there are two - with different #'s both go to the same place (BIG SURPRISE). One ad says something about Sweet Sensations - a different kind of outcall service - the other metions the girls call name - "Theresa - with the Puerto Rican Touch". BUYER BEWARE! She told me for $95 she would come out and do a "full body" massage. NOPE - when she got there she had an attitude and said that I could watch her masturbate while I got off. I refused - SHE SAID NO REFUND! I said bye-bye and never again. $95 down the drain - Learn from my experience guys.
Subject: Re: San Diego area services? Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 15:31:32 -0700 > Besides Tijuana, does anyone know of some San Diego "connections" on the > San Diego side of the border? Well........San Diego vice has been pretty effective at cleaning up the streets. A couple areas to try: El Cajon Blvd. 40th Street (Fairmont) West towards 30th. Check between 11:30PM-1:00AM. Sometimes you might see a few ladies. Also, Main Street in National City near 32nd Street Naval Station. Drive I-5 south to Main Street exit (National City) and turn right. If they're out, they'll be standing on the corners for the next two-three blocks. Like I said, vice has been active and they're harrassing the girls all the time. There used to be action in Oceanside, but I don't recall where. Lastly (and probably the best)....stop at an adult bookstore and get a copy of Swing. It's a local adult contact mag. and there are several ladies advertising there. Going rate is about $200 / hr, but a lot easier to find. Also, if you're into transexuals, San Diego has a large she-male population (as well as gay). Good luck and have fun.
Subject: San Diego Massage Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 21:10:28 GMT After reading JayHawk's report on San Diego, I became interested in the massage scene. Jayhawk reports the best places as University between 70th and 78th, with a fee of $45/half hour and a hand job is free. I've never done this before (go to a massage parlour, that is) but my interest was piqued, so I decided to give it a try. Well I took out the phone book and looked up all the places between 70 and 78, I think there were four. I cruised by all four of them and for no particular reason stopped at the last one. A fairly attractive girl let me in and led me to a room. She took my $ and left me alone to get undressed. She returned and proceded to slide her hands up and down my back and legs. Although I wasn't really expecting much of a massage, this was rather perfunctory. It was late (10:15, they close at 10:30), and maybe she just wanted to go home. After a very short while she told me to turn over and did the same thing on my front, "accidently" brushing my balls every once in a while. Eventually she asked me what was on my mind, and I told her. She said to massage me there with her hand would be $40 (a far cry from free, in my book), and with her mouth would be $80 (*extremely* steep if you ask me), I didn't even ask her about "full service". Anyway, I told her I didn't have that much money, and settled for her hand (I didn't want to for that much cash--$85 total--but what was I going to do at that point?). She took my money, left, came back and finished up her job. Nothing exciting, and very quick. Then, when it was over, it became sort of weird. She told me to come and all the rest, but then it was like she didn't know how to end it. She held out her arms and hugged me (for a minute I thought she was going to kiss me as well!). Well, anyway, it just seemed like a strange moment. And then I got dressed and she led me out. All in all not a truly satisfying experience, but it was ok. I don't think I'll be going back. Any other experiences in SD that anyone else has to offer?
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 1996 16:49:40 -0700 In San Diego: Try Tiger Outcall (listed in the yellow pages). She may not be taking calls with the convention in town. Vice activity in the city has heated up again. Otherwise, stop at any of the adult bookstores and get copy of Swing (local swingers news - $3.00). Most of the girls advertise there. Going rate is around $200 and up. Beware of the yellow page ads for most of the outcalls. They'll send a girl to you and all she'll do is dance and you'll be out $300. The massage parlors are mostly asian, and the most you will get is a hand job. Streetwalkers are GONE! Good luck and enjoy!
Subject: Reports on San Diego Date: 1996/10/14 I'm a disabled gentleman and because of the fact that women are unable to accept me I'm forced to fullfill my needs via prostitutes. I mostly cruise El Cajon Blvd. Between Texas and College (hot spots just East of 40th and between Utah and 30th), another spot is on University between Texas and 38th. Just recently I picked up a girl named Leslie, it was my second time with her and we drove to a secluded alley 5 blocks South of University. We got down to bussiness and after giving her $20 she proceeded to give me Head. Some five minutes later, right before I was about to finish, I see a guy peeking over the fence. I tell Leslie, she stops and apologizes to the man as he pulls out a badge. We're suddenly surounded by 3 cars, and some 8 vice officers. They arrested her and took my account of what happened. Luckily they didn't charge me (even though it is only misdeameanor). Aparently they waited for her to get into a car and then followed us. Incidentally, this was my first run in with the law in close to 200 encounters with prostitutes in Tex, Nev, CA. Saw a very pretty girl last night around 11pm, 30th and El Cajon, but she felt uncomfortable with my disability and wouldn't get in the car. Some guy in a BMW picked her up right after I tried.
Subject: San Diego Update - 11/17 Date: Mon, 18 Nov 1996 12:37:42 -0800 Well, I returned home after an extended trip and I was surprised to see some life on the streets of San Diego. It would seem that the cold weather in the east has "ladies" migrating out to the warmer west coast. The only spot I know of is down on the border between National City and San Diego (Main Street & Division). Starting around 10:00 the fun begins. Take I-5 South, exit at National City/Main Street exit. Turn Left and as soon as you go under the bridge, turn rght. The next five blocks (until you hit the stop sign) is cruising ground. Good luck and enjoy. BEWARE HOWEVER!!! According to one source, the local news recently did a story on prostitution in National City and was pointing out the existence of many underaged ladies. Needless to say, the National City police are rather angry and have stepped up the patrol activity. Thanks a lot to the media! (assholes)
Date: Thu, 02 Jan 1997 14:57:49 -0800 Subject: San Diego Massage There is a place in Kearny Mesa off Clairmont Mesa Blvd. It is next to a lingerie modeling place. I actually went there for a massage but the girl asked me if there were "any other jobs" I might like. $45 to the house and you negotiate with the girl. She did ask me if I had been there before and I told her about another place I usually go but that they were closed. I opted for a topless BJ for $60 she had really nice tits. She was a decent looking Mexican girl around 30. She gave a mediocre message but the rest wasn't bad. I was a little nervous though because it is right down the street from the municipal court.
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 17:28:14 -0800 Subject: san diego lingerie modeling Risque Lingerie in S.D. is a ripoff! I've read postings re: Lingerie Modeling so i suppose I should know, but I decided to check it out firsthand :)... Walking in I was met by a rather buxom 19 y/o. Proceeded to lay down my $40.00 and go for it. After being told to get "comfortable", I prepared my strategy. Now naked, my model proceeded to change behind a screen all the while telling how she worked on tips, and that the more I tipped the better session I would receive. I asked how good would $60 get me? With a wink she replied "extremely gratifying". Oh boy! This should be great! Sorry pal, nuthin'! And I mean nuthin'! From a yard away, nothing but a finger inserted strip show! $100.00 bones gone! Don't waste your cash here guys! Learn from me!
Subject: [ASP] Report, San Diego Massage Date: 31 Jan 1997 01:23:44 -0500 I tried to send this message through a one of the other remailers listed in the FAQ, but it's been a week and nothing's come through, so aI'm trying again, with the "" I hope it works this time. I have visited one of the massage parlors in La Mesa on University three times in the month of January. My experience was similar each time. =46irst time was New Years Day. I drove along University between 70th and I'm not sure where I turned around, but it is where I believe the last massage parlor is. There are something like five parlors within this stretch of road, but only one was open. I stopped in. As I stepped into the foyer I was surprised to find a man sitting waiting. Almost immediately the manager opened the door to tell us that all the girls were busy. We left. I returned about a half hour later to be let in and ushered into a room. Fee was $45 for a half hour session. I stripped and lay down on the bed/table. Soon a girl who called herself Kim came in. She was cheerful and got down to business. She gave a great effort at a massage, very deep and thorough. She had me turn over and massaged my front. After a while, she asked how I liked it, and I answered that I would like it if she massaged under the towel. In reply to which she took my hand and put it on top of the towel. I was confused and kind of froze. Was she intimating that it would have to release myself? No, after she realized I didn't know what she was attempting to convey, she put her hand over mine and had me pull the towel off myself. With this done, she began to get down to business, caressing and stimulating the now uncovered area. There was no talk of money or tip. While she was giving me a handjob, I asked if I could touch her, and it was at this point that she said, "You will give me a good tip?" I asked her if $20 would be enough and told her I was on the verge of release. She accepted and put my hand on her breasts. The session ended, she cleaned me up, and that was that. I went back the following week, this time a Thursday. This time I got a girl who I think told me her name was Jessica. Both of these girls had great bodies (at least with their dresses on they did), but so so faces. This girl was not as upbeat as Kim was, and was much softer on the massage. She more or less just wiped her hands over my body, with not much pressure. I suppose I should have told her I like a harder massage, but I just let her do her thing. After turning over and continuing the same rubbing on my front, she asked what I wanted. Remembering what happened last time, I removed the towel and motioned to my waiting organ. She tickled me, caressed it and went to business. It was rather funny when I came, she was genuinely surprised to see it spurt. I went a third time, this time I went on Wednesday again to try and get the same girl I had on New Year's day, but I got the same girl as before. Similar session (she did not seem to recognize me although I told her I had been there a week ago, and she had massaged me), except it was very cold in the room, and I kept shivering. When I was on my front and mentioned how cold I was, she told me to turn back over and rubbed me down well enough to keep me warm enough to stop shivering, but then almost ended the session. I turned over and asked if she would massage what was under the towel, and she said, "You do that yourself." I mentioned that she was agreeable to it the week before, and with a moments thought, she went to it. In all instances, it would seem that I could have gotten out of there for the price of the session alone; however, each time I gave the girl a twenty dollar tip. Should I have? Should I have given more? At the end of my third visit, I asked the girl if she ever did anything more. She got very flustered and just kind of jumped around the room, giving no answer. Any idea what this might mean? Well, that's all for now,
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 00:45:17 -0500 (EST) Subject: San Diego Update Took the advice here on a recent trip to San Diego and contaced Tiger escort in the Yellow Pages. As best I can tell, the girl who goes by Tiger is a one person operation. Reached her on the first try, and she explained that it was a flat fee of $250 with no tipping or additional charges. She was there within 20 minutes. Attractive blonde in her early thirties, about 5' 8", and trim -- also very articulate. She had me undress then she did likewise. She gave me a great massage before we got down to business. Half and half is what I wanted and she willingly delivered. She was in no hurry to leave and stayed around about 30 minutes just to talk after she got me off. A very satisfying experience.
Subject: [ASP]: San Diego Report Date: 21 Feb 1997 08:57:36 GMT Just had a fairly pleasant experience with a young lady from an escort service here in San Diego. 250 bones for nude dancing and lingerie modeling followed by what she called a "vibrator show" (she laid on my bed playing with herself while I laid next to her whacking off). I called Tiger Escorts as recommended in the World Wide Sex Guide, left a message but didn't get a call back, called a couple other girls listed in Swing but didn't get a call back, so I called one of the escort services listed in the phone book. Amy is 20 years old, a pre-med student at UCSD and very attractive. I asked how far we could go and she sold me the vibrator show. I asked if any of the girls with her service provided full service and she said they might for a four or five hundred dollar tip. I asked if I were to give her $500 would she have sex with me. She said no. BUMMER! I'm a little disappointed but have come to expect to pay more for less here. I've been to TJ but I really enjoy incalls. I miss the good life in Nashville of high class, beautiful, sometimes even educated women who come to your house and fuck your brains out (for money) and then leave. I am very interested in finding a high class outcall (preferably) or incall in San Diego. If anyone has any leads I would really appreciate it.
Subject: (ASP) San Diego outcall Date: 24 Mar 1997 21:14:13 -0500 Hello, I'm reporting on an outcall service I use in San Diego, CA. I often use the services to provide pros for out of town clients. The most consistent service I've used is Tiger. You can find it in the Yellow Pages. They're expensive ($300) but worth it. Sometimes they can't send someone right away so advance planning is necessary. But I found the girls to be sexy, smart and very entertaining. I've always been treated fairly and use them often.
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 1997 02:08:20 -0700 Latest on the stro-ho scene in S.D.: Checked out a tip of one of my "regulars" - she said that since the busts on Main street in National City many of the hookers moved to Main street, Chula Vista. I was surprised to find 8 - 10 girls working that street at around 10 pm weekdays. Most were 6's some 7's. Picked up one yesterday and brought her to the motel at the corner of Broadway and Main She was wearing jeans and a sweater and her name was "Holly". Fucked her for $40 for about an hour and left her at the motel. I'll be going back there tommorow and check out her friends who hang out near the "Palomino niteclub along Main.
Subject: Re: [ASP]: San Diego ISO Escort and Clubs Information Date: Thu, 08 May 1997 09:00:38 GMT >I would appreciate any information on magazines and newspapers which have >listings of San Diego area escorts and or sex clubs. Forget the sex clubs, at least the strip clubs, if that's what you mean. If you mean swingers clubs, I havn't found a lot, but there is an excellent Swingers mag available in adult bookstores, which has 2/3 filled with hookers. Unfortunately, half of them are transsexuals, but the other half are real, female hookers. Look for "generous gentlemen preferred". The mag is called "The original SWING Southern California" ($3) and the largest part is taken up by the "San Diego Personals" and many of the ads show real photos of the girl . Expect to pop 200 bucks for an hour (at most) for unfriendly service. Haven't tried much but instead decided to go to Tijuana, which is very well worth it. It's not much further away than driving across town and you get a lot more for a lot less (same to much better service for 1/4 the price! Take two!!).
Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 12:09:57 -0700 Subject: [ASP] Alert - San Diego Vice Operations This is an advisement for those in the San Diego area, the vice is conducting Prostitution Sting operations on the west end of El Cajon Blvd. near Texas St. They netted ~30 men on 5/9/97 and unfortunately I was one of them. The charge is for Soliciting Prostitution. The female undercover agent was White/Hispanic, and when I drove my car up to her, I asked if she needed a ride. She said that she was a "Working Girl", she did not approach the car, I asked her if she was a Cop and she said NO. She asked me if I was a cop, I replied NO. I asked her if she was looking for a date. She asked me if I had $20 and I said yes. I at no time, asked her for any sexual services. She told me to meet her in the alley behind her. I drove the alley and spotted her still at the street and waved her to come over. I pulled into a well lit parking area and immeditately was surrounded by two San Diego Black & White patrol cars. The vice officers told me to turn off the car and to get out and place my hand on the roof. I was handcuffed and searched. I asked what this was about they, said I was being charged with Solicitation of Prostitution and was placed in a patrol car, and taken to the staging area located about a block away, where they have a processing/staging area. I was photographed and held in a van until 2 other detainees were processed and then we were transported to the San Diego Police headquarters, and finally to Wackenhut Dentention Facility located about 20 miles South near the U.S./Mexican border. Here you will booked, finerprinted and given prison clothes and assigned a cell and held pending arrainment or bail. Bail is $2000.00 and I would recommend King Stahlman Bail Services.
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 1997 13:12:06 -0700 Subject: Sting on Main Street SAN DIEGO Saw 2 good looking blondes standing on the corner of Main Street Motel in front of the Naval Base the other night. Both were about 7 1/2 to 8's and well dressed. Stopped and talked with one and asked her what was up. She asked if I wanted sex, head etc..etc.. Suspicious, I said I was "just looking" and asked her to ride with me and "talk about it." She curtly refused and said"..I have a room at the motel." Well, well.. Went around the corner and approached the motel from the back side and parked for awhile to observe what I already knew was a sting operation in progress. After a few minutes a big afro-american guy came out of his car to talk to the blonde I had talked to earlier. He was huge compared to the petite blonde cop. They walked over the the room on the ground floor about 40 feet away from where I parked. She opens the door and viola! San Diego's finest dressed in yellow sportshirts with "POLICE" emblazoned on their backs jump on this guy! In a second, they disappear into the room. Observing this, I start my car and drive to the corner and stop for traffic. I wave at her partner and smile as I drive away.
Subject: [ASP]-[ASPT] Tijuana Alternative July 4th (after midnite) Date: Sat, 05 Jul 1997 01:18:30 -0700 For my out of town buddy who flew in for the weekend, here is another alternative if Adelita's and Chicago are closed during the election/alcohol ban...Just north of Chula Vista is a bar on National City Blvd called "the Trophy Lounge". This bar is frequented by former bar girls of the Philippines and Navy wives whose husbands are out to sea (WESTPAC Widows). A majority of these women are not pros, but just lonely women out looking to get laid. To get there from the Motel 6, take the 5 freeway north, exit on 8th steet in National City heading east, turn right on National City Blvd, and the Trophy Lounge will be on the left side of the street on the corner of Plaza and National City Blvd. It is across the street from the "Pussycat Theater". Important note: this club is mainly packed on Thursday and Sunday nights, especially on payday weekends or when a ship has left Port from San Diego to go out on manuevers.
Subject: [ASP]San Diego Incall Scene Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 05:37:47 GMT Well, I guess I am the only man in San Diego that gets laid north of the border. I am going to relay several experiences. My first incall experience was found looking through the local "Swing" magazine found in just about all adult book stores. I found several ads that looked and sounded appealing and began calling. The first number that picked up was Paulina. A British woman. Very polite and mannered. I asked her about availability and she told me about a person she had on staff. Normally, Paulina and her friends number 4-5 at any given time. So I did the telephone bit, went to the payphone near the house, and called back. I was given exact instructions to the house just off of Clairemont Drive going 5 south. I knocked on the door and someone who didn't quite fit the description of the woman I was supposed to see answered it. She asked me if I were so and so and I told her I was. She then took me back to a room with a massage table on it. She was French. Rene' I believe was her name. She collected the money and began to massage my shoulders. A truly pathetic massage. got better. She told me that she was hot and asked if I would mind if she took off her nightgown. I said that would be fine with me. She then continued and apparently got hot again and asked me if I minded if she took off her bra and panty hose. I told her that I would like for her to take it all off and join me on the table. She did and proceeded to start massaging me in all the right places. Not to turn this into erotica, but she was very good, and very full service. I left very satisfied. I called back about a week later and set an appt with Paulina herself. She is in the early 40's. Very large busted and personable. She took me back to the back room and we got naked and such. Disappointing though, as she simply limited everything to a titjob. Being less than enthused about this, I chose another ad and started calling. Ended up with Jill, who advertises "petite green eyed brunette". She was true to her word and very friendly. Located in teh Del Mar Area. This was better for me as it was closer to home. We hooked up and she gave me directions. I drove to her discrete home and she welcomed me inside. Very attractive brunette. Around 35. Intelligent, antiques dealer. Beautiful home. She took me inside the bedroom and we got the money part out of the way. She then had me lay down on a mat on the floor. She slipped on a x-rated movie and slipped off her clothes. Wearing a tiger print teddy. She then proceeded to give full service ,oral and sex. She was very good. Would recommend her to anyone. Next time I found a incall service in Vista, which is highly unusual for normally very conservative north county. This woman runs a house with 2-5 women at any time. Ages 21 through late 30's. All of them attractive. Have never been disappointed and this is through 4 of her ladies and 6 or 7 different sessions. public area, very close to the DMV in Vista. I have her permission to give her number out to people that I can trust. Will provide for exchange info. She is still in business. This is current as of today. I am looking for independents in the North County area. Please feel free to share information.
Subject: San Diego Update Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 00:03:40 PDT The street scene in San Diego is all but DEAD. You will still find an occasional hooker on El Cajon between I-805 and I-15 but the cops have pretty much 'crashed the party'. BEWARE: The SDPD prides itself on running 'John Operations', especially on the weekends. Even if SHE STARTS THE CONVERSATION AND SOLICITS YOU - (which in and of itself is NOT a crime) - if you take any action to further the situation (such as follow her to a motel parking lot) - YOU'RE BUSTED. And the SDPD will put you through the 'wringer' -cuffs, booking, etc -$2000 is the standard bail. Suggest you check out TJ - no cops to hassle you.
Subject: San Diego Date: Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:10:45 -0500 I visited a massage parlor at 54th and University in late September. I was with a nice Hispanic woman named Sandy (7 on a 10 scale). After the $45 fee, she had me disrobe and started to massage me lightly and make conversation. She asked me if I had ever been there before and I lied and said yes. She asked me what I wanted and it was obvious that I could tip her for more. I gave her $60 and she allowed me to kiss her breasts and lick her pussy a little while she gave me head and a simultaneous hand job. No condom. It was very pleasant and I would go back.
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 15:50:43 EST Subject: San Diego Just logged on this morning and saw that you have updated some of your California information. I would like to suggest a couple of places...the first being Yoko San Massage in La Mesa. They have 3 girls there, all over 35, Koran and they all can suck the chrome off the trailer hitch and/or ride you. The 1/2 hour fee is 50 plus a 40/50 tip will get you all you want. You will have to lie and tell them that you've been there before. If you want, they all know me as the guy with the show dogs, you can say your a friend of the dog guy! Next there's a Lady off the I-5 and Clairemont Mesa name Leila, she is from Brazil and will do whatever you want for a tip. Her fee for the massage is 60 and the tip is between you 2 but I know of several guy who have gotten away for 40 and as much as a 100. As for the north county area, it's Solana Beach area there is a Lady called Sage who has ad's in the Reader under the massage listings. Not much to look at, about a 5, but she can blow your mind with her mouth. Finally there's a massage palour in Escondido called Kyoto on Center City Pkwy and Sunsent St. that's not too bad.
Subject: [ASP] San Diego (Lemon Grove) Incall Date: 1998/01/17 I've benefited from this newsgroup for a couple of years now, but have yet to contribute. It's time I changed that. There's a massage place located about five or so miles east of downtown San Diego in Lemon Grove. The place is called Caprice. Traveling east on Broadway in Lemon Grove from Massachusetts, take a left on Harris. The last house on the right (on the corner) is Caprice. Look for the sign on their mailbox. Take a right at the corner onto North Avenue, then an immediate right into the gravel driveway, or park on North. They're open 10 AM - 5 PM, everyday. I've been a regular at Caprice for about four years now. If you're looking for the eighteen to twenty-something year old escort type, you won't find her at Caprice. The ladies at Caprice are all in their early forties, and the exact same ladies have been there since I've been going. I get the feeling that most of their clients are regulars. When you get there and go in you'll find yourself in a tastefully decorated waiting area. One of the ladies will soon come to the door (unless everyone is in session). Basically, who ever answers the door is available unless she has an appointment coming soon, or there may be one or two other ladies available. Usually two or three of the ladies are in each day. You'll be led into the kitchen area of the house. There are three rooms where they work, the best one being the one in the back because it has its own private bathroom. You'll be taken to one of the rooms, offered a shower, and instructed to leave the money on a small table and get comfortable on the massage table. The pricing is the same for all of the ladies: 160 for a blow job, and 180 for intercourse. Intercourse is usually preceded by some oral. I think a straight massage is only 60. Basically, how much money you leave on the table indicates what you want. When the lady comes back she disrobes down to some form of lingerie or all the way naked. She then starts to massage your backside with warm lotion. The quality of the massage varies from fair to excellent (see below). This will last for about 20 minutes, then you'll be instructed to flip. She'll continue on the front side, including occasional strokes to Mr. Happy, for another 10 - 15 minutes. This will slowly get more erotic, and eventually evolve into oral and beyond. I'll list the ladies in my order of preference. First there is Norma. She's a latina woman with a thick Spanish accent. I'd guess about 5'4", about 130 lbs. with large, enhanced breasts. I usually don't like the feel of implants, but Norma must have had C cups before the implants because she does have quite a bit of natural breast tissue on top of the implants. She is very sensual! Her massage is OK, kind of a medium rubbing massage, not deep at all. I prefer more of a deep tissue massage, but Norma's is acceptable. She gives excellent bare back blow jobs, and will let you cum in her mouth! Awesome experience, I must say. Definitely worth the price of admission. Norma usually works every day except Tuesday and Wednesday, I think. A close second would be Carrie. She's a mid forties blond, about 5'8", 175 lbs. with large natural breasts. Carrie gives a first rate massage. I'd go to her just for the massage if I wasn't looking for more. She also gives bare back blow jobs and lets you cum in her mouth, and she also swallows!!! Now, I kind of have mixed feelings about that. Kind of an awesome fantasy thing for me, but isn't she a little concerned about the possibilities??? Norma will take your cum in her mouth, then go and get a tissue to wipe it out with. It's nice, though, the way Carrie does it, because she'll keep your cock in her mouth after you've cum until you start to soften, meanwhile she'll slowly start to massage your body again, then continues the massage for another few minutes. These are really some incredible sessions. I rarely go for intercourse with Carrie or Norma; the blow jobs are just too incredible!!! Carrie works probably 4-5 days a week. Don't really know what days she's off. Next would be Shawntel. She's about 5'8", maybe 120 lbs., with very nice, natural B cup breasts. She's fair skinned, and her hair fluctuates between blond and red. She gives an OK massage. She also does bare back blow jobs and lets you cum in her mouth. I'd rate her blow jobs as fair. I think Shawntel is more fun for fucking. She truly enjoys having a big stiff one in her. When I really want to get laid I often times take Shawntel over the others. Norma is very fuckable too, but I usually enjoy her blow jobs too much to get to fucking her. Shawntel talks a little too much for my tastes during the session. I like a little talk at first, but then little or no talk after that. Shawntel's pretty chatty. Norma, Carrie, and Shawntel are really the first team for me. It's probably been two and a half years or more since I've been with any of the other ladies. They include Cher, who runs the place. She's a little older, maybe around 50. That's simply a little too old for me, but I did get a bare back blow job from her once. Gina is an Asian woman. Come to think of it, I haven't seen or heard of her being there in quite some time. Maybe she's no longer there. The one time I was with her was quite odd. I initially indicated that I just wanted "hand release" because I really wasn't attracted to her enough for anything else, but then after she started touching me I said I changed my mind and wanted a blow job after all (funny how that works, huh?). She said OK, then left the room to get what I think she called her "device". I assumed she was talking about a condom. She came back in a couple of minutes and proceeded to start on me. Well, I never actually looked down, but I can tell you she did not put a condom on me. I think what she did was used a piece of plastic wrap (!) to drape over my cock while she gave me a very uncomfortable bj! Little tip: if ever a woman says she's going to get a "device" to give you a blow job, politely decline and take the consolation prize. I couldn't believe what was happening. Even more amazing is I actually let her continue and eventually even came, although it was the most unsatisfying orgasm I've ever had. That's probably the oddest experience I've ever had with a prostitute. The last woman is Lillie. She's a brown haired woman, probably 5'5", 145 lbs. She's the first woman I was with at Caprice, and she hadn't been there very long then. Wasn't sure if it was a legit massage place or not, then about half way through the session she asks if there was any particular type of massage I wanted. She told me that on a customers first session the most that would be available is hand release. She stripped down to some lingerie and gave me just that. Then she told me the prices for the other services and the routine of leaving the money on the table. I've been with Lillie maybe three times, and don't really enjoy her. She's completely non-customer oriented. When it's time to get down to business, she gets down to business, and when it's time to cum it's time to cum. Do not bother asking her to slow down. Completely night and day between her and Norma, Carrie, and Shawntel, who are all very focused on your satisfaction. So there, I spilled my guts. A word of caution, though. As I said in the beginning, I've been a regular there for a few years now. The sessions I get are truly amazing. Norma, Carrie, and Shawtel really do provide a relaxing, erotic massage and sexual experience. What's really cool, too, is that they know and remember what I like and respond to from session to session. Even if I don't go in for a month or two, it's almost like picking up where we left off last time. The key, though, is the relationship. I don't think one could ever expect anything close to this until you've been with a woman several times. I had probably been there half a dozen times before I got a blow job without the condom. And then for months after I would stop them before I came so we could slip on a condom and fuck. It wasn't until I'd been going there for well over a year that I decided to "forget" to tell one of them before I came and see what she'd do. I was completely amazed when she took it!
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 1998 22:21:36 -0800 Subject: Hookers in the borderlands Atta: I guess you can stick this in either the San Diego section or the Tijuana section. I've been trying to get laid in the San Diego area. I don't have much money, so it's not easy as far as hookers go. In my somewhat limited experience, these are the results. I'm not even in the right league for these high-priced fancy girls. San Diego girls Charge too much, as much as $200 I've paid so far. Tijuana girls Charge maybe $80, the very most. San Diego girls: Not very attractive, very skinny, even bony, look like they must be drug users. Tijuana girls: quite sexy, cute, some are a bit shorter than others, and a bit stout. San Diego girls: a terrible attitude; very business-like; flop on the bed, pop on the condom, open the legs, put it in, pull it out, see ya, sucker. Tijuana girls: very positive attitude. Much more affectionate. Much nicer and sweeter. Some are quite friendly, cute, nice, outgoing, interesting, quite intelligent (especially in the Chicago Club). Some will even negotiate the price. They seem to realize that a paying customer who gives them $50 is better than waiting for another customer who might give them $60. San Diego girls: poorly dressed. Some are not even dressed up at all to walk the streets; they wear old shorts, a blouse, a jacket; dressed like "Thrift Shop Refugees." Tijuana girls: very well dressed, very sexy, perfumed and everything. San Diego girls: working for themselves, sometimes for their drug habits. El Cajon Boulevard is horrible-one girl told me the cops threw a lot of the girls in jail around the time of the Super Bowl. What about National City? Forget about it-just a few unattractive girls. Sometimes, on El Cajon Blvd., there's a couple of cute, young black girls standing around just west of a bar called "Chaser's." There is one called Coco and one called Jasmine. The trick to the boulevard is, the girls stand on the side streets. You can also try El Cajon Blvd. just west of 54th, near the pool hall. Tijuana girls: working to send money back home to Mom and Dad and the younger brothers, or sometimes to her own little kids, in another town: Mexico City, Monterrey, Acapulco, whatever. Just a few speak English. A lot of them have silicone boobs. I have not had any success at all with the massage parlors. I can barely get a hand job-I don't bother to go in when the women who answer the door are either homely, or old, or fat, or plain-looking. In one place, Sunshine Acupressure, 3641 El Cajon Blvd, Suki, a beautiful young woman (early 30s? late 20s?) who comes out in black fishnet stockings, let me eat her pussy while she gave me a nice hand job. She does hand jobs very, very, very well. I'd love to fuck her, but I've been there several times, and it's always just a hand job...The massage parlor girls seem to be very afraid of the police-it may be different to the east in La Mesa, since it's a different city from San Diego. The secret code to find out if you're a cop: "Have you been here before?" Good luck! Who knows, maybe the entire scene will change in a few months, or in the summer? If you want pussy, go to Tijuana or Ensenada (Anthony's has some very sexy chicks) or maybe Tecate (never been laid there).
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 23:17:20 -0800 Subject: General comments about getting pussy in San Diego and Tijuana Atta: Just some comments about the WSG. The street scene is quite dead on El Cajon Blvd., occasionally you'll find a very average woman working west of 54th, maybe near the pool hall, or further west, by the bar "Chasers" on the corner, by the public phone, (sometimes I see a couple of really young, cute black girls there) or across the street at the gas station. I live here and I cruise up and down "the boulevard" and I hardly EVER see any worthwhile girls-frequently I see none at all, zero, zip, zilch, even on Friday and Saturday nights. WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SDPD STINGS. If she looks healthy and not boney and malnourished, she might be a cop, not a drug user/hooker. Other signs: if she's well-dressed; if she talks confidently and assertively. The hookers want to put their hand on your willy to find out if you're a cop. A cop will want to take you to her choice of hotel; a hooker might be willing to go anywhere, any old dark alley, maybe her private house, or your place or your choice of hotels. Usually, they stand on the side streets, not on the Boulevard itself. Frequently, they are by a public phone. There is an ad in the Reader newspaper, it says "Josie and Jeanine" look up the ad in the "massage" section, I really got the idea from a phone conversation with Josie that she'll have sex with you. She said she charges $125 per hour plus a "tip if the man wants entertainment." She's Filipina. I have seen only one semi-decent looking woman in National City on Main Street. By the standards of Chicago Club/Adelita Club/Miami Club in T.J., she was not even in the same league: not well dressed at all, not in good physical condition, real bad attitude, not even very attractive. I get the distinct impression that it's almost impossible to get laid in a massage parlor in the San Diego city limits: it seems like you'll get pussy in the outlying cities, maybe Chula Vista, La Mesa, Escondido (has anyone tried Escondido's parlors?) or other cities, maybe Santee? One dead giveaway that a massage parlor is in the full service sex business: they don't have one of those high massage "tables" in the private room, the massage is done on a thin mattress right on the floor!
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 16:04:36 -0800 I just got back from San Diego and thought I would check out the message parlor a street scene. There weren't any girls on the street any of the nights I was there, maybe one but I couldn't tell. So I went to a parlor, Suzie Wongs. It was the last one on University. The girl that saw me was names Suzy. She was very good looking. The price for 1/2 hour was $50. She gave me a great message. She asked if there was anything else she could do and I said rub under my towel. She put some baby oil on me and started to give me a hand job. She was really good, I asked if she could do 1/2 and 1/2. She said that would be a $100 so I said ok. She took of her cloths and she had perfect breasts. Perfect!!!! She did her thing and boy was she good. I went back 4 nights in a row and was never dissapointed. I also tried the one right down the street. I had a girl named Elizabeth. She was Korean. She did everything I asked. Her massage was rough, so were her hands, and the BJ was ok. She was quite nice and never mentioned price. I tipped her $60. On the news Saturday maorning they did a piece on a sting the police did Friday night. They busted 43 john's. They took there cars, through them in jail and fined them $2000 dollars. Now I know why there were no girls working in the area I was.
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 13:07:24 EST San Diego information. Please add this to your San Diego area listing. The SDPD is at it again running Operation John. Be careful! Only last week 34 were arrested for soliciting. The massage scene is also slowly being choked out. The city of La Mesa has decided that all massage parlors will be closed by years end. Some have already closed. Those still operating offer varied services. Tokyo: Take your chances. Very inconsistent. Sun Accupressure: Old women, good massage, nothing more. Royal Palace: 2 beautiful young girls! Mary is the prettiest, friendly, fair massage, a teaser! HOT! Mai (?) rushed, rough. Suzi Wong: Save your money. Therapeutic Massage: (Next door to a bar) save your money. Fuji: Lousy massage, lousy services too. Janette has a real attitude problem. Yoko San: 2 older ladies, great massage, good attitude, clean, never rushed, always compliant! CHI: Save your money. Old woman, rushed, rough. China Accupressure: Save your money! Shangri-La:UTC area, nice place, hard to find, good massage, that's all! Kearney Mesa area: Place on Convoy, don't bother. Another place is off Clairemont Mesa Blvd and Kearney Villa Rd. used to be fair massage, beautiful busty young girl. No new information. (Next door to the rip-off lingerie modeling studio.) Place on Miramar Rd.: Hard to find, good massage, masseuse was very pretty! Several new places have opened in San Diego. None are really outstanding. Mostly old women bored with what they do. I won't go into detail since some offer "full service" for a tip, some do straight massage. Unless you are known in the places, your first time there will get you a fair massage and maybe manual release and that's about all. Don't expect too much.
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 10:43:27 PST I would first like to say that this review is for the San Diego area and primarily the area in La Mesa. Establishment One: Location: Near a major shopping mall near a autoparts store. Been there three times. Had two different ladies. One named Cookie and the other, I think, Jenniffer. Cookie is the better looking of the two. Massage will cost $45 for 30min, and up. The girls give a very nice massage and then ask if that is all. As they ask this they are looking at the towel covering your manhood. I asked them what they had to offer..... Reply was $40 for Handjob, $60 for blowjob and $100 full service. When I asked about the full Cookie said I could do "anything I want". Didn't have the c-note...left with a $15.00 handjob which she did very nicely and exposed her perfect little asian breasts to me. Jenniffer offered the same services. Again no c-note and she wouldn't come down on the price for the full service. $40 did get me a nude handjob while I played with her pussy and breasts. Second establishment: On University Ave, in a strip mall on a corner lot. Auto parts store in same mall. One time visit. Same basic rate $45 for 30min. same price quote for services....When I told the gal I would only spend $20 on a hand job she said do it yourself..No negotiation. This place (5yrs ago) was great) Third establishment: Again on University ave. Next to a laundry place. No sex offered. Fourth establishment: Located next to a bar in a small strip mall. Attractive young lady. $50 for 30 (you think for the extra $5 you'd get something special) Not: same price quotes as others. She did come down to $20 for a handjob....only had $15 cash...she refused...I at least got her to massage my chest while I beat off. (Fun being and exhibitionist some times) That cost me $10 extra. All the places used to give the handjob for free....until about 4yrs ago. ALmost everyone is offering full service now. Have fun and be careful in the LaMesa area they are cracking down on these places. One has already closed, it was on a secluded street and always included a hand job as part of the massage. No other services were offered by the daytime gal.. Oh well. In San Diego there is a place just off El Cajon Blvd. across the street from another massage place. Named for a common oriental girls name. Been there three times...Free handjob with a little coaxing of the gals. Different lady each time All attractinve.

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