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Porto Alegre, Brazil

Subject: Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil

Porto Alegre is in the far South of Brazil, with a much colder climate than
Rio or Recife.

People are of mainly European origin, fairly white skinned, you find a lot
of blue eyed blondes.  Of course you can find morenas and mulatas, too.
Things work better and are more organized. Car drivers are much more law
abiding than in Rio or other cities further north.  The good tourist office
at the airport makes your hotel reservation (I am not sure if these hotels
accept your female visitors, though).  Taxi airport to downtown only R$ 8.-
for the regular taxi, R$ 12 for the special Radiotaxi.  Food is a lot
cheaper than in Rio, R 2.50 is the typical plain vanilla all-you-can-eat
buffet. sex services are cheaper, too.

To find professional women, get the newspaper Zero Hora.  Note that they
have classifieds only Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday.  On other days you will be
out of luck.  Find the section classificados, servicos profissionais, 06/03
Acompanhantes .  They have hundreds of ads, about three pages.

Get a guia das ruas (street guide, a 200 page paperback) for R$ 10 in the
livraria Globo bookstore downtown.  Thus you can verify the addresses when
you walk downtown.

Some houses advertise programas  (a paid sex session) starting at R$8.- or
10.-  It seems that for 10 you get nothing but a plain body massage.  For 5
you get a strip.  For 15 a blowjob. For 30 anal.

La Maison Bar Drinks in Rua Pinto Bandeira 376 charges no admission, drinks
start at 2.-, the programa costs R$ 40 for 40 minutes.   (1R$ = US$0.92)

Some ads advertise gorgeous 18 year old high school or college students.

After 7 pm you find girls near certain hotels in downtown (centro).  For
example, in Rua Voluntarios da Patria, around the 400 block, Hotel,
Vitoria.  Some decent looking and fairly young (18-24y) girls hang out on
the street and accost you, without being too pushy.  They offer you a
hurried 15 minute 'programa' for R$ 20.- (US $ 18).  R$5 are for the hotel,
15 for the girl.  If you want a towel you may have to pay another R$ 1.-

One of the girls said she spends her daytime, starting at 12 noon, at the
Praca da Alfandega, near Shopping Rua da Praia no rua das Andradas.

Another late afternoon/ Evening hangout is at a corner in Rua Pinto
Bandeira 396, near Hotel Bandeira.

BOITES (nightclubs)
According to my taxi driver, there are a bunch of nightclubs, not too far
from the airport, all fairly close together. He recommended Vermelho 27,
Madrigal, Caleche, you can get a girl starting at R$ 30-40, back room
included. You may have to pay up to 18 for your mandatory minimum
consumption, which gets you lots of beers. Gruta azul is a more expensive

All these bars are listed in the Tourist Magazine "Programa", available in
many hotels.  This magazine in not especially about the sex programas. It
lists hotels, restaurants, consulates, touristic events and
"acompanhantes", which means the kind of company you may be looking for.

The boates:
Vermelho 27, Rua Pelotas 160, 228 3227
Madrigal Av Farrapos 1351 222 9820
Swing Night Club Av. Farrapos 1312; 346 2647
Gruta Azul Av Farrapos 1274; 222 9380
Caleche Av Farrapos 508 226 3281
Kymball Av Farrapos 1092 221 6080
Erectus Av Farrapos 837
Bordo, Av Getulio Vargas 668
Bar Sauna 168, Av Cristovao Colombo 168; 221 4938
Sauna Gaucha Av Cristovao Colombo 378
Regina Av Erico Verissimo 472; 223 3314


Top Models,
they advertise University students and Models, for R$ 120, 150, to 200 for
1-2 hours in the hotel.  They can show you fotos.  These girls are
available for regular sex sessions.

And, they have their apartment prive, where you can meet the girls for only
70 to 90. In this apartment, downtown, they specialize in Sadomasochism.
For R$ 90 you can tie up or whip a quite pretty girl, and also fuck her and
get a blowjob (with condom).  Or get yourself whipped, if you prefer so.
phones 227 5906, 221 4902.

Boutique das Camelias
343 1258; R$ 80 for 1 hour, 12 for 1 1/2 hours
All girls study or have a job; at least that is what the agency claims.
You can see their photo album with some of the girls, if you want to.

You find more of them in the Zero Hora acompanhantes ads or the tourist
magazine Programa

To find regular, non prostitute girls, the taxi driver recommended Dado
Bier, after 10 pm, 15 minutes taxi ride from downtown.  Or La Comorra, in
Av. Guerte.  Or watching the sunset at the Gasometro, the Gas storage.

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