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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Date: 06-28-2001

I also have a little bit of information on the Puerto Vallarta scene. All funds in US$. I went to Puerto Vallarta with a couple buddies for a week in November 2000. We had along printouts of the places to visit courtesy of World Sex Guides (thank you!!). The first night we took a cab to Junior's. It's a strip club where they have INCREDIBLY SEXY women dancing. You can choose who you want and go to the private room. I paid $150 and took this absolute knockout wearing tight yellow plastic pants. You tell the waiter whichever girls you want, and she goes up with you a flight of stairs in the back. Then a guy hands you a bunch of condoms and opens a room. I think I had to pay $20 for the room, I don't really remember. Anyway, the room is very dark, there is only one red bulb lit (kinda funky). The girls don't speak a word of english, so it is very difficuly to communicate if you want to change positions or something to that effect. The sex is pretty good, they seem to get into it. I had sex with her once, and got one blowjob, and after that we called it quits. My buddies also had similar experiences, beautiful girls, good sex. This place is pretty expensive, but it is definitely worth it if you want some A grade Mexican pussy. If these girls were anywhere else in the world, they would be models, that's how hot they were. The second night we went to another strip club, I can't remember the name. It was right next to Junior's though. First we invited girls for drinks at our table. We started to finger them and they started playing with our balls. After things got heated up, we took them for lap dances. The lap dances were pretty good, and then we asked the waiter if we could fuck them. He spoke to them in Spanish and they agreed. We paid $100 per girl and took them to the back. Again, these were very good looking girls, and the sex was pretty good too. The only thing was that once I came, the session was over. I could have gone another round or two. By the way, all these places accept credit cards as well.

Date: Sat, 19 Oct 1996

If any of you ever visit Vallarta you will be surprised that there are 4 cathouses located within walking distance of each other. The clubs name are CADILLAC, MI TREN, HAWAII CLUB, and LAS ALANASAS. They are average clubs nothing like GANDHI's in Mazatlan, and the girls are below average to average in looks. The price for a piece of ass there should not run you more than $50.00 U.S. When you go ask the taxi driver to take you to La Zona Roja in El Rastro. It is the dirt road next to the La Paloma bullring off the main highway to the airport.

My experiences here were not as good as Mazatlan (I was there the week before), but fun. The first night I went to Hawaii Club to look up a hot number named Carmen that I met last year. She was no longer working there. As soon as I walked in 4 girls approached me and I decided to go check out the other 3 clubs. One word of advice. If you go to MI TREN watch out for the maricons dressed as females. They could have fooled me! They were that convincing! I then went to my old standby CADILLAC and I saw no females. I sat down at the bar and had a cold cerveza.

When 30 minutes past I hit LAS ALANASAS. There were 2 gorgeous girls and 4 not so attractive ones working here. When I saw the 2 babes preoccupied with other potential customers and I use that term loosely, I went back to Hawaii Club. I started talking to this chica named Sofia, and I told her she was cute. I asked here what she wanted and she told me 250 pesos(about $35 U.S.) This girl had a real good looking body and a cute face, but she gave me the best blow-job I have ever had in my life. She massaged my balls with her hand and gently caressed them. This went on during the actual sex act. She climbed on top me, and it seemed like I was too big for her (but she did not mind). She then got into the perro position and let me ram it in hard. A few minutes later with all the cum-de gras followed. I couldn't believe how well this girl pleased me (and with a condom yet). I asked her when the next time she was working, and she said Monday night. Well I went back Monday and Sofia was nowhere to be found. So I picked this one that was named Marie. Instead of explaning this I'll just say I could have done better with my hand!

When Wednesday came around I went to LAS ALANASAS and chose one of the babes. Her name was Isabelle. She was O.K. She charged me about 300 pesos ($40 U.S.). That night I met her co-worker Cecilia. I was pretty tapped out money wise, so I told her I would be back Thursday night.

Thursday night came around, and I met Cecilia, this girl could really down the tequila. Well that was good, because we a had a great time in her room. She even washed me up before the act. The one thing I did that I never did before is "69" and this girl must have really enjoyed it. Because she jumped up on top and started grinding me without a rubber(even though I had them). She fucked me without it, and if I get anything from it I am to blame for it. She was not as good as Sofia but she was wild! I asked her if she knew a girl named Maritza who I had fucked 2 years ago, and she said Maritza was her friend. Anyhow as the night rolled on and the billfold got smaller I decided to leave, and this girl wanted to come back to my hotel room. I told her due to the tight security at Villa Del Palmar, they would not let her in. so she wanted me to come back Friday night. I told her O.K. and then decided later that maybe it was not a good idea. I did not want this girl getting attached to me, because she got pissed off when I switched from drinking Cokes to Pacifico Cerveza. I don't know what to assume, but I bet her ex-boyfriend or ex-hubby used to beat her up when in a drunken rage. My next review will be of Mazatlan which I plan on returning to in November 1996.

El Tiburon de Loco

Date: Fri, 14 Mar 1997 Subject: Puerto Vallarta and Ensenada

Regarding Puerto Vallarta - Juniors Bar has GREAT looking women who perform in the floor show and do pretty explicit lap dances for $5 - $10 with touching. But that's not the best part. These girls will do a 10 minute quicky in a small back room. You pay about $35 dollars to the house and $40 to the girl. I know that's expensive but that's Vallarta. I thought it was worth it to live the fantasy of fucking the stripper you liked the best. If you want to go back to the hotel with these girls, its $200 for 2 hours - a little rich for my blood but also probably worth it if you're used to Vegas prices.

P.S. Mexican hookers are usually a lot friendlier than their American counterparts. I tend to gravitate toward the friendlier, less attractive ones more so than the super foxes who act a little bitchy. Thats just a personal preferance. A lot of these girls will do foreplay, kissing, massage, and really love to have you eat their pussies, which I guess a lot of their Mexican husbands or boyfriends don''t do. Sex of course is always with condom, but a lot of girls will give blowjobs without.

Also, please note that at Anthony's in Ensenada as well as Junior's in Vallarta, the girls are licensed by the local health department and are given monthly health checkups.

Any cabbie will know how to get to these places. Please post this as you feel is appropriate.

Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 Subject: Puerto Vallarta 1997 A return visit by El Tiburon

Hi out their mi amigo pussy hunters. Just got back from my annual Puerto Vallarta trip. A few updates I have to make. Last year I reported that be careful of the maricons that hang out in Mi Tren. They were not present this year. But remember this is Mexico, and anything can change. I want to thank the owner of Mi Tren(Armando) for getting some decent women in his place. One jewel you must ask for is Rosalia or Rosario(I got 2 different names) But she is a gorgeous 19 year old seniorita. She is still somewhat of a rosebud in the titty department, but has great legs. I did her up both on Monday and Wednesday. She was a lot friendlier though on Monday night. Cost was 300 pesos or $40.00 U.S. for 1/2 hour. I consider this reasonable. But Friday night when I went, I wanted her to join me at my table on her own power. She did not. She asked me to put some pesos in the jukebox(all the while I was grabbing her ass). I don't really like women who are the quiet type. I like them wild in or out of bed. I also must report that Mari-Isabelle who worked at Las Alanasas is now at the Mi Tren too! This girl is a fun time. She has big lips and nice butt too!

Friday night I visited the Hawaii club, and to say the least nothing impressed me there. I talked to the bartender there and asked him what happened to Garcia(bartender) and Carmen. He told me they were at a place called La harrachua just past the tunel. I took a cab and guess what. I was on a wild turkey chase(and I'm the turkey). So it is 11:30 pm and I tell the cab driver to take me back to El Cadillac. When I returned all the places were closing or closed, and I found out why. It turns out that every 3 years there is a national election, and Mexico bans booze sales 48 hours prior to the election. So you better stock up in advance if you plan on going down there the first week in July 2000. Elections are held the first Sunday in July.

Other places I heard about(but did not visit) where the Alamo Hotel. This place is 5 miles north of the airport and you can buy a girl here and take her back to your hotel room. Just make sure you are not staying at the Villa Del Palmar, or you might have a hard time getting your guest in. Another Place is Queros(pronounced Quevos), where you get table dances. If you want to take a girl back to your room, you got to be making big bucks like the timeshare salespeople. These girls will set you back $350-$400 for a night of sex. I prefer paying less than $100.00, getting my rocks off and saying adios.

Or you can check out Juniors. This place will set you back $200.00 for a fun time in the back room. I was talking to one of the timeshare people there, and he told me that Paloma from Mazatlan was there. I investigated the situation a little more, and found out from another that this Paloma was a different one that was from Acapulco. I can hardly wait for my trip in September to Mazatlan, because I will hopefully see my cream dream Paloma dancing at Gandhi's again. One way I found out these were not the same girl is because the Paloma at Juniors only gave head. The one in Mazatlan was opposite. She fucked, but gave no blow job. Actually it is up to you and how much you want to spend to get laid.

One thing I don't report one much are places to eat. One place that I really like is in town around the corner from Rancho Grande Boots. The name of the place is Meson de Calderon. It is one of the few places in Vallarta that serves garlic soup(sopa de ajo). This stuff actually gets my hornier than anything else and increases my stamina. I also had steak tacos here too. Go before 2pm, because the food quality and quantity lessens. It is located at Agustin Rodriguez No 177. This is 1 block before crossing the Rio Cuale Bridge on to the Los Muertos district of Vallarta. Also try Pipi's they have huge portions at reasonable prices. They are located 3 blocks up from the malecon on avenida Pipilla. This place is for all Americanos that cannot stomach spicy food. It will be the street before Carlos O Brians if you are headed south to old Vallarta. A great place for seafood is Cuetos they have 2 places in town. One near the Unidad Municipal Derportive(sports facility) on Brasilia and one on the hills overlooking the Bay. I recommend the former. For one thing I'm sure you'll pay a premium for the view. I recommend the Giant Shrimp (Camarone Gigante) with garlic sauce.

So anyhow in closing I have been doing this since 1990 and in no way I regret losing a bitch girlfriend in Cancun in the process. After all she dumped me because she thought I was a millionaire and I explanied to her I wasn't. There are so many nice latin ladies out there that I get one lousy bitch out of five. But it sure beats wining and dining someone like the one I just metioned and not getting anything for it. I have dated ladies (working girls) in Ensenada, and they have more class than that piece of shit I used to date in Cancun 7 years ago. If she reads this maybe she will figure out who I am. Happy fucking to you amigos! and next report will be after I return from Mazatlan.

El Tiburon de Loco

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 Subject: dis-appoint in Puerto Vallarta

I'm a Chinese from Hong Kong. Due to my Japanese friend forget to apply the visa to Brazil, we went to Puerto Vallarta instead. We request the taxi driver to show us how to get girls. I almost go through every part of the city. The result is very bad. The taxi drive bring us to the Alamo Hotel that near the airport. But the girls are very ugly there. We go to some bar near the airport, the girls are worse. We went to a Club with table dance. The girls charge US$200 for staying with you for 2 hours and $130 for 1 hours They provide blow job inside the club ( private room ). The charge is $50 for ONLY 10 minute. It seems the price is higher than Vegas. ( It's only Mexico and the girls's beauty is not worth that much. ) I quit in the next morning. p.s. I have been to most cities in the world. But what I advice is don't go there if you want to have a girl there. I saw many lonely boys (including me) on the street .

Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 Subject: Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

Perhaps Puerto Vallarta is missing from WSG because of its dearth of easy to find sexual services. In a week of walking around the city, at all times of the day and night, I found no ostensible evidence of sex on the street. I guess I should add that I wasn't looking very hard. I did, however, run into a "Messajes" place on Bandillo St. about 4 or 5 block west of the beach. "Lucy's Massage" operates on the first floor of a well kept two story complex of perhaps 8 apartments clustered around a typical Mexican courtyard. Signs will lead you easily to #3 and to a clean and clinical massage business operated by a 35ish and pudgy, but not fat, local lady named Lucy. For US $20 I had a first class therapeutic massage on a proper massage table and expected nothing more. So I was surprised when, at the end, after she had induced me into a state of semi-consciousness, she began to snuggle up a little and get me hard.

She quoted another $30 for "everything" and I happily agreed. When she tried to jump on top of me without benefit of a condom, I had to gently push her aside. I don't think she had one on hand and I frankly don't think, given her age and appearance, she was specifically pushing sexual services in the first place, which is what made the event unique and gratifying. She seemed mildly offended by having to resort to other means too get the job done. I found the lady charming, amusing and certainly skilled. I wouldn't recommend her if you had just got off a 6 month tour of duty on a ship, but for a jaded traveller like myself, it was a pleasant, one of a kind experience.

Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 Subject: Puerto Vallarta

A friend of mine and I just returned from a trip to Puerto Vallarta. In the past, I would just visit the likes of Chicas or Queros. These are two high priced strip bars that allow you a private dance for $20.00 a song. I have been jacked off in the private dance by very delightful, good looking Mexican ladies.

After getting educated by your site, my friend and I got the nerve up to visit the clubs listed under Puerto Vallarta. Here is my take on these locations for everyones enjoyment. By the way, don't even attempt to go to any of these places before 11 PM. They don't open their doors until 10 PM, and most of the girls don't arrive until after 11 PM.

The best club from our point of view was Cadillac. On any given night, there were between 6 and 13 ladies there. The ladies were not agressive. You had to make the first move. They would then join you at your table and expect you buy them a drink. Their drinks were 20 pesos...approximately $2.50. In my estimation, that was the only expensive thing at Cadillac. They also had a pool table there, and the ladies were more than happy to play pool with you. To take a girl back to her private room was 400 pesos. The exchange rate for 400 pesos was approximately $47 for a terrific half an hour. We spent 6 of our 7 vacation nites at Cadillac. The only reason we didn't go for 7 days was that we needed to rest our peckers and attempt to rebuild our sperm count. To that, my favorite seniorita, Liz, told me to eat more octopus so I could go more than once a nite.

I had the pleasure of being with the likes of Rosilla, Rosie, and the gorgeous, young, Liz. They were all fine ladies. I have to admit I enjoyed each of them... In fact, I saw Rosie and Liz twice, and I attempted to do Liz twice in one nite. Rosilla did not return after our first evening in town.

If you ever go to Cadillac, I would highly recommend Liz. She is a beautiful 20 year old. Her tits are still developing. She is no less than an 8 and more like a 9. She really enjoys fucking too. I absolutely enjoyed being with her. She understood English well, but had a difficult time speaking it. But I found that was never a problem with the ladies. They all knew what ya wanted when you got back to the room.

We went into the Hawaii Club on two occasions, only to leave after making a tour of the place. There was nothing of interest in the club. Mainly heavy set, older ladies. The same was true for the Las Alanasas. When I walked in the door one nite, a girl grabbed my dick but she did nothing for me. They were basically homely women.

Mi Tren was the fourth club in that area. I actually did a lady named Marta at the Mi Tren. She was a delightful woman...probably in her late 20's or early 30's. When we got to her room, their were two of the largest cockroaches I have ever seen in my life in her shower/toilet. Non the less, she sat down in front of me and took a pee with the roaches running across her feet. We screwed with the lights on. I didn't want any company in the bed while I was humping her bones. She was a very attractive, attentive lady. By the way, the cost for Marta was only 360 pesos.

While in PV we also went to the Alamo. This was recommended by two different taxi drivers. That should have been my first clue. What a toilet. There were only two girls there when we got there, and they were both very heavy set, and not a bit attractive. We sat there for awhile chatting with 3 dudes from Utah and then we left. In addition, there was another club across the way from the Alamo. They had some real seedy looking characters out front, so we decided to pass on that place.

Lastly, one day we went south to Juniors. This was a stip bar scene much like Queros and Chicas. Very expensive to get into the back room.

I would highly recommend Cadillac to anyone willing to have a great time with some delightful, better than average Mexican ladies. By the way, the manager, Moses, seems to really watch out for the gringos. I got the feeling that he wouldn't stand for any of the locals messing with his customers. Also, don't consider walking to these clubs. They are quite a ways back from the main drag. They are behind the bullring which is close to the airport. I would be a little nervous walking back there at that time of nite.

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