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Pusan, South Korea

Subject: Pusan, South Korea

Shave 'N Cream in Pusan--I went to Pusan on business a couple of months
ago.  Pusan is the second-largest city in Korea, in the southeast corner
of the country.  Anyway, I was staying a few blocks from the train
station in a motel called the Sauna Motel (I'll give directions at the
end of this description).  The room was small but clean, and I was told
by the clerk that I had free use of the sauna on the second floor as a
guest.  I checked it out, and found it very satisfactory, with a large
hot tub, lots of shower stalls, a big sauna room, and a cold tub.  When
changing in the locker room, I noticed that there were folded laundered
pajamas stacked up on a shelf.  I figured out that these were to be worn
when venturing to the third floor, which contains a large TV viewing
area with about ten barcaloungers (most of which were filled with
sleeping Korean men).  There's also a bar, and another room leading to a
barber shop.  I'd heard of the extra services available at Korean barber
shops, so I asked how much.  I was told 50,000 won, which is equal to
about USD$55.  So I went back the next day, took a long shower and soak,
then went up to the barber shop and paid my money.

I was taken back to a dark area with a an old-fashioned barber's chair,
mirrors, etc.  The girl who was to take care of me was average in looks,
but had a nice slim Korean figure.  She gestured at shaving her face,
and I said yes.  She then gave me a very thorough shave, complete with
hot towels, gels and creams, and after shave.  She even shaved my ears
and forehead!  This whole thing took about a half-hour, and was very
relaxing.  She then gave me a facial using sliced cucumbers and more hot
towels, followed by a partial manicure. Then she started giving my arms
and hands a vigorous massage.  Almost an hour had gone by at this point,
when the real fun began.

Turning off the dim light, she untied my pajama top, and pulled my
shorts down.  She began to stroke my dick while using her other hand to
play with my nipples.  It felt nice, but I wasn't really getting much
out of it.  She eventually figured that out, because she suddenly pulled
my arm around her waist, shifted her position, and put me in her mouth!
I reached up under her skirt and started playing with her ass, while she
gave me one of the best suckings--without a condom--I've ever had.
Within a minute I'd shot off.  I don't know if it was in her mouth or on
the towel she'd put on my belly; I was too blissfully unaware.  She left
and went to the bathroom to wash off, while I tried to recover.  When
she returned, she started putting powder on my legs to massage them.  I
don't know how much more I would have gotten for my money, since I had
to tell her (with great regret) that I had to leave for my day's
appointments.  She smiled, got me a drink of fruit juice, and then led
me out the door.

Needless to say, this was perhaps the best $55 I'd ever spent!  For
those traveling to the Pusan area, the motel is about 8-10 blocks south
of the train station, just opposite the tracksthemselves.  But since
these are only the tracks where they store the out-of-service trains,
there is no noise.  It's opposite a large office building called the
Pusan Maritime Center, and about three blocks down from the larger and
more expensive Plaza Hotel.  If you are not a guest, you must pay 5,000
won (about six bucks) to use the sauna, but I think it's worth it.  I
recommend the barber shop before an important meeting: I didn't have to
shave myself for two days afterwards!  Just allow plenty of time, and
enjoy the services... .

Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 20:13:52 PST In Pusan, where I live, probably the best deal to be found was in Hae-un-dae, right of the main beach. There is a one-swuare block area of picture window full of girls. Usually I'll cruise by on my bike and have a quick look before parking and checking things out further. The girls in this area start at around 70,000 won as apposed to 100,000 in other areas. Being in the middle of a tourist area, they aren't as opposed to dealing with foreigners as the snotty girls in the other brothel areas in town who slam their doors wen they see foreigners coming down the street. One girl in particular had huge breasts, almost a d-cup - extremely uncommon for a Korean woman and gave the best blowjob I've ever had in my life. Her room was clean with a nice bed and a big (huge!) mirror on the wall so's I could get a good look at her from all angles in all the warped positions I got her into during to the 20-minute, short-time. Came twice. Once just to use up my last five minutes - Hey, if you're paying for 20 minutes, use it all, right? To get to this area, go to the big MacDonald's just across from the police station on the beach, then follow the street along the side of the MacDonald's for about two small blocks. There are a few pink-lighted windows on the left-hand side of the street, with many more in the streets in behind. If you get lost just ask a taxi driver. We used the age-old mime of hip thrusting to indicate what we were looking for, and pointed us in the rigt direction.

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