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Subject: Re: Saipan

As a US commonwealth, Saipan more or less follows US laws (Hawaii is the
model state) so prostitution is illegal.  But it's all over the place and
as long as clubs pay quarterly taxes the police don't hassle them (in fact
some of them stop in for freebies, I'm told).  I've lived here (as a single
man) for over two years, so my impressions are not those of a tourist.

There are only two main drags on Saipan, and that's where most of the
action is.   The biggest is Beach Road on the west side of the island.  The
other is Middle Road, running parallel to Beach road less than a mile
distance.  Both of these roads are neon jungles at night, and the clubs
aren't shy about advertising their presence.  Though there are (expensive)
taxis here, there's no public transportation to speak of.  A rental car is
almost a must.

Garapan, on Beach Road, is where most of the highrise hotels are (though
there are some a few  miles north and a few  miles south).  Consequently,
that's where most of the clubs are.  However, since most of Saipan's
tourists are Japanese and Korean, the clubs in Garapan are spoiled and the
most expensive on island.  Nevertheless, there's more action crowded into
one square mile--clubs right next to each other and upstairs from one
other--than in Las Vegas.   You could club hop for two weeks straight and
not hit them all.

What kind of "clubs" are there on Saipan?  Essentially, there are four
types, all over the island:

1)  Strip clubs:  These are exclusively Filipina.  If you're into looking
(at least to kick the evening off), you will see nothing lovelier than a
19-year-old Filipina in the buff, flawless skin, upright tits and trim
little black bushes.   You will almost certainly be joined by a Filipina
bar girl (usually a dancer between gigs) who will cozy up to you for a
ladies drink (anywhere from US$6 to 15).  But beyond a little chit-chat
(the Filipinas speak the best English of all the island's aliens) and a
squeeze on the thigh, expect nothing.  We locals can sometimes arrange
daytime meetings with these girls, but tourists don't have much of a chance.

2)  Karaoke clubs:  These are mostly geared to Asian men (the whole sillly
notion of karaoke is Japanese) and are largely staffed by Chinese and
Korean-Chinese girls (ethnic Koreans raised in China).  These girls are
usually available for all night, but many only speak Chinese and pidgin
Japanese.  They charge what the traffic will bear, and with Japanese and
Korean tourists, money is no object. Many of these girls love the Asian
men--heavy spenders with low sexual demands--and will ignore Western men.
But by  no means all of them.  These clubs are all over Beach and Middle
Roads.  I haven't visited one in months.

3)  "Massage" parlors:  These are scattered around and many are open 24
hours.  They're pure and simple brothels.  If you go in the daytime you may
find only one Chinese girl (napping and not necessarily pretty) available.
In the evenings, there's usually an assortment.  These are all shorttime,
in a cubicle in the back.  The owners will usually start with $100 but,
depending on the time of day and traffic, may go down to $50 or $60.  This
is potluck.   Some girls are charming and into their work, some are
mechanical.  But if you have the urge to get your sperm count down at 2:OO
in the afternoon, these are the only available choices.  Some on or just
off Beach Road are Midnite Massage, Yellow [something or other; I forget],
and Rose.  They're small and not so easy to see.

4)  Night clubs:  When I'm between girlfriends, or in the mood for a little
variey, I go nowhere else but the "clubs."  The best are well south of
Garapan on Beach Road.  A few of my favorites are the Holiday, the Paradise
Club, and (especially) Kelly's.  They're all on the second floor.  Keep
your eyes peeled.  They're exclusively staffed by Chinese (or
Korean-Chinese) and you can find bothsemi-homelies and outright lovelies to
choose from (none over 30).  Walk into one and in no time you'll be
accosted by a girl.  Don't be sensitive about turning the first one away.
When you find one you like, buy her a drink (again, fairly cheap; don't be
afraid to ask).  Some of these places have VIP rooms where you can be
alone, others have very dark booths off in the corner.  There you can get
away with almost anything--playing  with and kissing tits, massaging
crotches, kissing up a storm (I won't go with a girl who's not a convincing
kisser).  They usually don't hurry you for drinks.  If you're just there
for a littl foreplay, you can get out for 20 to 40 bucks.  If you want
action, they have "back rooms" where a shorttime is usally $100.  Or you
can take one home for about $200 (sorry, folks, this isn't Gimbel's bargain
basement).  To me, that's the most economical, the allnighters.  I can
usually get 3 or 4 pops between evening and morning, which works out to be
fairly reasonable.  It's money well spent.   Few  will insist on condoms
(sex diseases are fairly rare here; no foreign ships), most will give head,
some expertly, and some will submit to sexy photos (my particular kink, one
of them, anyway).  Keep in mind that many of these girls have been into
"the life" only a short time and are far from hardened prostitutes.  Also
keep in mind that they are often tight down there; a bout of muff diving is
recommended to moisten things up. As a resident, I obviously have my own
place to go to.  But I can't conceive of any hotel objecting to a guest
bringing a visitor.  Most hotel staff are Filipinos, who are simply too
polite to object to anything guests do.

Some variations on the above:  There are a few Filipina clubs which aren't
strip joints.  In general, they're overpriced.  The girls will be friendly
but will discourage familiarity.  We locals go to them only to try and set
up dates for the following afternoon.  Filipinas need quite a bit of
wooing.  Tourists just don't have time.

In some hotel lobbies and bars you'll see a Korean or Chinese pimp touting
some super-sexy babes.  I've never taken the bait (I hate the idea of
pimps--probably because I'm jealous of them!) and in any case expect the
girls would be far too pricey.

Some Japanese and Korean tourists are girls alone or in pairs.  And some
can be picked up in the classic manner.  Language is always a problem, but
if they're in the mood to be picked up, they'll find a way to communicate.
This is catch as catch can.

Finally, there are several Chinese owned garment factories on Saipan.  Each
employs a few hundred Chinese girls, all single status.  On Sunday, their
one day off, these girls are swarming all over the island.  Some are
amenable to being picked up, but, again, English is the great barrier reef.
If you're driving along, you've nothing to lose by pulling up beside some
of these strollers and asking if they want to go for a ride.  Most of these
poor girls are overworked and bored to death.  A ride around the island is
a special treat.  Where it goes from there is a matter of charm, skill and

Subject: Report on Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (Saipan) Date: Mon, 15 Sep 1997 10:16:13 +1000 Being the biggest island in series of islands, Saipan has become one of the major players in Japanese tourism (and American, to an extent). I travel here perhaps once every three or four months for business reasons. There are a host of various "houses" in which to have a woman, and the prices range [in-house] generally from $70-$120 for an hour. Generally, anywhere you see the word "massage" you can expect action. Also, many of thew karaoke bars are the same. Cut to the chase with these people- ask the mama-san straight up as to pricing and availability. Bargain hard- they want your business. Competing with the Japanese yen has caused a steep rise in the price. However, this is like the melting pot of Asia - there are many flips, koreans, and Chinese women, all on contract. The nice thing about this place is that it's a Commonwealth of the United States. Many contract workers in the garment industry are here and change yearly. These girls are usually quite hot and lusty to a point. The best place to go is Rose Massage. I've gotten them down to $50 an hour in house, $120 for the whole night. It's located across from the Toyota dealership right off the beach road right next to the only tattoo place on the island. The women here are Chinese and they speak hell'a good english. Other places : you can weedle down the people at Holiday Club [also Beach Road] to about $60. Be wary of buying women's drinks here. They can run from $8 to $16. Stay away from "Nagoya Star" but "Kelly's" upstairs is alright. I'll try to write more a detailed report as time permits.
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 02:18:47 +1100 Subject: Saipan I go to Saipan once in awhile, and it sucks. I suggest if your going to Saipan, you mind as well forget it and go to Guam. Which is the largest, most developed island of the island chain. I don't know where the other guy got the idea that Saipan was the biggest of the Marianas islands.. Going to Saipan is like going to Guam in the early eighties.

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