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Reading, Pennsylvania

Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997 06:38:41 -0600

There seems to be a glut of massage parlors in the Reading, PA area.  I
travel there on business and have had the opportunity to try one or two
and as is often the case having found one I like I've stuck with it.

The Odyessey (it's an odd spelling, with the emphasis on the word "yes", I
guess) is located just south of Reading in a decent suburban location.
You park at a nearby "C" store, walk 100' or so. and enter a small but
comfortable waiting room.  Soon you're beckoned in, asked if you've been
there before and shown to a room where the girls come through one at a
time and introduce themselves.  Options as to length of stay are discussed
and once you've made your selection payment is accepted and you're shown
to a room. (I normally take a 45-minute session for $75, which includes
mutual nude massage). Credit Cards are accepted.

The facilities are very nice, tastefully decorated rooms with decent
furnishings, lots of mirrors,  hot tubs available, etc.  I've seen a
variety of girls over the years, my favorite, Dena, has moved on, but
there seems to be a nice selection of 4-6 girls anytime I've visited.

While I've never had full service there, Dena once mentioned that as I was
a regular, pretty much anything I wanted was available.  I've always had
such a good time with the mutual massage that I've never felt it necessary
to spend the extra $ full service would command.

On a typical visit with Dena, (she was a tall, slender, small-breasted,
brunette, about 22 years, maybe 5'8", 120#, dynamite legs and ass, if you
know where she's wound up please let me know) she would give me a nice
backrub and then slide up beside me for some mutual fondling and french
kissing, I'd spend a lot of time sucking her nipples and fingering her
pussy while she pulled at my cock, and she'd moan appropriately and get
very hot and frequently orgasm before she made me cum all over her legs
and belly.  Absolutely as erotic as any fuck I've ever had.

Recently had a very similar session with another gal there.  French
kissing seems to be an acceptable part of the package.  She was not as hot
as Dena but we still had a good time.

Overall, while I can't swear to it, full-service seems to be available
once you've established yourself, and even without it, I'd give the club a
7-8 rating for girls, facilities, and service.  I'm a daytime visitor, so
I don't know how busy it gets evenings, or if the selection is better
during prime time.

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