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Sacramento, California

Date: 06-10-01 Subject: Women of Color

I concur with the negative view on Women of Color. I visited them a few months ago. Dingy building, overweight girls, and poor service. I ended up going through a strenuous negotiation, and left with only a quick hand-job. A real rip-off. Normally I get better service from colored girls, but not this time.

Date: 27 Mar 1996

Go to Stockton. Wilson Way should do the "Trick"

Date: 31 Mar 1996 Subject: Request Info Sacramento CA

Try the ads in the back of News & Review, I have had good luck there. If the "street scene" is your thing, they used to hang out on West Sacramento Blvd in West Sacramento, Stocton Blvd to the south and Auburn Blvd in the north.

Date: Fri, 5 Jul 1996 Subject: Sacramento hooker scene

The Police in West Sacramento have been running sting operations about the last 2 or 3 months. They're busting the hookers and the johns.

The number of women has dropped significantly from what it was before. Obviously, the stings are having some effect.

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 Subject: Sacramento area

Does anyone have any updated information for the Sacramento area? I met a girl names Sherry on Broadway one morning, and she took me back to her place for half-and-half for $40. She was a good-looking Black girl in her mid-20's with a nice body and personality to match. I met an Oriental girl at the Yoko Spa on Stockton Blvd & 47th St. Her name was Angie, and she gave a great massage with "extras".

Date: 1 May 1996 Subject: Re: Sacramento Reccommendations?

Is Lodi not happening any longer? There used to be SEVERAL full service establishments, but about two years ago, the cops had a media fest shutting them down.

Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996

Any good places for an erotic massage in the Sacramento area? Can be by a >man or woman. Where and prices, please try "West Coast Tanning" behind Tower records on Florin Road. It's $40 for the room and $60 for the girl. Full service gauranteed.

Date: Sun, 05 Jan 1997 Subject: Sacramento, CA - King Relaxation/South Seas Relaxation

Today I visited a establishmen in Sacramento on Auburn Blvd (5518 Auburn). It is staffed with oriental ladies, who were attractive but no real foxes (at least I did not see any). The fee was $35 for a half hour massage.

Lisa came in to service me. She was only willing to do have and oral, it was to early in the day for a full service, she suggested that I come back around 9pm, and there would be less traffic through the business. The rooms are private, but the walls do not go to the roof so you can hear the persons in the room next to you.

I selected oral and tipped her $60. It was the best I have every had. She combined oral with a prostate massage, I blew so hard. I cannot remember the last time I felt that good. It was worth every penny. I will be back for sure.

The other place in Sacramento I have visited is South Seas Tanning and Relaxation on Watt Ave. The fees are the same as King. There is one girl there by the name of Kimberly. She is asian and hot, hot, hot. Her body is great. For $80-100, she will give you a full service. Normally I call and ask if she is working before I go. I have found the others not as desirable. Everyone is really friendly. There are showers available although I normally do not take advantage of that service. Kimberly will massage you after and I have never been rushed.

I hope this helps all of you in the Capital City. I will do another review on a couple of the escort services I have used in Sacramento and SF. Best Wishes and Good Luck

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 Subject: Sacramento Incall

Tonight I called a young lady by the name of Tami (New and Reviews). Her service is incall at her house and charges $100 for half and hour, but her ad does not specify incall. I have paid alot more for alot less. I am sure an hour would be available for a higher price, I did not ask I was in a hurry tonight.

Her house was tastfully decorated and I did not feel uncomfortable leaving my Porsche out front. She answered the door and looked good (8+). She lead me back to her room and showed me her body. She is 29, 5'4" about 125 lbs, measurements 36D-25-33. She looked real good. She told me to get comfortable and started to strip for me. She could see in my eyes how horney I was and started to kiss me sticking her tongue down my throat. Her tounge was pierced and was totally erotic. I could not tear my clothes off fast enough. After dancing and telling me to slow down, she laid me on my back to start the real action. I will not tell to much more. Lets just say I left after 30 minutes totally satisfied and will be back. This is the type of person and service I have been looking for in this area. It was great. She seems very selective and look for me who will treat her right. Don't post about South Seas or King Tanning.. been there done that, Tami puts them to shame. Her service was sexy and personal. She loved to talk, some of it was nice good old dirty chat, some was just nice and personal.

She also has one sexy roommate, I do not know if she works. I will let the group know when I find out.

Best wishes and good luck

Date: 8 Mar 1997 Subject: Sacramento Rip-off!!!!

Just wanted to inform the group about a woman in the Sacramento area who is nothing but a scam artist.

She goes under the name of Lusty Lisa and can be found in the back of the Sacramento News & Review. She also can be found under the Golden Escorts ad too.

If you want to get your money's worth, DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS WOMAN!!!

I'll make a long story short. I arrived and she let me feel her tits and she acted all friendly. Then she told me to get undressed, which I did and she didn't take off *anything*. She laid me on the bed and she sucked my cock for about 30 seconds. Then she started to give me a handjob. I had to fight from cumming since we weren't even 10 minutes into the session.

She then laid on her stomach, still dressed, except for her skirt. She moved her panties to one side and told me to get to work. I tried to enter her but she kept moving around and was really stroking my cock with her ass. I noticed she kept checking her watch to see what time it was. At this point, I was ready to call it quits but before I knew it, I came and the session was over. *I* had to remove the condom myself and clean myself up. Of my other 99% experiences, I have never had to do that. The woman always took care of me.

All in all, it was a very unenjoyable experience. If you enjoy being ripped-off, call this woman. You'll be out $150 and you won't even be there 15 minutes.

That's all I have to say for now.

Date: Sat, 5 Apr 1997 Subject: New Old Area in Sacramento (Not Yet Listed)

I noted that in your section regarding Sacramento you listed Auburn Boulevard, West Captiol in West Sacramento, and Stockton Boulevard as well as the News and Review. The three locations you listed are very hot and the News and Review must have gotten into trouble, much as the old Sacramento Union did, as they are now requiring business liscence and CMT certificate to post ads.

In the old days in the downtown area, prior to all the girls moving over, was the cheapest and the best quality. Originally what was Old Sacramento and the Fourth and T area were the hot spots as well as the town of Freeport. This information has been passed down through three generations of customers who have the need for something exciting and new. Freeport, in the old days, had some nice houses!

When Old Sacramento and Fourth and T were closed down many of the girls moved to the area of 16th and 17th street, mainly between P street and sometimes up to E, as well as the Akalai flats area. Recently I have noted that this area has come back into vogue. The new area is between P and E on 16th, 17th, 18th, and sometimes 19th. Seems to be be several shapely and young college age ladies working, although very discreetly. Best bet is 18th, sit in one of the expresso houses and observe. Best times are early evenings and late afternoon.

Hope this helps all my friends visiting and living in the big tomato.

Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 Subject: Sacramento Sex etc.

Hi, just started reading your world sex guide. I have been going to South Seas Tanning even back when it was on Auburn Blvd near Roseville. I have been going to it since it moved to Watt Ave near McClelland AFB. Kim is good but there are some new girls there that are pretty foxy. Umi and Meena are very passionate and will try anything. There will be a new place opening up on Auburn Blvd near Kanai Street, a very discrete former office building across from the Quik Stop Market. Should be open in about three months as I am assisting the operator to negotiate a lease.

Its seems though the only girls putting out these days are the asians. How I long for some white pussy. If Tami is open to a new customer who knows how to treat a lady then I would love to visit her and have some fun. Stay in touch with me and I'll let you know when this new place opens up and what Mimi is going to call it. I have advised her to call it a Tanning and Spa place. Also they will be playing it straight for the first 3 months until they get to know their customers. New places get raided by the County vice squad. I'll wait to hear from you. Thanks.

Date: Wed, 04 Jun 1997 Subject: Re: Req: Sacramento incall

In Sacto there isn't much incall action. Try Allure outcall for full service. I forgot their number. Last year it was $150 for outcall but she drove all the way out to the airport.

Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 Subject: Sacramento Incall

The only experience I can share is a hispanic girl, who was working (7-30-97) on the corner of Auburn Blvd. and Fulton. There is a big hotel there. She was there at late evening, about 25. She charged me $50 for half-half. Not bad, and there was no rushing.

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 Subject: WSG Item for Sacramento, California, USA

[Here are two items I recently posted to Some of the references are to neighborhoods that will not be familiar to out-of-town visitors. "Scully" is local district attorney Jan Scully, a hardass, politically ambitious woman.]

[The previously most recent item for Sacramento is quite out of date. The "expresso" houses referred to in the 18th St. area are bad leads. Two of them, Capitol Garage and the Java City on Capitol, are frequent cop hangouts, especially the latter. New Helvetia draws some real wild folks (including me, frequently--see if you can guess which one I am) but none are prostitutes; those "college girls" really are college girls. Weatherstone, though, I've heard has had some younger girls quietly hinting that they're available on a dollar basis. Sounded to me more like alterna-chicks who'd rather give pay BJ's than bag bagels at Noah's for the minimal dole, but I didn't witness this myself to judge.

[Oh yeah, there are some extremely skanky tranny hookers working out around Sutter's Fort. They are so ugly and fake you can't mistake 'em for the real thing. I've been told that, due to drug dealing ties, they're under some degree of investigation by Sac PD. I've also heard that they pissed off some real, real mean, homophobic fuck who stomped the shit out of one. Some kinda psycho neighbor. Heard someone at the Zebra who lives around there say he's sworn to kill 'em and any johns he finds with 'em. Might be just bull, but I heard the basics from separate sources.]

FYI, I happened to be in the Sacto Co. general arraignment court, recently, just after another streetwalker sting operation: if you get whacked you are going to do some community service time, no doubt about it. Scully doesn't let anyone off with just a fine, and the misdemeanor ADA's have zero discretion in what sentences they offer. You *will* do time, albeit picking weeds or washing cars; no fine & DEJ slap on the wrist.

Retaining defense counsel won't help. The misdemeanor office won't budge from a standard sentence until you actually go to trial, because they know 95% of citees will cave rather than fork out $500-$2000 retainer on a five day community service sentence.

(No, I wasn't there 'cause I got popped. I was there as a witness.)

Also, the downtown neighborhood groups are on a big push to reduce offstreet prostitutes siting their in-call apartments in the area. With property values going up, the homeowners are pushing hard to make downtown as nice as East Sac. or Land Park. Actually, it's the property managers of the better apt. complexes that are pushing the most. If they can force the clean-up of the remaining sleazy apt. buildings, they can hike their rents.

Anyway, I would not go east of 16th and south of P st. for a sex service assignation until things cool down...which may be never.

What I don't understand is why those offering in-call services don't locate in West Sacramento. It only takes another five minutes to drive across the river, yet that puts you in another county, and being busted out of your home county can make a big difference if you do get nailed. I never, ever use professional services in the county in which I reside.

West Sac. PD barely has the manpower to keep a lid on Capitol Ave. streetwalkers; they couldn't hope to monitor and bust quiet in-call operations. Nor could Yolo Co. afford to prosecute 'em. Yet all the services, massage parlors, etc., are inside Sacto Co. lines. It don't figure.

And another local question: does Davis boast any professional services? Or do those folks commute over the Tomato for their jollies? Even though it's small, I would have thought its liberal politics would encourage some degree of sex-work industry. After all, Berkeley has a brothel and numerous massage parlors. Just curious.

I am looking to trade/share information on the local street and brothel > scene in sacramento. I have tried several areas in sac and have some > good stories.

As I've mentioned before, street action in downtown/Midtown is pretty much dead and destined to stay that way. The 15th/16th Sts. corridor is bone dry and so is the male cruising action on 20th, down from Faces. Those murders over in Southside seem to have dried up the streetwalking around 4th & T. Alkali Flats will probably always have action, but only if your taste is Russian roulette via crackwhore STD's.

What I've heard from sources close to Sacto PD Vice is that they're no longer redlining the downtown area. If, through redevelopment or new housing, previous cruising areas are now home to concerned residents who will call, complain, and log plates & john descriptions...Vice will run a sting campaign to shut down the action. It's then up to the locals to keep it down through vigilance. Vice cares if you care, so to speak. This applies to offstreet prostitution as well, if the community pushes hard enough, which some people downtown supposedly are. I know that some crimewatch groups are videotaping visitor traffic at apt. buildings suspected of permitting incall girls. Pretty smart tactic, I must admit: when they show film of you going in the door on the news, how do you explain to the wife what you were doing there? Visiting a friend? That ain't gonna fly.

After all, regardless of what SPD thinks is realistic, the city is pushing ahead with its plan to redevelop downtown/Midtown as high income, mixed residential/light commercial neighborhoods. They're sinking a lot of money into the Central City Housing Plan and they're not going to let sleazy hookers or drug dealers or Loaves & Fishes (despite Serna's spinelessness on that score) sink the plan. The rest of the city & county could care less, but the city bureaucrats are behind it and that means move the hookers on down the road (meaning Rio Linda, I'm sure, or other low income/low enforcement unincorporated areas).

Elsewhere, I'm occasionally driving home down the outlying main drags late on the weekends and take note of the action, mainly on Auburn and Stockton Blvds. The Auburn stings have shut it down for now; we'll see if it sticks. Stockton, from Broadway to Florin, and parts of those two streets near Stockton, is still booming. I even saw what looked like clearly underage girls soliciting a few months back, though you'd better really love chicken to take that risk 'cause if you were popped with a minor trick Scully would have you publicly horsewhipped on the Mall. Anyway, I wouldn't risk the girls on Stockton for a bet, either as ripoff artists or as undercover cops. Del Paso Blvd. still ain't pretty but all the "arts community" bullshit has brought too much straight traffic around for streetwalking to survive.

As I noted previously, Scully's office insists that all busted johns do time for the pop. If your record is clean you can do it as community service, but no straight fine and slap on the wrist.

I haven't had reason to go over the bridge lately but I assume the West Capitol drag is still shut down, though if West Sac. gets stuck with that $43 million property condemnation judgement they may legalize prostitution for the tax revenue.

If this sounds like I'm down on streethooking, well, I am. I'm not abiding or confirming the comments made by a certain Sacto Co. deputy in this venue a few months back. I'm just an informed citizen giving insight into the current local trends. But frankly, it's stupid and harmful to patronize street hookers. They're foul, dangerous, and solicit in such a way as to maximize community impact. Discreet incall/outcall...that's a different matter. If I were in charge of city/count vice depts., I'd give the massage parlors a surreptitious green light subject to conditions of discretion, honesty, and health awareness. But I'm not and they can't risk giving such leeway, realistically.

Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 Subject: Further NorCal Adventures and a "Warning" for the Big Tomato. (Sacramento).

"Warning Warning Warning" as the loveable robot used to say to Will Smith in our boyhood series "Lost in Space". Be careful of a service called "Your Place or Mine" telephone number 916-449-XXXX that can be found in the "News and Review". Cheryl will answer, or two of them depending on when you call. The first Cheryl will tell you she's in her early 20's when in fact you show up at her apartment will be closer to 30. She has such an ugly face she will try to hide behind her bangs the whole time. Over the telephone she will tell you full service but when you get there it will be a porno movie with a hand job. She will tell you she has been in porno movies. Not a bad body, but oh that face. This Cheryl is about 5-6 130 lbs and the blond one.

The second Cheryl is much better looking, but it's basically the same service with even less touching. She will also claim full service over the telephone. They both operate off the same pager. Cheryl #2 is a brunette 5-4, 115 lbs who will tell you she is 23, but when you get there she is really 33. Too expensive for a hand job. When you ask for sex she will quote over a $1,000 and tell you she has two politicians, who are loyal customers. "Hmmmm I wonder"??????? No wonder California is in such a fiscal mess:) As you leave she will tell you if you take an AIDS test and give her the results she'll talk business with you.

16 and 17th Street are still dead. Tried Weatherstone, but no success. If the writer of the last article reads this please give us more information. A lot of young alternative type ladies there that could be a lot of fun. Stockton Blvd is so so, but very dangerous as is Broadway. West Capitol is hot, but all "crack" typsters. For a safer time come over the Tower Bridge and hang a right on the second street. The more experienced (less) dangerous types seem to hide out there, although I haven't tried any of them. Auburn Blvd is still dead:( as is Del Paso.

Tami is still around 916-981-XXXX and is still a great value. Her roommate partakes also.

Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 Subject: Sacramento

I wanted to drop a note here to update Sacto folks on a couple of things that have appeared here. First of all, the infamous Tami. I tried numerous times to reach her over the last six months or so. You get a dreamy recorded message, presumably from Tami, but invariably get called back by a service. The "service" is usually the same girl. She has a few girls who work for her too. She's OK looking, dances and will give you a hand job, but that's all. She offers her associates on subsequent visits, but the ones I saw were not so good looking. She even tried to pawn me off on her neighbor when I went the second time. She told me they hang out at the Body Shop on Auburn. The last time I called, I said 'if this is a service, don't bother.' I did not get a call back. So, Tami has either sold her number or my luck was just really bad, but in any case you're not likely to connect with the legend this way!

I also wanted to mention a scam that happened to me this summer. I had contacted an outcall service - advertised in SNR as "Beautiful, Young, Smart - Working Way Through College Doing Sensual Massage." The first time was kind of a hassle but ended up reasonably with a hand/blowjob w/rubber for $150.00. The second time was something completely different. The girl came to the door and asked for the payment in advance because she had to pay her driver. She went out to the car, hopped in and disappeared. I felt like a fool, of course. But I thought I'd pass it on. Buyer beware.

The bummer about posting here is that I would love to recommend a couple of very nice incall girls I've met, but I just don't want to risk that they will be busted because a vice cop has read my post. I agree with one of the posters in the newest update, that street prostitution is unexceptably risky for a bunch of reasons to both the customer and to the city who allows it. Massage parlors, while better, still invariably impact the community negatively. Discrete incall is indeed another matter and I agree that a city's strategy should incorporate some tolerance of this with certain qualifications.

One of the girls I see used to advertise in SNR. She stopped several months ago and took no clients for a couple of months. Then, she called back select clients and invited them back. I think this is working well for her and could, in fact, be a useful model for other working girls looking to manage this profession intelligently.

My personal approach has evolved to look for independent girls advertising massage. One way to prequalify independents is to look for a phone number that resembles residential numbers in your area. 90% of the ads contain unfamiliar prefixes which I figure means some kind of automated phone setup. I reject any callbacks from what I think is a service. I talk to the woman herself on the phone, go to my first appointment with no expectations whatsover and try to get to know the person a little first. I always make sure a good massage is included regardless of the extras. That way, no matter what, I feel like I got my money's worth and I have a far greater chance of having a nice pleasant encounter. I also feel like I create goodwill that enhances any subsequent visits.

Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 Subject: Sacramento

Hope this is confidential. After my first posting there was a lot of unsual activity by the Sacramento Police Department on 17th and 18th St. Wanted to tell our friends about a place called "Women of Color" originally opended downtown and then moved to the Country Club area. They are now located at Fulton and El Camino behind "Walts". Extremely good looking Afro American and Latina hostesses. Very recommended. Initial service included in price!

Best Regards,

The Tomato Enounter Investigator.......................

Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 Subject: Sacramento massage

I visited South Seas Tanning today after finding a recommendation in the guide. After paying my $35 for my half hour I was led to my room, after about 5 minutes a cute Asian named Susan came in the room. She started rubbing my back for less than five minutes and asked what I liked. I said "everything" and she said $80 for everything, I asked what $60 would get. We settled on 60 for full service. She left the room for a minute and came back with a condom. I was able to go down on her and she on me, she put the condom on with her mouth.

After completing I was kind of rushed out of the room. Not sure if this is standard for them, but I got what I what I was looking for. From the looks of the other girls I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking to get laid in Sacramento in a safe environment.

Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 Subject: Sacramento

Women of Color.....

Used to be a fairly good place for massage and hand action, but has changed with their moving to El Camino Ave. Very much a rip off with "Men of Color" there to intimidate you. Stay away!!!!!!

Ruby's Warm Touch.....

Advertises in the News and Review and Magic Ads.....

Honest service from a good looking 40 year old. 45 intial with hand release. 65 with nude hand release. This woman has the body of a 25 year old:). 100 for full service. Ruby is about 5-4 115 lbs and very very nice, while being priced right. She works out of the downtown area and appreciates daytime appointments. Reminds me of a flower child that turned out right!

Sac Investiteeigator:)

Have been checking out the Weatherstone Cafe. Could probably find substances easier than a lady. Is a great coffee shop though. I have gone to the place for over fiftteen years on and off. Have seen some interesting ladies. If the gentleman you posted could give some tips and times it would be greatly appreciated.

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