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Piedras Negras, Mexico

Date: Wed, 13 Aug 97 16:57:53 PDT

Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico

I visited Piedras Negras, a town of about 30,000 people just across
the boarder from Eagle Pass, Texas. I usually walk across into boarder
towns unless someone else is driving. I see much more of what is going
on that way. I first went across for lunch and to take a look
around. The Market and most of the bars are to your left on Zaragoza
Street as come across. In the market I found a food stand that sold hot
menudo and cold beer. What else can you ask for. I went back across to
my room for an afternoon nap to escape the afternoon heat.

That evening I went back for dinner and to see what else I could
find. There are dozens of bars open, almost exclusively patronized by
men. Beer was a dollar everywhere and each bar had the same six or
eight naughty pictures on the wall. I did go in one that was playing a
XXX movie on TV. The really funny thing happened when it was
over. Nothing, everyone just sat there.

After a meal at a small taco stand, I took a
cab to Boys Town. The ride is $10 just like most other boarder
towns. This one is really on the outskirts of town so don't be
alarmed. Boys Town is small, justa short street with buildings on both
sides. I was greeted at the first club on the right by a short, cute
girls with a "Hey, lover". She was about 4'10" slender and small
busted (6-6.5). I walked around but there were not many girls
around. One bar tender told me they did not really start to show until
almost 10:00. I went back to the first girl I met for a couple of
drinks and to ask about what was going on. She offered her services for
$30, and no condom for oral. I took her up on the offer but with
protection. She worked like this was her first date in weeks and she
was inspired. There was no hurry to leave because there was only one
other guy in the bar anyway. While offering her a final drink, she
proceeded to pay the bartender $8 for the room. I was far too impressed
to let her net just $22 and took care of it for her.

By now it was well after 9:00 and the girls were starting to
show. Most of the clubs advertise floor shows but I had to look to
actually find one. I walked in as the girl went topless. I noticed a
nice girl and asked her if she wanted a drink. She was about 5'2'',
long dark curly hair, an an athletic body (7-7.5). She offered her
services for $30 plus $8 for the room. I told her I was not ready again
yet. The other girls consisted of the typical roundish types with large
breasts, young slender girls, and a few white girls. After a few drinks
and some small talk, I noticed that a few songs had gone by without a
dancer on the floor and I complained to my date. She said she would
give me a private dance for $10. We went to the back and when the song
started, she pulled up her skin tight lepard print dress to around her
waist, dropped her underwear and mounted the beer bottle in my lap. I
was ready now. What a wildcat.  Walking back to catch a cab back to
the bridge, I ran into my first date. She was complaining about not
having enough business and she wanted to know when I could come back. I
told her it would be six months or more but there may be something else
I could do to get more customers to come by.

Subject: Update on Piedras Negras Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 09:14:12 PST I was down at Piedras Negras saturday night Jan 17. Got there around 8:30 at night, it was pretty dead, nothing starts till 10 or 11pm, but getting there early was kind of good, I talked to the bartenders about the different clubs, and the girls, I even got to see the strippers before the act, getting ready, and listening to the songs they were gonna dance to. Pretty hot women by the way. So had a couple of drinks, bacardi on the rocks $2, dont know about the rest, thats all I had all night. 10pm, things get better, one girl comes up to the stage and does her dancing, nothing freaky just a stripping session, no lap dances (or at least noone ask, and I wasnt ready to pay for that anyways). I started talking to this girl, white complexion, young looking a definite 7 to 8. Talked for a while and then got down to the price, she wanted 70 dollars for 20 minutes, I said ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND GIRLIE, too much, she went down to $60 but hell for 20 minutes thats too much, she played her told technique, (I'll use the restroom while you think about it...So I walked out. (That was at Club 54 by the way). Then I went to Dallas 2 club, the other clubs seemes pretty dead, but again nothing starts till later. At Dallas I just stand at the bar and drank another bacardi for same price. This girl was dancing, so fine, she was a 10+ for sure..She stripped and all that.yeeeeeee... She finished and as she was walking out, BANG...I went into action.. Bought a drink ($6) the little angel had two, so by that time I only had about 58 dollars left, and afraid I was gonna leave the damn place with no money and no girl. So I got her down to $60 with room and condom, I told her hey all I have left is $58, you can have it, little angel (real name Marybel) hooked me up and reminded me, that I had to pay to get across the border so she only charged me $56 dollars. Twenty times better than the first girl for that price, I was up there. Rooms are extremely clean, at least the one I was at. Took my clothes off..But she warned me..(She said, condom all the way, and since I'm a stripper and I want to keep my figure no sucking on my tits.) I said fine..Went into action...She really wasnt a great fuck, after a while she wanted me off her, I was taking my time...I was dissapointed with the fuck, but her body was hot, could not jerk a man off, would not suck..damn bitch, so I took my condom off and jerk off messing around with her body, and BANG..without notice came all over her chest and all that...Had to get the best out of my money. So my advice is: Guys you are there to get laid, have a couple of drinks and fuck the not so good looking...Those are the ones that will do anything for your money...I only did this girl cause she was gorgeous. Now, this section here is very important for you to read MUST READ MUST READ MUST READ You probably notice in my writings, that drinks for me were $2, but for girls were $6..Well as I sat with the first girl I was trying to get as much info. as I could for you cyber pals..And I did. See I was looking at every move they were making, and boy I saw lots of things..Everytime I bought a drink, the waiter would bring it and slip two tickets two the girl you bought it for, she put them away in her listen the longer you sit there the more money you are wasting, this girls are getting 3 drinks out of you every 10 minutes,with those tickets, so make sure you time yourself, if the girl disapoints you and you dont end up with her that night, you are gonna have to pay more drinks to another one. Thought that could help. If any of you are planning on comming to Piedras Negras, email me, I'll hook you up with some girls down the way I'm cuban, so I'm very fluent in spanish, a definite plus. One more thing, to get accross the bridge is $1.50 each way. I drove, so if you drive (DO NOT WALK)as soon as you get into mexico there will be two parks one your left and one on your right...keep on going straight go down three blocks and find a street where you can make a right, (streets are one way only) and go straight down, dont turn, just straight down, and you will see it after about 10-15 mins. If you get lost, find an older men and ask, no need to pay them, I asked and they told me where to go, and even wished me a good time there, but if you want to reward them, keeps the relationships healthy, a beer there is .50 cents at a Food Store, so with 2 dollars they can do a lot. Driving is not that bad, good streets, nice people, pretty big town, and if you want good food before or after you head out there, instead of making a right to go to boystown just keep on going straight, and keep your eyes on the left side of the street, and you will see a hill, big hill, and at the top there will be this restaurant, too drunk to remember names, but there is a neon sign, in green and pink, it says, something...STEAKHOUSE. Clean and friendly. Once again, have fun.

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