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Phuket, Thailand

Subject: Report on Christin parlor, Patong, Phuket

Here's a report on CHRISTIN massage parlor, PATONG, PHUKET, posted by
Meestah John:

I found my way to the biggest massage parlor in the major holiday
township at Phuket in Thailand (in fact the only one I have heard of
in that particular spot). The name is "Christin". You will find it
behind Grand Plaza Hotel.

In order to get there you have to walk a relatively long distance -
some five minutes - along a road without many buildings. It was dark
when I was there a few weeks ago, and I had to consider the bypassing
cars. The drivers might have trouble seeing me.

In its advertisements, Christin boasts a "hundred ladies". There was
about ten behind the display window in the reception hall. I chose one
that did not have a number but the letters KKK on the badge. It was
2000 baht for a session with her, payable to an ageing Chinese
gangster type behind the counter - raw voice, cynical face.

Even among Thai women this girl would be considered petite. She
reached me to the middle of my chest. Her name was Paun (or Pawn or
whichever way you transliterate it), and she is 25. Once again this
surprised me. I would guess her age as 19 - but I should have
known. They always look younger in Thailand.

She confirmed my impression from past experiences, that girls a little
older are more secure in the role as sex hostesses than their newly
arrived colleagues of 17 or 18. From the very beginning of our one and
a half hour together Paun knew how to quiet anxieties, to keep up a
relaxed conversation in broken but fully understandable english - and
polish her fingernails at the same time.

At first, when she came out from behind the window after I had
pronounced her three K's to the gangster boss, I thought I had made a
mistake. She looked cold and disinterested, semi sedated with
boredom. Which by golly is her right, but please do not wear it up
front, young lady. But her face tawed when we were alone, and her
voice became merry.

Christin is a massage parlor of the luxurious kind. The room was clean
and spacious, the carpet soft, and the bathing department covered with
glamorous black marble. Paun went through the water-and-soap part of
the session with experienced hands and kind thorougness.

Then, on the double bed, she proved herself a small artist with her
shapely body. I left it to her to take care of the right condom, but I
handed her the tube of K.Y. I always bring on these occasions.

She ended up on top of me, sitting with her fine legs spread widely. I
had two pillows under my head, and I could see my cock gliding into
her cunt, guided by her gracious hand, caressed by her
insides. Exactly as in the porn movies: a solid thick dick held by
firm girl flesh.

In spite of Miss Paun's obvious sense of men I took a long time
coming. At a point she withdrew and declared herself "tired"
(pronounced "thai-ad"). I reacted as expected and offered more
money. Yes, she had me where she wanted: desperate (oh no, don't not
stop now, right before the entrance to heaven) and I offered her an
additional 500 baht. She started over, pumping up the volume with her
hands. But we arrived in due time at the right thing, a good lengthy
orgasm inside her body. Paun, elf girl of the tropical night, let me
come thoroghly, her fine face turned towards mine, half covered with
streams of thick jet black hair, eyes closed in beautiful imitation of
sensual ecstacy while her belly performed the slow motion pumping
moves that drew out every sparkle electricity from glowing nerve

Thank you, Paun! In spite of your abality to extract much more money
than negotiated from this farang, I do not regret having met you.

Relieved and happy I went back by the same road I came. On the way I
met a small group of water buffaloes, huge and muscular, moving
silently across the road at their own pace in search of fresh
grass. They looked mysterious in the yellow light from the lamps.

Subject: Phuket Visit- February,1998 Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 04:09:45 -0000 Visited the Patong Beach area of Phuket in February, 1998. The big news in Phuket seems to be crowds. Hotel rooms are getting hard to find and expensive but thank god the girls are not. Lots and lots of beautiful, young Thai girls available for a barfine of 200 baht plus you negotiate a price for the girl. The girl will spend the entire night with you. Your hotel may charge an extra US $10-20 for a guest fee. I negotiated prices of 800-1000 baht for the girls but always added an extra 500 baht for a job well done. Seven Seas on Beach Road had the lowest barfine at 100 baht. The Rock Hard Disco/Cafe had the best looking women but I detected a general poor attitude with their women so I never indulged with one of the them. Excellent looking women at the Firehouse Disco across the road from Rock Hard. For the experience of a lifetime go to Christin's the local massage parlor. Located near the Beach Road strip you can easily walk there. Find a Christin's Massage sign in an alleyway next to the Banana Disco and you're about a block away. The girls are divided into two sections. On the right are fuck only girls. On the left are body massage and fuck girls. Massage and fuck girls cost 1800 baht (set price). You pay at a desk in front and that is an all-inclusive price. A tip is expected. The body massage I got from Mua is simply put the most erotic experience of my life. During the massage I got a first rate hand job and after the massage a very satisfying fuck. You must try a Thai body massage at least once in your life. I also visited the Grand Plaza Massage in Phuket Town. They had three sections of girls costing 1900, 2100, and 2400. Apparently the more expensive girls are newer and not quite as "used". I paid 1900 and got a satisfying body massage and fuck. A good selection but the selection of Christin's in Patong Beach was better.
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 21:47:14 +0200 (MET DST) Subject: Phuket Thailand Hi Atta. Great site, I'm looking forward to the next update. My report: I went to Phuket (Patong Beach) and like to tell you my experiences (thanks for the report from 9.3.1997): Patong Beach Patong is the main tourist area on Phuket. You'll find many girly-bars in the Soi Bangla Street. The action starts as soon as the sun sets. As an other fellow fucker mentionned, Rock Hard Cafe is on of the best places with the best choice of nice girls. At the time Firehouse was closed. But there were many other a go go bars. But be careful mate, there's one street (the one where Andaman Queen a gogo is) where the beauties are ladymen. Go there and enjoy those perfect looking transvestites but don't take them on your room if your not after such an experience. Good amusement! Girly-Bars One night I went to a bar on Soi Bangla and looked out for a girl. One good looking babe pulled me in her bar. I agreed and had a drink and played some games with her. She asked me if I'd like to take her to my room. I paid her two drinks (100 Baht each), the bar fine (200 Baht) and we left. The girl had to register at the reception and I had to pay 400 Baht to the hotel to be allowed to bring her up to my room. She told me that other hotels charge up to 1000 Baht (Holiday Inn)! In the meantime it was 2.30 am. We took a shower and I fucked her in different positions. After I came, she was not very keen to do it again. We slept and I had her another time in the morning. She was so tired that she slept untill noon and I nearly couldn't get rid of her. I paid her the agreed 1000 Baht. Well fellows, the girl was nice, the fuck quite good but I prefer to have sex and then be on my own again. That's why I went to Christin Massage Parlour. Christin Massage Parlour Go there alone. Don't take a tuk-tuk unless you'd like to pay commission for the driver. Christin (no more fish-bowl design) offers you about 20 girls in the window. The left group waits for Tora Massage (Body Massage and sex) while the girls on the right side offer just sex (Christin Super Star). The body massage girls are in average not so beautiful as the others. The price in the afternoon was 1800 Baht for massage and sex, 2000 Baht just for sex (yes sex and massage was cheaper than just sex). In the evening you pay about 2500 Baht. I decided to have a massage and took girl No 34. Joy was from north-east Thailand and was not really a beauty queen (6 points on a 10 point scale). She washed me, made the massage and the she gave me a nice blow job before I could fuck her in any position I liked. I wished to fuck her a second time and she agreed for a tip of 500 Baht. The second time I went to Christin I took one from the Super Star section. Nr. XXX was a beautiful looking girl from Bangkok. She reminded me of a flight-attendent and she behalfed like a real lady. After the washing she sucked my dick "like a motherfucking vacuum". I got very horny when she rode my dick and I couldn't stop coming. Damned! I was her last customer and she wasn't ready to do it again. The third time I took No. JJJ, (Super Star Section) a young girl from Chiang Rai, who said her name was M. She was still a bit shy, turned her face off when she sucked my dick and didn't want to get fucked in the Doggy position. Anyway, she did her job well and we had nice and long sex together. Before she gave me a extra body massage. I think she really loved me, so we spent a long time together and she didn't want to go back to the window. We had a lot of fun and a good laugh during the massage and in the tab. Koh Phi Phi Koh Phi Phi is a beautiful island south of Phuket. There are a couple of relaxed bars but no prostitutes. And that's ok! So if you'd like to go there, bring your own from Phuket or try your luck with a tourist. General Fuckers! Go to Thailand and have a good time. Enjoy the beautiful girls but remember: be good to the girls, treat them like your best friend. You don't lick your boss' ass just because he pays you a salary, do you? So why should the babes do that for you. Respect the girls and you'll have a real nice holiday!

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