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Porto, Portugal

Date: Thu,  6 Jun 1996 15:12:28 UTC

This information is about Porto, a city in the north of
Portugal. Prices are in USD Dollars and Portuguese escudos.

 1 DM = 105 escudos

 1 USD= 155 escudos

 Escudo like EEC currencies are indexed to DM

 About the city:

Porto is connected with 3 other towns (V.N.Gaia, Matosinhos and Maia)
with more or less 1 500 000 persons.

Its a safe town. Of course at night you must use some precaution.

Age of consent : homo:    18
                 hetero:  16

But if a girl is 14 or 15 no one cares...usually. Only if you got in
big problems like violence.

If you want sex in Porto you have 3 ways:

   - Bars (use a cab or you will spend all night trying to find the place)

   - Get a girl in the street (you must rent a car)

   - Newspapers.



   Perola Negra (all taxi drivers knows- Rua de Camoes)
   Open 365 days (even in Xmas evening) 16  to 5.
   20-30 girls from Brazil, and Portugal.
   You can talk with a girl and you should pay a drink to the girl to
   take her with you, about 3000 escudos. They will ask you for
   it. Most of the girls speak English and if you want to stay in the
   bar talking with her a long time pay a more expensive drink (about
   8000 escudos).
   They get 50% on drinks.
   Taking a girl to a motel (residential) will cost about 15 000-20
   000 escudos.  2 girls together will coast a little more but 50 000
   escudos for 2 girls 2 hours is a fair price.
   Two girls will make a good show.
   You can drink a good whiskey for 600 escudos , beer 300 escudos

   Lord Club (Rua Antonio Candido)
   Open 16 to 24 . Closed Sunday
   10-12 girls usually portughese.
   Girls are polite and most can speack English. Girls between 18-35
   very good looking.Some made S&M (ask for price)
   A girl costs 30 000 and a drink (4000 escudos - 15 000) girls got
   50% on drinks.
   Most of do trios ask for price (about 60 000 escudos) for a
   terrific show.  They will not ask you for a drink , but its a good
   idea to pay one ore more.  Girls will not come for your table, if
   you want one ask the clerk.
   If you want S&M ask for price BEFORE. Very pros and dont rush be generous.  You can drink a good wiskye for 600 escudos ,
   beer 300 escudos

   Paganini Bar  (All Taxi drivers Know-Rua da Constituicao)
   Open 16 to 04 . Closed Sunday
   30-30 girls from Brazil, Portughese and south America.
   Belongs to Perola Negra, see Perola Negra
   You can drink a good wiskye for 600 escudos , beer 300 escudos

   VIP Club (Rua da Constituicao)
   Open 16 to 24 . Closed Sunday
   15-20 girls usually portughese.
   Some girls can speak English
   A girl coast 20 000 and a drink (3000 escudos - 15 000) girls got
   50% on drinks.
   All  do trios ask for price (about 40 000 escudos)
   Dont drink whiskye.. beer is very good.


                              Take a girl in street.

    Well ... can you speak portuguese? If so it will help you a lot...
    If you are fluent in spanish you can understand portuguese.

    At night with a car you can see lots of girls, boys and TV (12-60
    years) but usually they are drug dependents , so be careful. Your
    gold Rolex its easy to change for heroine , you know?  Police will
    not arrest you, but take care with alcohol and driving.. Your
    night can finish in jail if you drink and drive.

    Many girls and boys will give you a b.j. in the car or in a motel
    (residencial) usually they will not take your watch or wallet ,
    but be careful. Prices depend. 3 000 escudos is basis.  They
    will not enter in a car with 2 persons and dont let 2 persons
    enter in your car!

    Places: Down Town

    There is a big place where is Camara Municipal (City Hall) called
    Avenida dos Aliados; after mid-night you can see lots of boys ,
    girls and TV. Try the adjacent streets.  Drive slow and talk with
    them....good luck!



   You can buy Jornal de Noticias         
   (funny to someone who cant speak portuguese) and near last page  you
   will  find under Relax:


   Try all numbers , they change a lot. But remember you are buying a
   cat inside a bag...

   Prices are 5 000 escudos to 20 000 . Most have video and
   jacuzzi. Some are Gays and TV.

   Ask before (some speak English) Phone numbers start with 0931 or
   0936 because they use mobil phones.

   You will need a cab to go to the place. All those place are flats
   all around town.

   You are free to use my Email ( and i will
   update that information.

   Perhaps i can get a form to give free drinks in bar for internet
   customers what do you think ?


Date: Fri, 23 May 1997 02:22:47 +0200 About Oporto -Portugal Mr Costa the boss of Paganini, Perola Negra and other bars is dead. He had an accident with his car. God mercy his soul. He was a good man. After that i can see some changes in Oporto by night. -------------------------------- In Oporto , as i said last time, you can get a girl in 3 places: 1--------------------------------- Bars 2- ------------------------------Phone 3--------------Street (using a car) 1) Bars : Same thing, but in RUA DA CONSTITUICAO (is the name of a street, all taxi drivers know) you can find a new bar. Is called 96, a good bar with good girls. Prices are like in the other bars (10,000 escudos a girl), if you dont speak portuguese the price will be high. I suggest to find a cab and start from PUB VIP in RUA DA CONSTITUICAO; a Taxi driver will find it. Enter and drink a beer. If you dont find a girl you like, then start walking and you will find in the same side other bars. Bar 96, then PAGANINI. Prics and drinks are similar. See my last information. Well, you dont find a girl. Get a cab and see my last information. If you are in Sheraton or Le Meridien dont take a cab. In a small shoppig center in AVENIDA DA BOAVISTA (the street where Sheraton and Le Meridien are located) you can find in a small shopping center the BAGDAD TOP BAR. Enjoy it. :) 2) Telephone: Use JORNAL DE NOTICIAS, it's a newspaper. near las page apears a section called RELAX those numbers are changing a lot some good, some not. Most of them can't speak anything other than portuguese :( 3) Streets: Is with you.. Good luck , but it can be dangerous.. See my last notes. Try AVENIDA ANTUNES GUIMARAES, some young (too young girls) C.U.
Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 17:54:50 -0800 Subject: Te: World Sex Guide: prostitution in Porto Hi there. Just a note: you forgot to say that many prostitutes work on small hotels, called "residenciais" or "pensoes"; in Porto, on R. do Heroismo, there's one such "pensao" where several girls (both old and young) work, with no pimps, violence or drugs (unlike other areas). In there you will find two young girls (about 20-25) with nice bodies that will give good sex for about 5000 Esc (around 10-20 minutes); their names are Cristina and Manela. I am not advertising, but I'm their regular costumer and I think such good girls should receive a small mention. They're THE BEST you can find on the streets of Porto (and I mean it).

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