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Rimini, Italy

The German magazine "Der Spiegel" had an article about prostitution in
Rimini in the issue 38/95:

Rimini has become a huge beach-side brothel for tourists, and
apparently they like it: tourism went up 25% this year.

Prostitutes, mainly from Ghana, Albania, Bosnia and Russia, parade the
beaches and the street Lungomare di Vittorio. There are also many
Brasilian transvestites to be had. Intercourse without condom costs
about 50000 Lire.

The city council doesn't like the brothel image because it's bad for
family tourism. So the police has to conduct razzias; they are
understaffed, however, and even if they catch an illegal prostitute,
they can't do much: deportation would be way to expensive, so they
just fine them and let them go.

One hotel owner, Sr. Albeniesi, thinks the prostitution wave is great
for business. His hotel rooms come with complimentary condoms, and
a couple of weeks ago he had a plane fly along the beach carrying a
huge banner in the form of a condom saying "Safe love is good for
life". However, Albeniesi is in the minority.

Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 06:22:38 UTC The correct name of hotel owner is ALBANESI and the prostitutes are from AUSTRIA, MAROCCO, TUNISIA, NIGERIA also. Many transex from brasile also in "CENTERGROS" district, near Rimini. This for the right Thank Epicuro.
Date: Fri, 10 Jan 1997 04:30:52 +0100 I visited Rimini, Italy, recently. I walked the boulevard and found the most beautiful girls possible. I joined a Rimini-girl to her room, and had to pay 100.000 Lires. That was the price all of the girls were asking. But I had a fantastic time! The girls are on the boulevard, some of them sitting in their car. But they all are beautiful indeed, and the one I joined was absolutely fabulous!
Date: August 1997 A report about Rimini on German TV reported that many girls from Nigeria are willing to fuck on the beach, starting at $10. One Brazilian transvestite who works in the "Gros" industrial part of town was interviewed; she said that she earned about $15000 per month. She likes living in Brazil better than Rimini though and only comes for the money.

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