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Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Date: Mon, 25 Dec 1995 23:16:14 UTC

I noticed that the city of Rotterdam is missing in your review.  I would
like to provide some impressions that I got from my recent visit there
(Dec '95).  This is a great city.  It is very classy, clean and not
over-run by tourist.  I did not notice any street action; however, if
you tell the taxi driver to take you to a club to party he will know
exactly what you are talking about.  I seems like the drivers get some
money for bringing customers to the club because (a) I noticed that each
driver that I asked recommands a different club. (b) After the driver
drops me off ususally goes inside and meet with the management.  I
visited two clubs and found that a club called "The Whites" is best.
The girls there told me that the reason for the name is that the place
used to be furnished all in white now in all red.  There were many girls
to chose from and they range from late teen's to mid twenty's.  They
were all beautifull and in great shape.  Majority of the girls are from
different coutries in Europe, couple from Poland, couple from Russia or
one of the Republics; I saw only one Asian, and the others are Dutch.
They all speak English extremely well.

The girls that I spent time with were extremely nice.  They will do as
much as within reason to make you happy.

The rooms were very nice, large and very comfortable.  However, for all
this there is a price.  To enter you must pay 100 Gilders ($75), and for
this you get free drinks as long as you stay to watch the shows which
are excellent strip shows and amateur singers on stage.  If a girl keeps
you company and you buy her a drink then each beer will cost you 20
Gilders ($15).  To go to a private room with a girl, it will cost you
400 Gilders ($300).  The rooms are furnished with a king size bed, hot
tub and jacuzy.  Drinks can be brought up to your room.  Depends on how
you negotiate and your staying power, you spend up to 3 hours in a room.

It was very worth it for me.

Subject: Rotterdam, the Netherlands Date: Wed, 3 Jan 1996 15:38:53 UTC Official prostitution zone in Rotterdam: Location: Keileweg Pricing: 50-150 dutch guilders Private places available behind provided screens (with/without car) only available from around 19.00 to 06.00 hour.
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 04:55:39 UTC Rotterdam: The Keileweg is already mentioned in the FAQ but there are some bars near the Westplein in the center.
Subject: Subject: Lange Hilleweg 190A, Rotterdam, 9/Mar/1996 Date: Tue, 19 Mar 1996 04:01:34 UTC This brothel is not very luxiurious but the prices are low. The advertisment proved to be far beyond the point of exaggerating and can without hesitation be classified as "misleading advertizing". Nevertheless this brothel has a good price/quality ratio. The customers are received in a small, simple room where a porno video can be watched. There is no entrance fee and the price for one fuck is 100 guilders (apparently without time limit, within reasonable boundaries of course). This money has to be paid in advance to the manager but if you want to see the girls first that is no problem. You can even get a discount of 25 guilders if you do not mind performing your erotic exercises on the bed in the waiting room (the life show mentioned in the advertisment is apparently a do-it-yourself one!) Drinks seem to be included in the price. There were only two girls present when I visited the place, both neither beautiful nor ugly. The other girls were said to be engaged in escort services at the time. One of the available girls was a bit too plump for my taste and so I went to a private room with the other one who called herself Jessica. She turned out to be worth every cent of my 100 guilders. I had a great, long fuck and finally went home totally satisfied. It is a pity that Rotterdam is about 60 km from the village where I live but otherwise I might very well become a regular customer!
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 06:12:52 +0200 My favourite, among all fuckin' whorehouzez I visited worldwide, it's located in Rotterdam (about 75km south of A'dam). It is called OQ (open every day from 2p.m., closed on sunday), and you find it at the end of Niuwebinnenweg just across the street from the Sensi Smile Coffeeshop. There are many others around that area, but the OQ is a step above... To enter the place you'll have to pay 50NLG which include 5 drinks of your choice and unlimited permanence. Inside you get a relaxed, soft atmosphere combined with stripteases, sex shows and an average of 40 topless girls (all ages-all races) ready to sex you up! 165NLG 1/2 hour and 320 for a full hour including hot tub. You are allowed to smoke your fav. hash or weed while the lady is blowing your stick! If you go there, look for a colombian girl called Marcela (massive melons, golden mouth, working hrs 8p.m.- 3a.m.) she'll wake up the animal hidden inside you. I almost forgot the sandwich corner...which has no sense in such a place...crazy, like only the Dutch can be!
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 18:07:18 -0400 (EDT) Subject: Rotterdam Update: I have tried the Mayfair and Yap Yum Clubs Both places charge 100 guilders for entry. For that, you get all your drinks free. Don't bother going weekends. Best days are during the week, more choice. Prices start from 400 guilders for the hour. Yap Yum tries to cater for an up market image. But sadly, at the end, they are all whorehouses.
Date: Sat, 27 Sep 1997 23:46:57 +0200 Hi, I want to contribute my experiences in the dutch town Rotterdam to the world sex guide. In the guide some points are already mentioned about what is going on here. In this town the so called 'window' prostitution is prohibited. So you don't have scenes like in other dutch towns. Because this is a seaport there used to be a rich scene on the south side of the river untill around 25 years ago. This scene does not exist anymore. If you want to do some bangs read the papers such as 'Algemeen Dagblad'. Here you find adresses and phonenumbers of the so called 'prive'houses which are just ordinary appartments or so. Prices are generally from 75 dutch guilders (37$) for simple suck/fuck up to whatever you want. The first time I went to such a place I called one of the phonenumbers, got a woman and asked for the prices and the possibilities. I went there to see that the place was indeed an ordinary appartment. I could choose two girls: Paula, a blonde dutch girl aged 19 and a Caribbean girl whose name I forgot. I took Paula for one hour (175 guilders) and although she was not very experienced we had a good fuck. I went back there one month later and choose a girl named bianca. She had asiatic blood, big D boobs and was very hot. Good fuck! Later I went to another adress somewhere on the south bank. Here I spent some time with Rene, a dutch girl. Not very special. My experiences with dutch girls are not very good. It's hard to ask them to do something you want for instance riding. They just lay down and let you do all the work. Not very funny if you like to be banged by a girl. Better take South American women. Basically they are hot and it is easyer to ask them to do what you want. More on that later. You can go to clubs as well but they are expensive. Further there is a special area in the western part of town on the north bank. It's on a street called Keileweg. It is behind a big office complex you can reach by car taking the exit 'Spaansepolder' on the northern ringroad. Prices vary from 35 to 50 guilders. Be aware that this is a dangerous part of town with many drugsdealers and other riff raff. Don't go in there with a foreign licence plate! The girls are mostly addicts, travestites and so. Not my taste, but anyway, if you want it go for it.
Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 11:20:46 +0100 Subject: prostitution, de netherlands. rotterdam rotterdam has some very cheap sexual fun. there are a series of sex shops/massage house, which if you need a quick release are really good, one for instance is on the putsestraat, one enters into a sexshop, which olso has small video booths, behind the counter an attractive blond girls who pushs out her breasts at you when you make an order. in a small side room sit two girls who perform massages. one has two choices: 1.massage with peepshow, the girl performs a naked dance behind a glass screen, and at the end one places ones penis through a hole in the glass and receives a handjob, kost 26 gulders, very cheap 2. massage with film, this one i prefer, one choses a sex film and then go into a small film booth, after about 5 minutes the girl comes to your booth and gives you a nice handjob. cost 26 guldens, one can hold on to her bottom and feel her bra through her dress as this is happening. very sexy. for an extra 25 gulders she will take off all her clothers as well, and its a nice feeling those small breasts while she is jerking you off. worth a visit
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 20:13:10 +0100 Subject: good adresses Well here a very good Dutch adress: In Rotterdam: "Bas Jungeriusstraat 76b 3 girls working there. "Judy" is a 18 year old girl dark hair and great tits she has a beautifull pussy and she like's it to lick it!!(with orgasm!!) She sucks you not using a condoom.! Fuck with condoom. "May lai" she is about 30 years you can do everything wih here .She sucks you not using a condoom.! Fuck with condoom. Very good!! the ultimate is "FEMKE" she sucks you not using a condoom and you can spread your cum in here mouth as well: fantastic!!! all prices 100 dutch guilders per hour.
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 04:25:46 EST Subject: Rotterdam Dear Atta, Congratulations on a wonderfully frank web page. I had my doubts as to the authenticity of some information on it and especially as "Desiree's Guide" is so similar as to have exactly the same information on some subjects, word for word. However, my recent trip to Rotterdam was a treat thanks to your contributor who mentioned an address Bas Jungeruisstraat 76b. On arriving there I was puzzled to find a first floor flat with just a doorbell and no particular reference to anything else. The parking was easy and safe. The door opened and a beautiful girl in a leather mini skirt and skimpy top let me in. We went into the lounge. She didn't speak much english but we managed to communicate my needs. The price was negotiated for "all in" at 150 guiders for a full hour. I could have got it less but her attitude was wonderful and she was keen to please. I had to come back in half hour (I think she was busy with a client when I called) When I returned, she was ready. We talked again for a few minutes and I paid her the 150. She showed me into a bedroom with a double bed freshly made up with a large clean towel across it and a sink in the corner. She then told me to disrobe and proceeded to wash and clean my tackle with a lovely clean flannel (she keeps a neat pile of fresh towels and flannels on the shelf in the wardrobe.) The wash alone was nearly worth the fee. She then spent an hour taking care of my every whim. Her name was Judy and she is from Dominican Republic and rates a nine or ten (like the Miss World's from there) Her tits were ace, her pussy is delicious and she does let you do almost anything if you are gentle. Her BJ was very good and she orgasmed when I played with her. And she wasnt faking either cos the cream came gushing ...... Your contributor who reccomended this place was spot on about Judy ...I cant wait to try the others. By the way I went to Keileweg and all I found was a deserted street in the docks... no action.. rarely even anyone about. Can someone give better information on this please. Keep up the good work with your ground breaking guide... Regards, Doug
Date: Nov.10, 1997 My favorite club to visit is in Rotterdam, The OQ Club. The location is about a mile from the central train station.I've been going to the OQ Club for about four years.It is the only top-less club in Rotterdam.It open Monday thru Saturday. Open at 2:00 pm Monday thru Friday. It opens at 8:00 pm on Saturday. Cover charge is 25 guilders until 7:00 the cover charge goes up to 50 guilders after 7:00. They charge 165 guilders for 1/2 hour and 330 guilders for 1 hour. The rooms upstairs are very nice and clean. The club also has a Deli bar. Most of the girls are European,South American and few Thia and Philippinos women. If your in Rotterdam be sure to stop at the OQ Club.

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