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Date: 12 Jan 1995 09:02:42 GMT >I am in need of information regarding the Portland Oregon area. >Anyone know the good spots? Any info will be appreciated Be careful in Portland, the PD has an unholy fascination with stamping out commercial sex. They runs lots of stings, and if you get caught picking up a working girl, they WILL take away your automobile.
From: (JayHawk) Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC Portland has one very gritty section of town bordered by N.E. Sandy Avenue, W. Burnside (up to and including the Burnside Bridge), S.E. Union and around S.E. 13th. You can also find them on N.E. Sandy between about N.E. 33rd and S.E. 7th Streets, and on Burnside on the north side of the river. On any given night you should find between 5-10 girls working. In 1994 I picked up a gorgeous blonde at 16th and Sandy and had a blow job and anal sex for $100. One other point to note about Portland is that there are several "massage and modeling" parlors that charge between $40-80 entry fee. These are a rip-off as girls will take off their clothes, but you can't touch them. The adult book stores also have free pick-up magazines that have lots of information on topless bars, escorts, etc. I am told that cops run a sting operation to catch johns, but this is second hand information.
Subject: Portland Date: Mon, 27 Nov 1995 13:09:30 UTC At present Portland has quite a few escort services. The massage parlor scene is dead, at least as far as I can tell. I don't know of any "incall" services in town at present. I've been actively involved (as a customer) in Portland since 1974, so I've seen lots of changes over the years. Time was this town supported several good massage parlors, but that's history. As mentioned by others, the police often run decoys and can seize your car if you are caught soliciting, so the streetwalker scene is chancy. So your best bet is the escort route. The phone book lists several and, as also mentioned earlier, adult bookstores carry publications such as Exotic and The T&A Times, which are excellent sources of ads for outcall escorts. As an additional benefit, these mags are free, and aren't all that bad looking. Their main focus is the local strip clubs, but most of their ads are for outcall. The services come and go; my best advice for locating a good one is to phone up one or two and see what "vibes" you get from whoever answers the phone. That is thin advice, but is has worked for me. Prices are similar to elsewhere: straight sex is $100 minimum; sometimes a bit more. A blow job can be had for $50. The agency fee is from $150 to $180, so we're not talking cheap. Most of the girls I've seen will allow you to caress them and many even enjoy receiving head, although that of course depends upon the individual. I even found one who enjoys kissing! Only problem with the outcall system is for residents: you have to add the cost of a room to the already somewhat steep "agency fee" plus the girl's tip. Makes you miss the massage parlor days. Oh well, quality costs!
Subject: Re: SEEKING ESCORTS IN PORTLAND, OREGON Date: Mon, 06 May 1996 00:32:26 -0700 Portland has had a great deal of trouble with Escort services. Most are run by the same few 'clusters' of people. Sabrina, in particular, is advertised as the main attraction in about 10 different agency ads, all with different phone numbers but all calls go to the same operator. She has pulled such stunts with a few folks I know of. One of the big problems Portland has is that these few key groups that control most of the main agencies do some pretty underhanded things to get rid of any competition that comes up. Almost like a 'cartel' where they set the prices and drive out any competitors. Very bad situation for those legetimate ladies who simply want to earn a real dollar in a fair way. Ripoffs are the norm with these groups. Police in Portland are VERY frustrated. The girls and their 'operators' have the routine down cold - and the men are often too scared of the repercussions to press charges. It used to be much better in Portland but now it is just a waste of money. Best bet for anybody who can spend the extra $200 is to spend $100 and fly to Reno, then add the $100 plus the $40-$60 you would spend on the street and go to the Mustang Complex. Another alternative is drive up I-5 to Vancouver Canada (7 hours) and go to a 'legal' massage parlor. Thanks for your tips here. They are helpful.
Subject: [ASP] Portland, Oregon Escort Service Ripoffs Date: Wed, 1 Jan 1997 02:08:40 -0800 I have enclosed a previous post from another individual regarding Portland. My experience has been decidedly more negative. Undoubtedly a lot of ripoffs are going unreported to the police or to anyone else for that matter. Anyway, the previous post is below followed by my 2 cents worth. Hopefully this information will benefit someone out there. If one person avoids a ripoff (home invasion mugging?) similar to what happened to me, I will consider this effort successful. Bad Experience in Portland---Ripoffs Abound! Caveat Emptor (Let The Buyer Beware) Many of the agencies in Portland are run by the same operator. They may have 20 different agencies with separate phone numbers advertised in Exotic Magazine but they all ring at 1 or 2 locations. The service provider environment in Portland has gotten much worse over the past 5 years due to severe and repeated crackdowns by local police on Escort Services. As a result, many of the agencies have figured out that they can rip off their customers at less perceived risk than actually performing prostitution services. In short, many of the agencies have gone legit with respect to providing prostitution services but they don't always convey that to the potential client. Many have switched to theft as an alternative to performing full service. Perhaps the police should rethink their approach. Their "solution" is causing a lot worse problem than what existed before the crackdowns. These rogue, ripoff agencies will promise anything even though they have no intention of following through with their promises. The girls have been coached on how to ripoff customers and they are very good at pulling this scam. I do not think I lack for "street smarts" but I was taken in by their scam. The bad agencies are using both intimidation and the element of surprise to ripoff clients. Here is how the typical scam works. There are lots of variations but after reading this, you should be able to sense when a scam is about to happen to you. Hopefully you can stop it before it is too late. I called one of the services that advertises in Exotic Magazine, a free publication found at many strip clubs and bars in Portland and Seattle. The name of the service is The X Club, (503) 761-8100 and they had a girl call me back. Her name is Star and she works for over 19 agencies in town (and probably all 19 are into pulling these scams). She is a good looking, petite blonde and she is an accomplished thief. I realize that there are some agencies that do not perform full service and I have no quarrel with them. I don't want to waste my time or the girl's time trying to get something that they don't offer so I tried to make it clear during the initial phone conversation what I was interested in. I told Star that I was interested in "full service" and she said that would not be a problem. So much for promises. Before she drove out for the appointment, she called me again for directions and indicated to me a second time that "full service" was not a problem. Like a fool, I accepted her word as truth. Upon arrival, Star immediately asked for the phone to call and check-in with the agency. That should have been a tipoff to me but it wasn't. Usually reputable service providers will take a few minutes to get briefly acquainted, collect the fee, and then call in. Star insisted in collecting the fee while her service was on the phone with her only seconds after her arrival. She wanted me to say something incriminating so that the agency could (ostensibly) record the incriminating conversation. I told her and the agency both that I did not appreciate their tactics andwas not happy with the fact that none of these required procedures were explained beforehand. The agency said that it was standard operating procedure. I told them that I was the customer and that I wanted to speak to Star for a couple minutes before handing over the fee and checking in. This they did not like. In retrospect, I now realize the requirement to have the service on the line while the money changes hands is two fold. One, they want you to think that they are recording the intimidation tactic. Two, and more importantly, it allows the driver/bodyguard outside the front door to know pricisely when the money has changed hands so that he know when she is going to try and get out of there. He can then pound on the door and create a distraction. More on this later. Star finally hung up and we discussed the particulars. I explained to her a third time that I expected full service and clarified what I meant when I said "full service" just as we had discussed over the phone. Again, she reassured me that full service was not a problem. I handed over the fee, satisfied that she was telling me the truth and would uphold her end of the bargain. Silly me. Star then called the agency back to check in. At this point the conversation on her end became a series of yes/no/yes answers. I had this sinking feeling in my stomach that something wasn't quite right. The next thing I know, her driver/bodyguard is POUNDING on the front door and yelling loudly that he will call the cops if I don't open the door. My God, what did I do to deserve this? I am now convinced that this was all prearranged and coordinated via a 3 way conversation between the girl, the service and the driver on a portable cell phone outside my front door. I believe the driver/bodyguard was patched into the entire conversation with Star and the agency and knew exactly what was transpiring every step of the way. This is a big tip off. If the girl or agency insists that the agency be on the phone while the cash changes hands, something is WRONG! Like a fool, thinking that I could reason with the driver/bodyguard and calm him down, I opened the door in response to the the driver's incessant pounding without really thinking too much about it. Again, they are exploiting the surprise and intimidation factors. The bodyguard lunged for my throat and kept me away from the girl for a few seconds while she quickly stepped out the door with my money. She never had any intention of performing any service, legal or illegal. She just wanted the money so she could bolt. I tried to calm the driver/bodyguard down and said lets discuss this. All to no avail. He loudly argued that I had solicited her and she could leave with my money. I told him that is bullshit and nothing justifies taking money for no services rendered. He told me the cops had been called and were on their way to arrest me. I knew that was a bunch of bullshit but at that point it was too late. Star was gone and so was the money. It all happened so fast that I was speechless. I realized then that I had been had. I had been scammed! The fact that she was solicited by me or not solicited by me is moot. It makes no difference. Whether or not solicitation took place is wholly irrelevant. The fact is she promised to perform certain services on three separate occasion (a crime just like solicitation is), collected payment to perform said services, and then provided no services, legal or illegal whatsoever. This was a scam, pure and simple and Star has performed it many times. If she pulls this 5 times a night, she is hauling in well over $1,000 per evening. If she was performing some service for this pay, I would have no problem with it. The fact that she is doing nothing but ripping off innocent customers such as myself makes it a BIG problem. Wow, I basically got mugged in my own residence including a physical altercation with the bodyguard. I hate to think what might have happened if I decided to fight and if he was armed. These fuckers are bold! Total elapsed time from the time she arrived until she left was under eight minutes. Total time from when she collected the money and was out the door......less than 2 minutes. How to prevent this from happening to you: There are no guarantees that any of this will work. However, I am hopful that I can alert individuals to how this scam works and to avoid getting in situations like this. If people have additional suggestions, please post them. We need to stop these scam artists by using the power of knowledge. To be forewarned is to be prepared. Knowledge is power! 1) Avoid the services with large ads in Exotic Magazine. More often than not, they are the ones pulling the scams. Again, this is no guarantee because some of the small ads are for the same companies. Avoid phone numbers beginning with 760 or 761 prefixes. Not all of them are bad. However, many of the bad services have 760 or 761 prefixes. Be careful and wary. If it doesn't feel right, something is likely going down. 2) Be wary if the girl arrives at your place and IMMEDIATELY wants to use the phone before collecting the fee, getting acquainted with you, or anything else. Star tried to collect the fee while the agency was on the phone about 30 seconds after she walked in the door. This is KEY so pay close attention. Remember that the bodyguard/driver is outside the door with a cellular phone listening in on every word of the conversation between the agency and the girl.. The agency, the driver, and the girl are coordinating things for the rest of the scam. The driver knows when the fee has been collected by the girl and can now create a distraction to get the girl out of there with the fee in-hand. If this ever happens to me again, I will instantly cancel the session, provide a reasonable cancellation fee and let the girl get out of there without handing over the rest of the fee. Having the agency online while the fee transaction takes place is a big tipoff that a ripoff is going down. Don't let go of the money if you have any doubts! (Easier said than done when you are dealing with a skilled liar who is hard to detect). Tough to say but that is about all I can offer. If it feels wrong, it probably is. Be wary and be cautious. 2) I still try to discreetly convey that I am interested in full service over the phone when initially setting up an appointment. Again, I am not here to waste my time or the girls time. I am just trying to eliminate setting up an appointment with someone who does not provide the services I am interested in. Life is too short for that. The problem is the ripoff agencies will have the girl lie and tell you that full service is "not a problem". She will tell you whatever you want to hear. Her whole goal is to promise you the world repeatedly over the phone and in your presence so that you will believe her and fork over the fee. Once she has the fee in-hand, you have very little control over the situation. Once the driver/bodyguard pounds on the door and you open it and allow him in (uninvited), you have lost all control. 3) If you hand over the fee and then the driver starts pounding on the door, demand that the girl refund the fee minus a reasonable cancellation fee ($40?). It may be too late at this point. They have your money, they don't want to give any of it back, and they know that you can probably be intimidated into opening up the door by making a lot of noise and pounding on the door so the neighbors will hear. Afterall, who wants to wake the neighbors? The whole idea is to rattle your cage and exploit the element of surprise. They will make a lot of noise, tell you that they are calling the cops, tell you that they have told the cops that you solicited the girl, etc, etc.. None of it is true but it catches you off guard and creates enough confusion for the girl to slip out. The girl exploits the split second opportunity created by all the confusion and is out the door likety split. (It is hard to describe the shock of this all happens so quickly). You've got to keep your wits about you. If you don't you're about to be mugged in your own residence. Avoid all of the following agencies in Portland. They are all participants in this scam or variations of this scam (i.e. "I have to give the fee to my driver, I'll be right back". Sure you bet you'll be back) The X Club....... (503) 761-8100. This is the agency that ripped me off . Star works for them. They even have an "outcall guarantee....satisfied or your money back". Yea, right, when pigs fly out of my butt! They also have branches in Seattle and Spokane and are undoubtedly pulling the same scam in those cities. Slumber Party...... (503) 761-3049. Star works for them also. Her picture is in their ad in Exotic Magazine. She is a petite, good looking blonde and knows how to scam very well. She has pulled this scam numerous times and is a pro at ripping people off. The Petite Girl Next Door......(503) 760-5191. Star works for them also. Her picture is in their ad. Nice looking women. She is a rather good looking thief! Age of Innocence........(503) 761-3458. Star also works for them. Her picture (full face shot) is in their ad. She is one fine looking ripoff artist that I hope gets caught someday. Classy Escorts....(503) 777-8745. Star works for them also. There Was A Sweet Girl.....(503) 761-8100. Star works for them also. Cookies and Cream......(503) 761-3458. Star works for them also. Irish Girl....(503) 760-5150. Star works for them also. Fantacee's Unlimited........(503) 760-8854. Star works for them also. Cozy Companions.......(503) 760-5191. Star works for them also. Three's Company.......(503) 761-3458. Star works for them also. College Girls.......(503) 760-5377. Star works for them also. Sweaty Palms.......(503) 760-5150. Star works for them also. Aces High........(503) 760-5377. Star works for them also. Prime Time.......(503) 760-5150. Star works for them also. Girls, Girls, Girls.......(503) 760-5715. Star works for them also. Body Guard.........(503) 761-3458. Star also works for them. Pleasure Perfect......(503) 760-8854. Star also works for them. That is about it. Beware and pay attention to what is happening during the first 10 minutes that the girl is there. Review the tips I gave before she comes over. If something doesn't feel right like having the service (and bodyguard) on the phone while she collects, tell them you have decided to cancel and offer a $40 cancellation fee. Be firm and tell them that is all you will pay. Get her out of there and DO NOT let the bodyguard in. If he comes in, immediately dial 911 (Police). If they decide to bolt, try an get a license plate number of the driver's vehicle so you can report him. It is sad to see what has happened in Portland. The police crackdowns have made it worse. It is time to stand up to this kind of crap. Knowledge is power! Patronize quality service providers and post your experiences.......both good and bad. Signed, Caveat Emptor
Date: Wed, 09 Apr 1997 14:03:57 -0700 Subject: Escorts and "jack shacks" in Portland Portland has experienced an explosion of lingere modeling studios, where you get to go into a small room and watch a (generally fairly attractive) dancer strip down to nothing while you sit there naked and pound your pud. The studios make it clear that no touching is possible, and this seems to be the case, at least in my experience. I've even gone back to the same girl a few times, hoping for a bit of extra service if I become a regular. One girl, who went by Autumn, allowed a bit of caressing but that was about as lucky as I've ever got. Once in a while she might give you a beeper number saying she works for an outcall agency. If you want to spend the money this is one way of finding a lady for an outcall date, but you have to go back a few times before they will share this info. The escort scene does suffer from what another post mentioned: there are a comparitive few operaters who run bazillions of ads under different names. A bit of calling around will uncover this in short order. My experiences, though, have been more positive that what this person found -- if you're willing to shell out an agency fee of $175 or so and then tip on top of that, you can have a good time. You have to be somewhat proactive -- after you call an agency and they have a girl call you, try to chat with her for a minute. The standard drill, of course, is that they describe themselves and then you set up your date. Some sound bored or aburpt; pass on these. Now and again you'll run into a girl who likes to chat for a bit; this is a good sign. One of my best experiences came from a lady named Lauren, a 5'2" shapely blonde in her 30s. After she described herself, we chatted for a second and then she asked me what I look like! We hit it off in person as well. So all in all, if you're willing to pay the (IMHO) high Portland agency fees, and you're willing to call the agency back and ask for another girl to call if you don't hit it off over the phone, you can do OK there.
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 1997 07:13:20 -0800 Alas, I count myself another victim of Portland's miserable escort/massage scene. Let this be another warning for those in search of companionship during your stay in Portland. First of all, as you've probably read already, most services, in spite of the variety of ads in the local adult publications, are owned by a handful of folks who may sound like nice folks on the phone but, rather, are the worst kind of pimps around. Even if you're looking for something completely legal the girls will usually ask for tips on top of the $150ish basic fee for a "hotter" show. My worst experience is one encounter I had through one of the bajillions run by a guy named D--e. Despite his assertions of the quality of his girls and the strict legality of his establishment, the girls are quite ugly, sometimes pregnant, awfully tattooed, and are more than willing to prostitute themselves. D--e was not willing to even talk with me after I had a very disturbing experience with one of his girls (I made it clear I did not want sex, but the girl demanded another $150 for a better show). With the amount of time she spent on the phone with the dispatcher and snooping around the hotel room, I had about all of 35 minutes of a oil rub-down. My advice: sow your oats in another city. If you happen to be stuck in the town for a while, I suggest you go to Sassy's, a nude stage-dancing establishment. Don't make a fool out of yourself by trying to get more than the stage dancing. Just pull up a chair, order a brew, and ease yourself into the crowd which ranges from hillbillies to lesbians. Wednesdays through Saturdays, from 10pm-2am, you will see one of the prettiest girls in Portland strip to her flawless, tattooless birthday suit.
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 19:39:45 +0000 Subject: The Portland scene Some quick thoughts re two postings in the Portland category. First, the fellow who posted a 31 Dec 96 screed decrying the Portland scene: I've lived here most of my life; things ain't perfect. I've had my share of one-nighters and more fulfilling long-term sexual and emotional relationships and I am neither rich nor does anyboy mistake me for Leonardo DiCaprio. If I can score around here . . . I've also been a customer on the local sex scene from time to time since the 1970s; from the sound of that post I wonder if this character could get a hand job with $1,000 at the Mustang Ranch. Second, the person with the observations of the Escort Service ripoffs featuring Star: thank you for an excellent piece of consumer reporting! This guy did a serious amount of work combing through Exotic Magazine and ferriting out the interlocking agencies under the same ownership. Thanks for the effort -- I agree that the increasing crackdowns on Escort Services make this sort of thing increasingly possible. In spite of these scams, though, I still tend to think Exotic is a credible source of info on the Portland scene, although it pays to be even more careful than ordinarily. On to more pleasant subjects: the pay for play situation in Portland ain't dead yet -- I've had good results with an agency called Petite Pleasures. They charge the standard $160 and tipping begins on top of that. If one avoids the agencies that employ Star, one can still do ok around here, at least in my experience.
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 1997 23:16:52 -0700 Subject: your hooker site I am just surprised because I've been picking up hookers here in Portland on a regular basis since 1989; it's a great city for doing this, and no one has posted accurate information about it. One person came close, talking about Burnside and Sandy Blvd, but his directions are wrong (there is no "north of the river", and no hookers on SE MLK Blvd.); and I don't think he mentioned prices; and definitely didn't give any tips on how to negotiate and not get busted or ripped off. There's the guy who hates Portland and his info is 100% fiction. Then there's these amateurs complaining about the in-call services ripping them off, ha ha! I've never used one of these services, mainly because they charge about 5 times more than a streetwalker. You know right up front it's a ripoff, even if you get "full service", it's not worth the price.
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 18:08:10 -0700 Subject: Re: your hooker site I've been picking up hookers on a WEEKLY BASIS in Portland, Oregon the past 8 years. At least 1 per week, sometimes more. So if you're looking for good information, here it is. WHERE: Portland, Oregon has 4 primary "'ho strolls". 1) Burnside from NW/SW 23rd Ave to NE/SE 7th Ave. (Burnside is the dividing line between north & south named streets; the Burnside Bridge/Willamette River divides east & west.) 2) NE Sandy Blvd from Burnside/7th Ave (3-way intersection) to NE 82nd Ave Main concentration is from about 14th Ave to 32nd Ave. 3) NE 82nd Ave from NE Sandy Blvd. to SE Powell. 4) NE MLK Blvd (formerly Union Ave)from NE Fremont to NE Portland Blvd. These "strolls" are conveniently connected to each other so that you can drive one big loop and cover them all, if you wanted to. However, I strongly advise against cruising the MLK Blvd stroll as there is too much gang activity and too much police presence. It is also the most likely place to pick up a hooker that will rip you off. If you're staying in downtown Portland, I recommend starting your cruise at West 23rd & Burnside; cruising east to Sandy Blvd where you bear left; then turn right on 82nd Ave. You should spot at least 4 or 5 hookers per hour unless it's raining heavily, is extremely cold, or is between 2 am and 8 am. Some days and times (such as when it first gets dark Friday & Saturday night) you'll spot 10 or 12 per hour. This cruise is about 30-40 minutes long. If you didn't see anything you liked, turn around and go back the way you came. I've never spent more than 2 hours cruising this route before spotting what I wanted. Don't pick up the first hooker you see... wait until you see one who looks nice and is attractive to you. SHOPPING: I never pick up girls who look aggressive or mean. You can tell sometimes, by their eyes and the way they walk. Girls who go "be-bopping" along all cranked up can be dangerous. The few times I've been semi-ripped off (not getting quite what I expected), were always by some crackhead or crankster bitch. Don't learn the hard way... if she looks like she'd rip you off, don't pick her up. Getting completely ripped off consists of handing over the money, then the girl suddenly has some weird reason that she has to go somewhere or do something and she'll "be right back", but say goodbye to the money. I had a girl TRY to rip me off once, she showed me some fake cocaine that I was supposed to hold while she went to buy more coke or heroin or something. We were in my apartment, and I said "No, we made a deal, I'm not holding any drugs or anything else". And she said "OK, this will be very professional then, no touching"... and she gave me some head, then I fucked her. She told me not to come in her pussy but I did, a few seconds after she said "That's enough". My only victory over an attempted ripoff. I've been semi-ripped off 8 or 10 times. You pay for a blowjob, and get about 60 seconds worth of head, then the girl's mouth is sore or something and you end up getting a handjob. It's a semi-ripoff because you shoot your wad but not exactly the way you wanted. I've been outright ripped off only twice. 1 time, mid-1990, the girl convinced me to pay her $50 to spend the night and do "anything I want all night long". Soon as I gave her the money, she had to go to the store to buy tampons. Of course she didn't come back... and I didn't go with her since I knew I was fucked. "If it sounds too good to be true, it isn't true." Other time, late 1989, I picked up a black 'ho on MLK Blvd. I'm white, and have picked up 10 or 12 black hookers; for some reason they just don't give head very well so I don't pick them up anymore. (Since AIDS became a major concern, I just get head from hookers.) Anyway, I gave her the money ($20), and she said she had to stop at this house, and I could hold her ring (which was worthless). I stopped there and she tried to take my keys out of the ignition, lucky for me they were sort of locked in. She said "I'll take your keys so you'll know I'll be back." Anyway, she didn't get my keys; but she left and did come back; then said we had to go to some second house. At the second house she got out, and I saw some guys coming towards the car, I had a really bad feeling and just took off. My mistake here was letting the girl tell me where to drive, on her turf. Now I never follow instructions on where to go. Out of hundreds of "dates", I've only been ripped off twice. You can expect the same if you follow my advice here. Police sometimes conduct "stings", where a police woman pretends to be a prostitute. Guys who get busted this way must be really stupid or inexperienced though, since the fake police hookers ALWAYS operate differently than real hookers. The main giveaway is that the police woman DOES NOT GET IN THE CAR with you. She tells you to go down the block, or to some parking lot "over there", or something, through the window of your car... then when you pull in, all these cop cars are waiting and you're fucked. A less obvious giveaway is that the police woman might look "too good to be true"... too beautiful, too well dressed, to be a street hooker. Although I have picked up a few extremely beautiful, well-dressed street hookers, they are very much in the minority here in Portland. Luckily I've never been busted. I learned how the stings operate from talking to hookers. Real hookers usually wear spandex or tight jeans. In the summer, you'll see more miniskirts and spandex shorts or tight shorts. I'd say 75%-80% of them wear some sort of pants or shorts while only 20%-25% wear a skirt. REAL hookers will ALWAYS get in the car with you, unless they feel uneasy about you for some reason in which case they will just walk away (they may think you look like a cop, or psycho rapist, or whatever.) So how do you know that girl walking along is a hooker? Maybe she's just some girl walking somewhere. Here are some hints: 1) Hookers usually walk in the same direction as traffic and look back at the cars once in awhile. Sometimes they'll smile at you and/or make eye contact; this is a dead giveaway. One (Leslie) on 82nd Ave looked at me and licked her lips. The reason they walk with traffic is so when a customer pulls over, she is already walking in that direction. Changing direction would look suspicious. 2) If the girl is carrying a shopping bag, bag of groceries, or anything other than a purse (such as a box, or Blockbuster Video cassette), she is NOT a hooker. If she is seductively sucking on a lollipop or ice cream cone or popsicle, etc, she is almost definitely a hooker. 3) If you see a girl you want to pick up, make eye contact with her or honk the horn real quickly (a very short honk) and pull over. Nod at her when she looks at you. If she's a hooker she will GET IN THE CAR. If she doesn't get in the car, make up some excuse and take off. "Oh, I thought you were my sister, sorry." Whatever... just get out of there. After getting in the car, she will ask "Are you a cop?", and ask you to touch her bare breast, and sometimes demand that you let her touch your bare cock. This proves you're not a cop (technically). REMINDER ***NEVER*** let the hooker give the directions on where to drive and park. You drive around until you find a place you think looks safe. Drive back to your hotel if you're not too far. 4) Hookers almost always walk alone. Once in awhile, you'll see a pair of them. Less often, you'll see their pimp walking behind them about 50 feet back. 5) I've picked up prostitutes on foot many times. The way to do this is to ask "Are you working?". If she says "yes" or "why, you wanna date?" she's a hooker. I've only asked a non-hooker once if she was working, she glared at me and didn't say anything, then walked away. NEGOTIATING: To minimize your chance of being ripped off or disappointed, before you hand over any CASH, make it clear what you expect to get for whatever amount of money you agree upon. For me, it's usually "I want a blowjob without a rubber, and to come in your mouth." I learned to say this after handing over the cash a few times, to see the girl pull out a rubber and demand that it be used, or she wasn't gonna do anything. Or she'd pull away the instant I started to come. That really stinks. It's funny how a girl can be wearing tight jeans and not have a purse... then the instant you hand over money, you hear that plastic crinkling noise and out comes a rubber from nowhere! If you're gonna do straight sex or buttfucking, use the rubber. But for blowjobs or handjobs, you're safe without one... unless the girl has an open sore on her lips or hands, in which case you might want to drop her off before negotiating. I've had HUNDREDS of blowjobs without a rubber from HUNDREDS of different hookers, and have NEVER contracted any sexually transmitted disease. No crabs, no gonorrhea, no yeast infection, no chlamydia, NOTHING. However, many prostitutes are also IV drug users, and are a very high risk group. Be extremely careful if you do anything other than a blowjob/handjob. THE MENU: Your average hooker gives a blowjob for $25-$30. For a long time, $20 was the common going rate; but this changed about 2 years ago. Some will charge $5 or $10 extra to not use a rubber or let you come in their mouth. Some automatically include that in their price. VERY FEW, but they're out there, will think nothing of swallowing your load. I've only had 6 or 7 hookers who did this. I didn't request it either, they just did it. I personally don't care if they spit it out or swallow it, as long as they don't pull away too fast. I usually mention that during negotiations as well. Very good-looking young hookers will usually charge $40 to $50 for head. All of them charge slightly more for "straight sex". The ones who give head for $25-$30 charge $40-$50 for straight; the good looking young ones charge anywhere from $60 to $100. I've never requested anal sex, and most of them won't do it. Ones who do probably charge a little more than they charge for straight. I've never requested a hand job either; they are probably the same price or cheaper than blowjobs. Kinkier activities & staying overnight will cost correspondingly more. Hookers almost always ask YOU how much you're willing to pay before discussing an exact amount. It's best to start low... say "is $25 enough?"... or ask her how much she wants. Try to negotiate the best price. I've had $10 blowjobs a few times when girls were really hard up on a slow night. **CAUTION** some girls ask you "how much money you got?" Don't ever answer that question. Some ask "how much can you spend?"... don't answer that either. Say something like "I usually get a good blowjob for $25". If she counters with "I charge $50", make a counter offer of $35 or $40. SUMMARY: I've found that older (age 30-40) and plain-looking prostitutes are usually more willing to please you for your money. Younger (under 25) and very attractive ones usually want to get it over with as quickly as possible, and will complain that you're taking too long after 2 or 3 minutes. "My mouth hurts"..."I have a toothache"... etc. Some hookers WILL kiss you on the mouth, good full French kisses, as part of foreplay. No extra charge. Most of them won't. I haven't figured out WHY. Maybe it depends on whether or not they think you're attractive. ***NEVER*** call the "escort" services here in Portland. I've heard nothing but bad stories about them, ripping people off. And even if they don't rip you off outright, they charge $150 or more for the same action you can get on your own for $25. DO NOT USE THEM. Whenever you enjoy a girl, ask for her phone number; most of them will give you a phone number or pager number so you can call them again. If they don't have a phone, ask for an address and when a good time is to stop by. Or, if you're at your residence or hotel, ask them to come back on a certain day or time. Most hookers in Portland disappear within 6 months... they either move to another city, or "go straight" and get a regular job... or go to jail. So, getting pager numbers and setting up "regulars" is only temporary. I've had some girls give me a phone number which worked a week later, then was disconnected the week after. Hookers provide a great service... sex with no elaborate game-playing or dating ritual, and no committment afterward. HAVE FUN!!
Subject: [ASP]Review:Portland, OR Date: 1997/12/12 Just got back from Portland and thought that I would report about a damn good time I had while I was there. Like you all have read stay away from the escorts because they are a ripoff. I cruised the action that I found in the World Sex Guide ( It was pretty much dead. I did find one girl. Her name was Katy. She was about 5'5, a little chubby but not too bad. She had blonde hair and was working Sandy Blvd (YES GO PAST 82nd and you may find her or her friend). We went back to my room and took care of the financial part of the deal. Not a bad price (100) and she was not rushing at all. There was much forplay and sex (only one orgasm though.) After that we took a shower and talked. It was a pleasant experience. The next night (Monday) I drove the strip from the WSG again and still found nothing. I then called Katy on her phone (number on request once you prove you are not a cop!) and we set up another session for that night. This time however it was her and her friend Crystal. Crystal is a tall blond, a bit chubby, but reasonably attractive. I went and picked them up. One thing about prostitution in Portland, THE COPS STOMP EVERYONE HARD!!! When I finally met them we had to bolt out of there because a cop had just passed the girls and went to turn around. We got out of there free and clear though. They told me that the ho stroll (as refered to in the WSG) had been turned into a non prostitution zone. Meaning they get busted big time just for being there. The cops in Portland just don't give a shit. Well we went back to the room and once again paid what we had planned on. They wanted 200 total, but I got them to 150 for both. Having two women service you is very relaxing to say the least. It was fun and would recommend it. So if you are in Portland look for Katy and Crystal on Sandy usually (and they do go past 82nd) Tell them the Internet guy sent you and they will really take care of you. I showed them what the WSG had on Portland and they loved it and wanted me to relay they are willing and able for any bussiness I can bring em.
Subject: Re: [ASP] Portland Oregon info wanted. Date: 1998/01/14 Was in Portland on Friday night... 1/9. Drove out Sandy Blvd. to aroound 82nd... there were three girls there- two blondes and a brunette. I went and had a couple of beers at the Kasbah and then back out... they were down at the park and ride just on the East side of 205 at the bus shelter. Picked up the younger blonde- "julie"- was ok... gave head for $50... They are out there- if you are looking... good hunting...
Subject: Prostitution in Portland, Oregon Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 01:02:56 PST I have lived in Portland Oregon since being forced out of the military in 1995. My wife went overseas to visit her family in Asia. I was left on my own, and I was lonely, I went out touring the local streets in search of company. I started my tour in downtown about eight PM. I drove up and down west Burnside in search of a lovely working girl. I did not see any in the downtown section. By the way I have been picking up girls here in Portland for the past two and a half years off and on, and most of the time the girls would be an average of six to seven on a ten scale. However these girls would be the exception rather than the rule, the overall average of what I have seen has been around a four. I drove across the bridge onto the East Side and turned onto Sandy, I still haven't seen anyone. I turned south on 82nd and drove all the way down into Clackamas County. I only saw one girl, and she was about a six. I drove back up 82nd and turned east on sandy. I noticed a petite girl walking along east on the opposite side of sandy. I turned around and turned off of sandy in front of her and stopped. The Girl walked up to the driver's side window and I looked and I knew she had to be a cop. She was an easy ten, maybe an eleven, petite and cute, and dressed very sexy, and very feminine. She was acting like a cop though. I quickly asked directions and drove off. I went and got money out of the nearest ATM, and filled the car's tank with gas. I drove back down 82nd, and couldn't find anyone so I drove back up 82nd. I went west on Sandy down to the Hollywood district; I couldn't get the one girl out of my mind though. I drove all the way back downtown and up west Burnside, I still couldn't find anything. I turned around and went back towards Sandy. I drove along Sandy until 82nd. I went across 82nd on Sandy and spotted her again. She was now with another girl and they were together around the motels on Sandy and the 205 Freeway. There is a large Bus stop, Transit center there. I followed her in there with my car. In the brighter light I noticed that she definitely broke the scale with her looks and shape. The Girl was gorgeous and she was definitely out of place. I couldn't believe her when she asked me to touch her to prove she wasn't a cop. We both touched each other and went and had sex, she gave me her pager number and I have seen her twice more and plan on seeing her tonight. On our second date we got a motel room and I saw her body naked, she was lovely without clothes on. However, Some Creep had been rude and obnoxious towards her, she had bruises and scrapes on her thigh and elbows from when this guy didn't have the courtesy to stop a moving car so she could get out. They had made a deal and she did not want to give this guy oral sex without a condom. She asked him, to let her out, and he told her to get out and that he was not going to stop the car for her. She wound up jumping out of the car at thirty to forty miles per hour and that's how she was bruised. Our third date was in the hot tubs with one of her friends. Her friend was new to the street she was also lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed being with both of them. I enjoyed watching the move around without clothes and their sexy shapes move. I have enjoyed their company. I also believe that you earn the same respect that you give. The one girl is 20 years old and her friend was 19. My overall idea on this is that we are all prostituting ourselves for money. We all work for money with our hands, body, and time. However, these girls give us men their bodies for our pleasure, we give them our money. This girl is not a drug user, nor does she intend on ripping you off. I think that we should be treating these girls with respect and dignity that some of them pay us and that everyone else gets. I know who the creep was that abused this girl. These are the main working Girl areas around Portland, that I recommend, (a) West Burnside in the downtown area (b) Sandy Boulevard out to the 205 freeway (c) 82nd street I do not recommend (d) MLK boulevard in northeast Portland It is my view that the girls that work are providing a valuable service for everyone. Just like everything else in life there are good and bad. This girl I met is very attractive and fun to be with, I consider myself lucky to have been able to meet her. I am of the Opinion that the girls on the street should be respected, and that prostitution should be legalized and regulated, after all, they are the same as we are, we are all prostitutes, just different degrees.
Subject: [ASP]Review :Portland, OR Date: 1998/03/20 As many have reported the the scene in Portland is depressed but still there for the dilligent. I first tried Taesha who has been reviewed here in the past, but she never returned my pages, on two consecutive days. Kathryn reviewed over on Heaven or Hell at 271-9120 has her phone disconnected so I struck out there as well. Having heard nothing but rip-off and look and jack yourself stories from so many of the lingerie places and escort services, I was pretty much resigned to a celibate trip to soggytown (at least they have decent sushi). I decided to go check out the street scene as chronicled here and in WSG . Even though the police were out in force all three nights, if you are patient, observant and watchful there is action to be had. They were stopping people and when I showed up the first night and they were in the process of towing a car so I guess they caught somebody. There was a young blonde working the area from around the Junction of 30 BYPASS and NE Sandy out to about 122nd and Sandy. She was tooo! cute so I passed in the period of an hour no one picked her up so I pegged her for a decoy. Farther down on the 122ndend of and NE Sandy a small dark haired girl winked in and out of the shadows and then jumped into a car coming out of a side street and was gone. On my second night I came down the same side street myself when she suddenly appeared, I slowed and she jumped in, an encouraging sign that she was the real thing. (If they dont jump in I put on my "I'm lost can you tell me how to get to" act) After the customary screeening process of proving both of us were exactly what we seemd we returned to my hotel to "do business" which amounted to $60 for the works or $40 for a BJ. Her name was Teresa a petite hispanic. She was in mid 20's, very short (less than 5') but a tad heavier especially in the thighs than I like em, as an added attraction her pubic area was shaved. I settled for the BJ which was done BB with expertise albeit a bit rushed. The other concentration of talent seemed to be on the north end of MLK. Most of what I saw here was pretty scarry, plus there were several drug dealers in evidence. There were no cops to be seen however which is ironic since you'd think they would want the druggies worse than the hookers but logic has never been a requirement in the police buis.,I guess. On another related note the current police chief who had been out job shopping in Washington DC (dont worry DC fans he was turned down)was being criticized widely on the 6 Oclock news by his own guys for some of his practices and policies so the seeds for his replacement may have been sown. Seems to me that the current get tough policy on victemless crimes started in SoggyTown about the time he showed up 5 years ago. Teresa Looks 5 (pleasant enough face) Service 6 Attitude 5 overall 5 Stay safe The Sattyr
Date: Sun, 26 Apr 1998 01:17:34 -0700 Subject: Escort scene in Portland, Ore. As many earlier posts attest, the escort scene is not rosy at the moment in Portland. Extememe pressure from the gendarmes, who use non-police informants to entrap the services, has lead to a serious deterioration. (Yes, they pay guys to rent hotel rooms and then set up appointments with escorts --- when the girl arrives these guys can honestly say they are not cops, so, if they end up paying the girl for any sexual contact it is not exactly entrapment legally. Imagine --- being paid by the government to have sex!) What it boils down to is it is almost impossible to get 'full service' from an escort agency in this town unless you are a regular -- preferably a regular in long standing. A few earlier posts have spoken of the local streetwalker scene -- while that is not my cup of tea, I can report that it seems to be functioning but the poletzi run decoy operations, and they can seize your car. Be extremely careful if you wish to indulge. I have been a customer in Portland since the glory days in the mid 70s; we've been through a few rough spots like this present dry spell over the years but things always bounce back.

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