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Roselle, Illinois

Subject: Review of Paradise Spa

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Review For the: Paradise Spa in Roselle Ill. (DuPage County)
Prices: $30.00 for 30 min. Tips for extra services range from $70.00 to 150.00
for the "full package".

"I don't know about you but when I go to a massage place I expect a little
more then a massage, the Paradise Spa in Roselle IL. definitely gives you a
little less".

I'm going to divide this review into two parts "the good news" and "the bad

First the good news:

This place has some great looking babes, I mean young tight bodies.  I stopped
in several times before I indulged just to check out the personal and inquire
about price and I never was disappointed with the welcoming committee .  This
place gets a definitive NP rating for "NO PIGS".   The day I did go in to get
serviced, there were three girls working, two orientals and white chick.  I
chose one of the Asian girls by the name of Victoria.  Boys, I'm telling you
she looked like a smaller  version of Sung Hi Lee (famous Internet model) she
had a cute face and a hot little body, I had a woody  just following her to
the private room. The other two were solid "9 1/2's" on the 1to10 scale, but I
always fantasized about banging Sung Hi Lee so my choice was easy.
Unfortunately  that's were the good news ends.

The Bad News:

This place has more fucking rules then a catholic grade school.  I mean you
can't do anything and they won't touch anything.  Also, you have to keep a
towel over tool for the entire session.   For your hard earned $150.00 bucks
my brothers, you get a topless, G-string, soft touch massage on your back and
a little tease touch on the crack of your ass and that is it.  Oh yea, it's
only fair to mention that she did rub her little tit's a few times on my back.

Well anyway, Victoria started her soft touch massage on my back and about 1
minute  into the massage, My hot little Victoria said to me in a sexy voice
"You can turn over anytime you'd like baby" she repeated this mantra at thirty
second intervals like some erotic alarm clock with a broken snooze button
until I finally relented.

So,  I flip my ass over and ask Victoria if I can give her hot little body a
rub, she smiled and  answered "sure".   Well, needless to say I was very
happy, I thought to myself "this might turn out OK after all".  However, as
soon as went to cup my hands over her firm little boobies she stopped me.
What's wrong I asked "I'm afraid that's illegal" she answered, Can I rub your
ass I retorted "no that's illegal" , I guess finger fucking you is defiantly
out of the question, "I'm afraid so" she answered.  Shit all this bitch
needed was a stripped shirt and a whistle.   What can I rub? I said to her.
"Well you can rub my legs"   Tell ya what Vicky just give me a hand job and
we'll call it a day.  Once again that little half smile I've grown accustom to
seeing appeared on her face,  "I'm afraid I'm not aloud to touch that either
however,  if you want to masturbate under your towel you can".

 So like the oversexed pervert I am, I did.  And wile I'm laying there
chocking my own chicken like some pimple faced high school freshman surfing
the porno pages in my bedroom  wile his parents watch TV downstairs,  my sweet
Victoria, my miniature Sung Hi Lee  repeated over and over and over and over
again in a semi erotic monotone voice   "stroke that big dick faster baby"
"stroke that big dick faster baby" "stroke that big dick faster baby" etc.
etc.  When I finished, she jumped off the table and was dressed faster the a
fireman on his way to a six alarm fire.

In closing my brothers, I'm sure that there are some of you that won't mind
paying $150.00 to flog your dong in front of a beautiful young twinke, and if
that's what rings your bell, then the Paradise Spa in Roselle Illinois is
right up your ally.  As for me I'd rather rent a porno flick for three bucks.

Take my advice, if your a man who's  looking for some extra curricular
activity along with your massage then stay away from massage parlors in DuPage
County that offer all American staff.  These places put up a sleazy Brothel
like front and make you think your going to get a little action but don't be
fooled it's all bullshit.  All your going to get at these places is a less
then average massage and a opportunity to jerk yourself off.    Instead stick
to the Korean places at least you get a hand job along with a decent massage
and the full cost is normally around $100.  But if you really want to get the
most for your money check out the Adult Only ad's in the Chicago Reader and
the New City News paper (both free) and try to locate girls that work
independent, its a little more work but well worth the effort.

Keep a cool tool,

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