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San Bernardino, California

In the San Bernardino area, there are a number of options, almost all
of them the usual Oriental massage joints. In Fontana (southeast of
L.A.), along Valley Blvd. there are several within a mile of each
other.  I've been to three of them so far.  The Royal Palace I can
vouch for, with both white and Oriental masseuses.  Another one simply
has a sign that says "Oriental Massage Therapy."  All girls are
Koreans.  They don't haggle much about extras and you can get full
service. I usually tip about $50 or $60.  so plan on spending about
$100 for a massage and full service.  Stay away from one on Valley
Blvd. with a sign that says "Okinawa Massage."  I went there two weeks
ago and got a hurried massage from an elderly Korean woman who
insisted that she did not do extras.  I had to place her hand on my
cock and, holding her arm, move it up and down until I came.  I didn't
leave a tip and I won't go back.

In the same general area is another place with a large sign that
says "Swedish Massage."  I haven't been in it yet, but I believe
the girls are white.  It's usually busy when I drive by.

In nearby Loma Linda and Redlands, on Redlands Blvd., there are
two more Oriental places I can highly recommend.  One is just
inside the city limits of Loma Linda in the middle of an office
complex.  Good service there by mostly Korean girls, although I
have seen at least one white girl (haven't tried her yet).  The
girls are usually 7-9.  Massage is the usual $40 for half hour,
$60 for an hour.  Tips are usually at the discretion of the
customer (again I tip about $50 or $60).

The one in Redlands is called WR Spa and is located in a small
strip mall on Colton Ave.  Mostly Koreans here too, but one time
I went I fucked a somewhat disinterested Mexican girl.  On
another visit I had a middle-aged Korean woman who gave me a
great blow job.

There are other places nearby.  The ones described above, and
others, can be found in the "Adult Services" part of the
classified section of the Press-Enterprise, a newspaper that
serves the Riverside/San Bernardino area.  Also, the San
Bernardino Sun has some massage parlors listed under

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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