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Rome, Italy

Hi, I would be happy if I may be of help.  I can tell you something
about sex in Rome, Italy, since I live there. Unfortunately brothels
are not permitted in Italy,so you have to look around on the
road. You can find lots of women around EUR quarters from about 9.30
pm to 2.30 am. Usually they fuck in car, but someone also provides a
room. The most girls are from east europe countries and Africa, but
also some italians. Prices range from $20 to $30 in your car, and from
$75 to $100 in her room. All girls provide condoms. You can find also
lots of transsexuals (mostly brasilian viados) on Lungotevere, near
Piazza Maresciallo Giardino. But be careful: police is always hanging
around, and they can even sequester your car (by law) if they catch
you while fucking in car. If you want a good fuck in a room, you can
also look in newspapers ( Messaggero is very good); look for
"relazionis sociali" and "massaggi" postings, since in Italy it is
prohibited to allure sexual commerce.

Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 23:17:38 UTC If you really like safe sex try to go EUR area (via Colombo) There are all kind of black, white, russian, girls. You must be very careful about police: if you are fucking in a car they can hunt your car. Have a nice pussy!
Date: 17 Jul 1997 14:53:47 -0000 Hi Atta , I had a look at the Roman profile text finding it strongly incomplete! We should mention some other zones where street prostitutes are frequent. First: Mattatoio zone at the cross "via Prenestina via Palmiro Togliatti". It's a peripherical zone so be careful but you will find there an average of forty Nigerians (15 us $ turn key ) and fifty-sixty transexuals ( here prices may vary upon the beauty of him/her : consider 20-50 us $ ) . Yes it's true "I Caramba" ( slang for Military Police ) and "Le Madame" ( Cops) hang out all nite long, but your prostitute often knows well-hidden spot in the nearby or she takes you out the car for a f*ck on some grass . Are you looking for an almost free f*ck with a transexual? Well this is an evil-genius tip:(you must have a car!) at the end of her/his work she/he usually do hitchhiking to go to her/his house so........ have a ride at 4:00am..... Second: Acqua Acetosa zone :take "via Olimpica " direction "Foro Italico" exit "Parioli" along with "via Acqua Acetosa" you will find an average of 20 transexuals and few Nigerians (same prices of above) pay attention of police ( Parioli is a rich zone like Upper East Side at Ny or Beverly Hills at LA) in fact here police stops you only because you are there hanging with your car. Third "via Salaria" direction "Castel Giubileo" here you can find Slavic prostitutes ( dunno prices ) Fourth "via Monti Tiburtini" look for "Via Olimpica aka Tangenziale" exits :you will find only Nigerians. Advise for foreign ppl if you're searching for some dope, well don't, I repeat don't, buy it from those pushers at the Railway Station such as "Stazione Termini" or "Stazione Tiburtina": you will find bad dope and a lot of undercover cops! Take a visit to some other places such "Circolo degli Artisti" at "via Lamarmora 18" or "Centro Sociale Occupato Autogestito "Forte Prenestino" " at "via Delpino 9" or some other cool spot at "Testaccio" near "Piramide" a metro stop. Go there for a beer or a concert or an illegal ra*e. Feel the smell or ask locals for some *ashish or gr*ss and where to buy it; prices are: 10000 lire/gr *ashish;15000 lire/gr gr*ss ; 160.000 lire/gr c*ke;50.000 lire/pill x*c;30-40.000 lire/stamp l*d, note 1) 1000 lire =1.5 us $ note 2) prices may vary upon the quantity you buy, ask for a discount! Anyway a manner to keep track of all these infos is to get in touch with some locals. Use the IRC servers located in Europe. Once and for all: /server and look for /join #roma or /join #italia . ok thats all folks thanx to Atta C YA ALL
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 23:52:50 +0200 Rome besides standard place: there is an alternative. If you take the Rome - Latina - Terracina, when you cross the Lauretana there are in the emergency parking some Africans. Try also just out of the exits. They are very cheap. They accept to work in the car for 30.000, 20.000 sometimes only 15.000, depends on the amount of customers. Their service are only few times good. But for this price you can try. Once you find the one you like, offer her to be with you for a full day. You can set for 100.000, 150.000 for the best looking. If you are happy offer her to follow you for all your travel. You need some luck, but you could find really a good surprise.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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