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San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico

Subject: San Blas, Mexico

San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico    March 1997

A beautiful, friendly beachtown of 11,000, San Blas is about 125 miles
of Puerto Vallarta. The hotels and restaurants are reasonable and
there is only moderate tourism. The town would be superb except for
one factor; the swarms of biting gnats that come out at dawn and dusk
force you to either stay indoors or slather yourself in 100 % DEET.

The one official whorewhouse ( or to use the polite term, centro
nocturno ) in town is the Herradoro ( Av. Battalon near the beach
). There is a dance floor with an older, plumb, dancer. Several nights
a week there is a live band ( which does a surprisingly good rendition
of "Hotel California" ). On the 4 nights we were there in early March
97 there were about 10 girls working, 4 being young and attractive,
with good bodies. They ranged in price from 250 P to 350 P plus 50 P
for the room.(The exchange rate was around 7.5 to 1). This gets you
about 45 minutes. I took one out for an allnighter for 500 plus 50 for
the club. The girls here are friendly and warm, but speak almost no
english. Drinks for them are 30 P, beer and soda 10 P.

I was told by a reliable local, of a bar in town, Mi Taurino, that has
putas working out of it, but as I was at El Herradoro every night, I
didn't get a chance to check it out.

Overall I really enjoyed the scene at El Hereadoro, with the somewhat
limited selection being the only drawback. My friend and I speak good
Spanish, though, and I'm not sure how enjoyable it, or San Blas would
be to someone who doesn't.

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