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Reynosa, Mexico

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 1996 14:57:01 UTC

The boys town in Reynosa is a quick two mile (at the most) ride from the
international bridge.  The girls charge between $30 and $80 depending how
slow the night is and how much she likes you.

Good places to go are the Lipstick and Tropicana.

A word of caution... do not venture into the back sections of this boys
town since things tend to get VERY rough down there.  If you stay where
the main clubs are at you will be OK.


Date: Sat, 06 Dec 1997 02:39:52 PST EL DOBLE'S GUIDE TO REYNOSA, TAMAULIPAS (MEXICO) This guide is for the experienced and inexperienced alike, and I have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible, answering many questions that to some 'old hands' would seem obvious. If you have any questions that are not answered here, but which DO NOT refer to specific women, I will try to answer them in ASPT. I have here in my FAQ all the information I have/am willing to share about specific women in Boys' Town there. Getting There ------------- Reynosa is not quite as easy to find as some places like Nuevo Laredo or Tijuana. It takes some doing to get there. Check a map before you go and bring one with you to be sure. It is almost directly across from McAllen, TX, and also due south of Edinburg, TX. If you take Hwy 83 that runs east-west through the Rio Grande Valley, the exit towards the bridge you want to take is Texas Hwy. 336, which is also the exit for 2nd and 10th Streets in McAllen and head south. (Do not take the Pharr bridge--I don't know where this goes.) From there follow the signs. Very close to the border the road dead-ends and you have to take a ninety degree turn to the left to get to the bridge. This is so close to the border that you will probably see some activity which makes this fact obvious. With regard to airports, if you want to fly there, you are definitely in luck! McAllen International Airport is less than 10 miles from the bridge. I'm quite sure you could get a reasonable taxi ride from there at the airport. Absolutely couldn't ask for better if you're going to fly there. On maps it appears that Reynosa is some distance from the border, but it's absolutely not. You can walk straight into town if you want and there are hotels within walking distance. The town's central plaza is also near here, and Boys' Town is only a mile or so to the right (west) when one enters town Don't take a cab across the border, unless it's a pre-agreed upon deal from the McAllen Airport. These assholes want $18 to bring you 100 yards! Unless you've got steamer trunks with you, just walk across. Once you're across, the cabbies are cheaper. Don't get into a cab until agreeing on a price first, of course. Expect to pay maybe $5 from the Mexican side of the border to Boys' Town. I've also paid $7 from the Mexican side of the border, but with the agreement that the cabbie would wait on me at my hotel room while I made sure I had everything in order. Make sure that if you pay for a hotel room with air conditioning, that it actually has air conditioning, toilet paper, towels, etc. If you're going to bring a woman back with you, the last thing you want to be doing at that time is chasing down towels and soap. Safety ------ I have read quite a lot lately about Tijuana, or certain areas of it, being unsafe. I have never personally had any bad experiences in Reynosa. This is not to say that you should throw caution to the wind--be careful there just as you would anywhere you're not absolutely familiar with. If you stay at my favorite motel, Motel Adelita, this is only about 100 yards from Boys' Town, and you can easily walk there in the daytime. I wouldn't recommend going or returning at night on foot, but I've done it. One time I left Boys' Town so broke that, except for my money to get home on, I had only change in my pocket! Several taxi drivers 'warned' me about leaving the area on foot, and one even said, 'Te pueden chingar.' (You could get 'fucked up'). But for all their 'concern', not one of them accepted my offer of 50 cents for a 50 yard ride (and they already had a fare in the car). This offer to them was more of an experiment than anything else, since I was already so close to my motel. Original post which prompted my FAQ: ------------------------------------ Subject: Re: Mexico Questions >>Anybody had any good experiences in Mexico? >Sure. Where did you go? Did you not have a good experience? >Were you looking for some all-nude bars/lots of drinking/etc., or were >you looking to get laid? (I had to ask.) [This post appeared in a binary >group, and not in ASP or ASPT, where such an assumption would be obvious.] >>Thanks >>Please email me >I have extensive experience there--too much, indeed, but >will return in the future. I've had both good and bad experiences, but >am somewhat of an expert now, after 8 trips since June 1997. I also speak >fluent Spanish. >I have been to >Nuevo Laredo on numerous occasions always had a good time but have been >looking for some girls a little younger/fresher than the ones at the BOYSTOWN >there. Do you have any tips on this ? Hmm. Hmm. Actually, that brings up a very interesting question that I've been wondering for quite a while now. The last time I was in Nuevo Laredo, in 1993, the Boys Town was absolutely INFESTED with transvestite hookers. Is it still like that? (It must have been like ¼ bars with transvestites). My favorite place, Reynosa, has NO transvestites, so you don't have to walk through town being hassled by these 'women'. Perhaps I can recommend hitting some other city. Is Reynosa anywhere near you? There are quite a few young/fresh-looking babes there. There is one quite fresh-faced girl working at the very first club to the left immediately when one enters Boys' Town there to whom I have considered paying a visit. She is a tiny bit heavy, but has such a fresh, young latina look about her that I would overlook this. (What better answer than to hear that she is on my dance card if ever my 2 favorites aren't there?) (Update: This girl was still working at this club, which is called Tropicana, the last time I visited, on November 7, 1997.) Where to go ----------- The most popular clubs there are Tropicana (just mentioned) and Lipstick. Generally, I would check out the others right there at the front of Boys' Town--it's worth your while. Other places that are also popular and with which I'm familiar are Elva's, the Pink Pussycat and another whose name I can't remember. Sex acts and availability ------------------------- Oral service is not a certain thing. Most women in the bars, if asked, will not give you a straight answer about giving it, so it's kind of a crapshoot. I've never been insistent, and I've never been really let down. Of all the women I've taken back to my motel room, and also one of the two with whom I've only had sex with there on the premises, all have blown me. This basically boils down to how much they like you or not. Women in the bedrooms all facing into the streets, who are all independent operators, will always promise to suck you, but El Doble's friend, the Slagmaster, has been ripped off this way. The woman promises to suck you off, and then once you pay her, she goes and hides the money and then refuses to suck you unless you give her more money. El Doble has never asked any of these women for anal sex or anything kinkier than that, but has translated another gringo's request for this. This request went over like a brick. The prostitutes there do not view themselves as desperate and will refuse any service to a man they don't like. Also, unlike some of the statements made about some of the Tijuana prostitutes, I have never seen any drug buys or use in Reynosa. As strange as it sounds, this is really quite a 'wholesome' place! I've never seen any drug use, unruly customers, fights, pimps or evidence of pimps or other generally sordid activity. Classes of service ------------------ 1--The women who rent out the little storefronts. Expect the most deception from them. They will always make offers when you pass by, and if they sound too good to be true, they might be. My buddy the Slagmaster agreed to pay one woman $20 to fuck her and for her to suck his dick, but when it came down to the blowjob, she said that it would be more money, and then she had already hidden his money. I generally avoid these women who operate out of the 'storefront' for this reason (generally more deception). . 2--"Al cuarto"--literally "to the room". All you need to do is to tell a woman "vamos al cuarto" and she'll know exactly what you mean. Don't pay more than $50 for this. Once I got a "double session" (hence my nickname) for about $35-40, but I didn't really plan it that way. One other time I've paid a regular $50 (I think) to the girl for a double session, plus the house's fee. You will have to pay the house $10 for a regular session (about 20-30 mins.) or $20 for an hour. Actually in theory the regular session is 20 minutes, where the double is an hour. Don't ask me how 20 mins * 2 = 1 hour, but it does there. 3--"De sala"--"Ir de sala" means that you take the girl home with you. In Spanish you would tell her "vamos de sala". Some women think of this as a compliment, because you're spending the most for her and only her. This is El Doble's usual M.O. Here the house's cut is $20, and don't spend over about $100. If this is what you're planning, you might want to start talking to a girl and then wait on her (but let her know you're waiting). She might be hesitant to leave the bar and finish out her earnings for the night before 2-3 am. Here it pays to be cautious, too; you can never tell what might happen. A woman might tell you to wait for her, but meanwhile, you keep buying her drinks, and then at the end of the night, she might have some other guy waiting in the wings and you end up with nothing. Just a word to the wise--this is how things work where there is assumed to be no repeat business and no accountability. Don't get in a situation where it's getting very late and there's no other women around and you're just waiting and waiting on one chick. The way the drinks work is like this: A woman will come and sit with you if you allow it. She wants you to buy her drinks, of which she gets a cut. Actually, the bartenders are usually much more aggressive than she, coming up over and over every few minutes to hassle her to buy drinks, because he's making a cut also on busing the drinks to your table (though not much). Generally her drinks will cost about 15 pesos, and she gets 5 pesos of that. Your drinks should cost between 5 pesos and $1 or $1.50. Be aware that most of these places serve the really little beer bottles for these prices. (Exchange rate last time I was there: ~8 pesos/1 dollar). IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! IMPORTANT! You don't have to exchange any money before crossing, but if you don't, be sure you have lots of small bills, preferably ones (U.S. dollar bills), before you cross. I have brought as many as 40 or 50 ones at a time when crossing for drinks, tips for dancers, etc., etc. If you go with large bills, even pesos, the waiter will likely disappear for eons looking for change--it's amazing how little these places think ahead. For this reason, this is the most important Spanish lesson you will need: Donde esta mi feria? Where is my change? Me lo puede dar en pesos. You can give it to me in pesos. [If this is OK with you.] Miscellaneous: It costs $1 or 10 pesos to get in to Boys' Town and you have to pay this if you're on foot or in a cab. To take a prostitute out at night is $3-4. This you pay to the cops in the white building at the entrance, if they're paying attention. Don't pay any other amount, especially to one of the myriad boneheads/hustlers all trying to get your attention and take advantage of your inexperience. The rest of the FAQ: -------------------- Q. Is Reynosa a fairly large town such as Nuevo Laredo? A. Yes, Reynosa is a fairly large town such as Nuevo Laredo. I like it a lot better, though it's not as touristy as NL--really very little in the way of trinkets and crap to bring back home. If you want touristy stuff, the best place to go is Nuevo Progreso, which is only 20 mins. to the east down Texas 336 if you have a car. Also right on the border. Q. What is the average price for getting laid, I saw some thread about it being like $70. in Laredo it is only $40 to $45. A. You can bargain some on prices. As usual, the same advice applies as when you're buying a car, etc. Don't get locked in to one model. Don't lose all your power over the transaction (like waiting until 5 am and there are no desirable women left). Conversely, I went one time in the late afternoon when there were a few women out and got a good deal for about $30-40. She wasn't otherwise busy, which I reminded her of, and these women never know when they'll have a customer, so they generally won't "pass up a sale". Q. What is the difference between "De sala"--"Ir de sala" and -"Al cuarto" what more would you get for "De sala"--"Ir de sala" ? A. Very simple. Ir de sala involves you taking her home with you (back to your hotel room). She will spend the night. I always get 2 sex acts with her back in my hotel room, one that night and one in the morning. It's hard to say that my experience will be typical, however, since I always carry on a normal conversation with these women in Spanish, and very few can do that. I know that there are some of them (okay, I know of ONE who works/worked in Lipstick named Janet) who knows English well enough to carry on a conversation, although that isn't required for an overnight stay. I know other guys who get a woman back to their room with them without being able to really understand each other. I have taken 3 women back to my room (on different occasions), and I always offer them to go out to eat before going back to the hotel room; I'm almost always at least a little hungry, and this just fits in well with El Doble's style. Then the following afternoon, after waking up good and late, having sex, and leaving the hotel (check out time is 1 pm), it's off to another restaurant for lunch. Q. I usually plan on carrying some money with me to purchase some medicines etc... and was thinking it may not be safe to store any valuables in a hotel room in Mexico. Can you recommend a good hotel on the American side that will drive you down to the border that is also fairly close to the airport ? (I am thinking alongside the same type of thing I usually do when I go to Laredo.). Do you know what the going rate is for a cab from there to say BOYSTOWN ??. Is all of the action to be expected in BOYSTOWN only. I am kind of interested in the "De sala"--"Ir de sala" . I have already experienced the "Al cuarto" and the spice is almost out of that one. You say almost $120 for this correct??. A. I do not have any idea how much a cab ride from your hotel to Boys Town will cost. You will probably have to split it up. I have paid $18 for a cab just to cross the border and leave me on the other side--a marvelous 10 minute ride that I walked in subsequent trips. Make sure you tell those cabbies on the American side to fuck off and just walk across yourself. Once across, you can get a cab ride for $5-7 to a hotel and then he will wait a few minutes for you to take you to Boys' Town. Nearby hotels to Boys' Town are Motel Paulita (my favorite), Motel Villita, and Hotel Paraiso. In Spanish a "motel" means a sex motel, where you will certainly get no bullshit for bringing a woman back with you. I always stay at these places because they are more private; the regular "hotels" always have some little lobby for you to walk through, and if you're coming back late, you might have to wake up the man at the counter; not so the motels. $120 is correct for a trip "de sala". Some girls may want more; some will undoubtedly settle for less. One of El Doble's favorites, in the Pink Pussycat bar right at the entrance to Boys' Town, is named Alaska. She wanted what I thought was too much--$70 for a half-hour. Plus she says that she definitely doesn't go home with guys (de sala). Unfortunate, since she is quite beautiful--she looks Arab, with black hair, dark nipples and a pretty, Mediterranean-type nose. She also dances there, and is by far the sexiest dancer IMHO. Tropicana features quite young-looking girls. The best strip show in town is there, too, and I've actually seen a live sex show there. The woman (very hot) actually recruited audience members to come on stage and fuck her. Most guys were too embarrassed to take advantage of this bargain, however. I found a quite youthful looking girl there and got quite a bargain--300 pesos for an hour. This is called a doble (double); the usual time is 20 minutes or a half hour. (You can easily see how I got my nickname--El Doble ain't even got started good after 20 minutes). (300 pesos/8 pesos per dollar = $37.50--a bargain, I think. I don't know how much she would have charged for me to take her back to my hotel room, but it probably wouldn't have been too much. The standard fee that the bars charge is $20 for taking a girl out at night, and then at the little cop station at the entrance to Boys' Town, they will want $3-4 also, if they are paying attention.) Also something to consider here: there were several young American guys there when I was looking over my purchases at the Tropicana, but these guys looked to be all talk and no action. One beautiful, hot, chesty girl did a table dance, but then walked back to the bar--the only reasonable explanation being that these guys were only there for the show and a little fantasy. So don't think a woman's necessarily taken just cause she's sitting with some guy. A little patience will work in your favor. The hotels you asked about on the American side of the border I saw this past weekend that are very close to the airport are: the Hilton, Holiday Inn, Country Inn & Suites, and Courtyard by Marriott. These are all south of U.S. Highway 83, a major dividing point down in the valley. Very close hotels to this area are also Embassy suites, the Drury Inn, and the venerable Motel 6. They're all in the area of Texas Highway 336, which is the route I use to get down to the bridge. I take the bridge from Hidalgo (town right on the border) to Reynosa, and this is the main bridge, and right near Boys' Town. DON'T take the Pharr International Bridge. I have no idea where this goes. I never advise leaving cash in a hotel room, anywhere. You'll probably be safe leaving it in the hotel safe, and using your hotel room on the U.S. side as a "home base". I wouldn't do this myself, just because it'll be too expensive. Just think--every $30-40 could be one more full service/oral service. Copyright 1997 by El Doble for use by the World Sex Guide.

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