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Quepos, Costa Rica

Subject: Costa Rica

I was in Costa Rica in April 97 ( shame on me for not sending this

I was with couple of buddies, ostensibly to go deep sea fishing. We did
the usual Hotel Del Rey thing, Key Largo, BBC, etc. Enjoyed them all,
as described in the WSG. We then headed for a small Pacific coast
town called Quepos. A few people in San Jose told us that there was
no action in Quepos and that we should bring our own talent if we
wanted fun. They did tell us there was one strip joint, but it was a

Well we didn't manage to execute on the importing of our own talent
and we took the $30, 20-minute flight to Quepos. Upon our arrival we
asked the German front desk clerk where we could find action. He
pointed us to a strip joint called Itsamana's. Indeed it was the so-called
rip-off joint, but it was by no means a rip-off.

The "horribly expensive" cover charge was $12. But, that included 3
cocktails, including premium liquor. The bar itself is actually
outdoors under a large tiki style grass hut. Directly adjacent is a
beautifully lighted pool area, surrounded by a pretty luxurious,
single-story hotel.  The women were a mixture of 7-10's. There was not
a fat chick, ugly chick or anything but a young lovely in the place. I
rated a couple 7's only because they were black chicks, and that is
not my style.  Thye offered nude, full contact lap dances for
$12. Lots of groin rubbing.  This was done at poolside under the
stars. I mentioned the hotel...well you guessed it, the girls stay at
the hotel and will eagerly take you to their room anytime you're
ready. This was $100, more than San Jose, but a great value since they
were so great looking. Added of course is the benefit of watching them
strip so you know exactly what you're getting.  I took full advantage
of the situation while at the hotel.  One of my buddies wanted one for
the whole night, and when offered the 19 year old lovely agreed to go
fishing the next day with us. For the whole night the tag was $200,
the fishing escort was free. She spent the day on the boat covering
herself in baby oil, topless, in a butt floss bikini, legs spread
across the fighting chair. It was great day and had our American
captain drooling.

We returned every night to Itsamana's, I recommend it highly. Two more
things I liked about the place: they took an American Express card for
any and all services, drinks, fucking, everything. Also, in each girls room
was a Spanish to English dictionary. They all spoke pretty good
English, but it was my impression that the management provided
the dictionaries to encourage the girls to learn our language. I liked

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 00:34:46 -0800 Quepos-the roads to get there were abysmal & the place was so hot & humid. The beaches were worthless compared to Brazil. The nightlife was virtually non-existent. Do yourself a favor & don't go there. You're best off meeting locals downtown during the day walking on the streets, at the Zulu bar in Rohrmoser & the shopping malls.
Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 14:39:27 -0700 Quepos/Manuel Antonio Beach: This place is spread out and the action at some of the hotels along the road over the mountain to the beach is taxi time. In the town of Quepos there are two brothels/bars. Bar Rosa is the low cost place. Three years ago this place was great. $15 got a nice party from your choice of decent girls. Last year they doubled the price to $30, same this year. However, the quality has dropped sharply. Found no joy there at all. This is a Tico place, not much english spoken, if any, here. Went down the road a bit to a much more expensive place, but real good quality. The place was built as a hotel but, it is so far off the beaten path, it did poorly. Later, an outdoor bar and stage were built, under roof, and now seems to do well. There were a dozen or so young ladies, most danced nude from time to time. All are available and offer to spend an hour with you in one of the many rooms in the hotel for $125. I passed on a knockout last year and regretted it. This year? Well, no regrets this year. In fact there was one beauty that I never did connect with. She was hanging out with some fisherman and I was patiently waiting for them to leave. Suddenly, from nowhere, this dream girl is in my lap cooing in my ear between nibbles, keeping her hands busy stroking me here there and everywhere. This girl was centerfold quality and was very nice to look at. She was very nice in bed as well. Actually, she was super...Tell the cab driver, Club ITZAMANA.

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