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Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Subject: city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Salvador is said to have the best carnival in Brazil.  It is the capital of
Candomble, Macumba (african religious rituals mixed with Christianity) and
the martial art dance Capoeira.

Most of its inhabitants are fairly dark skinned or black.

Lots of ads for massagistas, about half a newspaper page, can be found in
the newspaper A Tarde.

It seems customary for agencies to lie on the phone and to claim the girls
are University Students.  In reality they frequently have 6 years of
primary school.  I suspect that some agencies that are more expensive have
real University students.

try 230 6065, a private house with 5-15 girls.  You can sit there and talk
to the girls.  Ask for the identical twins!! R$ 50.- for one hour programa,
10.- for the room.  (1US$= R$ 1.10)

325 6006, 964 3478 are two different agencies that advertise University
students.  They both offered to bring 2-3 girls to the hotel, in order for
the client to chose one.  They both charge over R$ 100 for a few hours.
They sounded more credible, maybe they offer real University Students.

The above numbers are from ads in august 97, they may change.

Prices seem at least 30% cheaper than in Rio.  Hotel rates are much
cheaper, too.

A few streetwalkers can be found evenings and nites at most beach
promenades.  I was told that low level cheap streetwalkers can be found at
the Praca da Se, that you can get a blowjob for just a few R$.  Actually,
streetwalkers seem to hang out in many places in town.

I heard lots of warnings about the dangers of streetwalkers, that they may
steal, assault, slip something into your drinks to clean out your hotel
room.  Or they may be transvestites.  These warnings may be exaggerated,
but be careful.

There are boites (gogo bars, nightclubs) spread out in town, like Liberty
Night Club and Free Night boate.

Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997 07:15:52 -0700 Subject: Salvador, Brazil A good place to find a hotel is the Barra, it is close to the historical center of town and right by the ocean. Before you check into a hotel ask about their policy about visitors. A few of them allow you to receive visitors as much as you like, if you sign up for a double occupancy room. A taxi driver can help you. Try Barra Turismo Hotel *** Av Sete de Setembro 3691, (071) 245 7433, Fax 245 8188 Girls from Bahia have the fame to be fairly hot and sexually quite accessible. Try flirting with regular, non-prostitute girls. In the evenings, a favourite hangout of the young crowd is the Pelourinho area, in the historical center downtown. Use a local guide, to avoid muggers and straying into bad neighborhoods. You might hire your friendly taxi driver to spend the entire evening with you, just make very clear how much you will pay for how many hours. Another suggestion: hang out in front of a maior English Language School, if you do not pick up a girl you can at least pick up guy who gladly will show you around. He will be happy if you pay a few beers and the taxi, and he can practice his English, .

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