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Racine, Wisconsin

Date: 05-26-2001

Racine, WI: Streetwalkers can be seen on State between Memorial & MLK, but mostly on Douglas about 1 mile north from State; sometimes on MLK. Most are black (the only white ones I've seen looked like cops)& some are rough, but some are young & cute. I've spotted them there anywhere from 7am to late night. Of my encounters with them, I've only been ripped off once. Pick one up in the usual way & drive a short distance to the car wash on Memorial (1/2 mile north of State). Pull into a stall for some low visibility $20 suck n spit.

Racine, WI: Nancy-Rae's Spa on Douglas is the only place in town for a real massage. $40 gets you in the door & white ladies (mostly over 30) will pamper you & accept tips. Needs redecorating inside. Closes at 5pm.

Prostitution, Prostitutes, Escorts, World Sex Guide

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