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Salt Lake City, Utah

     My last trip to Salt Lake City resulted in a throughly dissappointing
experience with someone provided by an escort service called "Your
Last Chance".

Subject: Salt Lake City Prostitution Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 09:51:32 UTC Salt lake isnt too bad, if you stay to the newspaper ads for private dancers; one named "Temptation" isnt anything to looka t, but she has XXX movies, and will do about anything, including Greek for $ 85.00 1/2 hr, 100 hr. Some are just a dance rip-off, not sex, so be careful. Used to be one that was an actual brothel, but it was shut down 3 months ago. Phone ad girls generally a high-priced rip-off.
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 18:52:26 -0500 Subject: Prostitution in Salt Lake City I lived in Salt Lake City for nearly nine years before leaving there in April, 1996. I never went to a massage parlour but I did try numerous outcall services. For the most part they were expensive ($60 to $80 for thirty minutes) and all the lady would do is talk to you or dance. None of them would allow you to touch them in any way but they would watch while you masturbated. In fact, that seemed to be the expected procedure. To find a prostitute you need to go to North Temple Street between the plasma center and the fairgrounds. There are usually several girls out there at varying times of the day; price is around $30 for head and $40 on up for sex. All girls will let you fondle them for the lower price in addition to giving you head. In the late spring and early summer a lot of girls come in from California and Nevada and may have a hotel room you can go to. Usally you're better off with a car date and the girls usually have a safe parking place to go to. If you feel ill-at-ease, cancel the date--even if you forfeit part of your agreed-upon price. From winter to spring you usually find the Salt Lake residents. These girls are preferable because many of them want to establish a client base; they are also a little bit older--around 25-30 and up--and are more likely to give you extra time. Stay away from girls who tell you that someone is following them when they get in your car. They will usually have you drive quite a distance and then attempt to steal anything you have in the car that is not bolted down and threaten you with molestation if you call the police. State Street used to be a good place to find girls and there are still some to be found there, but most of them are drug addicts or looking to rip you off. All in all, North Temple Street is the best and safest place to go.
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 14:14:11 -0700 Subject: Salt Lake City outcall I had a short stay in SLC recently, so I tried to call a couple of outcall agencies and see if I could set up any sort of early afternoon date. This I wasn't able to do, thanks to an interesting legal wrinkle now underway in Utah's metropolis (or at least Utah's largest town) What happens is: first, the outcall places don't even answer their phones until 7 pm. If you do get ahold of somebody, they inform you that because of the local law, they can send a dancer to you but you she cannot get naked unless you sign a form and then set it up to see her again 24 hours later. I couldn't stay an extra day, otherwise I would have explored the situation. What the agency did offer to do was send a girl by but they warned she could only strip down to her underwear. They described three girls who were available that evening. Would you have one of them call me, I asked. No, said the operator, we'll just send her by. I find chatting with an escort before meeting can be helpful, and I was chronically short on time, so I decided to pass on the whole thing. Anybody else had any experience with this new system? Is it just a facade, or are they serious about the "24 hour" rule?
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 02:15:30 -0500 (EST) Subject: Salt Lake City Hey Atta, Great site with very accurate information. I've been reading the posts for awhile and thought I would start contributing. Coming back from a week of skiing, I decided to relax for a night or two in Salt Lake. Not the most interesting town mind you, but partied with a bunch of ski bums and ski bunnies. Almost got this one 20 year old blonde hardbody cutie, but she was with her protective older brother so I retired to my hotel room. Picked up a copy of the local paper and called a couple of the ads for Escorts/Massage/Dancer. After screening 5-6 companies, I called this one service back that had a cute 20 year old blonde, Chrissy 5'4", 115, 34C-24-34. Salt Lake City has this ridiculous law where they make you sign a form which states that the "entertainment" cannot get fully naked for 24 hours. You can schedule a nude session after the 24 hour period, thought it was a major joke. I was tired and horny so I thought what the fuck, maybe I can charm the panties off of her. Fee was $100/HR. One hour later, the phone rings. Apparently Chrissy is outside and cannot get into the hotel since the hotel secures the outside doors after 11:00 PM. I head downstairs and I am pleasantly surprised to find that her description is accurate, a 8/10. We get in the elevator and chit chat and once in the room, we sit down on the bed and relax. I pay the $100 agency fee and she give me the silly aforementioned 24 hour no nudity form. I guess this shit is for real. She calls in then excuses herself to relax and that I should get more comfortable. Chrissy comes back in in sexy lacy white bra and panties. The rules are body to body contact, hands can roam at will. After a few minutes of playful caressing, she starts with the dirty talk. Well this just turns me on big time so I reciprocate which get's her hot. We start kissing each other's neck and to my surprise we start deep kissing with me rubbing my hard cock against those white panties. We spend the full hour "making out" and the telephone rings. I schedule another hour at $90, and after a little begging, the bra comes off, then the panties. I guess that "24 hour rule" is optional if the girl likes you. We spent the next hour with me on my back sucking her sexy tits and nipples while my rock hard cock was sliding up and down her dripping hot pussy, then along her ass. A couple of times I manuevered my dick so that my head would just almost enter her then slide away. I was getting so hot and after an hour of this pussy teasing, I was close to coming. Told her I wanted to come so she smiled and went down on me for 5 minutes bareback. I was really close to coming so she moved back up and started rubbing her tits over my dick--it didn't take long for me to shoot my load all over her pretty little tits and her face. She went to the bathroom to clean up and came back to bed. The hour ended and we kissed for a while more than she gave me her business card-told me to call her SOON and that we could have FULL SERVICE for $100 extra tip next time. Great service, even better if I can fuck her juicy pussy next time. Obviously wasn't rushed. A definite repeat. Face: 8/10 Body: 9/10 Service 9.5/10. I'll check Chrissy out next time i'm in the land of the Mormons. Keep Posting! Montecristo Man

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