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Red Wing, Minnesota

Subject: update on prostitution in Red Wing, MN

I was bored one night when travelling to Red Wing, MN and I was browsing
trough the phone book in search of something interesting. I found a massage
place called Trim & Tan and I went their because I got promised a full body
massage for $ 40.

When I came in it looked quite promising. The massage table was like the
one in regular massage parlors and the atmospere was really relaxing with
dimmed light, nice music and candles.

But it really was only a body massage. The lady made sure that the towel
was always covering my you know what and when she was finished, she left
the room so quickly that I could not even ask for anything extra.

Red Wing is a dead place for fun.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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