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Richmond, Virginia

Date: 20 Jul 1995 18:15:21 -0400

>WHere are the hookers in richmond, VA?
>Which streets?
>Which bars?

As of '93 they were all over the Bellwood area along Jeff Davis on the
south side of town. Didn't try any, but you couldn't miss 'em. Some good
looking ones, too.


Date: June 1996 Apparently, there are working girls around the White House Motel on Jeff Davis Highway (Bellwood area). Also near the Red Light Inn strip club at 911 West Grace Street (the dancers are also sometimes available).
Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 09:28:14 UTC Just to let you know... be careful in Richmond... Almost all the ones on the streets are guys in drag! (having ridden by a few times seeing the city police accost a few of them)
Subject: Police Sting in Richmond Va Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 15:43:24 PDT Atta, I enjoy reading the posts in the World Sex Guide, and feel they are a useful resource. Please post the following warning immediately. The Richmond, Virginia Vice squad is conducting a sting operation via an AOL account (screen name: mestaci) In this users profile, she claims to be an escort in Richmond, Va. area. The female officer is about 5' 7" tall, nice build, strawberry blond hair, cut short just over shoulders. Once a meeting is set up she comes to your hotel room, and asks "What's going on?" She will specifically ask you what you would like, then once money changes hands she asks you to go get comfortable. She walks to the door and lets the vice guys in. They will confiscate any laptop equipment and other items, photograph and id you. Luckily they do not carry you to jail. I was busted in this manner and wish to help any of your readers avoid this.

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