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Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 17:15:00 UTC

I noticed your sex guide has no information on Rhode Island. I'll do my best
to tell you what little I know.

First off, prostitution is not widespread in Rhode Island, you have to look
pretty hard to find it.

Street prostitution: I have only seen a few women that seem to be hookers on
the street. The were in the 2 to 4 range on the looks scale so I gave them a
pass. What street protitutes there are seem to hang out in the poorer
neighborhoods of Providence, the Smith Hill area and the Elmwood area.

Massage parlors: None that I know of in RI. There are a couple in nearby
Southeastern CT, Laura's spa in Groton is an example.

Topless bars: Some topless dancers will hire out for extra services. Best bet
is Cherry's nightclub. Mostly black dancers. A few will give you a blow job
or more right in the club. Expect to shell out $100 or more.

Nude modeling: There is one nude modeling place, it's next to Cheater's
topless bar. Unfortunately no extra services seem to be available, strictly
beat your own meat while the girl poses.

Nude cleaning: A couple of nude cleaning places advertise in the Providence
Pheonix. Exotic Cythia was willing to provide half and half for an extra $60
on top of her usual $60 fee. She was middle aged, maybe a 6 or 7, freindly.
All and all a pretty good deal.

Well that's all the information I have. Hopefully other Rhode Islanders can
fill in the gaps!

Date: Thu, 11 Jul 1996 22:21:18 UTC RHODE ISLAND: I recently had a pleasent experience in RI which was probably not typical but others may want to try repeating it anyway. I got in touch with a girl who had an ad in the 'variations' column in the Providence Pheonix. I think a lot of those ads are for sexual services, though you have to read between the lines. Anyway she said she would give a 'very erotic' massage for $175 and that she was 20, petite busty and blond. I suggested we meet at the 'Sun Palace' (in the Providence yellow pages) where they rent rooms with hot tubs by the hour ($40/hr). She wanted $25 extra for getting wet, I said OK. To my great surprise she actually was as she described herself and very appealing in general. She gave me a nice massage, a very enthusiastic blow job and very pleasant conversation for an hour. Not a bad deal around here.
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 97 13:10:57 -0800 Subject: Rhode Island Anastasia- Jan.'94 I contacted Anastasia through an agency called Fantasy that advertised in the Providence Phoenix. We set up an incall at her apartment complex in North Providence. I rang the bell and was buzzed into a below ground apartment. A. was waiting for me at her door at the bottom of the stairs. She was a pretty brunette about 5'5", 110 lbs. and 34-24-34. She was wearing a short purple satin robe and nothing else. Nicely sexy. I was led into a living room/kitchenette that was furnished with a couch and T.V.. I removed my jacket and we exchanged pleasantries, then, proceeded to the bedroom. Here we had a bed, bureau and a very few personal effects. I gave her $150 and we disrobed. A. had a nicely trim, lithe body. Only her breasts were not a turn on.They looked like they had been D-cups that had been punctured and were now as flat as pancakes. Arrggh! We engaged in foreplay and small talk. I was unable to elicit any arousal in A.'s nipples despite determined efforts. A. got up on her knees and elbows and tried to entice me, waving her ass in the air. This was a hot pose, one that displayed her body to best advantage. I was not, however, able to come to more than half-mast and wasn't "up" to penetration of this fine tail. I expressed my frustration with my flaccidness. A. told me to lay back and relax. She then engulfed my latex covered member, orally. A. slurped and sucked my cock loudly and energetically for about 15 minutes before I exploded. While I have had better overall blowjobs in my life, I haven't had a more enthusiastic one. I told her so and she laughed and tongued my navel. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 6 CONDUMB Misty- Mar.'94 I contacted Misty through an ad she ran in the Providence Phoenix. Misty did incalls out of a third floor apartment off of Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence. Misty was about 5'2", 125 lbs. and 34-26-36.She had curly, black, shoulder length hair, dark complexion and hairy legs. Misty spoke broken english and I suspect she was native to some South American country where leg shaving is not the cultural norm. I paid her $125 and we went to the bedroom. Foreplay was limited. Misty was very flatchested, but, she at least had nipples I could suck on for a few minutes. Misty curled up on my stomach and started a blowjob while I played with her anus and pussy. This turned out to be one of the most excellent blowjobs I've ever had, before or since. She went at it without a condom and did wonderful things with her tongue. She lathered me with her saliva and made sexy slurping noises during the act. She had a very agile tongue that she ran up and down the underside of my shaft. Misty also had a way of continually encircling the knob of my cock with her tongue, even, with my my member fully entrenched in her mouth. After about 25 minutes of this ecstasy, she slipped a sheath on me, climbed aboard in the superior position and bucked and ground me to a successful conclusion. If Misty had been even marginally pretty she would had merited a much higher rating. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 6 CONDUMB Lady Deja Peyton Stone- April'94 I contacted LDPS through an ad she ran in the Providence Phoenix that said her name was "Jessica" or something like that. I have come to know she is actually the aforementioned, Lady Deja Peyton Stone, Dominatrix. I was directed to a second floor apartment in a dingy building off Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence close to where Misty, another working girl, had an apartment. I knocked and was let in to a place that was for business purposes only. No one lived here. LDPS greeted me dressed in black lingerie and heels. I was SHOCKED to see that she was of advanced years. I'm talking middle to late fifties! She said that the bedroom was occupied right now, so, we'd have to wait a while. A short time later, a man and a woman came out of the bedroom. Another john and, lo and behold, Misty! I should have tried to switch to Misty, but, she went to the phone and LDPS ushered me in to the bedroom. LDPS said that I should put her "tribute" on the window sill.($125) This lady was old, her skin a little saggy, and very wrinkled. Having said that, I would say she could be very proud of her body, if as old as I think she was. A lean wiry type that wears well with age. She is about 5'4", 100 lbs. with nicely shaped B-cup breasts. I disrobed and sat on the edge of the bed. I pulled LDPS to me and sucked her nipples while I put my fingers in her pussy. Soon, she let out a loud pussy fart and she was highly embarressed. I think she was a little upset that she didn't have complete control over me and herself. At the time I didn't know she was a dominatrix and this hadn't been set up as a dominant session. Anyway, she pushed me over onto my back and started to fondle my cock and balls. There was some arousal there and she started to talk dirty to me. More arousal. Now, she lubes my dick and starts a serious handjob. Soon, I tell her to stop because I'm getting near to climax and I want to last the hour. She says, "It's okay to come. It's so good to come". I take this to mean I'll get off twice. Okay. Suddenly, while stroking me, LDPS puts her head between my legs and bites me on the upper thigh! Hard! To my surprise I came immediately. Interesting reaction. I'm not sure what to think of it. Unfortunately, that was the end. No second coming. All in 30 minutes. Shit! No good. The bite was interesting, though... On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 2 Note: These days LDPS works out of Fall River, MA and runs an ad in the Providence Phoenix that calls her the Headmistress at the House of Stone and features a picture of her assistants Nadja Savage and Raven Payne. They are carbon copies of LDPS, thin, dressed in black lingerie and all three have short, jet black hair in page type cuts. Wigs? I can't reccomend her, but, maybe, they're better at B&D. CONDUMB Shelly- Jan.'95 I met Shelly through an agency that advertised in the Providence Phoenix that I can't remember the name of. Rhode Island is a risky place to do this line of work and agencies change their names on a regular basis. There are only a couple of them and a handful of independants, who, have to be very careful. Shelly gave me directions to her second floor apartment in Lincoln that was obviously her home. The place was clean and nicely decorated with a lot of pictures of her kids and family. I liked her right away. She led me to the living room and got me a drink. She asked what I would like her to wear and showed me a few different outfits. I picked a red teddy with matching stockings and heels. She went and dressed and I was quite pleased with the result. Shelly was 5'9", 125 lbs., 38B-25-36 and 27 yrs. Shelly led me to a candlelit bedroom and we engaged in foreplay. She had smallish boobs, but, also had protruding nipples, about 3/4". My cup of tea. Succulent. She put a condom on me and gave me gentle, delicate head. Nice. I moved her onto her back, put her ankles on my shoulders and entered her. We bounced for a while until I was ready to cum, then I dismounted. Next we fondled and stroked each others genitals until one or the other was ready to cum and then we'd pull away. We must of did this 10 times each. Exquisite torture! Finally, she said, "Okay, you got me!" Huh? "I had an orgasm." Oh. "Now, let me get you." All right. Shelly gave me a fabulous handjob and I spewed all over the both of us. Shelly was very accomadating and I liked her on a personal level. I would have tried to see her again, but, the agency changed it's name to what I don't know and I suspect she was making ends meet and was not a full time working girl. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 7 CONDUMB Chandrea- March'95 I met Chandrea through an agency listed in the Providence Phoenix. I went to her house, a Cape style private residence, off Mineral Spring Ave. in North Providence. I went to the side door and was greeted to a quite unusual sight. Chandrea was at the door dressed in white long johns, top and bottom, with black high heels and lots of gold jewelry! Weird. She was about 35 yrs. old, 95 lbs, 5'3" and 32B-24-32. We talked for a couple of minutes and then went to the bedroom where I laid $150 on the nightstand. I asked her to remove the long johns and underneath she is wearing the tiniest of white panties. I start in sucking her nipples and fingering her cunt. She is constantly stiffening under my touch saying that I'm too rough. I like to think I'm very gentle. She is easily the most sensitive woman I've been with. It really limits what you can do and is not enjoyable. She ends up blowing me to release in about 40 minutes. While talking and having coffee afterwards, Chandrea tells me that there were two girls working that day and the first one refused me thinking I was a cop. Chandrea said she was also suspicious of me, but, had to make a late payment on her car by 5 o'clock or it would be reposessed, so, she was highly motivated. We could have used some of that in the bedroom. I notice she is a big reader of Steven King and I suggest the author Dean Koonce to her. I liked this girl on a personal level, but, the sex was awfully mediocre. I believe she now runs an ad in the Phoenix in the Personals, Women seeking Men. It seems a lot of working girls do. I have never tried this because it involves leaving your number and getting a callback at an unspecified time which is very inconvienient for me. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 3 CONDUMB Yvonne- June'95 I was able to call Yvonne directly at a number from an ad in the Providence Phoenix. I went to her apartment complex in the city of Cranston. Y. greeted me at the door in a legless blue body stocking, white high heels and a feather boa. She offers me a beer and we talk for some time about different things. I find her interesting. We go to the bedroom and I put $125 on the dresser. Y. is 27 yrs. old, 5'10", 145 lbs. and 38D-27-38. In high heels she takes on Amazonian proportions. I sat on the edge of the bed and put Y. standing between my legs. I pull her top down and I see those 38D's for the first time. Not only are they great, but, she has the kind of nipples I love. Large, protruding and rubbery. Only she is pierced and wearing rings through them. Y. says she just had them done two days before and they are very sensitive. Wonderful. I'm all set to indulge in some serious suckling and she's waving the hands off flag. I suck and fondle anyway and she puts up with it, admonishing me every so often to go easy. I find I do not like the taste of metal in my mouth. I thought they would be removable, like earrings. No such luck. We get around to some mutual oral and I lick and bite her ass cheeks. She seems to get really turned on by this. I keep going back to those breasts, though. Next, Y. thoroughly surprises me by French kissing me on the mouth. I thought that the popular wisdom was that working girls do not do that. I am EXTREMELY turned on by this! I can't get enough of it! Eventually, Y. sucks me off without a condom and I have a heavenly orgasm all over the place. Y. and I have hit it off and I hang around for another hour or two and we have a couple of more drinks and get to know each other a little bit. I learn she has a child and we look through photo albums of different vacations they took together. I also learn she is heavily into the B&D scene, but, more on that in the next posting. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was an 8 CONDUMB Yvonne- July'95 I had a real good time with Y. last month, so, I call her again. Her nipples had healed from the piercing and I had a lot more leeway. We French kiss again and things generally go as they had the first time. I have said in the previous post that Y. was into B&D. Her bedroom is a veritable adult sex toy store. Every where you look in the bedroom are dildoes of various sizes, vibrators, pocket pussies, whips, leather clothes and implements, handcuffs, chains, you name it she had it. There are two rings attached to the ceiling(one broken, I don't even want to speculate what happened) for hoisting. Y. says, "I have a new toy! A birthday present." She hands me a giant black dildo about 14" long with a circumference of about 5 or 6". Y. lays on the bed and says forcefully, "Shove it in me!" I do as she says and she is soon moaning and groaning. She turns over on all fours and says to ram her. I do and she is groaning again. This is fun. I wish I had one of these attached to me. I now indulge a fantasy of mine. I lay Y. on her back, crossways on the bed with her neck on the edge and her head hanging over the side. Now, while standing over her, I put my engorged cock in her mouth and skull fuck her upside down face. I pull out every so often and slap her face with my cock a few times and then get her to take one and then both of my balls in her mouth. Heaven. Soon, I pull out and cum on her tits.Ooh baby! I hang around again and we talk. I find out she puts on shows at Club Baby Head in Providence. She also parties at Man-Ray's in Boston. She proudly shows me her traveling wheel of torture. It has sections that can be put together and broken down in the shape of a large suitcase. You can be up and torturing in a couple of minutes. Had a pretty good time again. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was an 8 CONDUMB Yvonne- Aug.'95 I called Y. and set up a date. I asked her if I could get a discount since I was becoming a regular customer. There was a pause and she finally said how about $100? I said great. In retrospect, it was a mistake. I shot myself in the foot. The sex was uninspired, unimaginative and unenthusiastic. All of a sudden, she won't give me head without a condom. I can't even get hard. She relents and removes it. She sucks my naked member and she flinches wildly when I cum half-heartedly in about 40 minutes. It was probably my fault in pricing her down. Regardless, it's time to move on. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 4 CONDUMB Yvonne- Aug.'96 I went back to see Y. after a year's time, mainly because I was extremely horny that day and she was available right away. I also wanted to ask her about something else. I had been dealing with working girls only in the state of Massachusetts with sometimes great and sometimes disasterous results. One of them, Jen,(see posting in Mass. section) had a videotape of a couple having sex. The guy was a friend of Jen's and the girl was none other than Y. I ask her about it and she is fascinated, but, doesn't remember doing it. I tell her that Jen(who says she is bi-sexual, but, who I think is a full blown dyke) was very interested in Y.'s body and made some lewd remarks about her. Y. likewise in intrigued when I describe Jen, who, has a great body. She says if I can set them up she would like to meet her. Yes. Maybe I can get to be the middle of a lesbian sandwich. Y. goes on to tell me she may be in love with a mean spirited dominatrix bitch who lives in the East Bay. Y. shows me pictures of her and she is good looking. Sort of a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Debby Harry all in leather. She has courted this woman to take her on as a slave to no avail. Y. says she may do something drastic to prove her love. She says she wants to have the woman's name made into a metal stamp that she can use as a branding iron on herself to mark her as this woman's property for all time! Y. asks me what I think about the idea. I tell her the truth. You're crazy! The sex wasn't great between us again(even though I paid the $125 this time) I was having trouble getting hard. Y. says, "I know what you need!" She whips out an electric pickel. It was big and green and rubbery with a wire going from it to a small box that contained the batteries and a speed control. She placed it under my balls and turned it on full tilt. Within 2 minutes I was as hard as blue steel. She sucked me off and I came all over the pickel. Now if I can only find Jen's private number as she is not running her ad anymore. I'm kind of burnt out on Y. , but, overall I'd have to reccomend her. You surely could do a lot worse in Rhode Island. On a scale of 1-10 this experience was a 4 CONDUMB
Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 10:54:58 -0500 Rhode Island: "Club Osaka" in Cranston is the only serious massage parlor I'm aware of, but they register the clientelle (presumably for their own protection).
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 00:39:04 EST Subject: update on Providence, RI i have seen your web page, and I'm impressed. I thought that I would give you some added info on the prostitution scene in RI. I have surveyed the escorts services in the area for the past two years and I have identified at least 30 active services/ independent escorts. Over the past two years, I have verified the existence of at least 100 services/ independent escorts. Many of the escorts are students at the local universities (Johnson & Wales, Brown, RIC, & PC). There are a number of free newspapers available with escort listings. The best source for info is the phoenix. 80% of all ads are answered by answering machines which require you to leave info and the service calls you back. They will suggest escorts or ask you a preference. Most services employ unreliable girls who fail to call you back, fail to meet you or show up substantially late. Every service lies about the appearance of their girls and most lie about their age. A majority of the girls are fairly unattractive (somewhere between a 2-5 on the scale; don't be discouraged and don't stop looking, I've found a couple in the 8-9 range.... Patience is key). The reason for this is the low dollar values the girls earn for their services. The best escorts move to Boston or NY and earn at least twice what they make in RI. I have several friends in the business and they have confirmed this. The few good escorts that I have encountered have all moved within the last year. In terms of prices most services cost between $150-260 for an hour. The service that you get will vary. It is important to find out if it is a full hour or just until you blow one load. Second, ask about tipping. Most services do not require tips for the service you receive. However, a few of them do require it. Additionally, some of the services lie or the girls try to cheat you by asking for a tip. Beware, some of the ads that use the word "massage" means no sex and maybe a hand job. Location is key. Incall can be found in Cranston, Warwick, Providence, N. Providence, and Pawtucket. Incall can also be found in nearby Somerset and Fall River, Ma.. The Ma. locations are bit cheaper than the RI locations. The RI locations are usually apartment buildings or houses. The Ma. locations are in industrial areas. Outcall is more money than incall. The cost can vary by $25-50 between incall/ outcall. Best suggestion: You need to try a variety of services. If you find a good service, keep the number. Many of the better services stop advertising once they have established a reliable client list. If you find that you like a particular girl, ask her for her beeper number. Many of the girls will give you the number if they want to keep you as a client. This helps in two ways. First, you know how to find a good piece of ass without wasting time and money. Second, some girls will give you a discount because they can make money without kicking back part of their fee to the service.
Subject: Re: (ASP) Providence RI Info Date: 1998/04/03 > Requesting information on any in call "Full Service" in the Providence > RI area. Short but sweet list: RI: Osaka in Pawtucket (old info) FS Park Avenue Cranston HJ Lingerie Modeling DIY CT: Laura's FS Osaka FS BTW: Going FS rate for me is twice the entrance fee for a tip. YMMV.

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