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Porto Seguro, Brazil

Subject: Porto Seguro, Bahia, Brazil

Porto Seguro is a small tourist town on the southern end of the state of
Bahia.  It lives off tourism to its beaches and is quite full all year round.

It is popular with the young High School and College crowd from Sao Paulo,
Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, etc.  Young 16-22 year old women outnumber men by
at least 2:1. You see a few couples, rarely a group of men.  Mostly groups
of 3-4 women, or 4 women and two men, ... There are many absolutely
stunning beauties, walking around in skimpy attire, shorts, tanktops,
bathing suits.

The popular beaches are about 6 km North of town. They can be easily
reached by cheap buses.  If you have a car, you may just drive up and down
5 times and give rides to the girls (and guys) waiting and hitching rides
at the bus stops.  If you have a pickup, its back will fill up quickly.

The beach spots are clusters of huts serving, juice, beer, food.  The
popular ones have all some dance aerobic most of the day;  A incredible
sound system, in front, on a pedestal, there are a bunch of gorgeous girls
and usually black guys dancing hip-swinging, ass-wiggling dance routines
for the crowd to follow.  Quite some view, you can see why Brazilians fuck
that well, because this is what the movements are like.  The dancers sure
have no lack of women, they are extremely popular.

The best spots are Axe moi, Vira Sol, and Barramares.  The girls on the
beach are said to be easy (not the dancers), but to my experience they were
the stuck up snobbish upper middle class big city bitches.  You might score
better at night, there are parties all over, at some of the beach huts, and
in town at the passarela do alcool (the alcohol runway).  This name shows
the main occupation of the crowd: drink beer.

If you are a bit sociable, especially if you are blonde and blue eyed,
reasonably young and goodlooking, you have chances to score.  Just insist.
You have to be like an inhabitant of Bahia: just hit on everyone you are
interested in.  If you speak only English, this may even increase your
changes, it makes you more interesting.

Rumors are, that on Carnival week, and New Year, women are easy to get and
to lay. If one is responsive, you better hold on to her, if you lose her
you will never find her again. The town is packed, traffic jammed, and you
can hardly walk without bumping into people.  People are said to screw
right on the beach.  Accomodation is quite expensive on these vacations (at
least a hundred a day, 7 days minimum, there may be cheaper places, maybe).
 Don't even dream of finding a place in a hotel if you did not make a
reservation weeks ago.

You may also ask the hotel receptionists, and taxi drivers for help.  They
may introduce you to non professional local or tourist girls.  There are
girls around that seek a vacation boyfriend, and many girls love foreigners.

If all does not help, you did not score, and you need professionals, the
friendly taxi drivers gave this info:

Le chat noir
(073) 879 1289
BR 367 km 68.5
Enter street at Portobelo Praia Hotel (near Axe moi, easily reachable by
bus), turn left after 200 m on dirt road (you can see the house with the
big name, and there is a sign on the corner)

This is a professional house with meninas de programa (working girls, sex
for $$).  Nice, with swimming pool.  Admission is 12 Reais, 10-11 US$.  A
girl for 1 hour, unrushed, with the room, all included, R$ 100, so the
entire thing is R$ 112, or about US$ 100.

About 10 girls that came from other towns and live there 24 hours a day, to
make money for a month or two.  Place is open in the afternoon, closes for
a few hours, and reopens at night.

The girls are wholesome next door girls, not the typical whorehouse trash.
I met one making money to study for the college entrance exam.  Worth the

Additional info:

Webspace with info about Porto Seguro, reservation for the more luxurious
and expensive hotels,
 and Internet provider: Call them to find out
where you can go to pick up your e mail.

Porto Seguro is about 19 hours by Bus from Rio.  You can try to get package
deals from travel agencies like Soletur.

There is a youth hostel, some cheap boarding houses, you may try to get an
apartment for rent.

Police is pretty efficient, but big town criminals also like to vacation in
Porto Seguro, so be careful.

Nearby Arraial do Cabo (6 miles South) is said to cather to the hippie
crowd, pot users.  Try at your own risk!!

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