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Prague, Czech Republic

Date: 05-26-2001

Greetings from Arizona !

Some associates and I recently traveled to Prague for a four day weekend to enjoy the " Golden City ".

Prague is one of the best kept secrets on the planet. We researched the scene on WSG and prior to the visit which was most helpful.

First night, Thursday, we hit Escade and Velvet and Atlass. Escade was great, 10 + girls range from 6-8. The rooms clean, the cost +- 4,000 CK / hr $ 105 / US.

Velvet was presented well by the hotel taxi but virtually dead inside. Might have been the night ?

Atlas was by W. Square and very nice - same drill, 10 - 15 girls with cost $ 3,500 KC / hr.

Home-run - K-5 Relax

We had read about K-5 in some of the articles on the WSG and found no pictures of the girls on and therefore thought it a looser. WRONG !

This was perhaps the best run outfit in Praha. Obviously run by Russian Mafia, the place was great. Do not be concerned by the Russians, no problems at all if you play by the rules of decency.

The Internet site can be found on to give you an idea of the facilities. I have traveled extensively throughout the world and was very impressed.

Victor was our host who clearly explained the rules, costs, ect. Victor introduced us to each lady, told of her specialty, language acumen, ect.

No cash trades hands until the end of your stay, all is recorded via a computerized smart chip you hold. No games, no hidden charges, a great place.

We ( 3 ) each had several drinks with ladies, rented rooms, and ordered the same three ladies to be brought to our hotel at 8:00 the next AM for just under $ 25,000 kc or $ 700 US Dollars. This was a significant test of the integrity as there were no excess charges and at 7:55 there was a Knock on the hotel door.

Did not experience Lotos, too far from hotel.

Date: 01-11-1996

A friend and I visited Prague in April of 1995 and had a wonderful time. We stayed at the Atrium Hotel which is a modern hotel with a bar, restaurant and casino. First thing we noticed were about 10 or 15 beautiful girls in short skirts walking around the lobby. They gather in the couches and chairs in the lobby or a few wait to be approached at the bar. This is apparently true of most of the larger hotels in Prague. The ladies at the Atrium were all 9's and 10's between 18 and 25 years of age. The price was $250/hr or 7000cr/hr. I met one such lady at the bar and took her up on her offer. In my room she explained she was an attendant in a health club in Prague. She was about 20 years old, blonde 5' 10" and 130 lbs. She was very pretty with large natural breasts and an athletic body. She was very friendly and spoke English well and German very well. She was reasonably passionate and frenched as well as gave and received oral all with condom. The entire event was great and other girls all very attractive were the same.

We also visited one of the numerous brothels listed in the excellent "Prag at night" book available at newsstands. This guide gives a lot of information related to Prague and I highly recommend it. The club we visited was The Riviera Club, Bezdrevska 56 Praha 9, Tel: 702097. Although it seemed out in the middle of nowhere (our cab ride was $20) it was a fine place. I like JB's in Amsterdam but I think this establishment was superior. We were greeted at the door by the manager who spoke English very well. We were charged 500cr to enter and were obligated to buy 500cr in drinks. The girls were 3000cr/hr. We entered the bar and there were about 8 girls present all 7''s to 9's. I ordered a drink and two of the girls came forward to greet us. They were nice but I noticed a young dark haired girl seated in the corner. I motioned for her to join me for a drink and she did. After buying her a drink, I then spent the next 20 min trying to talk with her, but I didn't speak Czech and she didn't speak English, German, French or Spanish so I was out of luck. When I finally motioned towards the upstairs, she was calling the manager and after paying him, off we went. The rooms were very clean, large and well decorated. Each has a bathroom which also was clean. She was 19 years old and about 5' 7" ans 120 lbs with light brown hair and well shaped breasts. He skin was very white and her legs were long and beautiful. After a shower and with a condom she sucked me with as much enthusiasm as I could expect. She continued for some time until I signaled her to stop and she moved on top of me. We fucked for 15 or 20 minutes in a variety of positions. She was passionate and when I finally came we cuddled for 10 minutes until we showered and left. I recommend this establishment. The following are other listed in the Prag at night Book. They all offer on site Personal Services which in most cases seems to also include sex shows of a wide variety. I have no personal information about them so buyer beware, but in the coming months I will try and add to this section.

KLEOPATRA CLUB V Hajich 345 - Praha 4/Haje Tel: 7923793 open 20.00 - 06.00

LOTOS CLUB Kupeckeho 832 - Praha 4 Tel: 7916825 Open Daily Non Stop

MICHELLE CLUB Na Lanech 23 - Praha 4/Michle Tel: ? Open Daily 17.00 - 08.00

OAZA CLUB Hlavackova 15 Praha 5/ Smichov Tel: 521016 Open Daily NonStop

ST PAULI CLUB Jankovcova 31 - Praha 7 Tel: 808335 Open Daily 20.00 - 04.00

NATURE CLUB Bozanovska 1926 - Horni Podcernice Tel: 864329 Open Daily Non Stop

Date: 3-1-1996

You want to buy the "EROTICKY PRUVODCE / EROTISCHER STADTPLAN", which is available at every kiosk for 90 Czech Krones, i.e. US$ 3.50. There you will find that most of the bars are fairly close to the center. In addition it gives directions to gay and lesbian bars also. And you should try to understand the Prague subway system. For 6 Krones (US$ 0.25) you can drive as far as you want.

The bars start the program typically around 8 or 9 PM, ending at 4 or even 6 in the morning, but there are bars starting already at 2 in the afternoon. Most of them ask for an entrance fee (350 Krones, US$14), and the beer prizes with 300 till 500 Krones (US$12-US$20) are quite expensive. But they do have some interesting shows.

When you just want some girl you will find them between 8 and 12 PM in the area of the K-Mart, which is at the end of the pedestrian area which starts at the Muzeum to the right. I had a girl there for 1500 Krones, i.e. US$ 60 for a short entertainment. The communication though was tough, she spoke neither English nor German. But I found out that she was in this business already since she was 16.

Furthermore there are quite a lot of escort services available. There of course you can ask for English speaking girls. But I do not know the prizes. You will find the addresses either in the hotel information magazines or in the "EROTISCHER STADTPLAN".

Subject: Re: Information wanted on nitelife in Prague

There are many girls working at the north end of W. Square and near Kmart.

The cops do not bother girls that are talking to customers. They ticket some girls that are not.

Apartments near the area (a walk) are easy to get. You can trust the APT rentals at the train station or at the official tourism office, CEDOK, which is also on W. Square, oppisite side from Kmart.

Skip hotels that are not near W. Square. Land near the square the first night, get your apt. the next morning.

Parking and driving are ridiculous. Get a garage if you want parking. (Our apt. was 27.50 a night and 6 more for the garage. Apt. with kitchen and private entry it was.

Official age is 15, so the range should not be a problem. Prostitution may be illegal under 18 (?), but I could not tell by observing who was standing around.

Girl watching? Try the public pool, zillions of people of all types and they don't all wear tops.

Date: 07-03-1996 Subject: Prague

I went to Prag three times between April 95 and April 96. I booked by Phone (+42 2 523507, ask for Maria) a room & room-mate for about $200, no breakfast. I found the address in a german sex-guide. The girls are average, but I think you get what you pay (and you save the money for a hotel). You have to pay for your own & "your" girls consumation. If you don't pay attention, this will be another $70. (But when I read about the other arrangements in this guide, the whole thing is rather cheap.) The "Pension" is a older house in a Prague suburb, I dont't think it earns a single * by the guide michelin. You can get there (and to the 'office' in Prague 5 nearby Andel) by public transport, don't use the cab if you can avoid (~$20 for the cab instead of $1). If you arrive by plane, change money and make sure to get 1-crown-coins for the ticket-automat. You may get downtown to the subway-station by the regular bus at the second track for 20 p or by the airport-bus (first track) for $4, or by cab for $20. Then get to Andel,and there take one tramway (4,7,9,58; departing beside McDonalds). Get out UZvonu and turn left. Travelling by tramway even allows a cheap way of sightseeing. The experiences I made are very different. But I think you'll never know until you try.

Date: 05-16-1996 Subject: Prague Sex Guide

I live in Prague, and can tell you that the absolute best way to find prostitutes here is to buy Prague Sex Guide, a brand-new, impartial guidebooklet sold at major news stands in the city center. The guide not only lists establishments, it tells you a little something about each one, so you can choose a place that's best for you. There are over 60 such places in Prague, and each seems to be a little different. When prices are not listed in this guide, it's a good idea to phone the club beforehand (the numbers are listed in the guide) to find out how much things cost.

Date: 05-27-1996 Subject: Prague, Czech Republic

There is a wonderful old style "bordello" in Prague 3:

LAURA CLUB Men's Club Jeseniova 166 Tel: 02-684 7800

The place is a wonderful old town house, decorated just how you imagine an oldfashioned bordello would have been out west.

They have a selection of between 4 and 10 girls, mostly Czech (not Russian).

For about US$100, you can spend a very pleasant hour or so in their company, after first having relaxed at the bar downstairs, whilst making your choice.

Most of the girls speak some English.

Date: 01-19-1997 Subject: Prague update as of Aug.

I was living in Prague for 2 1/2 years. In my time there I visited most of the Men's Clubs in that fine town. The following are my observations:

The best Men's club in town is the Lotus Club. Kupeckeho 832 Praha 4 Tele # 791 68 25 There are always 6-8 girls there and in the evening 6-12 PM there will be 15-20. The price is 2500 KC ($100) per 1/2 hour or 4000 KC ($160) per hour. The cover is 500 KC however if you buy a Prague Sex Guide or Erotic map of Prague there will be coupons for free entrance and a 10% discount on services.

That said the following is a list of the places I liked best:

Marthy Club Seifertova 35 Praha 3 Tel # 627 80 13. Escade Kresomyslova 5 Praha 4 tel # 43 69 16. Sharon Cuuntry Sexy Club Stitneho 6 Praha 3 627 92 04 (all the girls are dressed like cowgirls) Laura Jeseniova 166 Praha 3 tel # 684 78 00.

Marthy Sharon and Laura's are all less expensive clubs costing 2500 KC per hour and 1500 per 1/2 with no cover. The girls are younger and more eager to please.

Escade is a class act and the prices are the same as Lotus above. The girls all speak at least two Lang.

The girls in all of these places are 5-9's averaging 18-23 years old.

I hope this helps. Enjoy...

Date: 02-04-1997

I have lost my shit from prague...some one had mentioned a place called laura's club on jessenova? I went there it was't bad at all. I recommend to stay away from any bar in the wens square as they tend to be either expensive..Vegas style or just a plain olde rip off. I did find a place that would give overnight accomodations and roomate for about 170usd. That was in Prague 3; found it in fluke. Nice clean place. There was an SM place that was good...primo girls there. TALL. $120 for 2 hours.

Date: 07-25-1997 Subject: Great experiences in Prague

Was in Prague a few months back and had the opportunity to sample some of the local talent. I'm not sure what the laws in the Czech Republic are, but everything was very much out in the open, so I assume that the things there are very liberated.

In W. Square, it's hard to walk 20 feet without getting propistioned, especially after sundown, when there's a literal line-up of women outside the K-Mart. I recommend picking up a copy of the Prague Sex Guide - you can pick it up at any news stand. It's a classy, well-put-together booklet that gives guides to the better sex clubs, escort services and strip clubs.

Originally tried to get in to the Lotos Club (Kupeckeho 832, Praha 4; Tel. 791 68 25) as I'd seen a good review of it on this site and the Prague Sex Guide has a coupon for free entrance and a 10% discount on services - not a bad deal at all. It had a bright neon sign advertising it - like I said, things are very open here - and looked like a very classy place. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a bit too classy and the doorman wouldn't allow me to enter without a suit jacket, the nearest one of which I had was on the other side of the world, so I was out of luck.

Fortunately, I had the Sex Guide on me and found another place, Kleopatra Club (V hajich 345, Praha 4; Tel. 792 37 93), which was about a ten minute walk away. Again, it had a very bright, neon sign advertising it, right in the middle of a residential neighbourhood. Coming from Canada, where things are a bit more discreet, I found this to be a little hard to get used to - still, it made finding the place very easy. The entrance fee was 500cr (1000cr = $100 Cdn, or about $40-45 US) and you had to buy at least 4 drinks, I think. Once I got inside, I was very impressed with what I saw. They had a central area with a bar and numerous private couches surrounding a dance stage, where you could request the girls to do a show for you. There were about 10 girls in the room when I arrived, all 7-10's and and looked to be in their early twenties, for the most part. After ordering a drink - they let me run a tab and treated me with a respect not often seen in Eastern Europe - I motioned for one of the girls to join me. She was a Czech girl, about 25. She was stunningly beautiful - long brown hair, large, firm breasts, tight, fit body, incredible ass and slender, long legs that could make your heart stop. We chatted for a bit; her English was choppy, but she had a wonderful personality, was very making a great effort to be sociable and wasn't in a rush to get me upstairs and out of there so she could move on to her next customer, which is a nice change from some establishments. She described a number of the services available at Kleopatra - whirlpool, two-girl action, etc. I just opted for an hour session with her, which cost me 4000cr. After taking me upstairs, she again was relaxed about the time and went down to the bar to get us some more drinks and we chatted a bit in the room. She then took me into the shower and we lathered each other's bodies for a while and toweled each other off. It turned out she was a trained masseuse - an added bonus - and she started me off with an incredible massage. Asking if I was ready (I gave a very enthusiastic YES!), she started off by giving me an amazing blow job with a condom and then climbed on top of me and proceeded to fuck my brains out. After a few minutes of this, I climbed on top of her and and began a detailed exploration of her body with my tongue and then fucked her missionary and doggie style for another 15-20 minutes. After I orgasmed, we cuddled for a while and had a cigarette, and she told me her dreams of becoming a journalist and travelling the world. It was an amazing experience with an amazing woman and I recommend Kleopatra Club to anyone visiting Prague (even if you're not, it's worth the detour).

I also found another place a few blocks from W. Square. It had an advertisement for live sex shows, so I went in thinking it was a strip club. It turned out that it it had a number of private booths where you could order girls to come and see you. The pictures they had up weren't altogether impressive, 5 girls, all 3-6's, but they had one cute little blonde girl there who I signalled for. There was no conversation in this place, she just asked me if I wanted sex, quoted me a price of 2000cr and it was very hurried and unmemorable. Not the best establishment I've been to by a long shot. All in all, though, I was very impressed with the scene in Prague and I recommend the city highly, especially the Kleopatra Club. Next time I go there, though, I'm going to remember to pack a jacket and check out the Lotos Club, it's supposed to be the best in the city. And remember all you lurkers, we need to here your experiences too, so speak up!

Date: 12-03-1997 Subject: [ASP] Report:prostitution in Prague, Czech Republic

I don't like brothels that much, but Lotos is definitely great. There are two stunning girls that work there. An other place to find good girls are the nightclubs.

Arena caters to tourists only. All girls in the club are prostitutes. Arena is located between the W. Square and Old Town Square (forgot the name of the street) its on the left hand side, if you walk toward Old Town Square, across the street of Bank of Austria. It looks just like any other nightclub. At any given night there are between 10 to 30 girls here. You pick up the girl and take her home or in a hotel. They usually charge around 150usd. Met some great girls there. Arena is open only at night 10pm to 1am.

Another place to find good prostitutes is Music Park. Music Park is a large nightclub. As far as I know, it is the largest club in town. It easily holds 1000 people. This is a regular club, no brothel! So, watch out who you talk to. When you enter there is a large bar section to the right. Here, you can find anywhere between 10 to 20 girls during the week and 20 to 40 during the weekend. The girls are fine and just like Arena, its nights only (10pm to 6am), usually after 10pm and again you pick up the girl and take her to your hotel.

I lived in Prague for 1 year and go there every year. I found that most of the brothels were boring with only average looking girls (except Lotos). Plus, they are located out of town or in the suburbs. Plus, the cabs to and from the brothels rip you off! Clubs are right downtown. The price is the same. The girls are definitely better than in other European cities.

If you are out to get laid, this is what I would do. First, stay at the Atrium (Hilton) Hotel. There are plenty of girls working there. Jarka looks like a playmate. They charge the same as in the brothels. If you can't find a lay there, go to Arena around 11pm. Then hit Music Park at midnight (any cab in town knows Music Park) and if nothing works, then go to Lotos around 2am. It's a sure shot.

Date: 02-26-1998 Subject: Prague

I hope this is the right way to contribute to your fantastic site. I think this is one of the most helpful and useful sites with accurate information.

Regarding Prague, One club that has been completely left out and deserves much attention and praise is the Club VELVET.(Ve svahu 13...Tel. 61 21 42 30) me and my friend visited this club Dec. 96 and I was utterly impressed and I dont get impressed easily. They had about eight girls working there at the time and none of them was below "8"..the attitude of the girls and the service was fantastic. French kiss, oral sex without raincoat and unhurried service. I will definitely go back again many many times...

Date: 03-14-1998


The first place I scored was Prague. There were a number of prostitutes in the lobby of our hotel, but they were pretty old and worn out, and I had a roommate anyway, so I didn't take them up on it even though they were very persistent. But following the advice in the World Sex Guide, I picked up the "Prague Sex Guide" and it was every bit as excellent as has been said. It has descriptions in several languages, including clear English, along with locations, and even some pictures. It even notes which ones are probably better for foreigners, which ones offer English-speaking girls, and so on. It is very honest about the places.

After some reading, I finally decided on a place called Escade. I called and spoke with a man, who said they would send a taxi. In the brochure it said that the taxi ride was part of the entrance fee, but when I got there I was charged both, which was a slight ripoff but I didn't feel like quibbling. I went inside and paid the fee, and even though I had waited until 10:30 or so, the place was deserted. It was very clean and nicely decorated, though. If I hadn't been the only man there I would have felt a lot more comfortable. But then again, I thought, I'd probably be getting a girl "fresh" and not after having had a dozen other men the same night.

I was greeted by a pretty woman (their best English speaker, I gathered). Her English was, in fact, fairly good. I ordered a drink and she explained to me how things worked. At that point all I wanted was to pick a girl and get at it, but apparently they have some pretty strict rules among themselves. I sat on a sofa near a small stage and had to spend 20 minutes watching while the girls (I guess there were 6 or 7 of them) got together for the lineup, danced for a few tunes, stripped a bit, and so on. Again, I was uncomfortable because I was the only one and thus the center of attention, but everyone was very polite and I didn't feel pressured or anything. The worst part was, when it was all done, picking one. They were all quite attractive - some better than others, but nothing below a 6 or 7. If there's one thing I hate it's picking a girl out of a lineup, because I feel that by picking one I am somehow rejecting the others, but I had no choice. There was one very hot-looking babe with short dark hair and a fantastic ass, but I learned she didn't speak and English. I was still very tempted to choose her, but I wanted some communication and not just a wordless fuck, so I finally picked the hostess who had been talking to me the whole time, which turned out to be a great choice.

She gave me the prices (sorry, I don't remember exactly, it was a year ago, I'll give a total at the end) and asked if I wanted a "standard" room or a "deluxe room". The price difference was pretty small, so even though I had the impression that the smaller rooms would be clean and nice, I picked a "deluxe" room. Once again, it was a good choice (and she thought so too). She asked how long I wanted and I picked the one-hour option. She led me up to the top floor, about five stories up, and into what I can only say was a luxury suite. There was a HUGE bedroom/living room with king-sized bed, a HUGE bath-room finished in marble with large Jacuzzi, and a separate toilet-room with sink and toilet. The bedroom had two cozy sofas facing each other across a coffee table in addition the the bed. The place was BIG, and very clean, and I think designed for parties or orgies because you certainly could have had a very hot party there.

When we came in she started the tub, and then we sat on the sofas and talked over our drinks for a few minutes - her name was Nichelle or Michelle. Then she went into the bathroom to wash up and asked me to join her. I stripped while she was messing with the tub, and when I went in she was standing nude in the jacuzzi and running water over her bod with the sprayer. She had a very nice body. She didn't need to ask me twice to get in, so I did and she washed me all over, and did a very professional but erotic check of my dick for sores and things as she washed it with soapy water, which got me very hard. And of course I lathered her up and washed her whole body, too.

When we were done we toweled off with big fluffy clean towels (I know i keep saying it, but I was constantly surprised by how clean, organized, professional, and polite the whole place was - QUITE a change and pleasant surprise!) The we headed out to the bed. Let me tell you, if you ever have the option of getting rooms with a tub, DO IT. It's SO nice to have sex after a nice hot bath when you're both squeaky clean and smelling nice. I lay on my back and she stroked me until I was hard enough to get a condom on, and the she gently put it on and started to give me a nice blowjob. I hadn't had sex in a while and knew I would come fast, so I stopped her soon and she climed on top to fuck me. She was great, and even though I tried to hold back I came after only a few times. She was surprised by didn't mind. She whipped the condom off me, cleaned me up with a kleenex, and then we both headed back into the bathroom for a quick cleanup in the tub. All through she was very kind, affectionate, unhurried, and tender.

Afterwards we sat around talking on the sofas again, both naked, and she saked if I wanted another drink. I knew I was being milked for drinks, but I liked her and I had the money so I didn't mind. I only ordered a coke, though, which I think kind of annoyed the bartender since he had to climb all the stairs just for that. All along I was paying for everything with my credit card so I just signed the slips. After I got the drink and I was starting to think I would be ready for another round, I realized that with baths and drinks and talking the hour was getting close even though she didn't say anything. I *probably* could have gotten a quickie in, but I hate being rushed. So I said I wanted another hour, and she said fine. She then asked if I would like to try a second girl along with her, and that she had a good friend downstairs who was very pretty and liked to have threesomes, so I threw caution to the wind and said "OK" (I think they gave me some kind of discount for two girls, but I don't remember).

Soon another girl, Eva, arrived. I signed the bill again, and this time added a BIG tip for the two of them. She was one of those girls who wasn't traditionally gorgeous, but she had a plain, girl-next-door, farmer's daughter, wholesome kind of look that I found really hot. She had GREAT tits - big, but not SO big as to be flabby or droopy. She went in and took her bath while Nichelle and I talked some more on the sofa. By this point I was *totally* relaxed and comfortable and having fun. Once Eva was done I wanted to get started right away, though, because I decided since I was spending so much I wanted to come twice in the next hour. So after only a little sitting around chatting we went to the bed and both girls rubbed and stroked me until I was hard, then they put a condom on me and gave me a dual blowjob, which was phenomenal. I asked to fuck Nichelle doggie-style, and we did for a while, but I was finding it tough to get a good rhythm and angle. Also, Eva was lying on the bed next to us looking eminently fuckable, so I said I wanted to fuck her for a while. They said I'd have to change condoms (which I was happy to do, and they were very conscious of safe sex). So I fucked Eva for a while, maybe 15 or 20 minutes, while Nichelle urged us on, stroked us, and herself. Finally I came and we all fell together in a pile for a few minutes. Then we hopped up and had a group tub, which was great.

After that we sat on the couch again for a while as I recuperated for the final round. Eva sat on the arm of the sofa next to me, with her breasts against me, running her fingers through my hair tenderly and licking my ear, whispering in it. Eva didn't speak any English but Nichelle would translate and we all had a few laughs. I had them sit together on the sofa across from me naked so I could just look at them.

Finally it was time for the last round, and I was wondering if I could come a third time in two hours, but I sure had incentive! After a lot of foreplay I had Eva get on top and ride me for a while, and it was great to see her smiling, kind face and firm tits over me, but I couldn't come. Then I tired her missionary-style for a while, but still couldn't manage to get off again, even with Nichelle helping. I finally decided to give up, and told them not to bother, but Eva, bless her, refused to admit defeat. As I lay on my back she gave me a combination handjob/blowjob, fast and hard with lots of suction, until I finally came again. I was really tired by this point, so after they cleaned me up I just lay there and they snuggled against me on either side, I was in HEAVEN. We lay there for quite a while, I think, and I may have even drifted off for a few minutes, but the girls didn't even mention the time.

Finally I knew it was probably close to or even after our time limit, so I said we better get going, even though I wanted to stay there between them forever. We had a last quick wash-up in the tub, dressed, and went downstairs. I said good bye regretfully and caught a cab home. (tip for Prague: ALWAYS agree on the fee BEFORE getting in the cab. They are notorious for ripping you off BIGTIME).

As for price, I don't remember individual prices or the conversion rate, but for everything - two cab rides, entrance fee, about four or five drinks, a deluxe room for two hours, and three "girl-hours" (one for one hour, and two for one hour), plus a nice tip - I think I spent a total of US$500-$600. And probably $50 or $60 of that was for cab fare. I felt it was a good deal. I was very pleased and would do it again in a second. I'm glad I don't live there because I'd be broke. I feel that I had an experience with two very hot women that most men will only fantasize about for their whole lives, and even if it does happen it might be with a wife or girlfriend or someone they don't get to pick, or someone who isn't really into it, or whatever.

The girls I had were REALLY friendly, kind, affectionate, intelligent, gorgeous, and eager to please. They made the whole thing very classy and not at all sleazy. They didn't hurry me or rush me one bit (I think I got some extra freebie time because of my big tip). The place was VERY clean and safe and well-appointed. Escade is *highly* recommended. Just look it up in the Prague Sex Guide. Maybe everyone won't have as great an experience as I did, but I doubt you'll be disappointed. This is a place where it's a little more expensive, but worth it.

Date: 03-16-1998 Subject: Great time in Prague

Great time in Prague.

In case anyone want to visit Prague, two piece of advice:

1. Buy a Prague Sex Guide, which is available in news stands, 2. A good map of the city with details of trams and buses.

The reasons are simple. Firstly, most of the sex clubs have a common rule: no entry fee for visitors who arrive on their own, but not by taxi. So you need a good map to find your way. Especially some of the good clubs are out of city center, so don't use those simple tourist map that only show you the city center. Buy one if you need to! Secondly, you can find many discount coupons in the guides. So you can really enjoy the stay more and save good money.

While I was there, I managed to visit a few clubs, but it is best to call up before arrive to check if there are girls available, of course. There are four clubs that I can recommend, they all have there unique advantageous so you really need to judge yourself. Details address and phone number is available in most guides.

Club Laura 166 Jeseniova Take tram 1, 9, 16 to Vapenka and then walk, good atmosphere, but only 3 to 5 girls working there, the girls are nice so the place is always busy. 2600Kc per hour, 10% discount if come with coupon. Best to call before arrival to check out the place first. I had a wonderful time with a pretty girl with long legs, huge breast and a slim slightly tan figure. She is also good at massages, which is absolute heaven especially after a heavy secession of sex.

Tango Club Petrinska Very close to the tourist attractions and city center. Located at the bottom of the Castle Park. If you fed up with all the sight seeing and Museum tours. Tango Club offers you an excellent place for an afternoon relaxation and refreshments. And extremely good value for a club in such central location. Girls are quite good.

Club Loto Metro C (Red line) to Haje, last station of the line

Definitely the best clubs in the town! But also the most expensive club I recommended. Entry fee is 500Kc but free with a coupon. Basically, Loto club has the most attractive girls as mentioned in their advertisements. It's really worth going there just even for a drink. It is a feast for the eyes. The girls are not just pretty but also very passionate and sweet too. I have to visit the place three times despite the fact that it is expensive! They treat their customers like their own boyfriend, lover or a baby. They cuddle, kissed a lot (not French, but occasionally on the lips) before, during and after sex.

Finally, Hanka Services Bulharska Highly recommended by many guides. They have a large selection of attractive girls at a good rate of 2400Kc per hour. But be careful! This club has a lot of hidden charges that does put me off and I felt like I got ripped off. First they charged me 700Kc entry fee! 300Kc ($10 US) for a Coke! Which make it approximately the same price as Loto Club.

Date: 03-18-1998 Subject: Infos about Prague/Czech Republik

Hello! I just returned from Prague and want to tell You about my experiences: I went to a private flat at the "Branik" district of Prague, Branicka-Street 95, ring at "Inga". It is a comfortable flat with very attractive Ukrainian girls from 18-22 years. I had to pay 300 DEM (about 180 USD) for the whole night. I had a 19 year-old 10"-girl, who arrived just some days before from Ukraine. She was a little bit shy first, but later she was the best girl- friend I ever bought for an all-nighter, and I have been in many countries before. She kissed very sweet, I still feel her tongue on my lips. I fucked her 4 times that night, always with french before. The next morning I had a short time with another girl for only 100 DEM (60 USD). The next evening I spent with them both for 600 DEM (about 360 USD). It was a fantastic experience. I heared that they change girls very often and I will return very soon. It is very cheap if You compare with other clubs in Prague. You can call in Prague 00420-2-44465963 or in Germany 0049-172-8017181. Sorry for my bad English, but it's not my first language. Please have fun!

Date: 06-04-1998 Subject: Info about Praha

Hello, I have been in Praha last weekend. I read in a German newspaper something about a room with a girl for 300 DEM (180 USD) for a allnighter. Because in Germany only 1 hour with a girl costs 300 DEM, I decided to go and I found a flat with many girls and I had some problems to decide. The girls were from 18 to 25 and from 6 to 9. I chose Alexandra, a 20 years old from Ukraine, very new arrived from her home country. She was a complete amateur, I think she doesn't do this job for a long time. She made a blow job without condom and liked to kiss everywhere very much. Next time I want to have two girls, it is a paradise und not too expensive. The address is: Ul. Branicka 95, Praha-Branik, ring at Rybovic, telephone: 00420-244465963.

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