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Robstown, Texas

Date:         1998/02/15

Name:		Maxi's Private Gentleman's Club
Location:	Robstown, TX on Hwy 77
Door Fee:	$50-1on1, $90-2on1

I have seen this establishment many times, but never stopped before.
A couple of days ago I decided to give it a try.  I walked in the door
and was greeted by 3 women wearing lingere standing in a small office
protected by burglar bars on the window.  They explained their fees
and I was asked who I wanted.  There was a cute blond w/long hair,
blue eyes 5'5 130lbs, a cute redish-brunette, hazel eyes 5'5 135lbs,
and a slender brunette, brown eyes 5'6 115lbs.  I selected Tyrinna, I
think that's her name, the hazel eyed beauty because of her attitude.
By attitude I am referring to the way she opened her robe and pushed
out her chest while giving me the 'I'm a bad girl look'.  She asked
for the door fee and had me take a seat in the waiting room for a few
minutes.  By the way, the waiting room was tastefully furnished with
some relaxing background music.  A few minutes later she came into the
room and had me follow her back.  She led me to her 'office', a ten by
8 room w/ a couch across from the door, full length mirror next to the
love seat and a shelf w/stereo on the other side.  She then closed the
door and had me take a seat next to her.  She explained her tip method
and then before leaving the room instructed me to remove all my
clothing.  I removed my clothes, sat down on the couch and covered my
self w/the towel provided.  She then came into the room and turned off
the light then turned on her black light, which gave great atmosphere,
and started the music.  She then threw herself into my face and
started rubbing her body on my face.  Needless to started to
move.  We rubbed, caressed, touched, and sat on almost every part of
each other. We were both nude and covered in sweat, among other
things, at the end of the session.  She was great and I'll definitely
be back.

Looks:		7
Body:		7
Performance:	8
Other:		She loves her job and it shows!!

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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