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St Petersburg, Russia

Subject: Russia St Petersburg

Russia -St Petersburg

The girl of St Petersburg are very attractive, friendly and attentive.  You
will not be disappointed. Professionally girls are secretaries, ballerinas,
teachers, and concert pianists. There are many blue eyed, fair skinned
blondes, brunettes and red heads.  The girls are there with a friend or two
chatting in the lounge or in the reception area.  Most of the tourist hotels
have quite a number to choice from.

There is no hurry to get down to business, relax.  They would just assume
take their time and have a few drinks, maybe dinner and dancing if you like.
They always seem to appreciate sexy lingerie if you have brought some as a
present.  Once you are up to the room of course you will take a shower with
her.  While you towel off she will get comfortable.  Maybe she has a friend
who will join you be a Russian troika party.

Most of them seem in no hurry since it is a genuine pleasure to spend time
with a visitor, you should be able to come as much as you want.  If you ask
she will likely give you a tour of St Petersburg the next day.  This might
of course include a shopping trip for a new pair of shoes.

Subject: RE: Russia St Petersburg Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 17:25:35 -0500 The prices average $100; maybe lower but I was not interested in trying for less since I liked them and they could use the money. In St Petersburg there are no concierges on the floor to tip to take the girl up to your room.
Date: June 1997 There's the Hotel Pulkowskaja, far outside of the center of town. A room costs about $150 per night, and an additional $100 for company of one of the beauties from the bar. You can also try the Hotel Rossia near the metro "Park Pobjedi". A single room is only $30. The women at the bar can be talked down to $50 to join you in your room.
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 1997 03:30:36 +0400 Subject: prostitution in Russia StPetersburg - streets - nothing to be compared to Moscow - just nothing - hotel - same as in Moscow; normal price in Astoria is 200 for two hours, in Palace 250, in Europe 300. Of course discount are always negotiable. Recommendation - 7-812-XXX8503 - cellular of a girl called Masha - just gorgeous, tall slim, brown hear, fantastic skin and body, speaks slightly English, works normally in Palace hotel, 250 for two hours - you will not regret night clubs - same as in Moscow - rates normally lower (150-200) - again be careful with hotel rules - especially strict in Palace and Astoria, better in Europe. I can recommend Domenicos. Another good one - Luna - just opened, very small, not a lot of girls but fantastic sound and great strip program (go there and if unlucky - return to hotel and pick up a girl there) - discos - same as in Moscow but less safe, especially bad reputation is Nevsky Melody - newspapers - same as in Moscow
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 01:11:53 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Russia , St.Petersburg This is the worlds best city. The girls will stay all night and into the next morning. Go to the Tribunal bar or Dominico's. These to places are guaranteed to have nice pro's. One of my friends got two girls who worked as a team for $150us, all night to 2pm the next afternoon.
Date: 23 Nov 1997 22:45:23 -0000 St. Pete. I have stayed at the Astoria, Grand Hotel Europe, and Nevsky Palace. I have been "shaken down" by security in both the Astoria and Nevsky Palace upon returing with women for the evening. The Astoria was a verbal confrontation, the Nevsky required a $100 tip for three of us and girls. The easiest way to meet women is to lay low in the hotel lounge that you are staying and look for pretty women giving you the eye. Do not be bashful and approach them, or buy them a drink. If this is successful, you may escort your date to your room "hassel free". "Outside" dates may require an unpleasent introduction to hotel security. This is done both for your safety, and the security guards needs to pay his rent. I have allways tipped as necessary. The only "outside hotel" way I have met women is at the casino in the Astoria. I can say with conifidence that every girl in the lounge is available. The standard request is $300 but I negotiated this to $200 for the whole evening. I have allways spent the whole evening and have taken my girls to dinner, breakfast, and shopping; as i have found necessary. If you treat them right you can ask for a tour of the city etc... I have never had an encounter outside my hotel and would not reccomend having one.

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