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Rocky Mount, North Carolina

North Carolina - Rocky Mount
There are several massage parlors in Rocky Mount : Debbie's, Obsessions II,
Denise's and A Touch of Class.  These are all located within a 1/4 mile
area of each other on hwy 301 right outside of Sharpsburg.  All of these
are out of the city limits, however there has been a ordinace passed, that
once the Rocky Mount city limits reaches these establishments, they must
move or close down.

I have been into each one of these places, but have not had sessions at
each one of them.  Also, most all of the girls drive from Jacksonville, NC
and just work in Rocky Mount on a one week basis.  They rotate in and out
quite frequently.  There will usually be at least one lady who lives
somewhat locally and semi-manages the place.  They all pretty much keep the
same hours, 10am to 2am Monday - Saturday.

A Touch of Class has pretty much stopped massage sessions, and offer
private dance sessions.  I have never had a session here as all of the
women I have ever seen here are pretty scabby looking.

I have stopped in Denise's several times, but again have never had a
session there.  Each time I've gone, I've only seen scabby women and have
left.  This is by far the worst looking of the four places.

A Obsessions II has women ranging anywhere from 3 to 8 on the scale.  Most
of the women you will find here are in the 5 range but once in a while
you'll find those 8's.  They will give full body massages here, with extras
depending on the tips.  Prices for sessions run $30 to $100, depending on
clothing, # of ladies, etc.    I've had two sessions here, but
unfortunately I don't remember the ladies names.  Nothing really remarkable
here.  For an extra 20 or 40 they'll let you suck their tits, finger them,
eat them out (which I did not do here, the girls are too scabby looking).
Neither of these girls would give blowjobs or fuck.  I do not think any of
the girls at this establishment will.

Debbie's is my favorite in Rocky Mount.  Again most of the girls range from
3 to 8, with a once in a blue moon 9.  I have been here alot with various
outcomes, but I've only had one bad session here and all the girls
genuinely seem to enjoy thier jobs.  Price ranges are $30 to $100,
depending on clothing, # of ladies, etc.  The sessions are held in little
rooms with you usually sitting in a large plush chair or loveseat.  They
will start off dancing.  They all give full body massages, with extras
depending on the tips.  Some will give blowjobs and some will fuck in
house.  Debbie's does outcalls, and all the girls will suck and fuck on
outcalls.  They are a little more paranoid in house.  Remember this as you
read some of my experiences, I have been here alot and most of the time I
could not get the girls to do much more than at Obsessions II, so don't
think you'll get a fuck anytime you go.  I've just gotten lucky a few
times. If you want to try and get a fuck, the best time to go is late at
night around 11pm to 2am.  Some of this may sound made up, especially
Desiree, but I promise you all, this is all real. :)

Let's start with the one bad experience.  I was very horny this night and
thought I might get lucky.  Two of the girls where busy, so I took the
blonde in her early 30's, about a 6 in the face with a descent body.  She
told me to lay down on my back, she stripped and sat down beside me.  She
started massaging my back really hard (more like mauling).  When I flipped
over I gave her a $20 to maybe make her treat me better.  She took it and I
started rubbing her tits, but she acted indifferent the whole time.  I
tried to finger her, but as soon as I touched down there she stood up and
started yanking me off hard.  She felt like she was trying to rip my cock
off and after a little bit I did manage to cum (but I was hurting).  She
came back in with a cold rag and made me clean myself up.  She sucked!

Shannon (who got busted and no longer works there) was half black/white
(she looks white and I did know until months later) with long black hair
down to her butt.  Large tits and an ass to match, around an 8.  Shannon
was always horny and usually she'd grab my hand and have me fingering her
in no time.  Shannon would always fuck in house (but she got caught) and
was quite good.  Several times she'd tell me to let her know when I was
cumming, let me pull out, pull the condom off and let me cum on her ass,
tits, and face.

Cindy was not a very pretty lady, around a 5, but I'm a serious assman and
she had a beautiful one.  When I saw her she had on a tight button up shirt
and severly cuttoff jean shorts, with most of her ass hanging out.  I chose
a 1-hour session with her and eventually talked her into a fuck with a
condom.  She was very paranoid and really thought I was a cop.  Finally I
conviced her and as I sat in the chair she straddled me with her back
turned, ass towards me, and rode me hard.  Since she was so paranoid
though, she'd constantly stop and listen towards the door.  After awhile I
just got fed up and told her to give me a handjob.

Nina was a little chubby, but was very pretty and again had a wonderful
ass.  I took a 1-hour session.  She was wearing french cut red lace panties
with matching bra.  She came in and started dancing and was pretty good.
She stripped, straddled my leg, started rubbing her crotch into my leg and
rubbing her giant tits in my face.  This was nice, because her tits where
like big pillows.  I tried to get her to fuck, but she would not.  However,
for a $40 tip, she let me eat her cunt.  She stradled my face in a 69
position and I licked her cunt and asshole for about 30 minutes while she
stroked me.  Every once in awhile she'd tease me and lick my dick real
light, but she refused to give me a blowjob.  After awhile she sat down
beside me and let me finger her cunt, while she got me off.  After the
session, she told me if I got an outcall from her, she'd do anything I
wanted and gave me a real deep kiss.

Desiree (prononce Dez-i-ray) was by far the best lady I've had there.  She
was the only 9 I've seen at Debbie's.  I took a 1-hour session.  She was
about 115 lbs, with dark brown hair past her shoulders, nice compact body
with firm tits and ass.  She was wearing knee high black spiked boots, see
through thong panties and matching bra.  As soon as Desiree walked in she
start dancing very nasty.  She stripped down and started rubbing herself
all over me, she was a bit kinky.  I sucked her tits and she told me to
bite her nipples.  Desiree was tounge kissing me deeply and pinching my
nipples, grinding her crotch into my cock.  I tried to get her to fuck or
give me a blowjob, but she wouldn't do either in house.  She still made my
session worth while for a $80 tip.  As I was sitting back in the loveseat,
she bent over grabbing her ankles with her ass facing me.  She leaned back
and started grinding her cunt in my face, so I ate her cunt and asshole for
awhile.  Desiree slid her cunt all the way down my chest and straddled my
dick with her pussy and rocked back and forth on it, until she got it all
wet.  She then got between my legs and started jerking me off.  She then
said, "you're going to like this", put baby oil on her middle finger and
started finger fucking my asshole.  On top of that, while she was jerking
me off and fingering my asshole, she kept biting my dick.  This was my
first experience at this and it was all too intense, and I had a massive
orgasm.  This was the best orgasm I've ever had.  I was very pleased with
my $80.  Afterwards, she too said that she would do anything during an
outcall.  I would recommend her to anyone if you can manage to catch her
there (I've only had one session with her).  She also goes by the name of

Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 05:31:25 +0100 (MET) Subject: WSG update for Rocky Mount, NC Please add this anonymously to eth World sex Guide under rocky Mount, NC. Thanks for the upkeep of the web page, it has been a great value to me and other travelers. I just wanted to give some recent info on the parlor scene in the Rocky Mount, NC area. The information on the WSG seemed a bit dated since there has been considerable turnover in management and staff. I have been going to these places for the last couple of years. More in call and out call reports for Rocky Mount-Wilson-Greenville area would be appreciated. There are four establishments within a couple of miles of each other along HWY 301 south of Rocky Mount almost to Sharpsburg. Headed south out of Rocky Mount, the first place you come to is on the left (north bound side) called Odyssey II (don't know where Odyssey I is). The sign with the name is very small but the biggest sign says "All Girl Staff" Parking is on the side and you go to the front door. When you enter this door, you will be in a small entrance way with another door in front of you. This is where you are peeked at before being invited inside. Upon full entrance, up to three girls will introduce themselves to you, explain pricing and ask if you have been there before. Prices are a bit higher than other places (by about $5). Full nude sessions start at $65 for a half hour and $90-$100 (?) for a full hour. They also have occasional two girl specials. Topless sessions are also available, but I don't recall what they ran. When you choose the girl and session you will be asked for ID and payment. The girl will lead you the room, ask to get comfortable (meaning get undressed) and leave for a moment with your license. I do not know for sure what they do with it, I have been told a couple of different things. There doesn't seem you be a way around the ID thing, so if this bothers you, take heed. As for the service itself, this is one of the better places in town. The girls are probably consistently the best looking of the four places. There are, of course, individual variations, but here they are in the 7-9 range fairly often. The rooms are basic but clean, complete with a couch and some mirrors. Almost all the girls are hand-job only however. They will let you touch and taste them for the right tip ($40-60 will usually get your tongue in their snatch, $20 will let your hands roam). Some preference is given once they get you know you a little. They will dance and perform for you in an unhurried and friendly way. Clean up assistance is offered promptly with a warm cloth and smile. You will be escorted to the door after dressing to be sure you do not cross paths with anyone waiting. Overall, not as great an experience at some places in larger cities, but very good for this area. The next place you will find is also on the left. A white building called Debbie's is about half a mile from Odyssey II. This place has good looking girls, but they do nothing but dance for you. They promise a lot, but deliver little. They act coy as if they are trying to draw out a solicitation from you first, but will not deliver even if you make the offer. If you want a totally self-service visit in an average to slightly dirty place, paying the standard $60 half hour rate, go here. Otherwise, CONSIDER THIS PLACE A RIP-OFF. The first time I went here two years ago, it was a little dingy, but the service was good (not great, but good). Every visit since has been a little worse! You will be asked if you have been here before. If you say yes, they will ask for your initials and birth date so they can look it up in a rolodex! They do not check to see if you are lying, however, so a false but memorable answer may be they way to go. The last time I went (OCT 97) was the first time I had ever been you one of these places anywhere in the country and truly, deeply thought I deserved a refund (thanks is part you the reviews on ASP & WSG, of course). I did not actually ask for one (like I would've gotten one if I had). The girl looked pretty good (an 8), but she was rude (she kept me waiting for 10 minutes while she was on the phone before she came back in the room after dropping me off; left 3 times during my half hour session to adjust the thermostat) she was a poor dancer, and to top it all off, her stuff smelled awful. The next place is Denice's (sp?). It will be at the light on the right. You can park behind a wooden fence, but only if there is no more than one other car there already. Knock on the door hard and you will be peeked at through the peep hole and then invited in. This used to be my favorite place, but, sadly no longer. The rates are the same as mentioned before ($60 half hour nude). For $60-$80 more BJ's or full service may be had. The reason this not my favorite place is the quality of the girls and rooms. Recently, (last 3-4 months?) there has been almost a complete turn over in staff (they even had this on a sign outside). The girls are the worst looking of the four places. Most are slightly to very overweight. The one who greeted me at the door the last two times I checked this place out (without getting a session) was at least 40+, heavy and ugly. I hate to be so harsh, but its true. I keep checking back in hopes to find better looking girls. The rooms are not great bur are clean. Two rooms are separated by only a large, hanging sheet. One of the other walls is drywall, but does not go all the way to the ceiling. The girls seemed to have assigned rooms, so you cannot pick. This is not really a big deal, but a little distracting is they are busy. On the plus side, as far as can be determined, this is the only place in town you can still get full service if you offer the appropriate tip. My recommendation is to give this place a try and see if there is anyone there you like. If not, there are three other places you can go within five minutes of each other. The final place is A Touch with Claus. It is not exactly on 301, but you can see the sign from there. At the same light just mentioned, you can turn left and then take an immediate left (before the RR tracks) and it will be right there on the left. You could also make a u-turn and enter the place through the parking lot connecting 301 to the back of the establishment. This place has the most secure parking of the four, completely hidden behind wooden fences. The girl answering the door will ask if you have been here before. If not, you will be asked to sign a "consent statement" (just scribble something that looks like a signature). You will be asked for initials and a birth date but NOT for any proof of ID. This will go into a rolodex and you will be given a business card with simply a handwritten number and ATWC on it. Really, not that big a deal. Keep track of the card if you plan to return. This place has a higher concentration of black girls working (maybe 40 %). They even used to keep a polaroid picture book of some of the models. Again, the rates are standard ($60 half hour nude/$40-60 tip to play more). This will seem to be a lingerie modeling place until you get naked in your room. Most of the girls will dance, perform and jack you off and some may, after they know you, do a little more. Not many will, mind you and the number seems to be decreasing with time. I have the least amount of experience at this place, so things may have changed. It is probably the nicest facility of the four. the girls are probably the second best (I am probably a little biased towards white girls though). They have a sign by the door warning to keep the racial comments to yourself, I guess it must have been an issue in the past. In conclusion, South of Rocky Mount on 301 there are four places. Odyssey II gets my vote for best hand job place, but they check ID's. If that is too much of a bother, try Touch. Denice's (at the light), is the best hope for full service, but with a less attractive girl. Debbie's (white building/red letters) has good looking girls, but is self serve rip-off, don't go expecting much. I may have the names Debbie's and Denice's reversed, but the directions and reviews are accurate. Procedure at all is fairly standard (except the initials/birthday form of ID, but you can fake that easily since they don't actually check). You will have 1-3 girls from which to choose. They will explain current pricing,(I usually get the $60 for a half hour nude session), lead you to a fairly average dsized, clean room with a couch mirrors and a radio, tell you to get comfortable (meaning for you to undress) and return fairly quickly. You will have to ask for more or offer tips. $60 will get you a hand job; $80-$150 TOTAL (sliding scale never take first offer) will let you play with her, maybe even perform some oral sex (just ask). You will be cleaned up and invited back. Please post some of your experiences in the eastern NC area so others may benefit as well. Enjoy.

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