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Port Isabel, Texas

Subject: Port Isabel, Texas

Los Quatro Amigos Bar 711 E South Shore Dr, open 9PM -2 AM. Has Bar
Girls just like Bars in Mexico, you go in a girl will come over to you
and ask you to buy her a drink, all they have is beer and the girls
get pony bottles $ 2.50 for that she will sit with, dance and let you
touch her.

you can take her out of the bar before it closes, but if you wait like
i do thay will go home with you for $20. and a nice place to stay the
night. in the morning she will allway want something to eat also try
to get you to take her to a store, saying she needs shoes for her
little boy. Don't take her, you will end up paying for them and alot

anyway, this is a safe place to go the police know what go's on, but
thay come there off duty and the owners are good friends with the
local law.

most of the girls are a little heavy, Oh! there are about 10-12 of
them most night, right now there is 1 who is just gorgeous and 2
others OK. all give very good bj. one time 2 came home with me
although I only paid 1, she was giving me a bj and she said she was
getting tired so the other one took over.

Port Isabel is about 20 miles from Brownsville TX, 2 miles So Padre
Island. I lived here for about 7 yrs, and from time to time new girls
come from MX if you meet them before they get bar wise you can take
them home for free, some very very nice, I know almost married one. I
am still in love with her. next time I will tell you about Mexico
where 20% of all girls are whores.jr

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