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Salzburg, Austria

Austria (Europe)
City: Salzburg
Date: 1 Nov 1995

The cheapest price is A$ 500, but that's for "quick and short".
For an average of A$ 2000 including the room you can stay
for an hour.

There are many clubs and houses (Jasmin Bar, Casanova Club,
House 94,...) and many "single workers" (Elisabeth-Strasse,
Fanny v. Lehner-Strasse, Sterneck-Strasse).
But: the best service you will find is "Maison de plaisir" in the
Steingasse. The house is in the middle of the old town, and: there
are very beautiful and nice girls!

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 98 09:37:59 PST AUSTRIA, Salzburg Your forgot the HERZ'L BAR in the Esshaverstr. 5 in Salzburg-Lehen. I think there are some connections to the "Maison de plaisir" in the Steingasse in the old part of Salzburg, as sometimes the girls change between this places. But the ambiente of the Herz'l is much better. The Herz'l Bar ist a absolute nice and clean place with a little roman touch (lion), some rooms do have mirrors or torturing instruments. You have to join the bar and to order a drink (about 150 ATS /12 $) and to spent a drink for a girl (150 ATS again) . Sometime a brazilian women (Doris) makes a hot strip to Samba Music. She is the star of this place and acts like an actress. Some girls are Austrian, but always I found Brazilians here doing it very recommendable. All girls like to chat a little bit before, are very good looking and charmant. I never had a bad time at this lovely place. You pay 1700 ATS for half an hour full service or 2500 ATS for one hour. You may have a shower in the room. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------- AUSTRIA, Salzburg MAISON DE PLAISIR The star of the house, which is said to be a fine brothel since the days of Mozart, is a Bulgarian Girl. She is small and blond. She is almost perfect in doing it. Also the brown girl from the Domenican Republic is very fine. If you like an Austrian Girl try Manuela, or if you like some fat, Carmen. Years ago she was the star of the house, but now she came in the years and does not look so atractive as before. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- Austria, Salzburg BABYLON (www....) The most exclusive and most expensive club is the Babylon, out of the city in direction to Germany by the Bundesstrase. Entrance, including buffet ist 800 ATS, and the minimum for doing it is 3500 ATS. Years ago it was the dream of every man who needed the impression of falling in love. Some girls acted as if they do it only if they love the costumer... Now it is getting worse and worse, but the prices are still exorbitant. But you can stay there for some hours. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------- Austria, Salzburg Club Carmen A big nightclub with usual ambiente, i.e. girls asking for drinks.It is a little bit less expensive than the Babylon but considering the "asking-for-drinks" you end up spending just as much with less fun.Many girls come from the Ex-Communist countries. Address: Sterneckstrasse near the Hotel Dorint.

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