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Recife, Brazil

I have a good knowledge of brothels in brazil, due to my frequent
journeys during the 5 last years. Today I give you some info about
Recife. Excuse my poor english, I am a french-speaker.

In Recife, as for any place in brazil, you have the choice between 3
possibilities about prostitution.
1 - "as mulheres de program" - the "program girls"
2 - the brothels
3 - the streets

The "mulheres de program" usually act in public places, like
restaurants or bars and are quite easy to spot, because they are
usually more attractive-dressed as the "honest" women (+ make
up). Generally quite young (under 18 is frequent), they look for your
eye contact, especially if you are dressed like a gringo. How old you
are doesn't have any importance. You discuss with her, first from a
table to another. Then she will come at your table, to drink
something, or with her own drink. You'll discuss about any subject,
with a preference for "how nice Brazil is" or you can talk of your own

After a few minutes, she will come nearer, but they know exactly when
to talk about money. Sometimes she won't talk about it at all.  All
you have to do if you want to go to bed with her is to propose to go
to a "good motel". She knows every one of them (the better are usually
outside the town). The motel will be charged by hour, cheap indeed
(between US$ 15 and US$ 50 per hour).

The girl will take off her dress, and you go together in the shower.
She can wash you, it depends. When you seem clean enough, let's go to
bed !

The girl will touch you, suck you (without condom if you don't ask to
put one), and you can fuck her as you like, in as many positions you
want. She will wear your buddy with a condom before to fuck. Take your
time, as there is no question of time with her : she is not a "whore",
what she would like is stay the night with you. Who knows where she
stays at home ? A wood house with 12 brothers and sisters will be the
most frequent reality.

When finished (you can come in her mouth if you want to), if you don't
want to stay with her, no problem. If you want, it would be a better
idea to take her in your hotel room. But take care of your valuables!

Best places to find mulheres de program in Recife : the go-go bars at
Praca de Boa Viagem, near the long beach of "Boa Viagem". Very easy to
find, the largest one counts more than 50 girls every night from 10 pm.
By day, go to the beach Boa Viagem near the same Market Praca, you'll see
some 50 year old europeans discussing with girls. Just rent a chair,
ask a beer from the garcon and look around.

Try also the very pleasant bar called Cravo e Canela, rua dos creoulas,

Prices : US$50-100 for a night is frequent (if you speak
portugese). If you seem really to "gringo", you'll pay 100 $ for a 1
hour program. But it is very usual to stay with her all night long in
your hotel. Put all your valuables in a safe.

2 - In the streets : as everyone told me it is really very
dangerous, I never did it. Good luck.

3 - The brothels.
Try the "Twenty Club", rua Luiz de Farias Barbosa, 20 (Boa Viagem).
It is a very fine mansion with a swimming pool. You can go every time
between 4:00 pm and 4:00 am. The girls are the nicest I ever saw in
Brazil ! When you enter (come with a taxi, it is easier), the Mama-San
gives you the prices. It was 160 reais in last may 95, say US$ 180. You
will pay her directly when you leave, like you would in good
restaurants. Better to pay cash, to avoid the extra-costs for credit
card, very high in Brazil. The drinks are cheap. For the money, you
can pick up any girl you want. The best to do is to drink something
with her, and to discuss ("batter papo") a little. Many of them speak
english or german.

When you want, you just say "vamos ?" , she takes a key for a room, and
you go upstairs. Video, round bed, air-conditioning, etc. I have had
good fuckin' programs with very nice girls. If you arrive at 7:00 pm, I
think you'll find the most girls, between 15 and 20, sometimes more. If
you come very late, say 2:00 am, only 4 or 5 are there.

The sex itself takes 1 hour for US$150. Don't stay longer if you are not
part of Rockfeller family. If you like the girl, you can ask her how to
see her outside. But she rarely says OK after a single experience.
You can find the same way, but cheapest (and with less beautiful girls)
at the "Scandinavian", in Boa Viagem (every taxi driver knows). 90 US$
for one hour, cheap drinks, bad food.

There is a more popular brothel downtown, near the port. Prices US$50
for foreigners, but quality and mood are not that pleasant. And the
place could be dangerous if you are not accustomed to the latino way
of life !

Have fun.

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