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San Antonio, Texas

>Where are the San Antonio streetwalkers located?

They are (or use to be) up around Breckenridge park on the main drap.
However, you should be aware that a lot of them are TV's and that the
vice cops patrol heavily and will stop you if they see you picking one

As of 2 years least.

Date: 23 Jun 1995 18:48:36 -0400 Strip Clubs: 2 located on Loop 410 and Perien Bitel Rd. (Northeast side of San Antonio) 1 Located at Loop 410 and Airport Rd. (Lipstick I think is the name). 1 loacated at Loop 410 and McCollough Exit (BT Girls?) 1 located a IH 10 and Wurzback (All Stars) Message: Beverly Hill message: Evers Rd. at Wurzbach. Busted regularly by the police. Odd hours of operations. Street Walkers: Most are located starting at N. Alamo and Broadway and contiune to Grayson (Alamo and Broadway is a Y intesection and most stret walkers can be found on both streets to Grayson). Then east from Grayson to a 4 way stop to Mason St.. Some are along some of the side streets. Looks are from 4-7 in range. Beware! TV's hang around N. Alamo and Braodway area. Hope this helps.
Date: 24 Sep 1995 17:30:07 -0400 I wanted to post some word on the San Antonio scene, having just returned from there today 9/24. I want 1st of all to respond to Jim's inquiry about services. Ads for escort services are in the yellow pages in a very low key way. I am told that next year the escort services will only be allowed to have one line listings an non-bold at that. There are also ads running in the free activities paper that called "Currents" which is available in bars and strip clubs, etc. I tried 2 services in San Antonio. The first one sent me a girl who looked like she was sent up by the hotel houskeeping staff. Fat, plain, terrible hair. ; but what the hell for a flat fee of $150 I porked her anyway. A few days later I got lucky. "Moonlighting International" is the name of service which I would highly recommend. Sierra the gal who answered the phone was very freindly and talkative. I understand that she is a cute mid-twenties blonde who also goes out on calls herself. I'll have to try her next visit. Well I saw Brandy who came well reccommended. She is about 23 with light brown hair. I think she was 36-24-36 , 120lbs and I know she was very sweet and cute. I had a wonderful time with Brandy, and told her after our session that as long as I have a face, she's got a seat. Yummy!! This service is under new management and are trying hard to please the customer. They are straightforward and honest about the girls that they are sending you. They also try to hire only pretty, shapely girls. At Moonlighting Intl. the flat fee for 1Hr is $140. There is no required tipping above that. I've used sevices in many other parts of the country and to me this seems like a bargain. I tipped Brandy an extra $40 and had a drink with she and her girlfriend downstairs afterwards. All in all I think this is a very nice escort service. I wish there were more like them. The number in San Antonio , if you're too lazy to look it up is: 979-6963. Please tell them that Jay from NY told you about them. Happy humping!
Subject: San Antonio encounter Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 02:08:02 UTC I give mixed reviews to Melissa from Moonlighting International in San Antonio. I chose her sight unseen because she had a very bouyant personality over the phone (she answered it that day and said she'd be happy to come to where I was for $250). She said she's 23; I'd guess 5-7, weight at least 140, 36D-27-38, short brown hair. On the plus side, she drove more than 90 miles to come see me in a little town way out in the boonies (the in-town rate is $150); she's intelligent (a computer science graduate student); articulate and talkative; honest (she says all her friends are aware of her occupation); and pretty accommodating. She generally takes only one client a night, and she stayed with me for almost two hours, though I suspect that the distance she traveled, the premium I paid and the fact that she wasn't going to see anyone else had something to do with it. On the other hand, she's not exactly a petite lady (an ex-swimmer who got pretty big before losing a lot of weight and who acknowledges she needs to lose some more); she has a pleasant face, maybe even pretty, but not beautiful; she has lots of moles, and a tattoo in the pubic region; and she insists on a condom for oral. I told her that I would certainly respect her wishes in that area, but I admitted that if I'd known that beforehand, I'd've requested someone else. She gives only so-so head, which she enjoys doing, as well as fucking, but she's more intense and quiet than exuberantly enthusiastic. Overall, I had a nice time with her and enjoyed her company greatly, but next time I'd prefer someone a little prettier and more slender (though equally intelligent and conversant) and a little more prone to say "Fuck me" while we're having sex instead of "What type of computer do you have?" or "My dog bit me on the finger last night." Melissa is intelligent and a good conversationalist, though. Those qualities are very important to me and make up for any shortcomings I've noted above. I did call the agency after she left to express my appreciation for her visit. Moonlighting International has 15-20 girls, Melissa said, running the full range, from 18-year-old party girls who can't believe their good fortune in finding a job where they get paid to fuck, to college students putting themselves through school. Melissa acknowledges that she's one of the few ladies working for this agency who insists on a condom for oral as well as intercourse. Brandy, mentioned at the World Sex Guide, still works there; she also works for Fantasy Escorts. The San Antonio phone number is [censored]. I suspect that when you call, the agency will be willing to accommodate your request for an intelligent companion such as Melissa, or one of the party girls, if you prefer. San Antonio incall: Melissa says that Moonlighting refers requests for incall to Cherry Rose Lingerie Modeling. The address is on Ingram Road, but don't be fooled. If you stick to Ingram Road in the area where it intersects 410, you'll never find it. From westbound or southbound (I'm not sure which direction 410 runs at this point) 410, exit at Ingram Road and go straight through the stoplight, i.e. don't turn on Ingram). Cherry Rose is in a big strip center on the access road, to your right. Beverly Hills Modeling is on Evers Road, also in the NW part of town. Ads for both can be found in the Current, the local alternative weekly. At both places, I got the same spiel that I'm used to hearing in DFW: Door fee in the $30-$40 range, the girls work on tips, the better the tip the better the show. But I received no indication that anything other than light touching in non-erogenous zones would take place. At Beverly Hills, I asked an exceedingly cute, petite blonde whether there would be any deviations from that rule, and she replied no. I'm not willing to risk my money in such places without some indication that more will take place, so I left both places without conducting any business.
Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 23:42:41 +0100 (MET) Subject: Bad experience in San Antonio A bad experience in San Antonio. If you are looking for a massage with a "bit extra," (ie. hand job) you can find it in the San Antonio newspaper classified section under MASSAGE THERAPY heading. However, beware of an advertiser that goes by the name Gabriella. You'll find her service rushed and hurried. Not in the least bit satisfying.
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 01:17:20 -0500 Subject: street walkers in san antonio 28 aug 97 Some of the hookers are over on Broadway and N Alamo. However since there are alot of TV's in the area all I do is just cruise on by. However I have had some good luck in the black part of town(if that's what you go for). Personally that's my thing. Anyways out on New Braunfuls , East Commerce, East Houston, Hackberry, and Cherry Streets is where I've found most of them at. I picked one up last night and she was absolutely hot and dressed well and smelled good. We went to a park on the east side of town somewhere and fucked. I'd have to give her a 7 for looks and a 8 for her skills and a 10 for enthusiasm. Man I'll I've got to say is that I will definitely see her again.
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 1997 00:05:43 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Good Time In San Antonio 10/24/97 Just came back from a week in San Antonio on business. Decided to try out the local escort services. Called a place called Room Service Escorts listed in the Yellow Pages. The woman on the phone asked a bunch of questions to establish that I wasn't a cop. Once she was comfortable, she said the fee was $150.00. No other costs involved. The young woman who came to my hotel room was about 22, blond and twenty pounds over weight, but nice tits. Took the money first and then called in to her service to say she was there. She was real chatty, asking several times whether I had used them before. After the third time, I asked if she was trying to get to a point. She said that she wanted to make it clear that the girls at her service were escorts only. No sex was involved. I politely probed to see if this was a ploy for more money, but the answer was still the same. So she stripped down to her G string, danced around and that was it. What a waste. I was really ready to give up on San Antonio totally. Thank goodness I didn't. The next night I picked up a local arts and entertainament paper called the Current. Saw an ad for a service called Executive Choice calendar Girls (210 497-5296). Gave them a call and spoke to the owner. He asked some of the same questions and then told me who he had working that night. I told him I wanted a more mature woman(someone over 30). He suggested Summer, who was 31. Well, I can't tell you how good a recommendation he made. She arrived 30 minutes later. Blonde, perky, smart and sexy. Within 3 minutes she was out of her long , ffitting black dress. She had on absolutely nothing underneath. She told me to lie down and gave me a world class blowjob, without a condom. She was slow and paced and I was able to hold out for 15 minutes. I asked if I could return the favor and she said ok. Ate her until she screamed. I think it was real, but who knows. Finally I needed some pussy and she obliged willingly. First she was on top, then we switched. She was really into it, talking about wanting all my dick and saying this was good. When it was over we lay there for 20 minutes and talked. She was a solid 7 in the looks dept and a 9 in the sex dept. Check it out. In my opinion, Summer's the finest month in San Antonio.
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 1998 22:33:03 -0600 (CST) Subject: anonymous please - San Antonio Street Walkers Street Walkers can be found at various times at: Guadalupe St (between 21st and S.Brazos) Zarzamora and Cincinnati Howard and Laurel S. Hackberry and Virginia Roosevelt (Kirkpatrick to riverside) Prado Motel and Roosevelt Inn Zarzamora and Hazel Broadway at N. Alamo -from police reports
Subject: Street Action in San Antonio, Texas You can find StreetWalkers in San Antonio, Texas in the late afternoons or late at night, the action will cost you about $20 to $50, depending on what you want. Cops are starting to crack down on northside massage centers. Street Action: Guadalupe St (between Cupples Rd and S. Brazos St.) N. Zarzamora (Ruiz to W. Cincinnati) Crockett Park N. Alamo St and Josephine Hackberry St (Mississippi to Nolan, oh yeah Cherry St) Roosevelt Ave (Steves Av to Riverside) Prado Motel and Roosevelt Inn Good Luck!
Subject: [ASP} Beware San Antonio Blonde,Brunettes,& Redheads (RIP-OFF) Date: 1998/04/18 Beware of the San Antonio agency Blonde, Brunettes & Redheads (210-828-5455). I called them for an escort. The girl I talked to, Ashley, said she would be the girl visiting and described herself, and gave me a price. I was hesitant and she lowered her price. She sounded attractive and lowered her price (dumb me), so I invited her to visit me. When she showed up at my room, I made her a drink and we talked. I did the, "you show me yours and I'll show you mine" routine to make sure she was not vice. She then asked for the cash ($130) and I gave it to her. Then she does the "I have to give the money to my driver routine". I tried to stop her and retreive the money, however, she slipped out of my room and fled down stairs to a waiting Corvette (I wonder how that was paid for).

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