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Raleigh, North Carolina

 I have heard that in the phone book yellow pages one can find escort services
to call and have someone visit you to escort you right to bed. I have also
learned that the company "A CLass Act" is NOT one of these services.
This company will only send a dancer to dance for you.  So, if you actually
are looking for a "escort" this is not the company for you.

                  (Raleigh, NC area)

From: (JayHawk) Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC Raleigh doesn't have much, but one place worth mentioning is Tom Cats on Route 70 north of Raleigh at the southeastern edge of Durham (and not actually within the city limits). Check the Yellow Pages for the address. I haven't been there since 1988-90, so it may be gone, but I know it was around for many years so it may still be there. This is a bit of a weird operation. You pay a "membership fee" that is $1 or $2 to get you a one-year membership. They do this solely to get access to your driver's license to see if you are a cop. (I believe in NC all cops must have a chauffeur's license so they screen guys this way.) After you pay the $1, you enter a little foyer where a girl explains the pricing to you. Basically it is (was in 1989) $40 if the girl keeps clothes on, $60 she's topless and no touching below the waist, $80 for nude and you can touch anywhere, and $100 if she takes a shower with you. You have no choice of girls, but everyone I've seen there has been a 9+. I usually pick the $80 and this includes 45 min of rubbing and licking the girl all over followed by a super hand job. The two times I've been there the girl wouldn't do anything besides the hand job. If the girl likes you (you are clean and polite) she will let you put your fingers in her pussy, but I've been told they often don't let guys do this if they look, smell, or act badly! The girls I've had (and a few others I've seen working there) are all gorgeous, with D-cup or better. Most are students or other part-timers, not really pros, and as such are some of the nicest, most intelligent girls I've ever been with! The owner is obviously looking for a certain type of girl and hires only the best. If you can settle for a hand job, this place is highly recommended.
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 1995 02:01:55 UTC Subject: REVIEW: escort services in Raleigh, NC (again) This is a review of experiences that I have had with escort services in the RTP, NC area, specifically, in Raleigh, NC. I welcome follow-ups, comments, and questions. Costs ***** Full service around here is $150 cash or $175-200 with a credit card. Practically all escort services take Visa/MC and more are taking American Express. When the hour is late, many services take only cash. Some services take personal checks from regulars. At least one service says up front over the phone that their fee is "$150 cash, no tipping", implying that full service is included in the basic fee, but this is the case for all services that I've called (and I've used all of the ones that have been around over the past 2-3 years). Almost all of the local escorts take tips depending on what you want; more on that later. All escorts require a condom for fucking, but some can be bargained with if the tip amount is high enough. Also, blow jobs thru a condom are now 'de rigeur' (as opposed to a few years ago), but this can also sometime be bargained. A blowjob without a condom and without a tip is a stroke of luck. The Different 'Companies' ************************* M & R Photography/TriCounty Escorts *********************************** I've had my best experiences with this firm. They are professional over the phone, give accurate descriptions and ETAs for their ladies, and call back back if there is a problem and the lady can't make it (many local firm don't do this). Their fee is $150/cash & $175/credit card. They might take a personal check if they know you. I've met with a variety of ladies from this firm, and all have been fun and nice, at a minimum. My favorites were Acelia & Beth. I saw Acelia 2 times a couple of years ago. She was 23, 5'5", 125 lbs, *incredible* chest, nice figure overall, and an extremely nice disposition. She is gone now, unfortunately for us but good or her, as she was in the business to make some money to tide her over rough times. One bonus 'bout Acelia was that she gave blow jobs without a condom *for no extra charge*. I didn't even have to inquire about a tip or any extra fee. Acelia is easily the best looking and nicest escort I've met in this area. I think Beth is still with the firm, but don't know. She is 5"7", 120 lbs, great legs and figure (smallish chest), and is absolutely wild. Beth is very enthusiastic: as I was lying on my bed (fully clothed), she unzipped my shorts and started blowing me...and this was without any suggestion on my part and *before* we'd decided on any tip. Also, she voluntarily swallowed when I blew my load. Beth is one of the best escort experience I've had in this area. I highly recommend her. I believe she will fuck without a condom for the right $$ and if you can convince her that you don't have any stds or worse. Other women I've seen thru M & R: Cristine. She's 5'5", 120 lbs with absolutely beautiful legs. And a not so pretty face. But she's pretty laid back and has a terrific figure. Her legs are truly lovely! The only other woman I've seen recently thru M & R/Tri-County was Linda. She is a 5'9" redhead, with a very sleek physique. She was above average, but not in the same league as Acelia & Beth. She blew me thru a condom, and then we had fairly brief missionary-style sex. Linda wasn't bad, but I wouldn't ask for her again. Almost forgot: I saw another girl thru M & R a few years ago, April. She is short & stocky (5'4", 130 lbs), but lots of fun. She's personable, energetic in the sack and very enthusiastic about blowjobs with a condom (without a tip, to boot). She also favors doggie-style. I don't know if she's still with M & R, I think she's "freelancing" now, but if you run across her, I recommend her also. Professional Escorts ******************** Fee: $150/cash & $175/credit card. I don't get ladies from them very often, but they are also very professional and dependable. The last girl I saw thru them was Trish, a 5'2" blonde. Trish had a beach girl look, vey perky with small breasts. I tipped her $100 and we screwed twice without a rubber (I didn't cum in her). If she's with the firm, she's worth the $$. Esquire ******* Fee: $150-200/cash & $200/credit card. They sometimes take checks. I used this firm once, with moderate results. I forget the young lady's name, but she was 5'4", 125 lbs or so, small breasts, good legs, and a nice round butt. She charged $25 up front for a condomless blow-job, after which we fucked missionary and doggie-style for 20 minutes. She is pretty energetic when on the bottom, playing with her breasts and moaning softly. I would see her again. Conclusion ********** This wraps up this review of escort services in the Raleigh, NC area. I shall post more info as my 'experiences' expand. One note: there was a warning a few weeks ago on this newsgroup about the Class Act escort service and that they don't provide full service. That info is *wrong*. I've used Class Act several times with satisfaction. Perhaps the person who originated the info did something stupid, such as ask the lady as she walked into his house "So, ready to get it on?!" or something similar. Ciao, Lurker
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 15:43:31 UTC Subject: REVIEW: escort services in Raleigh, NC (addendum) [ Below is additional information, an embellishment on my earlier review. ] Agency: M & R/Tri-County
I've experienced two more ladies at M & R since my last posting: Margaret and Tory. First, Margaret. When I called that evening, the 'phone hostess' (who is usually Marie) said that a lady named Margaret was available and "had a great personality". Whoa! The tipoff for a not-very-attractive-woman, right? Well, yes, in that Margaret is a little overweight and doesn't have a model-like face ...but she really does have personality and is good company. She is about 5'4" and 130 lbs. She gives blowjobs without condoms, and if she likes you, will open-mouth kiss and probably even have sex wout/a condom. If you want a lady that looks like a model, don't ask for Margaret, but I give her a strong endorsement overall. Tory is 5'6" & 130 lbs or so. She is a very sweet girl, w/long brown hair and a nice disposition. She has a great chest (36C and firm) and nice legs. She also gets a strong endorsement. She open-mouth kisses, and I think will also have sex wout/a condom. She also gives comdom-less blowjobs. Tory isn't very vocal, she is the girl-next door type. So, I would *definitely* ask for both os these ladies again. Tory only works afternoons and early evenings, whereas Margaret is often available until the wee hours. Ciao, Lurker
Subject: Additional Information on Raleigh, North Carolina, USA Date: Sat, 3 Feb 1996 00:11:59 UTC This little tidbits are my experience with the mentioned services: A Tri-County Escort: I called the service and asked for an escort to come to my location. The girl who answered the phone was very friendly and asked if I have seen any of the girls from the service before. I lied and told them I have seen Beth and Margaret based on the information I have read here. I asked for a petit brunette or blond with excellent body in the early 20's and was told the girl of my desire was Jordan. I agreed and Jordan called me about 15 minutes later. I told Jordan on the phone in indirect terms what I wanted was a blow job and sex. We agreed and she was to meet me at my place in about 1 hour. She arrived about an hour later. She is a great looking gal. If you like models, you will like Jordan. She is about 5'6", 25, weighs no more than 120 lbs, athletic-slim, lots of curves, nice tight 35" tits and ass. No sooner was she in my place, we got down to the business. I stripped naked with my cock rock hard from looking at her incredible body. She stripped, and began to suck on my cock. Besides the fact that the girl was at least a 9, she must also be a 9 on cock sucking. I was about to come so I told her to stop. I slowly licked and sucked on her wonderful body and breasts. I got down to her pussy and could not resist so I started to lick her cunt. She got so wet and her juice started to flow. Jordan was very responsive and started to moan because of the pleasure I was giving her. At that time i could not resist myself. I quickly strapped on a rubber and asked her to mount me. She got on top and rode me while i suck and bite on her nipples and breasts. After awhile we decided for me to get on top. We rolled over and fucked missionary type. At this moment, Jordan was screaming and moaning loudly. This turned me on so much that I continued to fuck her intensely. She got extremely aroused and came. She may also be a good actress too? I rolled her over on all four and proceeded to fuck her doggie style. Her ass was so tight, that i couldn't resist slapping her on the butt a few times. After about 15 minutes of slamming Jordan, I exploded and unleased my come into her pussy. Overall, Jordan will have to be one of the nicest escorts I have seen for $150/hour (cash basis). She told me later that she currently and may have contract with Playboy for a pictorial session. I hope she get one, since I always want to laid a playmate. Amanda Too: This service was also reasonable. The fees were from $150 for cash and $165 for credit card for one hour. I have seen two girl from this service. Christine was the first girl. She is 19 year-old brunette studying nursing. She is average looking, maybe a 7-8, but have tight and slim body. She have 34B chest and a model figure. She gave me a blowjob using the rubber and afterward we proceeded to fuck. Since I favor doggie style, I did her from behind and ramped her deep and hard until I came a few minutes later. We cleaned ourselves and joined back on my bed for a little afterplay since there was time left on the call. Another girl that I have seen from the same service was Morgan. Morgan is about the same age as Christine, but is larger in body frame. She is not slim but of average size. Her best attributes are her great tits and gorgeous face. I definitely recommend any of these three girls to everyone.
Date: 20 Feb 1996 22:40:33 -0500 Not much in the area. You might try Tom Cats on Rte. 70 between Raleigh and Durham. But you'll do much better to come over to Greensboro and stop at Sun's Massage on Spring Garden--good looking Korean girls, classy, well run place, full service for between $80-160 (pay more, get more). I recommend it.
Subject: Additional Report for Raleigh, NC, USA Date: Mon, 1 Jul 1996 07:36:44 UTC Atta: I have recent dealing with and escort agency with listings of Raven Angels/Triangle Models Inc/Amanda's Too/Corporate Designs. The service they provided was SUBSTANDARD at best. The girls, overall, are fat and ugly. Many of them are so drugged up, that the act, itself, may as well be jacking yourself off (At least that is for free). The girls are totally unreliable. They never showed up on-time, if at all. The phone girls were rude and not so trustworthy because information of the girls do not match up to the girls' descriptions. My conclusion of this escort service? Not worth the time or the money. Use other services. Atta, Please post so others in the areas can avoid these ripoffs. Thanks. AND REMOVE MY NAME.
Subject: Raleigh Escort Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 04:57:11 UTC The escort service you refer to as Tricounty /M&R Photography has suddenly gone M.I.A. I was wondering if you have any new information on them, such as a phone number.
Subject: Raleigh, North Carolina Date: Sun, 14 Jul 1996 08:11:50 UTC please post anonymously more notes on Raleigh, North Carolina July, 1996: inspired by the postings, I decided to give the Raleigh services a try. i haven't used an escort service in almost 15 years. my previous experiences in Anaheim and Miami were extremely good with 9-10 level girls, but i guess times have changed. even the hour has been downsized! I tried to call M&R, but they are out of business according to the girl I finally saw and the telephone company. the number in their ad does not answer. I was told that A CLASS ACT is also out of business, but did not bother to call them. Lacking M&R, I called Amanda Too. the receptionist said she could send a girl for $175 for an hour. she neglected to say "up to an hour". she asked what kind of girl I liked and I said any hair color, less than 5'5" and slender but not a waif. she said she had just the girl I wanted: Helena, 5'4" 105# busty. when she came (promptly, within 40 minutes) she was not very pretty (5-7), extremely waif-like, and very jumpy and nervous although she claimed not to be (we all know what that indicates). she tried to hold me up for extra money and I resisted (i am reminding myself that the next time a girl does this, to tell her to get lost) and of course i paid for that. she took the $175 which was agreed upon because she said she needed the money. I like waifs too, and i did find her attractive, and her personality was fairly good, but too hurried (she said her boyfriend who also works was waiting outside for her). she was extremely slender, and had at least three tatoos, a belly button ring and a clit ring, which i have never seen before and found interesting. she gave me a very brief passable massage (she had nice hands) and then proceeded to give me head without a condom (she thought I would demand it, which i don't), and then we started to make love. we started on our side which lasted for about a minute, when she wanted to get on top and obviously try to get me off as quickly as possible. this totally turned me off. she then went to work on me with her hand and did get me off extremely quickly. she went to wash and i asked her to come back to the bed. at this point about 25 minutes had elapsed. i had promised to show her the Internet afterwords (she is quite the entrepreneur and wants to open her own service) and i was completely surprised that she hurridly dressed, and then wanted me to show her the computer since she wants to start up in Atlanta for the games (sounds like it is going to draw every pro from the southeast!). of course i told her goodbye and she left immediately, having spent slightly over 30 minutes from door opening to door closing. i guess i am naive, but my previous experiences years ago were not with girls who try to get something for nothing. we pay for an hour of pleasure in one way or another, and i certainly did not wish it to finish in that manner in less than 30 minutes. i called the service to tell the girl what happened, and she was not interested and hung up on me, but obviously told Helena because she called me back (i am in a hotel) to bitch. oh well...... my conclusions: about me: I should have made my every desire perfectly clear to Helena when she called me to arrange the date: she doesn't ask for extra money and she stays for one hour no matter what. if i had done so it might have been a better time for me (if not for her). the service: i recommend that you do NOT try Amanda Too. they clearly have no interest in whether the client has a good time or not. the girl: this girl would be extremely interesting to someone who is turned on by waifs or body art, and given the right conditions might be fun but i doubt it. i don't think she has the idea of value given for value received, but if you draw up a verbal contract first it might be allright.
Subject: REVIEW: Raleigh Massage Parlor Date: 1996/10/14 For many months I have been waiting for some one to post a review of of the massage parlor on HWY 1 North of Raleigh. Having seen no such efforts, I decided to check it out myself one sunny morning (actually it was noon). The parlor has a sign that says "MASSAGE PARLOR: ALL GIRL STAFF" and is about 25 miles north of the beltline (I-440) on U.S. 1. US 1 is also called Capital Blvd. At any rate, as you enter a very small foyer through the front door, you are greeted by a door to the right with a small (8x10) mirror in it. They will screen you through it first, (you can't see them) and if they feel safe, will open the door. When I went, there were three girls. The oldest one greeted me at the door and introduced herself as Tia and the other two as Tiffany and Melissa (I think). The prices started at $45 for 15 min fully clothed (for her), $60 topless, $80 fully nude, etc. By now, I am thinking, man it is expensive. Anyway, in the interest of research, I took Tiffany a somewhat chubby low to mid twenties brunnette girl for the $60 session. Not knowing what to expect, I followed her into one of the sparsely furnished rooms and she told me to get comfortable and left. Of course, I got naked and lied on the bed. She came back after a few minutes and took off her top and started massaging my back (below average massage) and when I turned over I asked her what other services were available. She said, it depends on the donation (not my word). I said, how much donation for what? She said, they don't have sex and won't let guys put fingers inside, but if quote a donation amount, whe will tell me what I can get for it!! I sensed rip-off right away, and sort of complained that for $60 bucks I could have gotton a massage in Raleigh. She said that if I placed her hand on any of my body parts, she will massage it. I took her up on it and got an average hand job. After the release, she went away, and came back with cold wet towel to clean up. All in all, I would not recommend it. I read better reviews about Tom Cats on US 70 in Raleigh/Durham. On hindsight, I should have chosen Tia. She was in her mid thirties (sort of my range) and fairly thin but had a very cute face. I saw all these attributes as I was leaving. Well, may be I shall try again.
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 1997 14:06:34 -0500 Subject: NC Services I've found a couple of massage parlors of interest in the eastern NC region. First, in Raleigh is a parlor called Tomcats, its off of highway 70 going to Durham. Attractive girls, but be prepared to pay at least 50 bucks to get in the door. If you are in the Wilmington area, theres always Jacksonville though I've read in the paper that all of those were shut down due to a sting. But, off of highway 74, about 20 minutes west of Wilmington is a small little town called Acme-Delco, where highway 87 picks up. There is a NICE play there called Magic Moments. Fairly attractive women there and I had excellent service there from a lady named Lexus. They dance, they massage and they rub where you put their hand. Being my first time there, I opted for a 15min session which cost 35 bucks (5 buck membership, onetime). The prices range up to 100 for two girls, both nude. Definately worth trying. In the Fayetteville area is a club called the Paradise Club. I went early one morning and had a session with a nice, but large black woman. She was very friendly and I dont know how the other girls look, but it only cost 20 bucks for 15 minutes and a $2 membership. Not bad at all. Neither of these places checked ID. Good luck guys, I'm trying to find some more full-service girls in the Fayetteville/Raleigh/Durham area, so if you know of them, make sure you post them. And just for your info, a hooker I met last nite said 20 for a bj and 30 for everything. Beats a handjob to me. (pun intended.)
Date: 17 May 97 23:30:22 EDT Raleigh, N.C. Tomcats. I was looking forward to this even though I knew they probably were not full service. But this was a bigger rip-off than Columbus. I went in and three girls were there. One was reasonable attractive but older (late 30's at least). One was around 30 years old but not attractive to me at all. She was heavy, red-neck looking and had a lot of tatoos, yuk! And the third girl as cute and young. She couldn't have been much older than 18. This was not a hard decision for me. The older one explained that they were a conversation club. There would be no touching and no nudity. I was surprised, but I thought maybe that was just because they didn't yet know if I was a cop. They said it was $60 to get in the door. I asked if there was any tipping and she said that all that has to be discussed in the room. I said, "O.K. I'll trust you once." and handed the money to her, I made my choice and she asked for my drivers license. I thought this was a good sign because that is what your report said would happen. She took me to room, and said,"Get comfortable, I'll be right back". She took my I.D. and was gone 4 or 5 minutes. The room had no bed and no couch. Only a big cushy chair and a smaller chair. The T.V. was mounted on an extention arm from the wall. There was a shower with a see-through cover. I thought that "getting comfortable" meant to take my clothes off, so I did. Down to my briefs. She came back in and sat down. I was wearing nothing but briefs. She asked a lot of questions about what I was expecting and I was trying to say enough without saying too much. I really didn't know what to say except I wanted to make sure she knew I wasnt a cop. The bottom line was that it really was conversation only. And it wasn't great conversation. I finally just got mad, got dressed and left, all inside of 10 minutes. I really felt ripped off. I hope they close down. It was nothing like the earlier reports said.
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 22:39:54 -0400 North Carolina - Raleigh ------------------------ Just a quick note. I've never used any of the escort services in Raleigh, but I have called around. Prices run $150 an hour for cash and $175-$200 an hour for credit. Recently though, a whole bunch of them have been shut down.
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 01:22:57 +0000 Subject: Raleigh, NC There's not much in Raleigh. Get a copy of The Spectator. The classifieds contain listings for outcall services. That's where I found Appropriately Designed/Designed Especially For You. There's the standard cost for full service. I have had experiences with 2 women from this service. The 1st was mediocre. The second was outstanding. When I called several girls were available, but when the one I chose was Sunny. She arrived promptly, she was a tall (6 ft w/0 heels) blonde and "experienced" according to the voice on the other end of the line. I won't go into detail but she was smart and provided me with an excellent session. I would definitely ask for her by name the next time I give them a call. They aren't in the phonebook so you will need to get a copy of The Spectator if you're in the area. That's not hard, it's in almost every grocery store.
Subject: Re: (ASP) Req Raleigh massage Date: 1998/02/09 I fel that Hong Kong is at least as good as Sun's. Susi is the mama san, ask for meenah. $120 Full Service.
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 02:30:30 -0500 Subject: Raleigh Escorts I have used two escort services in Raleigh. The first was Appropirately Designed but they were shut down. I think they may have reopened under the name Melissa's Classic Design. I used them twice and was pleased each time. The second service is Amber's. I have used them twice as well. The first girl was Tricia, she was 20, Asian. Her conditions were nothing anal and nothing oral (?!!!). The blowjob would have made the service better but it was still good all and all. The second girl was Kim who made Tricia look like an amateur. She gave me a condomless blowjob as a prelude and was very interactive to say the least. I would recommend Amber's to all if you're in the Raleigh area. The fee is $150/hr for cash and $175/hr for credit cards. There are other services, pick up a copy of the free magazine The Spectator for more listings. STAY AWAY FROM TOMCATS!!. It's a "Conversation Club" (read rip off).
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 18:20:02 EST Subject: Magic Touch Massage, Franklinton North Carolina There is a seemingly little know place located literally in the middle of nowhere that goes by the name "Magic Touch Massage". To get there from Raleigh you take highway US 1 north and drive about 23 or so miles north from the Raleigh beltline. You will see Magic Touch just a couple miles past the tiny town of Franklinton and will be on your left. There is a 4x8 foot sign in front that only reads "Massage All Girl Staff" The building itself is a dark grey/blue block structure and appears to be a long forgotton service station or mom and pop conveinece store with all its windows bricked up and there is a wooden fence that surrounds the dirt and gravel parking area located directly in front to make for private parking while visiting. As I said before this place is literally in the middle of nowhere and the area is littered with old forgotten service stations and stores etc that died after Interstate 95 replaced US-1 as a major north/south route for the east coast back in the 60's. So be very careful or you may miss it!!! Should you come up on the little town of Kittrell turn around and go back as you have missed it by about 3 or 4 miles. It is even more difficult to locate after dark. The girls here rank anywhere from average to simi attractive and most appear to be over 30. About 10 years ago when I first discovered this place by accident the girls were more attractive and age wise were in the early to mid 20's range. There are 4 girls that have been there on a regular basis for at least 3 years or so and are ok to look at but far from attractive. They may get a new girl in about once every 3 months but the new girls (even tho most of them are much more attractive than the regulars) for some reason do not seem to stay over a month. Not sure why but my only guess is that either the regulars get jealous and run them off or they were only working there temporarily anyway to make a bit of easy extra spending money. On a scale of 1 to 10 the overall appearance of the girls ranks between 6 and 7, the attitude of the ladies a 9 to 10 and the building itself between a 4 and 5. With only a couple of exceptions, I have always been treated very nicely by the ladies and almost always received a very relaxing massage before getting down to business. Their pricing on the high end tops out at $125. for a 1 hour session and they also offer 2 girl sessions @ 40 mins for $150. They also offer 20, 30 and 40 minuet sessions but I can not recall the price of these. All sessions are with the girl of your choice and include, not only a nice massage, but nude mutual massage on the 1 hr. and 2 girl sessions and all sessions include receiving a nice massage for your cock as well! Anything extra will usually set you back $100. or less. Magic Touch is not necessarily the greatest but is nowhere near the worse place I have visited either. You do not have to worry about getting cheated on your time there and they are very reasonable when negotiating the cost of extras, unlike other places near Raleigh that try to take advantage of thier "victims" aka customers when the cock is hard and the brain is soft. Not sure when this will get posted but they do have a new girl working as of March 98 that goes by the name of Susan who is the best looking gal I have seen in the place in quite some time, she is a very attractive dirty blonde has a very nice set of tits and a pussy that is as fresh as a dasy! She is 21 and a college student at a ECU working there to pick up a bit of money for college expenses. She is well worth the trip to the middle of nowhere to see! Sure hope she stays more that the few weeks most new girls make it at this place or at least hope they can attract more girls who are as attractive and as young period!

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