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Reading, United Kingdom

Subject: Reading, UK info in plain text

Prostitution in Reading, Berkshire, England

Prostitution in Reading is mostly confined to Massage Establishments
and Escort agencies. There is no "red light" district or at least if
there is one, I can't find it.

To find out about Massage parlours, you can look in the local paper
classified section - Reading Post and Reading Chronicle both have
sections where advertisements are placed. You should also get hold
of the Diamond FreeAds yellow paper. This comes out every Wednesday
and has a couple of sections where ads are placed. A quick look
through this weeks edition shows 42 ads for massage of which 10 were
based in Reading. (The rest were for nearby towns like Maidenhead,
Windsor, Slough, Newbury, Oxford and High Wycombe).

It seems that some of the parlours are owned by the same people (when you
phone for descriptions they use the same sentences) or the girls work
in more than one parlour.

Here are some details of parlours:

1) Ebony and Ivory   (0118) 986 4800
   87a Northumberland Avenue
   (Entrance is behind the shops)

   50-70 UKP for "full personal"

   When I called the girl on duty was described as 5'6 tall, 36E-26-38,
   aged 22.

2) Angels      (0118) 967 7503
   85 Wokingham Road
   (Next door to the India Palace restaurant)

   30-50 UKP for "full personal" or 75 UKP for 1 hour VIP which includes
   videos, toys, glass of wine and bubble bath.

   (They used almost the exact same words as 1)

   When I called Katrina was on duty. She was described as a leggy 5'8
   brunette with 38D-24-34 figure, aged 32.

Prices typically range from 30 UKP to 75 UKP all inclusive.

I have visited two parlours:

1) Ebony and Ivory.

On the day I visited here, the girl described above was working (I forget
her name). I was told I could have Sex or Oral for 50 or both for 70. Larger
ladies are not to my taste, so I made my excuses and made for the door. I
was then asked for a 20 UKP consultancy fee. I don't know if this is common
practice, but I argued and argued, stood my ground and eventually got out
without paying. Their argument was that they had given me a good description
on the phone and I shouldn't have turned up if I thought I might not like
the girl on duty.

2) Sophistikats.

On the day I visited here, Sophie was working. She was pleasantly pretty to
my eyes. I was offered sex or oral for 30 and both for 50. We agreed on 50.
Sophie gave me a reasonable, though short massage, then after putting the
obligatory condom on me, gave me a some very nice oral, playing with my
balls as she did so. I asked if we could do the sex bit doggie style, but
was told that would be extra. We did missionary position sex. Sophie joined
in a little, holding my buttocks and moaning a bit, but spoiled the moment
by telling me to "finish now - your time's up".

Other massage places I know of, but have never visited:

Diplomats:  (0118) 950 8924
Oasis:	    (0118) 961 0110
Nikki:      (0118) 967 1169
            (0118) 933 1069
Mature:     (0118) 957 2076  mobile (0378) 483366
Annalise:   (0118) 967 6491
Kay:        (0118) 950 3894
Pippa:      (0118) 941 7774  mobile (0468) 401689 (48DD, size 14, age 22)

Date: January, 1998 Subject: Pleasure report from Reading, England GENERAL : The following original research performed by Dylan DePolignac. (C) 1996- 98 by Dylan DePolignac. Last update: 4th January 1998. Permission is granted to freely copy, modify, and distribute this document in whole or in part, provided that it is not done for profit and that this entire copyright notice remains attached. If you find these reports useful or if you wish me to research a city of your choosing, please write to me ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Berkshire in General -------------------------- How to find Prostitutes ----------------------- I won't advise on streetwalkers as it seems a very risky business. Apart from the streetwalkers, the professional working girl is to be found as in-call or out-call. The out-calls are either independent or through an agency, usually advertised as "escorts". Out-call can be very convenient as you have plenty of choice available in your hotel within the hour but my experience is that it is a bit expensive and it can be frustrating to get a girl who falls well short of her description - it is hard to turn her away when she is already there and you know that you will wait an hour for another. Out-call costs about 100 to 140 pounds for an hour. The in-calls are to be found under the universal banner of "massage" and they usually operate from a residential house or apartment, one or two girls together, usually managed by an older madam who takes the calls and looks after the door and waiting room etc. Both out-call and in-call advertise in the local papers. In the Reading area, try local publications under "Personal Services" ; - Reading Chronicle is a good paper but there are several others ------------------------------------------------------------------------ House of Pleasure: Creme de la Creme or "Sophistikats" Location: Caversham Road, not far from the railway station, call for address Telephone: 0118 959 5362 Facilities : Small fairly grubby looking appartment on several levels. Usually only one girl working at a time, with a second woman acting as "manager" answering the phone and door etc. Don't be put off by the awful entrance. Inside is nie and clean with friendly staff. Open till 9 p.m. Prices : Quoted 30 to 50 pounds on the phone. At the place you may be offered 75 pounds VIP which is everything in a bubble bath with wine for 1 hour. Hostess Reports: AnnaLise: Personality:10, Body:10, Face:10, Technique:9, Overall 9.5/10 Guys - get ready! I am telling you that the perfect 10 very nearly exists. In fact I am wondering whether to share this information with my WSG buddies or to keep it selfishly off the web. OK - here goes. If it wasn't for her lack of knowledge of good massage - AnnaLise would get straight 10's. She is young (about 20), slim, tall, long brunette, great figure - about 36" and oh so beautifully tanned. She is very pretty and very bubbly and she seems to LOVE sex. She wears lots of earrings and has a diamond in her navel. She must be a budding topiarist as she has shaved her pussy fur into a nice heart shape - a classy young Birmingham lassie working in Reading. I arrived and was greeted by another nice Birmingham girl acting as the manager. AnnaLise was busy - the woman told me that she is "extremely poular" I fancied the woman but she told me "No - why don't you wait for AnnaLise". This turned out to be an unexpected stroke of voyeuristic good luck as I got to wait in a little room next to AnnaLises's boudoir where I received full audio and partial visual benefit of watching her at work on some naked guy. What a pleasure machine she was! She finished the guy off very quickly but I don't know what he paid for that. Despite her speed on that guy, it was now too late for the VIP bubble bath but we agreed on 70 pounds for a full personal - "no rush". I am not going to go into all the details here as for me it was a very intimate experience. Suffice to say that I spent well over an hour with AnnaLise, gave and received everything I craved for, shared some great jokes and made appointment for next time. I swear to you WSG subscribers - it is now two days later and I still ache in all the right places. AnnaLise is one very friendly, sexy and ENERGETIC girl. My advice is to make an appointment and tell her Dylan sent you. --Dylan ------------------------------------------------------------------------ House of Pleasure: Busty Blondes - New in Town Location: Wensley Rd. Housing Estate, West Reading suburbs - call for address Telephone: 0118 950 8924 Facilities : Very rare to find a place with multiple girls working but this place has 4. It is a standard housing estate residence in a poor area of Reading where you play the game of phoning in advance a few minutes prior to arrival - you're given the address and asked at that time whether you want 1 or 2 girls. Open till 9:30 p.m. Prices : I was told on the phone - 65 pounds maximum, no rush, good time and "why don't you take 2 girls for 130 - unforgettable". I said I'll start with one and work my way up - no hassle. Hostess Report : Disaster! I went through all the game of telephoning and skulking through the back entrance. It was a pretty ordinary looking place with full rubbish bins, cat's food and mess all over the place - I started to have funny feelings. Anyway, I felt better when I saw the babes. There were supposed to be 4 of them - 3 came and looked me over through the kitchen window before unbolting the door. They were pretty good looking. Lots of mammary hyperplasm and long blonde hair, 1 brunette cute in a waif-like way. Standard procedure - remove your shoes (what the heck for?) and go upstairs and strip. "Hey by the way - why don't you take 2 girls?" I was beginning to dislike this place as I hadn't even met a lady yet - all very sinister. As I got to the bedroom (lingerie and videos everywhere), the sexy looking busty one starts screaming at me "Get Out! - go out the backdoor, the landlord is coming up through the front entrance!" I was pissed off by now so I took my time to put my shoes back on and left as some other guy came through the front entrance with tits and bums all over the show. I phoned the net day to complain but I may as well have gone to the Chamber of Commerce. The girls just laughed it all off and told me to come round again and take them all out for dinner as they were all starving. Could have been worse - I didn't lose any money - just wasted my time and my hard-on. Dylan's advice : These girls (despite being young and good looking) are obviously rank amateurs. Steer clear unless you want to participate in some sort of farce. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- House of Pleasure: New in Newbury Location: Boundary Road industrial area of south Newbury, call for address Telephone: 01635 524407 Facilities : Rather grubby little end of terrace house. You are asked to enter through the side entrance in a little dark alley. Seemed to be a pretty run-down neighborhood but I didn't see any dangerous looking people. Like many places in the south of England, the brothelkeeper is a middle-aged woman with a range of younger girls, only one of whom is working at a time. Open till 10 p.m. Prices : Start at 25 pounds (massage) through to 80 pounds (full personal) Hostess Reports: Chloe: Personality:5, Body:6, Face:5, Technique:N/A, Overall N/A About 25-30, I was not inspired by Chloe's looks nor by her high prices. That along with the madam's manner left me with a very funny feeling so I left before transacting any business. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- House of Pleasure: "Heaven" Location: Fobney Street (city center) Telephone: 0118 939 4917 Facilities : 1 girl at a time, changes daily. Not sampled. Open till 10 p.m. Prices : Quoted on phone as 50 to 70 pounds. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- House of Pleasure: R-E-L-A-X Location: Heritage Court (off Castle Hill), central Reading Telephone: 0118 959 6011 Facilities : 1 girl at a time, changes daily. Not sampled. Open till 9 p.m. Prices : Quoted on phone as 30 to 50 pounds. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- House of Pleasure: Oasis Location: Oxford Road, North Central Reading Telephone: 0118 961 0110 Facilities : 1 girl at a time, changes daily. Not sampled. Open till 11 p.m. Prices : Quoted on phone as 40 to 60 pounds.--====================987654321_0==_
Date: Sun, 17 May 1998 05:52:05 -0500 Reading, Berkshire: There is a massage parlour at 613 Oxford road that has nice girls and that provides real value for money. Speak to Amie, the manageress, I personally like her a lot. She also has provided me with extras that are sometimes hard to find. She's also willing to go on outcall and can be nice fun outside of the "office". They advertise in the yellow FreeAds newspaper.

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