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St. Louis, Missouri

>I'm headed to St. Louis this week. Can anyone tell me where the hot spots

Go east, old man.  :)  Specifically, the east side of the river, in

In Brooklyn, Il., there is a cluster of topless establishments and
massage parlors.  I haven't been to the massage parlors, so I can't give
a recommendation.  Of the topless bars there, Roxy's (part of the PT's
chain) is probably the best, with the Platinum Club a relatively close
second.  Avoid the Red Garter at all costs.  To get to Brooklyn, take
I-64/US40 east, then take Il. Route 3 north (Stockyards exit).

Note, this route takes you through some unsavory parts; you may want to
avoid going at night.  Also, on your way to Brooklyn, you pass through
a town called National City.  National City is a notorious speed trap;
if you're driving, exercise caution.

In Sauget, Il., your best bet is the two PT's clubs:  PT's Sauget and
the Diamond Cabaret.  To get there, take I-64/US40 east, and then
take Il. Route 3 south (Cahokia exit).

If you're in the Gateway City on Wednesday or Thursday, try to get
ahold of the local alternative newsweekly, The Riverfront Times (RFT).
You can usually find it at most restaurants, bars, etc. downtown and
at similar places around the city.  Most of the east side strip bars
advertise here; also they have an "adult" classified section in the back
featuring listings for "Dancing," "Modelling," and "Massage."  You may
be able to find something here that suits you.

THE WORDS OF WARNING:  The Missouri side of the area has certain definite
fixations about commercial sex.  St. Louis does periodic crackdowns on
street prostitution targeting johns as well as working girls, and the
St. Louis County Police have been known to set up incall stings to
target johns (the St. Louis City prosecutor was a victim of such a
sting!).  Your safest bet may be to limit yourself to playing on the
east side.

Happy hunting!

Subject: Prostitution in Metro St. Louis Date: Fri, 27 Oct 95 15:26:07 GMT Here in St. Louis, the prostitution has mostly gone from the streets to the telephone "escort services" and "masseuses". In addition to the yellow pages, there is a local paper called the Riverfront Times that features Massage and also Escort Services. A few years back you could find a black hooker on Washington Avenue just a few blocks west of Grand. Cherokee and Jefferson Avenues were also good for white hookers, as well as many of the branching neighborhood streets. On the "East Side", (just across the bridge in East St. Louis), there are various massage parlors in Brooklyn, Illinois along route 3 and the side streets near Roxy's. If you are adventurous you can try the Red Garter, but be careful going in because people have been mugged just down the street from that place. Once inside one of the black dancers will immediately approach you and grab your cock and offer to do a "private" dance for you. Some will get you off with their hands. But "privacy" can either be a dark corner, or in a lot of cases, sitting on a chair against the wall right in the middle of the room in plain sight of everyone. For more information on the hooker and massage scene in St. Louis, call Sex World BBS, (314) 423-9667 and look in the Sex For Sale subbie as well as their Adult Resource Directory. At one time Sex World had their own "hooker" on retainer, as well as a masseuse that would massage and jack you off for $40...
Date: Fri, 29 Dec 1995 20:53:11 UTC Re. St. Louis, MO. Definitely go across the river to Brooklyn, IL. Have been to one of the establishments twice (Oct 93 and Jun 95). Unfortunately, cannot remember the exact name. It is something to do w/ Hot Tubs or Spa. Is right next door to one of the strip clubs--Roxy or Platinum. Rates go from about $60 to $120 for massages. Higher prices include hot tub (yes, she gets naked, gets in w/ you, and at least plays w/ your cock while in the tub.) Tips aren't required, but they will get you much better service. (I usually tip $80~100 and have received very good full service.) Almost all the women are quite attractive. Only gimmick you have to deal w/ is signing a statement saying you're not a cop. Near the end of your session, you'll sign a statement saying you've received the services you've paid for and have neither been offered nor solicited sex for money. Once you've done that, the fun begins. I've had a very good time there twice, to include good massage, oral sex, eating pussy, and very good fucking w/ attractive women who either enjoy what they do or put on a good act. I plan to stop there whenver I'm in that area again.
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 18:03:54 UTC Well, here is good news for St. Louis area residents. The place is an oriental massage parlor called "SEASONS SPA" located in Collinsville, Illinois. (about 10 minutes from St. Louis) The service was great. This is the first time I have ever visited a sex type establishment so this experience is very much new to me. I most likely paid way to much for what I got but what the hell the first time I sure didn't complain. I learned of this place by the advice in the world sex guide. They were advertised in the sports section of the st. louis post. They also have strange hours.. 10:00am - 3:00am. I didn't know if I would find sex here or not but what do you know they sure weren't bashful. I arrived at around 2:00 pm on a tuesday and was greeted by a young pretty hostess 8/10. See led me in immediately to a private room and told me that one hour was $60.00 which i proptly paid. she than told me to undress and she would be right with me. (she left the room). In a moment she returned and escorted me to a steam shower were I was left for about 5 minutes (this seemed a little long but who am i to complain.). I was then taken to a room where she, the hostess sponged me down with hot water. She than dried me completely off not missing a spot. While she was doing this I was looking at her loose fitting blouse and her firm breasts were bra less. I was very tempted to touch them but at this point was still not sure if this place was stricly message only??? She then led me into the hall where another girl was and handed me over to her. She led me back to the original room and told me to lay down. This entire time I have been walking around nude however their was only 2-3 girls and strickly private (no other customers). The session started with "Jay" 6.5/10 massaging my back, buttocks, legs, and feet. I am now thinking why in the hell did I just waste $60 bucks. After this and a little small talk she asked me what i liked? Finally the big moment!!!!! I really thought I was going to louse this up when somehow I muttered "whats available"? Thank goodness I had told her that this was my first time in a place like that. (i figured i would rather get taken for a few $$$ and learn now then try to fake it.) It worked like a charm she appreciated the honesty and told me that she would take care of me now and that I could take care of her later meaning $$$. She took off her dress and reveiled her generously sized breasts which she began rubbing on back. I then rolled over and she began stroking my cock. after a few seconds she had her lips locked around my knob. Jay was really making my trip there well worth it. I began curessing her breasts which she seemed to enjoy. Now the moment of truth. Jay climbed up on me and slipped it into her. She rode me for several minutes and then turned around and let me give it to her from behind. I really enjoyed this. After a while she turned back around on her back and let me get on top of her to finish the job. This was the best part. Oh yes she did provide the condom which she delicatly placed on me. As i came in her she seemed to really enjoy it. She then cleaned me up and helped me dress. As for the tip I told her I didn't know what was custom so she needed to give me an idea. (I had from the begining told her that i was just testing out the place for several friends that would want to come next time. I figured that would keep me from getting taken but i think the still took me for the $$$ but did give me better than usual service. Jay would not give me a figure, surprise, surprise, so i asked if $100 would be appropriate and of course she asked for $120.00 so i abliged. After all it was good. Did i get taken on the price 60.00 + 120.00= 180.00 ??? When i go back which i plan to. I want that hostess. Jay told me she was 31 years old which appeared about right but i would say the hostess was about 25 years old. since i am 23 i would like that plus she was much more attractive. Jay did however have a great body. I think that the spa is family run because one of them called an older lady there mamma?? does that sound right? I wonder if they rotate hostess days??? I think my success in cCollinsville was because they knew I wasn't a cop because my id showed I lived 100 miles away in the very southern tip of Illinois.
Subject: Sex in St. Louis Date: Fri, 08 Dec 95 13:29:04 GMT Last year the National Health Spa, on N. Lindbergh closed down after a series of raids. One of the ladies that used to run it now operates a new massage parlor in Collinsville, Illinois. The masseuses are mostly young, attractive Koreans. The rates range from $40 on up. They offer a body shampoo and if the masseuse is certain you aren't a cop she will wash your balls and cock. They also have a steambath and sauna. Once you are in the room, assure the woman you are not the police and then "negotiate" for extras. There are at 9500 Collinsville Road Collinsville, Illinois hours are 10 - 3 am
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 1996 17:00:30 UTC Subject: St. Louis Outcall Report A few months ago, I decided to try a professional woman for the first time. Having never done this sort of thing before, I decided to try an outcall service which seemed safer in many ways than looking for a street hooker to me. Certainly less chance of getting busted, and hopefully less chance of getting some disease. I rented a motel room and began calling services from the Yellow Pages. I picked the services I called from their ads, having nothing else to go by. What I was looking for was a three-hole fuck, mouth, pussy, ass, so I bypassed the ones that talked about "soft and gentle" and chose the ones that seemed to promise a little bit kinkier and rougher stuff. Also, I started calling about 4:00 pm. The Yellow Pages ads seemed to indicate that most services were open by then. All services I called connected to a recording that asked me to leave my name and number. I left my first name and the number of my motel room with one service and waited. After about 15 minutes, the phone rang. The woman on the other end of the line asked me if I wanted a lady to visit me in my motel room, and I responded "yes, I would". She apologized for seeming a little scatterbrained, but she just woke up. After I said that I understood and it was no problem, she asked what kind of lady I had in mind. Having heard that mentioning specific sex acts on the phone would result in being hung up on, I replied, "Well, I'm not too picky about what she looks like, but", at which point the woman interrupted me with a description of herself. She said she was 23, about 5'6", long black hair, brown eyes, and measured 34-28-36. Also, I sounded white... would I mind if she were black? She sounded very white to me, but sometimes you really can't tell. I said, "No I wouldn't mind at all (I'm a non-bigoted equal-opportunity pervert <g>), but...", and was again interrupted. She said, "OK, the price is $115 an hour plus a tip, and I usually get at least $50". I said that was no problem, and again tried to work into the conversation that I did have a few special needs, but she again interrupted me by saying that she'd call me right back, and then she hung up. I waited about 45 minutes, no call. So I tried another service. This one also had the recording, and when the callback came (almost immediately, maybe an hour or so later to start hunting is better) the new woman asked me what my last name was, since I had only left my first name on the recording. Feeling a little strange, I told her. Then she, too, asked if I wanted a lady to visit me in my room. I said yes, and she asked me what kind of lady I wanted. When I said that I didn't care as much about what she looked like as I did other things, this one told me that all she could help me with was getting the right look. Seeing that I just didn't yet have the protocols down, I told her that I prefer dark hair. She told me that the price was $125 an hour plus a tip, which "the girls work for and is required", that most guys will give at least a $50 tip, and that someone would be calling me back shortly and hung up. After about 15 minutes, the phone rang. The lady introduced herself as Connie, restated the fee of $125 an hour plus at least a $50 tip, and told me she was 26, long brown hair, measurements 35-26-35, how did that sound? I said it sounded fine, but before I could say anything else she said that she would be at my room in about half an hour and hung up. To be honest, I was starting to get a little pissed with being rushed, not listened to, and hung up on. But, hey, at least at this point I've got a lady coming to my room. Maybe when she gets there I can take more control of the conversation. I'd heard that it was OK to tell the lady that I wasn't interested and send her on her way with a $20 "cab fair" if she wasn't what I wanted, so I decided to wait and see what happened. Connie took closer to an hour to get to my room, but that was OK. I'd started to learn about not taking these peoples time statements too seriously. OK, first off, Connie had not lied about her age or appearance. She was a very good looking lady in her mid 20's and, while I didn't take a tape measure to her, my guess is that the measurements she gave me were pretty accurate. She did, indeed, have long brown hair as well, and when I looked closely it later, it was not a wig. The first thing Connie did was ask to see my driver's license. I got it out, and she looked it over carefully while repeating my name and address several times. The obvious impression is that she was memorizing it. Whether she actually was or whether this was "insurance" against my roughing her up (you know, hey, I know your address so rough me up and two big guys will come and break your face), I don't know. She gave me my license back, sat on the edge of the bed, and said, "let's take care of business first." I said I'd like to talk about that first, wanting to have a conversation about what was and was not on the menu, so to speak, but she said that she couldn't talk any more until she had the agency fee, that this was agency policy. Urk. Well... OK... she was a real looker and I did want to fuck her... and I did NOT want to start all over again. So... I gave her $180. All I had were $20 bills, so I couldn't make the $175 exactly. She took the money and headed for the bathroom saying, "Why don't you get comfortable". So, I got "comfortable" (which I knew meant "naked") and laid on the bed. Connie came back, and picked up the phone. When they answered, she said something about being with {my first name} and that her dress was a real hassle to get into because it had too much fabric in it. I thought that was strange, but what the hell. She hung up and took her dress off. No bra, and a thong panty. Very sexy! I asked if we could talk now, and she said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you". She laid down on the bed next to me and offered to rub my back. Hmmm. Well, so far not what I had in mind, but OK. She gave me a weak backrub for a few minutes (I like strong ones, but that wasn't what I was there for anyway), then asked if I'd like to rub her back. Sure! So we switched places. I rubbed her back for a few minutes, then worked my way down and started rubbing her ass. I started to pull the thong off, and she raised her hips to let me take it off her. I went back to rubbing her ass cheeks, and (incidentally, of course <g>) spreading her cheeks to take a look at her asshole. She let me do that a few times, but then she squeezed her cheeks together and turned over. My hands went to her tits, and she yelled, "No!" I was a little startled by the volume, and she said that it was almost time for her period and her tits were very sensitive, so please be very gentle. Well, I hadn't exactly been rough with her ass, but OK her tits are sore. So I gently rubbed her tits (very firm, nice!) for a few minutes. She reached over to her purse and got out a rubber, so I laid back on the bed. Connie did something that surprised me, and that I found very exciting -- she put the rubber on me with her mouth. She put the rubber in her mouth, then swooped down on my cock and the rubber rolled right on. She pulled her mouth off for a second and finished rolling it down all the way, then began sucking me. I was surprised that a condom covered blow job could feel that good. Connie really went to town on me, and it was all I could do not to cum. But I wanted more than a BJ and I'd heard that most outcall services were on the "1 cum to a customer" system. I asked her, "How about something else now? Connie sighed, I think she was hoping to leave it at a blow job, and moved up and mounted me. To be honest, I was expecting a very loose pussy. Not so. Connie had one of the tightest cunts I've ever been in. She rode me for awhile, and kept me teetering on the edge of cumming, but still I held back. I definitely wanted to put it up her ass. So I asked, again, "how about something else?" Connie looked at me kind of funny and said, "Like what?" So I told her what I wanted. She said, "Uh uh, no way. I don't do that". I said, "Never?", and she said, "there's no amount of money in the world to get me to do that". I laughed and said, "no amount?" She said, "Well, I'll do it for $600. Pay my rent for one month and I'll take it up the ass." I had expected to pay extra for an assfuck, but not $600. I only had $200 more with me. I offered her the $200, but she turned me down. Well, I was very disappointed and a little pissed off at this point. $600? C'mon. So I flipped her over and started to fuck her missionary style for awhile. I pulled her legs up onto my shoulders and really started to pound her good. If I couldn't go up her ass gently, I was damn sure going to go up her cunt as hard as I could. To my surprise, she didn't complain or tell me to stop, she just closed her eyes and took it. After a few minutes of this, I slowed down. She asked me what was wrong, and I told her that I really needed to fuck her ass to be satisfied. She surprised me again by saying, how about if we just do it doggy"? She turned over on all fours, and I pronged her cunt from behind, using my hands to spread her ass. She put her head down on the bed and let me fuck her cunt hard from behind. She even reached back between her legs and tickled my balls as I fucked her. Her cunt was still very tight, and coupled with the full-spread view of her asshole, I finally came. Connie immediately got up and pulled the rubber off me. She went into the bathroom and came back with a warm wet rag and wiped my cock and balls up for me. Then she got dressed and called the agency. The first thing she said was the same line about her dress being a problem. I assume this was a code word to let them know all was well. She got the name and address of her next appoinment, came over and kissed me on the cheek (a nice touch, I thought), said goodbye and left. I took a shower and checked out of the motel. So, my overall feelings about the whole thing are mixed. I can't honestly complain about the fuck I received. Connie was very good looking and actually seemed interested in giving me a good fuck. She was tight, and did it in several positions that my research, such as it was, led me to think might not be allowed. Connie was intelligent and articulate and, while I didn't mention it above, she was very clean (something I'd worried about a little, to be honest). She didn't get mad when I suggested she take it up the ass, and even though she wouldn't for anything less than what I consider three or more times a reasonable price, she at least seemed to understand my need and did try to accomodate me as best she could without actually doing it. All in all, it was a better experience than I thought it might be, and also not as good an experience as I had been hoping for. If there were some way to make sure that the lady knows that I want anal, and agrees to do it for a reasonable price, I'd probably go through an outcall agency on a pretty regular basis. Connie told me that there aren't many girls who will sell their assholes, and that those who do charge $200 to $400 extra for it. But she had no suggestions about how to find out before hand if a lady will or not. She suggested that I tell the person who calls me back next time that I want a Greek lady when she asks me what kind of lady I'm looking for, but when I pressed her about it Connie also told me that unless I was a regular that I'd probably get hung up on for mentioning a specific sex act on the phone.
Date: Sunday, 17 November, 1996 13:32 St. Louis, MO Since I travel quite a bit on business, you will see reviews from all over and I would like to start with my favorite place, St. Louis. I've had the pleasure to enjoy the company of some of the most beautiful and pleasant women in the Midwest in this city. My agency of choice is Cherry Girls as their service has always been impeccable and the girls have not only been on the upper end of a 10 point scale, but have had the brains to go with the bodies. These girls take the time to get to know you and what you like prior to the session and have never been in a hurry to get the session over and get out. Standard full service fee for 1 hour is $150 last time I called, no tipping required. In the many other cities, with few exceptions, that I have visited, I haven't been able to find the quality of service you receive from the girls at this agency. Before I found this agency, I ran across a couple of bad ones. Barbie's Fantasy Dolls and Lady Luck Escorts you would do well to avoid. Full service is "negotiable" with the ladies at these agencies, and they were always in a hurry to get on to the next session. On one occasion, the operator at Lady Luck told me she was sending someone out right away, an hour later I called her back and found out that she wasn't sending anyone because nobody would be available for two hours. Would have been nice for her to give me a call back and let me know.
Subject: [ASP] St. Louis Report Date: Sat, 01 Mar 1997 15:13:47 GMT Well I'm back from St. Louis. I think I had my best Escort yet. I took a posted advise and used Cherry Girls. Anyway, her name was Laura. She is nineteen, petite, blond with braces. She was wearing a plaid skirt (like at a Catholic school) and a white turtleneck. She was a B cup which is what I like but on her, it looked like a C since she was so small. They were real, but firm, easily passing the pencil test. She was most likely about 5'2"-5'4". She has a kind, soft personality, willing to please. She asked what I liked, I told her, I wanted to arouse her, which she was more than happy to let me do. She does allow kissing, rare among these girls. After about a 20-25 minutes she was excited and started on me. (I know she was most likely faking, but it was not obvious and her organ did swell. She gave me a deep Blowjob, I don't know how they do that! Then she got on top of me, and she was tight. I know it sounds like a bad prono movie, but she was. It didn't take me long to cum after that, cupping her breasts as she rocked up and down. She was even concerned whether I was becoming too sensitive for her to keep moving. With the condom on, I don't, so she kept on moving until I stop cumming. The only negative to the service was the fact that at 30 minutes, she was being paged by the service again. They knew when she got there since she checked in. She said that they figure the guy should cum in that time. She didn't pay any attention to it, saying we have one hour or until I cum, which ever comes first. Here are the details, fee 200, no anal sex or fingering up in there (fine with me) and you have to wear a condom (who doesn't). The guy on the phone was no salesmen, just where was I, fee 150 +50 tip. " I will have a white girl call you in 30-40 minutes". Never asked what I was looking for. Laura said that he called right away, told her to wait 5 minutes and call back. So I was surprised that she called so soon. She said it would take a little while to get there. When she got a little lost, she did call me back to say she was almost there. Nice touch! She was a lot of fun, a joy to be with. Obviously, the service is only as good as the girl they send, so for this time, they were Great. I called at 6:00 pm and got a recording, went to dinner and returned at 8:15, called again. As in most things, the early bird gets the best worm!
Subject: (ASP) St. Louis Report Date: Sun, 23 Mar 97 03:18:33 GMT Just wanted to share and experience in St. Louis. I usually use Cherry Girls when I'm in town and up until my recent visit I have always had good service. This time I made an appointment with Melonie. She was describe as 18, 5'2" 105lbs. She matched her description but confessed to being slightly older (19). Very cute. Unfortunately also very mercenary. Not fun at all. Many "thous shalt not do" rules, tried to hurry things through. Made an appointment for an hour and after 25 minutes she was telling me time was up. Had the audicity to tell me that I only had five minutes to cum after we started fucking. Morale of the story: Be careful because even great services may have less than enthusiatic workers.
Subject: [ASP] St. Louis Date: Sat, 10 May 97 01:33:46 GMT On the most recent of my many trips to the Gateway City, I called up Cherry Girls to see who was available. I have had mostly good experiences with this agency, although my last time was very disappointing. I decided on Amber (name used with permission). She is 19 years old, blonde, about 5'4". Very petite. Not a world class beauty, perhaps but has a really nice personality. She also has the firmest, most touchable breasts I have ever had the pleasure of fondling! I should point out that I have never had Cherry girls give me a bum description... for what its worth. The session that followed was quite simply one of the best I have had. She was unrushed, attentive, and just plain nice. I will definitely be seeing her again.
Subject: [ASP] Another St. Louis Report Date: Sat, 31 May 97 02:43:40 GMT I was in St. Louis once again and as has become a habit, called my usual service. I have reported on some of the young ladies I have used there, but have definitely settled on Amber. She was not able to make the appointment this time, however. I remembered a number that someone had given me so I thought I would take a chance with someone new. I called this number and was told that someone would call me back. Sure enough, within about ten minutes the phone rang. The young lady (no names are given in this post at the girls' request) introduced herself. She said she was 22 years old, blonde. She stood 5'4" and weighted 125. She told me that I would consider her "the girl next door". As we talked she mentioned that she had a friend with her and that I could have both of them come over. I was skeptical. I have never had two girls at once before. But being the curious sort, I inquired as to the particulars. I was told that I could both for $300. Still thinking this was a "come-on" I told her that I only had $250 to spend. She said cool... I asked her to describe the friend thinking that I would be buying an animal shelter refugee. The friend was described as 5'7" 110 lbs with a 34C chest. "Oh by the way, she also is a swimsuit model." Yeah, sure.... The clincher was, "If you don;t like us we will leave, no hard feelings..." Ok, I'm game. About a half hour later there is a knock at my hotel door. I look out the peep hole (We can't be too careful these days can we?) and there are two girls with the hotel manager. I open the door and there is a cute if ruebenesque little ash blonde and an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous creature with her. I told the manger that this was alright and that I had some work for these folks to do for. (I'm an executive who hires temps at times for specific assignements so it wasn't like the hotel isn't used to me bringing in help! I just didn't say what kind of help!) I was totally floored and it showed because I could not think of anything coherent to say. The short girl - let's call her Becky- asked me is they were alright and I stuttered something about this arrangement having possibilities. Becky introduced me to the taller girl, whom we shall call Carrie. Becky explained that Carrie was thinking about getting into the business part time but did not want to do the agency route. She happened to be at Becky's place when I called and they thought it would be cool to do a trick together. My mouht is flapping up and down, mind you, looking at this gorgeous person and her short friend. Carrie was deeply tanned, extremely fit and had soulful eyes. Just in case all this was not enough, Carrie told me that she had never done a trick before and I would be her first "paying customer". Oh God, I was about done for right then. They sat me down on the bed and started to take their tops off. Becky did infact fit the image of the girl next door. She did not project animalistic sexuality. She was cute and sweet. A tad overweight for my tastes, but pleasant enough and still young enough that she was relatively firm. She also had C breasts I would guess. Carrie has an all over tan that spoke of hours and hours in a tanning booth. Her breasts were very firm and all natural. I could not believe this was happening to me. Mind you, not a word was said about money. I was naked with two women working me over on faith that I would pay them! And work me over they did! Suffice it to say that I am still stiff and sore and very content. Carrie was extremely enthusiastic in her work and was a screamer to boot! I would say she got off a couple times during the romp... at least once with Becky eating her closely trimmed pussy. A good hour and a quarter later three of us laid on the bed totally wiped. Alas, all good things come to an end and this did tqoo. Nevertheless, both girls gave me number to contact them in the future and I do fear that I will be compelled to take them up on it. So fellow travelers... You never know what you will find out there! Peace!
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:45:14 -0600 Subject: Danger for Johns in St Louis You might put out a warning about the "Cherry Girls" agency in St Louis, Missouri. Had an opportunity to visit them over the weekend. Met with a girl named "Christie" definitely did not fit description. Would only rub partially naked, but what really worried me was that 45 minutes into the hour session my phone rang (it was for me and not the service). Christie said she was worried, this was after continually watching the clock and my wallet on the night stand. i offered to let her call from the hotel to the agency. The agency of course didn't answer. She then wanted me to walk her down to the parking lot so she could call from her car phone. I said just wait a minute and call from the hotel again. she again asked me to go down with her to the parking lot. we were not in a bad section of town. she had a big guy in her car who was her escort. Obviously the idea was to get me down in the parking lot and mug me or worse. I refused and she said she would go down and then come right back up. Obviously she didn't come back. Called agency, and the operator was shocked of course she would have to check with "Christie" when she got back from dinner. Hour later she said owners policy was to send another girl. Hour after that different operator who just didn't know what was going on. Talked to some other agencies, I guess this is happening down in St Louis and with "Cherry Girls". Had I went down to the parking lot i would have been mugged or possibly knifed and killed. Stay away from "Cherry Girls" in St Louis. It's the first one listed in the phone book. 314-227-0077 or 314-241-6662.

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