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Riga, Latvia

Date: Sat, 08 Nov 1997 10:24:25 PST


I live in Riga, the capital city of Latvia, which is located (just in
case you forgot) between Baltic sea (west), Russia (east), Estonia
(north) and Lithuania (south). And I'm going to tell you about the
prostitution in this country. All the prices will be given in lats
(Ls, our national currency), so note that current rate is $1=0.58 Ls.
This means you may multiply by 2 and get approximate price in US

First of all, I do NOT really know whether prostitution is legal in
Latvia. But never I saw a prostitute trying to be specially discreet
or something; and, besides, many newspapers contain multiple
advertisements about "sex services", from which I conclude that
prostitution is not forbidden.

How to find a prostitute in Riga?
First, buy a newspaper which is called "CM-PEK*AMA" - it's in
Russian. The words on the newspaper's front page look just like I
spelled it above, but instead "*" you should see a cyrillics letter
which looks like latin "V", but turned upside-down. The name of the
newspaper is pronounced "SM-REKLAMA" and it means SM-advertising,
where SM is the name of some publishing company. The newspaper costs
about 0.40 Ls and is veeeery thick - over 100 pages; it conains only
advertisments (both private and from companies). So take it and look
at last pages - section "sex services" is the last. There you will
see one or sometimes two pages full of advertisments from
prostitutes. There will be also phone-sex advertisements, you can
distinguish them by international phone numbers. OK now. When you
found the page you need, pick an advertisement and call the number
indicated there. Then you will speak to dispatcher. All of them do
speak russian, but I don't know about english - never I tried.
Dispatcher will describe you available girls, you will also be told
where to wait for a girl. Usually you'll have to wait for 10-15
minutes, then driver brings you and a girl you've chosen to the room.
And then the fun begins. ;>

All is very simple - surprisingly for me, the prices vary very
			     GIRL       ROOM
	1 girl / 1 hour  --- 15.00 Ls + 2.50 Ls  = 17.50 Ls
	1 girl / 3 hours --- 30.00 Ls + 7.50 Ls  = 37.50 Ls
	1 girl / 6 hours --- 40.00 Ls + 10.00 Ls = 50.00 Ls

Sometimes room might cost 3.00 Ls/hr instead of usual 2.50 Ls/hr,
sometimes you might get 3 hours for 35.00 Ls instead of 37.50 Ls, but
the rule is that girl costs 15.00 Ls/hr and the third hour is free.
Theoretically, if you want the girl to visit you at your place
(within Riga), the driver will bring her to you for free, so you'll
pay just 15.00 Ls/hr, 30.00 Ls/hr, etc. Simply exclude the price of
room. But I myself always visited prostitutes at their rooms, so I
can not tell anything about the other variant.

You pay the money to driver before entering the room with the girl
and he waits for you outside to bring you then to the place where you
were picked up before.

What does the price include?
For your money you will get oral sex and normal vaginal intercourse,
both as much as you can (within given period of time). That is
imperative that you use condom, which is provided by girl, of course.
Other services (S/M, lesbian show+intercourse with both,
striptease+intercourse, anal sex, dildos) are also possible, for
additional fee. Never I used anything but standard variant, so don't
ask for details. Sometimes you'll get champagne (vodka, coffee, tea,
etc - what you wish) for free, sometimes you'll pay for it.

Girls are pretty different. Age - from 18 to 30-35; mostly russians.
Never I tried someone elder than 25. Dispatcher usually gives you
pretty precise description (example: blond, 178 cm, 18 years of age,
slender, middle-sized tits - the one I had last week) and you'll have
to choose, which sometimes is really hard - all the girls are nice.
The girl I visited last week (her name was Xenia) was very cute;
young and sexy, she smelled perfect and her body was perfectly clean.
Her lingerie just drived me insane! And overall it was extremely
pleasant experience. Pretty girl, polite driver, cosy room in the
city center ... what else do you need?!. I think I'll visit her again
soon. :)

That's all by now!
Have a nice pussy!

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 13:39:32 PST Riga, Latvia. Before to arrive in Riga I checked site: So I was prepared. No problem at all, buy a newspaper REKLAMA and go to the last page. Wide choice up to gay service (if you like). Just dial a number, talk to dispatcher, explain your needs. She'll tell you where to wait for a car. They bring 2 girls -- you can make final choice. Then move to their apartment. 1 hour = 35USD, more - you get a discount. I recommend firm "Jannette", call day or night 587819. Polite driver, smart dispatcher. Girls -- clean, young and good-looking. My favourite was Elya. She's a kind of oriental alien in this cold Baltic city. Half Korean, she said. With her I remembered old days in Bangkok. Keeping her modesty, I will not go into details. But can say she was a rare type which really enjoyed the sex and knew how to please a man. Be gentle with a girl and you'll never regret. Have a good time in Riga. I had. Never thought that in Europe could find sex so good and inexpensive.

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