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not sure about incall--although someone wrote a great article a few pages
up about a gentlemen's club featuring taylor, as the main chick...was in
phoenix last month and picked up one of two girls on the street (7th ave
to Indian School is best).  There are some very very very attractive Latin
girls (look for Angelique!)

Subject: UPDATE ON PROSTITUTION IN PHOENIX Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 17:52:58 UTC In reading the current resources, I would like to add some of the adventures on 16th Street between Thomas and Indian School. Like Van Buren, sex is readily available on the Street. However, these girls seem a little more diverse in their offerings and can respond to your specific needs without the big prices. For example, Annette, is willing to eat your ass, take it in her ass and suck you off for $30.00 bucks. She is young - midtwenties. If you would like, she can bring another woman and if you live here, she will go to your home or office. Another area is Indian School and Thomas between 7th Street and 16th Stree. You might also try 9th Street between Van Buren north to Pierce.
Date: Sun, 4 Feb 1996 00:35:00 UTC Phoenix, AZ USA I had an wonderful experience in a Phoenix "private room" show club known as French Fantasies in the Spring of 1995. This club, located on Illini Street near the 40th Street exit off the Maricopa Freeway (I-10), featured an absolute goddess by the name of Kindra. My evening there was very similar to that of the gentleman who wrote elsewhere in this section of his experience at another establishment by the name of Enticements. Upon entering a small waiting area at French Fantasies, I was greeted by a lovely young woman who explained the club rules. There was a $20 "cover charge" to go to the private rooms where the lady I would choose would then explain her "menu" of services available. It was made clear, up front, that I was free to masturbate during these private sessions, and that I could touch the ladies in all areas other than the genitals and breasts. The "hostess" was soon joined by another beautiful employee, and after a few minutes of relaxed conversation, I was asked to make my choice (a very tough decision, as both were outstanding). The lady I chose was the beautiful Kindra, a blonde bombshell featured in the club's ad I had spotted in the Arizona Republic. Kindra led me to her private room, a tasteful place with a large black leather sofa, a bureau, a dressing screen, and several mirrors. The room was comfortably warm (this had been a warm Phoenix spring day) and the lighting was just the appropriate shade of dimness. After a couple minutes of pleasant, intellegent conversation seated together on the couch, she proceded to show me her price menu, which consisted of nude dancing (from 15 minutes to an hour) and a more expensive "Erotic Nude" session (again with times ranging from 15 minutes to an hour). Prices began around $50 and ranged up to $200 for the longer, more erotic sessions. SInce I had just closed a successful business deal and was in a mood to celebrate (and since I could not resist the gorgeous Kindra's charms), I chose a 30 minute Erotic Nude session. At this point, she excused herself briefly in order to process my credit card payment in the office. Before she left, she invited me to remove my clothing, pointed out some men's magazines I could use to "get in the mood" (though they were very unnecessary while in her presence), and said she would be back in a few minutes. When Kindra returned (after about five minutes), she apologized for the delay. She then returned my card and I signed the charge slip, after which she excused herself again (for about a minute) to drop off the slip. At this point, I removed my clothes and got comfortable on the couch. Upon returning to the room, Kindra put on some appropriate music (Sade's greatest hits, I believe) and changed to a very skimpy bra and G-string (which would come off very soon)! I cannot adequately describe the body of this awsome lady, but she is about 5'6", with shoulder-length, natural blonde hair, very firm, medium size breasts with wonderfully erect nipples, long, lovely legs, a heavenly ass, and a golden, all-over tan. She also is blessed with one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen. Her pubes are shaved to a thin line (leading to heaven!) and her clit and labia are absolutely fantastic. She has a face and personality to match this wonderfully athletic body. Her eyes and smile would surely melt any (hetrosexual) man! Her dance began slowly and sensuously in the middle of the room. Kindra moved closer and began removing the bra and G-string, occasionally brushing them against my face and body before setting them completely aside. Before long, she was straddling me on the couch, rubbing her breasts against my face, then stretching out and affording me an opportunity to touch and rub her firm torso, legs, and back. The view of her cunt and anus was breathtaking, this woman exuded sexuality. She brushed her hair acorss my chest, then kneeled between my spread legs to simulate oral sex. Kindra then arched backward, emphasizing her sleek musculature. This rapture continued for around twenty minutes, by then I was more than ready! After dry stroking for this length of time, Kindra offered some lotion, which I gladly accepted. We continued for another few minutes, at which time her "egg timer" sounded a "five-minute warning" indicating our time was almost up. Having timed things almost perfectly (a real feat considering her awsome beauty could have had me cumming much sooner!), I finally allowed myself to orgasm (WOW!!!), and Kindra offered a clean towel and some Kleenex help me to tidy up. After getting dressed, she accompanied me to the waiting area and we bid adieu with a brief hug. I plan on returning to this club on my next business trip to Phoenix. Though the prices are a bit on the high side, I can give it, and the wonderful Kindra, my enthusiastic endorsement!
Subject: Two Nights In Phoenix Date: Wed, 6 Mar 1996 02:34:08 UTC I recently visited the massage palor Hard Bodies on Indian School Road. The woman on the phone told me the charges were $25 for 1/2 hour and $45 for an hour. I parked in the back and rang their bell. An attractive Hispanic woman answered and led me to a room. She repeated the rates and told me I could always extend the time. Hearing that, I went with the half hour. I paid her my $25 and got undressed. She proceeded to give a so-so massage up and down my back. She asked me to roll over and immediately went for my cock. (Ok, she had teased my balls on her strokes up my legs and I was definately horney.) Only about 15 minutes had gone by. I asked her how much and she said $75! I only had fifty on me but I wanted to get off so badly I decided to ignore the outrageous price for a hand job. She did take off her top and let me massge her breasts while bringing me off in a most perfunctory manner. Get em in, get em off, get em out, seemed to be her attitude. I won't be back. Then, for something different, check out the Sociables Club. You can find their ad in any Beat newspaper (the local sex rag). My wife and I have been there three or four times. It is a swingers club and sex can happen most anywhere. One of the rooms in the back has a large glass picture window and draws quite a voyeuristic crowd when there is an orgy happening. We watched one night while a pretty young girl sucked off three men and was screwed from behind by four other guys who lay stroking their cocks while waiting their turns. Wild place.
Subject: SUPER SUNDAY Date: Sun, 17 Mar 1996 16:37:42 UTC I'm a journalist and I went to Phoenix to cover the Super Bowl. On the first night I tried an escort incall service out of the yellow pages. The lady who called sounded very pretty and she was around a 8.5 or a 9. When she came she said the fee was $150. I was so taken aback by her appearance that I became stupid. She began rifling off the prices for the various services she would provide. I provided another $150 and she said that she had to have her tip in advance. She told me watch she was going to do and it sounded very good. Ya I know your thinking what a sap and I guess I was. But it taught me a lot. For the $300 she was pretty snotty, can't touch this, don't get too close and I was a perfect gentleman. I didn't even get a massage. It was terrible. The next night I called another service out of the newspaper and I was very careful a man answered at A Touch of Class. Let's just say Debine answered the call in more ways than one. She was terrific, very personable, looks around a seven to seven and a half. But she was beautiful, took her time and I enjoyed the experience so much I invited her back. She even gave me a special number to reach her when I was back in town and I'm going back to cover Spring training if you know what I mean. Bottom line, the Phoenix yellow pages are a rip off and be very careful, but it's only money and you can make more.
Subject: Phoenix Update Date: Sat, 23 Mar 1996 01:25:58 UTC While in Phoenix this week, I decided to check out Van Buren after reading the info previously posted. There were several ladies on the street....most of them not very appealing. Also, there were a lot of police patrolling the area. I was mostly interested in sight seeing, but noticed a very attractive blonde in the area between 24th St and 32nd St. I decided to stop and let her in my car to talk a little and see if there would be any possibility we could do business. After we started driving, she became very hostile. She insisted I drive ONLY where she instructed me, and at the same time grabbing my hand and placing it in her crotch to show me how wonderful she was. She kept getting more agitated as we began to negotiate, insisted I stop at a store....then a motel so she could "talk to a friend". I didn't stop either place because it was obvious I couldn't trust her, and she reached over and began honking the horn and saying she was going to get her pimp. I quickly pulled into a side street and asked her to get out. She began yelling obscenities and honking the horn, and wanted money for her wasted time. She said her pimp had been following us (her "nigger"....disgusting terminology) and I had better pay up. I flipped her a 20 and she kept it up until I gave her $80 to get the hell out of the car. She was a real bad bitch; like one of your worst nightmares. I don't think she even had a pimp, but I decided it was better to pay her the $80 and get the heck out of there. I guess I should have stopped on a deserted street and just bodily threw her out, but one never knows. I would hate to get in an altercation and end up at the police station and try to explain it to my employer the next day. My advice: unless you are hard up, stay from the Van Buren area. It looked real rough to me and risky because of strong police presence. Save up your money and take a trip to Vegas or risk there and certainly more relaxing. Maybe I got the bad one in a hundred, but I'll think again before venturing out in Phoenix. I'd be interested in hearing about any other similar experiences posted to this sight. (I'll remain anonymous please).
Subject: Information on Phoenix Massage Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 09:26:35 UTC Recently having been in Phoenix, experienced 2 massage experiences. 1. Alliveate, located ay 524 East Dunlap, massage cost $35.00 for 45 minutes with Roberta, seemed to be in her late 40,s would not stop talking about her poor health during massage I had to ask for a hand job which she did for $20.00 not bad but would have prefered a younger and more attractive girl. 2. The Edge. an outcall massage service advertised in yellow pages. Lady quoted $60.00 for an hour. A "Tracy" arrived and gave me about a 15 minute massage (not very good) and offered a topless hand job for a $100.00 but settled for $40.00 Good hand job, nice tits I would call her again!!!
Subject: Re: PHOENIX HOOKERS Date: 9 May 1996 15:26:02 -0700 >could someone please tell me about the street hookers here. how much? >where do u got to do it??? where else can u get it. any guidance is much >appreciated I would NOT recommend anyone on the streets. Often druged out and may rob you or be undercover cops. If you really want them...Van Buren St between about 7St and 44th St has them often in herds until the next sweep by the Sheriff's posy. They even did it on horseback once till found not very practical way to "round them up" Better idea is get "The Beat" big sex newspaper in any adult bookstore. Escort ads by the thousands. Some will be rips offs some probabaly good. Don't have personal experince. Avoid the private dancer ads unless you just want to pay $100 -$200 to stare at a women dancing!
Subject: Street Hooker laws in Phoenix, AZ Date: Sunday, 01 December, 1996 19:26 Update on picking up a street hooker in Phoenix: The cops can arrest you IF you are in a public place or in public view (such as in your car on the street after picking up a girl on Van Buren Ave.) and you ask the girl (a vice cop) if she is a cop, or if you ask her to show her breast or genitals! Yes, I said you can be arrested for asking someone if they are a cop! They call it "manifestation" of the intent to commit prostitution, and they typically use it to nail the girls on Phoenix streets. If I were going to go down there and pick up a girl, I would say to the girl "I'm not a cop." If she didn't reply with the same, I might then say "It's against the law for me to ask if you are a cop." If she didn't then put me at ease, I would stop and ask her to leave. I've heard that a vice cop won't even get in your car, however. Beware of how you talk to the Phoenix girls! PS: the Log Cabin and Copa motels rent rooms by the hour. $20 will buy 1 hr at Log Cabin, and 2 hr at Copa.
Subject: [ASP] Phoenix escort review Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 14:04:09 -0800 I found a good full service lady (girl?) in metro Phoenix. she's 18, abt. 5'2" and 98#. brown curly hair, very petite and pretty. She gave acceptable service - not extremely participatory, but no "limitations" on my requests, either. If you like 'em very young, petite, with small but FIRM breasts, then I would reccommend "Michelle". She charges $100/hr - full service. Her pager number is: 602-209-XXX1 - I asked her three times if it was ok to give her pager # out, and she said it was great with her. Treat her nice, guys!
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 1997 04:51:15 -0400 (EDT) Subject: real entertainer here and how to protect yourself from rip offs Please do NOT give out my email adress please please please!!! This is not advertising for me or a way to get new customers! Please edit as you see fit and keep my email address out of the posting. I am over 18. If men want to know the REAL deal maybe they should hear it from the real thing. If they don't want to get ripped off and want to have a great time I think this info might help. Please let me know what you think. SARA (me): I am an independent adult entertainer, under 25, attractive, married, bi, drug free and have a normal day job. I started entertaining 4 years ago after a few years of college and some bartending jobs. I wanted to go back to school and escorted till I finished and got a GREAT job. The job is commision and slow starting so I went independent and started entertaining at night until the cash started comming in from my 9-5 job. I have a very upscale clientele. I entertain mostly married gentlemen, women and couples. 80% of my "friends" are repeat dates. I resent the fact that my profession is looked down on and not respected. I have the upmost respect for myself and what I do! Even some customers treat me like I am second rate (the other 20% that are not repeat by my choice). I guess this is part of the job. I do it for the money first and because I enjoy it second (I am one of the few). There are 4 types of entertainers: 1.) RIPP-OFF scams, cash and dash girls with drivers and most work with agencies and there are a lot of these girls 2.) SELF SERVICE customer takes care of himself and usually no mutual contact while entertainer dances this is the most common service provided in Phoenix and most of these girls are working for agencies 3.) SERVICE ORIENTED mutual contact, erotic massage, 4play and entertainer takes care of customer it takes more time and imagination and the girl must be skilled and erotic, most girls who provide this are independent 4.) FULL SERVICE intercourse is what is provided most likely by an independent but most become very jaded and numb to the pleasure of it since they do it all the time, it becomes a JOB, you know WORK< WORK< WORK! there are not very many of these girls in the BEAT most f/s girls street walk (hey its the 90's) I am a service oriented girl. My customers refer to me as "a breath of fresh air" and I like that. My service is more PERSONAL then full service. I develop a friendship with my customers and its more fufilling for my customers. I am honest about my sessions when setting up my appts and most customers are a bit worried that it wont be as fun as intercourse but are supprised when they had a great time and call me again! I just want everyone to know there are other girls out there like me who are honest and provide a good service so don't give up but be realistic. PHOENIX ENTERTAINERS, ESCORTS, MODELS, STRIPPERS, DANCERS THAT ADVERTISE IN THE BEAT NEWSPAPER: I have to agree with most of the guys on this one, most of the ads are agencies that scam! Here is a little BEAT101 boys and take notes! Stay away from agencies. Most use drivers, contracts, phone operators who pose as the girl on the phone, mislead and demand tips. A lot of agencies advertise as independents so it is hard to weed them out but there is one good way to start. Don't call ads that use the term "escort". To use that in an ad the entertainer needs to be licensed as an escort therefore is likely to be connected with an agency. In order to be licensed you have to have an office, be zoned by the city etc. Most "real independent girls" say exciting dating, companionship, entertainment, model, and use anything but the word escort. Vice runs stings often and will bust a girl for escorting without a license before anything else it seems! It is a charge that sticks and most girls get busted for that and not prostitution. So if they do not consider themselves "escorts" and do not charge a fee (most gentlemen give a cash gift) what could they get sited for? Stick with small low profile ads with a cell phone or pager. Don't be a bargain shopper. This will not guarantee you a good service but it helps you weed out 85% of the bad stuff in there! I still feel that The Beat is still the biggest and best way to find adult entertainment even with all the bad girls that advertise. Just shop smart! If it sounds too good it is. ITS TIME TO GET REAL HERE: It seems a lot of men are seeking an entertainer that is clean cut, classy, friendly, personable, erotic, sexy, drug free, young and will do anything sexually you want for under $150. I do not know about other cities but in Phoenix that is a pipe dream. The girls I know are about $200-$400 (no tipping BS) total. In the 4 years I have been doing this I have met only two who are perfect 10's, most are single moms or older women. A lot have drug problems, can not hold down a real job or have been assaulted sexualy as a child and "entertain" because they can block it out (like they did when they were assaulted). Most men want a girl that enjoys the session as much as him and are mad when she doesn't. If she liked it so much she woundn't be charging. Remember this is a business. Oh, and if you want to be treated like a king you need to treat her like a queen even though you are paying her. We are still women and we have feelings like any other human on this earth. ARE YOU WILLING TO RISK IT ALL?: Want a "full service girl"? Even protection is not fool proof and you could get AIDS. Are you married, have children, want to live till you are old and gray? This is the 90's why not try erotic touch, 4 play, role playing, massage, looking at each others bodys! Takes more imagination but you might learn a thing or two and not have to wory about getting tested. I know intercourse is usualy what comes to mind when the blood gets pumping but hey, you have had it a million times so why not try something new! I have had intercourse with my gentlemen friends in the past and few called me back until a friend taught me about the human mind and spirit! The body is a wonderful thing to touch, kiss, explore and give pleasure to in other ways than intercourse. You feel completely satisfied both physically and mentally. Don't sell yourself short and open your mind. If you find a true entertainer that enjoys her work and is service oriented she may teach you a thing or two about how to please and be pleased. You can use this experience again and again with other partners! WHY ARE YOU WANTING TO CALL OUT ESCORTS?: Have a hard time getting it up? Spouse won't help complete your fantasy or are you afraid to ask her? Your spouse doesn't turn you on? Can't find a sex partner that is pretty enough? Have a low self esteem, can't approach women, small penis or do you have an addiction to sex? If you answered yes to any of these then an escort is only a quick fix. You might want to address your problem first or you might find yourself calling out escorts all the time and feeling empty. I have seen this happen so often and these customers become dependent on me for their sex lives, entertainment, counciling and friendship. I now cut them off and refuse to see them again when this occurs. I can not bear the burdens of others to this extent! Oh there is nothing wrong with recreational escort use but do not let it replace a healthy love life. LOVE YOUR WIFE BUT WANT A THREESOME OR SOMETHING NEW? I stress the word LOVE because love making between people who are in love is a beautiful thing. An escort can never replace that. Spice things up with the wife and have an escort entertain the both of you! Don't go behind her back if you want something new! You may not think so but most women are bi and will never admit this to their man in fear of him thinking she is perverted or he will want a threesome. She is afraid he might like the other girl better etc. Ease her into the idea. Start with reading adult stories to each other that have threesome sceenes. Maybe go to topless clubs together and get dances for each other. Just always put her first and include her. Reassure her of your love and she may supprise you! If she still doesn't want a threesome oh well. You had a great time doing new and different things together and I am sure you had some great sex while you were at it!
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 07:24:02 -0700 June, 1997 Went into a place at Camelback & Central in Phoenix, Arizona. The place was called Tubblies. The lady greeted me at the door was friendly and okay looking. About a 6 or a 7 in the normal (1 to 10) rating. Of course, 10 being the "BEST"... Well, I paid $40 for a half an hour session including the 15 minutes spa. The spa was clean and feels great! After 15 minutes, she (Monica) came back in and took me to her room. I layed on the table and she started massage. About 15 minutes, she had asked me if I want more... I suggested she gets nude and the price was $80. She got nude and start massage my dick. She got onto the table with me and start letting me to suck her small but firm tits. She was very hot and started to fingering herself. I started to help her and she enjoyed my fingers very much. She even "came" during the session. If she pretended, she had done a great job. After she came, she then started giving me a hand job. All this time she was laying with me on the table. I had a great time there...
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 1997 21:21:17 -0400 (EDT) Phoenix: answering service for several independents: 602 XXX-9281 full service @ 135/hr another answering service for independents: 602 XXX-2382 -- here the best is Stephanie -- abt. 30,blonde, blue, 36D naturals, great oral and ethusiastic participation. $135. full hour -- your mileage may vary. Independent: Heather (also goes by Misty) pager: 1800-XXX-6544 she's about 24, 36D, 25, 36, blonde (bleached) incredible bod, OK services, kinda ditzy, she says her "advertized" rate is $150/hr., but she's provided full service for half that (although not a full hour). She'll do anal for a nominal sur-charge (20-30). Michelle - 18, 5'1", 100#, 32B, 22, 34 -- incredible, tight 18 yr old body -- good full service for $100. not for an hour, but for one "cycle" pager: 602-XXX-8971
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 23:06:55 -0400 (EDT) Subject: massage parlors in phoenix area 8/28/97 i recently visited the toyko spa in mesa arizona. this is just east of the phoenix airport on e. main st. in mesa arizona. the first time i visited i paid $60 for a hour massage. the asian girl takes your money then brings you into a massage room. she will tell you to undress and hands you a towel to put around your waist. she will then leave the room. she comes back and takes you by the hand and walks you down the hall to a wash room. you hand her the towel and get on this shower bed thats covered with a plastic mat face down. she then takes warm water and soap and scrubs your back legs and ass she will stick her finger with soap on it around your asshole. then she will ask you to turn over and do the same to the front. she will ask you if you will cause any trouble. if you say "no trouble" then she will clean your balls and dick. she will soap and stroke your dick. then she will ask you to stand up and she will towel you off. she will then take you to the massage room again and ask you to lay face down. she will then proceed to give you a great back massage and will then start tracing fingers over your back very lightly and over your ass then in the crack of your ass. this is a big turn on and feels great. she will then ask you to turn over face up. she will rub a little then ask you if you want more. you then tell her what you want: hand job; blow job or suck and fuck. suck and fuck will cost you about $80 to $120 more depending on the girl. you can haggle the price. the first night i went i had ana who was about a 5-6 she gave the greatest and softest blow job i ever had. she also licked and sucked my asshole, and more sucking i came. then she massaged me some more then sucked me some more to get me hard and then she got on the table and screwed me like i never been screwed before. i came again. she stayed with me for about 1 hour 20 minutes. the second time i went i had june, just in from los angeles. about a 8 face but a 10 body. the exact same thing happened, except this time was better, because she looked better and had a real tight pussy and really knew how to make her pussy muscles work. i had a great time both times and will certainly go back the next time i'm in phoenix. it was real clean place in a strip shopping center and well lite and safe area of town. i recommend this place highly.
Date: Sat, 01 Nov 1997 21:25:12 -0700 Subject: New Phoenix, AZ Massage parlor review. Thanks for an excellent resource! Please add this to you review of Phoenix, AZ massage parlors. This was my first experience in massage parlors, so I decided to go to the one that seemed to have the best reviews in the WSG - The Ultimate Effect. I arrived there about 8:00 pm. The woman that greeted me was about 50 years old, and she informed me that a half-hour massage was $25. I thought that she was the receptionist, and paid for the session. She then led me back to a room, and said she would be right back. I then realized that she was going to do the massage, and so when she returned, I said that I had received a page, faked a phone call (somebody out there inf Phoenix is really confused tonight!) and got out of there. She gave me a rain check (written on the back of a business card) so maybe I'll give it a try another night. I was heading home disappointed, when I saw another massage parlor and decided to take a chance. It was California Massage at 1618 W. Camelback Road in Phoenix. I was greeted by an attractive woman, a little heavier than I usually prefer, but she looked okay. She was about a 7. She told me the half-hour massage was $30. So I paid and we went to a room. She locked the door when we entered so I figured that this was the right kind of place. I undressed, and she massaged me for about 15 minutes, then she asked me if I had been there before. Armed with knowledge from the WSG, I said yes and we talked prices. She wanted $40 for the handjob finish, but agreed on $30.(expensive? I dunno.) She then gave me an excellent handjob. She said that we had plenty of time, "so have yourself a little fantasy." While she was stroking my cock, she let me feel her ass and tits, under her shirt. I came, and she cleaned me up nicely. Overall it was a good experience, I'm sure I'll go back.
Subject: Phoenix Massage Vist Dec. 1997 Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 01:34:43 -0000 Just thought I'd share my ratings of a massage parlor I visited today. I went to Friction Thereof on McDowell Rd in Phoenix. Was quoted a $ 60 fee to get in but when I balked I was told $ 45 would work. The woman was about a 6-7 rating on a scale of ten. She was blonde and Caucasian. After a shower and massage she asked if I wanted more. She asked for and received $60 for a topless hand job.
Subject: [ASP]Phoenix Review Date: 1997/11/24 There is one place in this desolate town where oral and other services can be purchased at a steep price. If you have the financial resources to become a regular at French Fantisies (They have a website at, it is possible. I won't reveal the name of the young lady who provided me service because I don't want to get her in trouble, but she told me that most of the girls will at least give oral and/or handjobs for a tip of $100. Now remember this is on top of the $240 it costs to spend an hour at their establishment. A half hour costs $140. In the three times I have been there, all of the girls have been very good at creating the illusion of passion, for me that was worth the expense. Given our choices in Phoenix, that isn't half bad. Good Luck and keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the whores,
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 03:24:15 EST Subject: massage reviews and question phoenix arizona so far thanks to the helpful guide and other info in this web page i have visited 3 different massage parlors... 19th & peoria massage for you 2..worst massage and worst hand job so far.. all three women i have had there were rough and in a hurry to finish things up. The quality of girls was about a 3-4.. i also found them to be rude, on night one of the girls refused to take me for 15 minutes, because they were closing in 20, she wouldn't even cut me a deal on the rate...another time one of the girls kept on harping on how i was young...and skinny..i said to her so do you tell your overweight clients their fat and left.. Camelback and about central...Synergy had a great massage from rhonda...great conversation about 5-6 on the scale.. topless for $35.. the only thing i noticed about synergy is that the price for the massage is more expensive than others, but i didn't mind paying... The best is tubbies i had ronny she's about a 5-6.. the best massage i've had.....great basic massage, and very good hand job..however she wouldn't budge on the price $40--definatly worth it...........I would also love to know if anyone knows of a place similar to tokyo spa that was in the time i heard about it, it is now closed there anything similar...looking for asain women....also full service...please post a msg. thanks
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 21:55:49 -0700 Subject: Phoenix, Mesa report March 1998 Place: Lake Shore Spa in Mesa, Arizona I went there several time. It is clean. It has on average two to three girls there all the time. On occation, there is a mamason in her 50's there watching the shop. They charge $30 for half-an-hour, $45 for 45 minutes, and $50 for one hour. I have been seeing a black lady over there. Her name is Ananm. She charge $60 for a totally nude massage. If she knows you well, she is willing to give a blowjob for $100. Pretty good looking gal... Huge boobs. A devil's figure!

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