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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I just had my first real experience with a Dominatrix and it was awesome.
Since I couldn't find any female who would help me explore this, and since
I never had the nerve to contract a pro, I didn't think this would ever
come about.  However, my visit to the local strip club 2 nights ago
changed things entirely.  It was there that I first saw Denica (or should
I say Mistress Denica).  She was there to dance in amateur night.
Immediately upon taking the dance floor, my interest was peaked,  She wore
a black leather outfit and just her presence and the look in her eyes made
me believe she was into bondage and domination (this is besides the fact
that she has an absolutely awesome body). Unfortunately, amateur night
didn't last long (although Denica won) and the regular dancers were soon
back.  Upon leaving the club, I picked up a copy of the free newspaper for
the strip clubs in Pittsburgh, the GoGo.  When I got home and started
perusing it late that night, I was amazed to see a full page ad for
Countess Denica (I was sure it was the same person even though the picture
showed her in a mask) - after all, how many Denica's do you know?  The
next day, I called the number given and was given a number to call Denica
directly (Ok -for those of you in Pittsburgh who want to try her, its
412-660-0521).  After speaking with her, I could tell this was a woman who
loved her work and wasn't just your local prostitute out to make a fast
buck.  She seemed to truly enjoy  the lifestyle, and she told me she only
schedules a maximum of 3 sessions per day since they are too draining on
her.  Needless to say, I set up an appointment with her for the next
night.  Upon finally arriving at her place (she does this out of her
home), we spent a good 10 minutes talking about my desires, my past
experience with this (basically none) and she offered some suggestions of
things we could do.  (Please note she also explained this was 100% safe
sex (ie, since no sexual acts oral or vaginal were included)).  However,
she did also say she was a very physical person, and previously worked in
a local "Dungeon Club" but gave that up because touching in certain areas
was prohibited. After we agreed on some of my basic desires / likes /
dislikes, she also inquired about marking (ie rope marks, whip marks,
etc.) that would be temporary but might not go away for several hours.  We
reached agreement on this item and then talked about the time of the
session I desired.  I chose a one hour session (although she said she
wasn't a pure clock watcher - and if we were into something and needed an
extra 15 minutes or so, it wouldn't be a problem - which, based on my
session, she was true to her word).  Plus she said it usually takes her 20
minutes to get warmed up and really into it.  By the way, the fee is
basically $100 per half hour so my session ran $200.

My session then began with her asking me to strip in front of her which I
did.  She then summoned me to crawl across the room and bury my face in
torture already being that close to her  pussy yet separated from it by
her leather outfit.  I did this and as she stroked my hair, she gave me
her rules for the session (how to address her, how to answer her, etc.)
We then proceeded upstairs to a candle filled room where, well the details
of my session are too voluminous to include her.  However over the course
of the next hour plus, she used a variety of physical, verbal and other
sensory techniques to dominate me thoroughly.  Some of the techniques
used were showing me the strength of her legs by trapping my head between
them; tieing my feet and hands so I was unable to move; using a blindfold
at times; using a variety of paddles; whips and a riding crop on my ass,
legs, back; dripping hot wax on me; making me kiss her feet and shoes;
sitting on me at times; teasing me with her pussy (talking about shaving
it in front of me, leading me on like this, THEN partially shaving it and
rubbing the extra shave cream off on my head (as i was tied prone face
stomach down) by rubbing her crotch against me; teasing me by putting her
gorgeous ass (I truly mean gorgeous - one of the best I've ever seen) so
close to my face as she teased my balls and cock with her riding crop -
then making me kiss her ass as she lightly hit my cock area with the crop;
etc.  She was also very verbal throughout, and very very good at it.  I
did some things that really surprised me (I didn't know how I'd like any
hard paddling, but it really aroused me - in fact, I still had a welt on
my ass 3 hours after our session) and when near the end of the session,
she had my on my side dripping hot wax on my balls and cock, I was in
absolute agony and ecstasy from the combination of pain and pleasure (I
could have never seen myself doing this going in).  Ultimately, she untied
me and as she stood high on a chair above me asking if I had a secretary
(I do) and if she was a sweet young thing (she is) and if I ever
fantasized about her standing over my desk like that (I actually have),
she had me stroke myself telling me to start and stop at her whim before
telling me to stroke myself to climax.

After that, she left me to shower and get rid of all the hot wax she had
put on me (there was a ton).  I then got dressed and we chatted a little
about the session before I left.  This truly was a memorable experience
and one that I would highly recommend to those who are curious.  However,
absolutely make sure the person you try this with is legit and will be
truly into it.  Again, if in the Pittsburgh area, I highly recommend
Countess Denica.

Subject: Re: PITTSBURGH, PA Date: 31 Mar 1996 15:02:02 GMT Best full service by Sheer Elegance Escort --- see Yellow pages or hotel activities booklet.
Subject: PITTSBURGH FIELD REPORT Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 02:27:01 UTC This is in response to several recent postings for Pittsburgh info. It is my first attempt to contribute so please bear with me. It is not meant to be a comprehensive guide, but just my observations from several business trips to Pittsburgh in 1994 and 1995. As to the individual who wanted a college girl for a "fast fifty." You are about twenty years too late! Prices tend to be high and often little is given in return. STRIP CLUBS Pennsylvania liquor laws forbid nude dancing where liquor is sold. Until very recently, the best clubs with the best women were topless only and they had to wear pasties! Since late 1995 however, many of the best clubs have converted to totally nude! That is the good news. However, because of the liquor laws, they can't sell it. Thus, most charge $10 to 20 cover and provide sodas and other mixers for sale while you must BYOB. Some have a keg on tap for free. Prior to the change to all-nude dancing, the best club was Fantasy's near the airport. A good mix of college girls, part-timers such as nurses and paralegals plus some divorcees with kids. Many dancers with implants - one time the entire crew of 10 to 12 dancers were all D and DD, about one third natural. Prices were not outrageous and atmosphere was fun. Since the change to all-nude I have not thoroughly checked out the club scene. The sports section of the newspaper has 5 or 6 ads for all-nude clubs. I would suggest starting with FANTASY's. If they only have half of the original crew dancing nude it would be heaven. Last week I saw their ad for an appearance by Teri Weigel - Playboy playmate and Al Bundy's dream girl - saw her nude elsewhere and hope to see her again in the Burgh. She will be at Fantasy's April 15-20. MODELING/MASSAGE Saw an ad in local City Paper for outcall named something like All American Beauties- said it was non-sexual. It was! And expensive. Girl was drop dead gorgeous. Fee was 70 for half hour/ 120 for hour massage in teddy, more topless or 70 extra for nude. I went for the nude hour. Massage was very half-hearted and every attempt to touch forbidden areas was rebuffed. Very frustrating to be so close and unable to touch. Foolishly, I later tried this service again and had the same result. Never again! The women are nice but not at that price, especially since nude dancing is now widespread. My experiences were in 1994, so maybe things have changed. OUTCALL ESCORTS The one that advertises the most is SHEER ELEGANCE. Usual routine when you call. They get your room number and call back. My experiences have generally been good, but there are problems. The women have ranged from 6 to 10, mostly 8's. The biggest problem is price! When you call the service they quote $125/hour. Later found out that they get 70 and girl only gets 55. Thus, every girl I have had thru this service will only spend one hour talking for 125. Guess they would go to dinner or for a drink, but no action. Each of the dozen times I booked someone I got the same story - full service is available for an additional $125/hour. That way the girl keeps 180 of the 250. My response has depended on how horny I was and how good she looked! On one occasion I opened the door to a 23-year old blonde, 5'7, about 120 pounds. No matter what I tried I could not get her to budge from the standard 250 for full-service. I wasn't extremely horny and was about to tell her to forget it when she told me that she would please me any way I wanted. What the hell. I am almost 50 and don't get that too often from attractive 23 year olds. What a great decision! As she disrobed I was treated to a perfect centerfold body! She was 36C-22-35, with the fullest, best shaped natural breasts I have ever seen. The nipples were just begging to be sucked. But best of all, she was true to her word. She willingly, enthusiasticly complied with every request that I made. In that first hour we did multiple positions and acts, and she french-kissed in between. While alternating between kissing her mouth and sucking those perfect nipples I thumb-fucked her sweet pussy and could feel her tighten on me. Then I slipped the thumb back to her ass and thumb-fucked her there, still kissing and sucking those tits. When I couldn't take it anymore I pulled her up to doggie position and vigorously fucked her pussy. All in all it was by far the best 250 I have ever spent. On future trips I saw her three more times. Each was the same. Total devotion to satisfying my every wish by a perfect tight hard-body. But always cost 250. Sadly, she disappeared in mid-1995. Other women supplied by this service have generally been attractive, although twice they were not even worth 125. About half the time, out of maybe a dozen attempts, I was able to negotiate for less than 250. Some absolutely won't. Just remember the agency gets the first 70. If you offer 150 she would keep 80. I did several for 200, but many demand and seem to get the full 250. Just remember you can always say no thanks. Of course the agency can always say the same next time you call. A big problem, is the frequent turn-over in women. Twice I have found knock-outs who were not there next month. Damn! One who might still be there is April - she is the one in their ad picture. A petite blonde with at least 36C. Very thorough but almost mechanical. Also had a medical student once - yes, she showed me her student ID. She only worked occasional weekends but it was nice doing it to a doctor-to-be. Overall, the women are attractive but pricey! Other outcall services advertise in the yellow pages and the City Paper. One says "one price complete." Just be aware that it might be non-sexual. AMATEURS I have not been using the services or clubs lately because I found a college student who enjoys my company once or twice a month. Unfortunately she is 21, a senior undergrad and will be departing in May. We met when she was waitressing at Hooters at Station Square. I talked with here over 5 or 6 visits and once mentioned the lack of quality companionship. Like I said, I am near 50 and it is pleasant to talk. I was suprised when she said she wasn't dating - 5'10, 130, nice tits. She asked what I would pay for "an evening." My response was a few hundred. We have been together 5 times for 4 hours each time for 300 each session. Once she stayed all-night. I don't want to mislead anyone. I just lucked on her while she was working at Hooters. Most of the girls there are just look but no touch. Enough already. Since I will lose my coed in May I would appreciate any up-to-date club and escort info you guys post or send to me. Thanks and happy hunting!
Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 07:52:45 UTC Pittsburgh, PA: I tried a Massage place in Pittsburgh called Summertime (they advertize in an entertainment paper called the City Paper). I went there twice (June 95 and August 95). I went the second time hoping it would be better than the first. It wasn't. The first trip I got a girl called Carrie, who was the only one available at the time. She was nicely rounded, but overall a 6 at best. For $65 + $35 at the door she gave me a "nude mutual massage" and a hand job. She let me see what I wanted to see, and touch what I wanted to touch. She said I could suck her tits if I wanted, but this was my first experience with professional services, and I wasn't so bold yet. It was a satisfying experience. The second trip I got a very pretty little girl, I think she was Italian. I don't remember the price, but it was a little more than the first one cost. But this time she insisted that nobody there gave manual or any other sort of service (she could NEVER do anything like THAT). For the price, she let me jerk off and watch her play with herself. She let me touch her breasts, but let me know that she was kind of uncomfortable with the idea. The first time I was there something kind of odd happenned. The receptionist (Carrie, from above) asked for my driver's license to check the first name I gave her on the phone - or so she said. When she had it, the "manager" (picture Joe Pesci) told her to write down the ID number. She looked confused for a second and then did it. Back in the room she told me that they weren't supposed to do anything like that, that he didn't know what he was doing, and that she didn't actually write down my license number. I'd caught a glimpse of what she was writing, and I'm pretty sure she was telling me the truth. When I made the call for the second trip, there was some confusion where the "member number" I gave them didn't match the first name they had written down. So what's up with that?
Date: 1996/10/12 Pittsburgh My number one spot for the Pittsburgh area is on Penn Avenue from 11th Street to 16th Street. Smallman Street, one block north of Penn in the same area is also pretty good. Expanding from this core zone, Smallman from 16th street to 24th Street can be productive (along the boardwalk) and Penn Ave. from 32nd Street to Negley is reliable. After midnight, cruising Penn and Liberty Avenues from Cecil Way to 11th Avenue is sometimes rewarding. Once again, even late at night, the downtown area is an area that requires eye contact before making an approach. There are lots of people who get off work at odd hours downtown and then wait at the corner for public transit. You don't want to be a nuisance (or a defendant) by assuming that every woman standing on the street after midnight is "working". The block around the William Penn Hotel on Grant Street usually has a few demure, discrete ladies wandering around between 8:00 PM and 2:00 AM just waiting for Mr. Wonderful. It has been reported that these ladies are not as apt to enter a car as they are to walk with a patron to their nearby hotel. If you see something you like, consider this. If you see a lot that you like in this section, ditch the damn car and start walking cowboy. A similar sector surrounds the Hilton near Point State Park. Make the circuit around the front of the Hilton to Duquesne Blvd. and back down to 11th Avenue on Duquesne a few times. The later the better. I have observed activity on Duquesne between 5th and 11th. In fact, after the third time around this section I had an attractive lady try to get into my car when I stopped at one of the red lights. The door was locked. I lowered the window and she said "How many times are you going to go past me before you pick me up?" Her voice was an octave too low and she was awfully tall for a white woman so I replied "Three" and stepped on the accelerator as she adjusted the balls beneath her panties. ( I am not being judgmental...I am sure "she" got picked up more than once that night) ( And please..that was not a racial slur)
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 1997 16:23:21 -0500 (EST) Subject: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania update Hello Atta: Was reading through the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania postings and thought it needed updated a bit. Here goes and please keep my e-mail address anonymous. Thanks and I thought your entire website was great. The Pittsburgh Police Department has been cracking down on street girls for the last several months and you generally don't find any quality girls in the usual places (along Penn Avenue between about 8th Street and 16th or in Lawrenceville along Butler Street). There are still a few girls working the street but they tend to be crack addicts that you really don't want to go with. Do not go with any girl that you see along Forbes or Fifith Avenue in the lower Hill District as they are all crack addicts. However, if you chose to see a girl from this area, make sure you bring your own condoms as they will not have any. Most of the downtown hotels no longer let girls work out of their bars so you will just be wasting your time if you look there. Several night clubs are good places to look for working girls. The best is Chauncys in Station Square. You can generally find several quality girls after 11:00 on weekdays. The working girls are rather aggressive and they will let you know what is going on. If you aren't sure whether she is a working girl - she probably isn't. The other club that will have quality girls is Donzi's in the Boardwalk. Several years back I met the best looking woman I have ever "dated" here. However, you need to be descrete here as they tend to have alot of security guards. Security is easy to notice as they tend to be very big, wear suits, and have earphones. Pittsburgh has numerous agencies listed under the "Escorts" section in the yellow pages. Several of these agencies are strictly non-sexual but will still charge full service prices. These agencies include: AABE/Leather Lace; Philicity X; and A'Bella. The rest of the services listed are full service. The girls from Gentlemen's Select Escorts and Sheer Elegance tend to be the best looking. The girls from Christy's also tend to be good looking. These three agencies have girls that are easily 9's. However, they also send out girls that are 6's - 7's. All of the girls I have met from these agencies are very pleasant and I have never met one with a bad personality. Expect to pay about $200 for the girls from Gentlemen's and $250 for the girls from Sheer and Christy's for full service. It shouldn't be too hard to figure out which agency I would prefer. You can also find several very attractive woman listed under the "Adult Services" section of the City Paper. However, most of the ads you see are for woman that are 6's or 7's. In addition, many of the ads are for the same agency using different phone numbers. In addition, many of the agencies listed are non-sexual. Make sure you ask if the girls are full service before you book an appontment. The agency may not say "yes" but they will let you know in some way. My favorite is currently an ad placed by "Barbi" (who only lists a pager number). She is everything she claims to be: 5'5", 105 pounds, blonde, and a body you would kill for. She was also very friendly, enjoyed her work and was a true gem. I thought at $175 she was worth every penny. Good luck and be careful if you decide to look on the streets.
Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 11:17:06 -0400 Subject: Pittsburgh information Pittsburgh Incall I found good service at a place in the strip district. It was listed in the City Paper with the name "Cassie". $60.00 per 1/2 hour, and I think that gets you a nude massage, if that's all you want. Full service was $100 both times I was there, but I didn't haggle. I also took the best looking girl each time, so your price may vary. Both times the girls were friendly and unrushed, and basically seemed to try to make the the session good for me. They succeeded. Girl #1 was a 6-7, and did everything except anal, which she would do for more moolah. Girl #2 was an 8-9, with great tits, face, ass... okay, great everything. She wouldn't do any oral. Pittsburgh Outcall As good as the incall was, the outcall girl from Sheer Elegance was even better. She set me back $230. For that I got a full hour of oral without a condom and tit fucking. She would've done intercourse also, but I didn't want to, the oral was too good. That was a full hour regardless of orgasms. I came twice. She had an extremely soft, sweet personality. I could easily go broke this way.
Date: Tue, 02 Dec 1997 07:58:29 -0800 Subject: Police stings in Pittsburgh, Pa. I'm writing to warn people of the recent police stings in Pittsburgh 11/26/97. The stings are all over town mainly on Wednesdays and Friday nights between 7:00-Midnight. Getting caught means the night in the county jail and between $300-$500 fine with another court appearance. Most of the police are considerate and legally park your car, so no towing charges occur. Be careful the police are out all of the time and in force. The undercover cop will approach your car, blonde, short hair about a 3 or 4. She is very nervous and will even talk money outside of the car. AVOID HER!!!
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 21:31:37 -0500 (EST) Subject: information about pittsburgh service It has come to my attention that there is a Rippoff service working in the pittsburgh pa, Southside providing nude mutual service for 150 for 1 hour the bad part is they are video taping the clients as well as the girls ive seen some of these tapes i consider this to be Bad Business if you can please help put out the word
Subject: [ASP] review Pittsburgh Date: 1997/11/18 Outcall Sheer Elegance Agency 800 246-9515 $120.00 Amex. card $20.00 less if cash. Very pleasant women gave me several choices: 2 blondes, 1 short & 1 tall. Chose a 21 yr. old busty brunette named Shannon. She was on time and fit the bill; a little heavier than expected but made up for it in her energy and obvious joy in her work. We agreed on a $150.00 tip for full service and after the usual call and some conversation we began what was a thoroughly pleasurable experience for all. BJ was bare with great enthusiasm, she likes the favor returned. Also played with herself at my requst:-). There was no rush and she stayed over the hour on her own. Treat her nice guys...well worth the money.
Date: Fri, 26 Dec 1997 11:43:50 -0600 Subject: pittsburgh experiences Please keep this anonymous. As a matter of fact, this is not even my email account. I'm using a coworker's computer, and I'd hate for him to get a bad reputation :-) ..... I have been a semi-regular at the massage parlor called "Summertime" for a few years. I have had mixed experiences. I have seen, however, that the girls here are consistently much better looking than girls at other incall places around town. You don't get full service, but it is A LOT cheaper than full-service outcall, and the girls are usually much better looking. I say it's worth the trade-off. Typical nude-mutual massage is $90 total. First of all, as far as I can tell, you have to go there a few times before any of the girls will do anything other than massage. They will let you get yourself off, though. The first couple times I went I tried a different girl each time. Then I found one girl who, though she wouldn't touch me THERE, would climb up on the table, and lick and kiss me everywhere else, while grinding against me. Very arousing. I kept seeing her, and on the 3rd time, she jerked me off as well. I saw her a couple more times, each time very erotic, but then she left town. I kept visiting off and on, and other girls seemed to have the "3's a charm" rule too. But then some of the newer girls started giving hand jobs on my first visit with them. They have a computer database of the customers (they give you a number on your first visit) which they check every time you make an appointment, so I figure it says that I'm a VIP or regular or something. Anyway, no girls ever did anything more than a hand job - oral or otherwise. But the good ones were VERY arousing. I started getting more bold with new girls by trying to go down on them. A couple let me do it, a couple didn't. Anyway, here's a few to check out if you're in town as of December 97: The best girl there right now is called Tara. She hasn't let me go down on her (yet) and she had the "Three's a charm" rule, but she was worth the wait. Likes to crawl over you and kiss your neck and lick your ears, rub her tits against you, and her hand jobs could be the best I've ever had. She's very tall, beautiful, with an amazing body and a dark complexion. She looks very exotic - possibly South American or Asian/Indian. Possibly the best looking girl there is named Ricki. Blonde, petite, and beautiful, with a great toned body and full (though fake) breasts. She gave a hand job on the first visit, but she just wasn't "into it." At least Tara put on a good show. Ricki, though an absolute knockout, was kinda dull. But I've only seen her once, so it could've been a bad day. She's worth checking out because she is SOOO HOT. My final favorite is called Taylor. She's very thin, but sexy in a trashy-looking way. She won't climb up on the table with you like Tara, but she lets me eat her out and she LOVES it. Unfortunately, her hand jobs are poor. But she got off once when I ate her out, and I jerked off while she did until I came (didn't take long - I was TURNED ON!) and that almost makes up for it. Other than Summertime, there's an full service incall place that I've tried twice. It's called Elite, and it's in the airport area. The girls all seemed to be 18 years old, and kinda dirty. In fact, the whole place seemed very unclean (what did I expect?) They do it all for $150, but I say pass on that. The 2 girls I saw were both young, depressing, and not very good at "full service." Both times I wanted oral but I ended up fucking them because they gave such bad blowjobs. The only other incall place I've tried is on Pittsburgh's South Side, on Carson Street. I forget the name of the place, but I don't recommend it anyway. For $160, a moderately attractive blonde (called herself Pamela Lee... not even close) teased me but never touched it. I had to jerk myself off. Never go there.
Subject: RE:Pittsburgh field report Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 13:15:00 -0500 A brief update to the report about the "Cassie" incall service in Pittsburgh. Everything was as reported by the previous note, except that my girl "Sydney" (a nice looking blonde -- 6 or 7) wouldn't do anything more than a handjob and let me rub her nookie --- "but don't put your fingers in me" She said she didn't know what the other girls did, but she didn't think anyone there offered full-service. She said that a number of other places in town required their girls to provide full-service. She was also highly cop-paranoid. In all, a fairly uncomfortable session with a pretty girl for a $100 handjob...
Date: Mon, 06 Apr 1998 19:13:29 -0700 Subject: Pittsburgh, PA I have not posted before, but I have used your information to decide about my own, if you will keep my email confidential, I will be happy to share. Also, a response back is definitely not necessary! I recently visited Pittsburgh, PA for a weekend visit to family. I stayed in the South Hills Holiday Inn during the time I visited. I remembered that the World Wide Sex Guide had many favorable positings for Sheer Elegance, Christy's and another place.....Gentlemen's Escorts I believe, and I decided that I would try (for the first time) to get laid via an escort service. Contrary to the postings, Gentlemen's Escorts is now $150 plus the tip for the girl ($125), so the price has gone up considerably. On the other hand, Sheer Elegance was the same cost for the service and was only $100 (well, the word only is really kind of relative hmmm?) as opposed to $125. Christy's never answered their phone - although a pager number was given if you couldn't reach them. I tried them on several occassions. I was pretty nervous about the whole thing......having never used an outcall service before. I decided to go with Sheer Elegance. The girl was described by the receptionist as 26 years old, very pretty blonde, 115 lbs, 5'5", and a 36C-24-36. Well....that sounded super to me.....! When Lona called me back (after I had confirmed with the service), she was very friendly but somewhat reserved. I probably should have backed out of it - she also sounded like a smoker - not that I have anything against a smoker, but the voice is usually a fair give-away - kind of rough and hard sounding - not my ideal choice for an escort. I had in mind a firm, feminin voice. At any rate, I agreed to the prices I've already mentioned, and she said it would be about 40 minutes. 38 minutes later, Lona was knocking at my door. She was about 5'3", 135 lbs, dark blonde, somewhat pretty (despite the weight), and definitely older than 26 - I would put her at 30 - 32. She was very friendly, albeit wary, and it took about 10 minutes to put her at ease......."how was the drive? You made good time....etc etc etc." She accepted the money, checked my I.D., and called the service back to tell them she had arrived. She gave me options for what we could start out with....exotic dancing, massage, etc.....and I chose a massage (hey, I'm new at this ok? Exotic Dancing could have worked wonders for the anticipatory effect though). She asked me to get comfortable, which I correctly took to take off all of my clothes. As soon as mine were off, her's came off too......very quickly. Great tits......but she had tattoos on her stomach, back, and around her waist......not the greatest turn on. Lona was ok with the was clear she was trained in other areas. She also mentioned her sore back, so she got a backrub as well.....I think she got the better end of the back massage. She commented on how she had told her girlfriend that she hoped that she would get a back massage, and I was glad to help out. After a few minutes of this, she roled over and began stroking my already half erect guy. One thing.....Lona had the right measurements (except for the 24" waist which looked more like a 28" waist) and her nipples were huge! That is, they looked like big erect nipples when they were not erect....which I discovered when she let me lick and suck them. I began to slip my finger inside her as I licked her tits when she asked me to wash my hands.....kind of strange because it should have been obvious that I had recently showered and washed! I complied, and she took that time to find a rubber. When I got back in the room, she continued the hand job until I was throbbing....a nice touch! She began to go for my stick and stopped just short with an apology for the rubber.....which she than slipped on and pulled tight. I have to admit, her mouth around my rock hard member was expertly the point of me not being able to tell there was a condom on. I have never been deep throated before - but I was that night! Quite a new I would recommend. After 5 or 6 minutes of first rate oral action, and me fingering her pussy, Lona decided to climb aboard and ride the horse. She was quick to get on, and she was not at all careful in grabbing my member and shoving it in......really slammed down on to it. There was no question she was getting pretty wet and turned on.......this continued ......through most every position I am aware of.......I ended up coming in gallons on top.......and, despite what I originally though of her wary personality, she was quite loud upon what seemed to be a similar orgasm (or she was good at faking it......heck, I saw "When Harry Met Sally"!). Since the whole effot took less than 40 minutes, we still had 20 to go......Lona stuck around and just chatted. She had been working at Sheer Elegance for 3 months - and she liked it. She asked me if I was doing anything for dinner....(it was 10 PM)......and I opted to stay home, but I believe I could have gone to dinner with her and probably, if no other calls came her way on a slow Saturday evening (she told me weekdays are more busy), could have ended up in the sack again. It was a pleasant encounter! My only complaint with Sheer Elegance was that they described what sounded like an 8 or 9 woman.....and a 6 or 7 arrived at the door. Oh well.....for a first time, not too bad!
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 08:58:54 -0400 Subject: Review: Pittsburgh Service I called Gentlemen's Select Escorts. They had a VERY cute (8-9) little blonde at the door in about 20 min. First her driver took $120 for the "hour". Then in the bedroom, she asked for another $100 for HJ or $150 for oral. Yeah, that's extremely expensive, but she was so cute, and she was topless, and I was already in for $120, etc. etc. etc. $150 dollars later I'm getting the worst oral (mostly hand) I've ever bought. She was obviously trying to finish me off as fast as possible. I though the hand job would've been better, but she said she would use a confom for that, too. After it was over, I was then treated to the worst massage I ever bought. Total time was about 30 minutes. I've never gotten less OR paid more.

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