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Phoenix, Arizona

I chose to go to Enticements (based on the angelic picture of Taylor
in the ad and the fact that when I spoke to her, she was by far the
friendliest of the woman I spoke with).  I arrived at the club and
entered an outside waiting room.  After a few minutes, two women
unlocked a door and greeted me.  They invited me into a plush living
room type setup and proceeded to tell me more about the club
-basically, it is a fantasy club where you can engage in masturbation
sessions while they really turn you on (I got the impression from
them, as well as several of the others that I talked to, that they
were all legit and would not offer actual sexual contact). After
listening to them, they asked me if I was interested (how could I say
no) and if so, to choose one of them or wait for the third on duty who
was busy right now.  Obviously, I chose Taylor who is one of the most
attractive creatures I have ever laid eyes on (She's about 5'7" , dark
hair, with a knockout body and probably about 28 years old).  I then
paid the $20 room fee to the other girl and Taylor led me by the hand
back to her private room.  She must have sensed I was a little nervous
as we sat on the couch in her room and she proceeded to rub my back,
leg and inner thigh to "relax" me while she should me their "menu"
(Sessions ranged from 15 minutes to 1 hour and fell basically into 3
categories - erotic nude dancing, erotic fantasy sessions where
touching was allowed except for "certain areas" and fruit and whip
cream shows where you could lick the cream from her body (or vice
versa) and watch her do some erotic things with cherries and bananas.
She did tell me that some men do eat the fruit after she's played with
it in her pussy while others don't.  She also laughed and told me that
she, unlike some of the other girls, has to slice her bananas
lengthwise.  Obviously, the cost varied by session starting at $20 for
the 15 minute erotic dance and going up to $200 for the 1 hour fruit
and whip cream show).  I chose the 30 minute erotic fantasy session
($80) and, after paying her the cash, she spread a clean towel on the
couch and invited me to get undressed while she took the cash back to
the office.  Upon returning to the room ( where I was naked and ready
on the couch), she stepped behind a screen and removed her short black
skirt and lace halter top and put on some very sexy black lingerie
(all the while keeping up a friendly and intelligent conversation with
me).  then she proceeded to put on some music and stepped out from
behind the screen and started her erotic dance for me.  It wasn't long
before her top and bottoms came off revealing her luscious breasts and
clean shaven pussy.
 She proceeded to get as close as she could to me within the limits of
the law and alternated between straddling my face while she layed with
and spread her pussy lips, simulated several sex acts, erotically licked
my neck and inside my ear as she rubbed my body and I hers ( she had
only told me that the law prohibits me from touching her breasts, pussy
and ass and she was prohibited from touching my nipples or cock.)
Needless to say, she was very good and I was quite aroused.  She then
asked me if I would like some lotion.  When I replied yes, , kneeling
between my legs, she proceeded to squeeze some on her left breast and I,
in my anxiousness, moved to try and rub it in.  She politely told me
wait, she had a special trick for me.  She then leaned over so her
nipple was practically touching the tip of my cock and let the lotion
run off her breast onto my cock.  She then put more lotion on her body
and said I could play with that (which I promptly did, rubbing it over
her smooth skin covering her stomach and making circles around the
outside of her breasts - she only nicely cautioned me once when I guess
I started to touch more of her breasts than allowed).  She then knelt
back down and licked my inner thigh and stomach coming ever so close to
my cock.  She then asked if she could help me stroke myself and I said
sure.  She then asked me what hand I like and when I told her the right
one she laughed and said she likes to use both on herself.  She then
took my right hand and placed it on my cock and then she covered my hand
with hers and proceed to stroke me back and forth with the lotion she
had previously dropped on me.  She took time to ask if she was going at
a good pace and said she didn't want to screw me up.  After continuing
this for a while, she again straddled me face and began playing with
herself inches away from me while I did the same.  When I slowed down
(wanting to fully enjoy my whole 30 minutes) she placed my hands on her
hips as she knelt above my cock and simulated fucking me all the while
licking my ear and neck and asking me if I like it when a woman is on
top. (I didn't want to tell her that she could be on top, bottom or
sideways anytime!!!!!).  I let my hands run up and down her legs an
d hips as she moved so close .  After a while more of this, a new song
came on and she told me we have only about 5 minutes left (she giggled
and said she just wanted to let me know since she didn't know my body
and how much more I needed to have full release - damn, I didn't tell
her I could have shot right there or several times before that without
any manual stimulation  if I wasn't holding back - thats how hot she had
me).  Anyway, I said ok and moved my hand back down to my cock.  When I
started moving it slowly up and down, I felt her hand grasp mine again
and guide me in rhythm.  She moved slightly to the side and my left hand,
which was still on her hip moved to her ass (although I don't think this
is allowed, she didn't really say anything).  She then really went wild
licking , nibbling and whispering in my ear as she continued to move my
right hand up and down slowly on my cock.  Within another minute, I came
like I never have before (and I truly mean that!!!!! - this was even
 better than any fuck or blow job I had had).  After catching my breath,
she  stayed close to me and offered me some kleenex to clean up with.
Once I was all clean, she moved back and started to get dressed and
asked me if I would like a soft drink .  I told her ice water would be
fine (I needed something to cool down with) and she proceeded to go out
of the room to get it while I started to get dressed.  Upon coming back,
(I had just finished dressing), she sat beside me on the couch and again
 started caressing my back and leg, asking me if I enjoyed our
experience.  I told her very much so and we continued to engage in some
small chit chat while I drank my ice water.  She was still extremely
pleasant and friendly and not in any real hurry to push me out.  In
talking to her, I got the impression they were a fairly new club (she
said business is slow but picking up and she is one of those in charge
(we talked about marketing the club, etc. In addition, she gave me a
frequent member number (I didn't have the heart to tell her I was just
visiting from out of town) and explained after 5 visits, you get one
free (based on the average $ value of what you previously spent).  She
then thanked me again for coming and gave me a kiss as I left.
If you are ever in Phoenix, I highly recommend you look up Taylor at
ENTICEMENTS.  It will be worth it (and tell her, John, the marketing guy
sent you).

Woo, I thought I was going to be brief.  Oh well, Taylor did that to me.

Date: Wed, 15 Feb 1995 17:10:52 UTC My experiences with the Phoenix, Arizona massage parlors took place between May 1991 and February 1995. I've visited 6 of the massage parlors in the northern part of the city. There are many more, but it wasn't worthwhile for me to drive all the way to them. I always wanted the same thing: a half-hour full body massage with hand finish. This seems optimal to me, since there's virtually no chance of disease and it's inexpensive. Since there's no condom used, I believe that it feels better than other activities which require a condom. The cost of the massage was the same at each establishment: $25 for the massage and a $20 tip. Sometimes the girls will ask for a higher tip, but if you show that you've had massages before, they'll know that you know what the going rate is. Of the 6 places reviewed, I recommend the first 3 and recommend against the last 3. 1. Massage for You 2, on 19th Ave south of Peoria Out of the 5 girls I've seen here, 4 of them would do the hand job. They were generally in their 20's to early 30's and average to attractive. My favorite was Amy, a 24 year old blonde. I would often visit her for a quick massage at lunch time. Her massage was always very nice and personal, getting me more and more aroused until the end of the massage. She always kept up a pleasant relaxing line of chit-chat. During the hand finish, she made it so much better by keeping eye contact and occasionally asking "How's that? Do you like it here?". Girls at many other places hurry this part, so Amy's technique was well-appreciated. 2. Massage Solution, on East Dunlap near 5th street I went here once around May, 1991, and had a masseuse named Diana. She was a blonde in her mid-30's and obviously worked out. She looked very firm in her biking shorts. She was cool at the start of the massage, but warmed up toward the end. Her hand finish had good technique, starting slowly and gradually building up speed and intensity as she felt my arousal grow. This place was closed down soon thereafter, and re-opened about 2 years later. Business must be good now because the 2 times I've tried to get a massage they've told me that they were very busy and I'd have to come back another time. So maybe they work by appointment only now. 3. Massage connection, on Cave Creek north of Dunlap I've been to this place several different times and had several different ladies. They all were happy to perform the hand finish, though they seemed rather hurried about it. 4. Massage For You, Bell road and I-17 They gave a nice massage, but I couldn't get the hand finish. Maybe I looked like a cop to them, or maybe they really want to be squeaky clean. I went to this place 4 times (OK, I'm a slow learner) and had 4 different masseuses, including one really beautiful blonde. At the end of the massage, I would offer a $20 for a hand job, but they would all respond with "Sorry, we're not allowed to do that here." Frustrating. 5. Synnergy, Camelback near I-17 The only time I went to this place, Michelle gave a nice massage, but would not do the hand job. 6. Massage Shack (name changed?), Camelback near I-17 Only went to this place once. The girl was much too rough, pressing hard with her fingers and elbows into my back. Refused hand finish.
Date: Mon, 4 Sep 1995 06:40:03 UTC From: Phoenix Services - September 1995 The following is a compilation of my recent experiences with services in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Massage ---------------------- Phoenix has a pretty respectable massage scene. A look in the classified section of Sunday's Arizona Republic, the New Times (published each Wednesday), or the yellow pages will yield several dozen listings under the heading "massage". Here are a few of the places I've frequented, and a brief review of each. But first, here's a rundown of how the massage scene works: You arrive at the massage parlor, whereupon you are greeted by a woman (not necessarily your masseuse). If the prices aren't printed somewhere, she'll give them to you. In Phoenix, the standard seems to be $25 for 30 minutes, $35 for 45 minutes and $45 for an hour. Note: I always go with the smallest increment of time -- knowing that if I don't like the massage I can leave, and if I am enjoying myself I can simply pay for additional time. Extras such as hot tubs, body scrubs, etc. are sometimes available at nominally higher prices. The price for the massage is typically non-negotiable, but don't hesistate to negotiate for extra services. Once you have decided what you want and paid for it, the girl will lead you to a massage room, which is usually a small, sparsely furnished space with a large table in the middle. At this point, you may be offered the opportunity to shower before the massage. I usually do. Note: the shower should not count against your massage time. Once you're in the room and on the table, the masseuse will come in. There are a number of different types of massage available. She may or may not discuss with you her specialty. Generally, you can ask for "hard" or "light", etc. If extra services are available, you'll usually find that with about 10 minutes left in the massage, the girl will ask something like "Is there anything else you'd like me to do?", or "Would you like me to massage anywhere else?", or "Would you like a full body massage?" Of course, in some places the "massage" is of the pro forma variety and will only last for as little as 5 minutes before you're solicited. This is your intro. She's trying to phrase the question to you in such a manner that you have to tell her what you want, and that she can't be accused of propositioning you. Taking her hand and placing it on your cock is one way to let her know what you want. Once she is reasonably certain that you're not a cop, she'll ask what you want to do. The de rigueur treatment in massage joints is a hand job with lotion. I've never had a condom used for this. In Phoenix, expect to pay anywhere from $20-$40 for this. I've also found that the following are generally available: topless handjob ($35-$50), nude handjob ($40-$60). If you opt for topless or nude you're generally free to touch the merchandise, provided that no penetration takes place. (There are exceptions to the rule, of course.) I usually make a point of inquiring as to what other services the girls provide, and have found that most don't do anything beyond oral. If someone finds to the contrary, please let me know. Also, don't be afraid to negotiate. I don't think I've ever paid what they initially asked. On the occastion of patronizing a massage establishment for the first time, I have found the following techniques to be indespensible in determining whether or not extra services are available: 1) When they ask, (and they will), if you have been there before, ALWAYS say yes. The next question is usually "Who did you see last time?" Brush this off with a vague reference to an average sized woman, of average age, with medium length brown hair. It always works. 2) When they lead you into the room, begin to undress immediately. In general, demonstrating that you aren't afraid to be nude in their presence helps to allay any fear they might have of you being a cop. 3) The girl will generally leave you a small towel with which you are expected to cover your ass/genitalia. Don't use it. I've never had anyone insist (or even ask) that I use the towel, even in legitimate places. 4) If you do use the towel, don't be too quick to cover yourself back up when turning over. See #2. 5) If you find yourself with an erection, don't try to "think it away." I have found that rolling over on to my back and displaying my erect member usually prompts a question like, "Would you like me to take care of that?", to which I always respond, "Please!" 6) ASK! If the massage is over and you're not completely sated, ask if she does anything else. All she can do is refuse. Tubbies Central and Camelback (In a strip mall on the NW corner) I've probably been to Tubbies about a dozen times over the years. In my opinion, it is the best massage establishment in the Central Phoenix area. Their specialty, as evidenced by their name, is hot tubs. Expect to pay the usual $25/$35/$45 for a massage, and about $10 extra for a 30 minute tub session prior to the massage. I have found the hot tubs to be clean, well heated and quite relaxing. They are in individual rooms. Most have stereo systems, and at least one is done in a jungle motif. Note: I've never been able to get one of the girls to join me in the hot tub. Of course, I've never directly asked. If anyone accomplishes this, please let me know. The women at Tubbies are generally much better looking than their contemporaries at other places. Most are a 6 or better, with a few 9's. Most of them give a decent massage, as well. (As if that's what you're after. <g>) Despite a sign in every massage room which reads, "This is a non-sexual massage", I have, with only one exception, always been offered additional services. Handjobs are $30-$40 depending on the girl. Topless is slightly higher, and is usually worth it. I had the best massage of my life at Tubbies not too long ago - I paid the girl, an incredible mexican beauty, for a topless handjob and she ended up giving me an incredible prostate massage and then letting me tit fuck her. After I came on her ample chest, she rubbed my load all over her tits as though it were lotion. Tubbies II 12th Street and Highland Note: Highland is a block south of Camelback This is an affiliate of the Tubbies at Central and Camelback. Despite the name, I have yet to see a hot tub at this location. The quality of the women is just below that of their namesake. Most are at least a 5, with many 7's and 8's. I have received additional services on all but one occasion here. I've visited at least a half a dozen times. Prices are usually the same, if not lower, than at the original Tubbies. The Ultimate Effect 3609 West Camelback (36th Avenue and Camelback) I only went here once, about a year ago. The place is run by a bunch of Hell's Angels types, I think. The massage was $25 for half an hour. The masseuse was an older Hispanic woman. She had that look of being ridden hard and put up wet. Extra services were offered at the conclusion of the massage, which I accepted. As I recall, I paid $40 for a topless massage and my hands did quite a bit of wandering. Syngery 18th Avenue and Camelback I have been to Synergy at least two dozen times, and I have yet to be offered anything even remotely sexual. Why do I keep going? A variety of beautiful women, great massages, and this strange desire of mine to convince one of these beauties to give me a handjob. You always want what you can't have. It hasn't worked yet. If anyone has any better luck, let me know. Emerald Massage 1708 West Camelback (Camelback and 17th Avenue) Probably the worst massage I've ever had in several years, if not of all time. When I entered the establishment, I was greeted by a rather unattractive woman in her mid 30's. She was probably a 3 or a 4, and looked as though she was a junkie of some sort. I tried to beat a hasty retreat, offering as an excuse that I had left my money in my car, but it was to no avail. After I paid her $25 for a 30 minute session, she led me into the massage room, directed me to undress, lie on the table and await her return. It was literally 20 minutes before I was to see her again. When she finally returned, she offered nary an apology but did proceed to go on a rant for 10 minutes about the competence (or lack thereof) of her colleagues. No sooner had she applied lotion to my back than she was called out of the room again. She was gone for at least 15 minutes, during which time I seriously contemplated leaving and probably would have were it not for the quart of cold gooey lotion covering my backside. The massage, if one could call it that, was less than spectacular. She spent the majority of the time talking -- describing her various automotive problems and detailing her experiences at other local massage establishments. One place in particular had fired her she recounted, because she was "too thin and pretty", which apparently made the other girls jealous. Yeah, right... At the conclusion of the 30 minutes, she inquired as to whether I desired a "full body" massage. I said yes, and for an additonal $20 I was treated to the worst handjob I have ever had the dis-pleasure of experiencing. She had no technique to speak of; she just worked her hand up and down on my cock as though she was trying to win a race, all the time asking "are you going to come yet? are you going to come?" Needless to say, I won't be back. A Tender Touch Massage 4717 North Central (Central just south of Camelback) The massage place is upstairs. The selection is on the lower side of the scale -- most of the women are 3's and 4's. One unusual note: they accept credit cards (with a $5 surcharge) for extra services. Expect to pay the usual $25/$35/$45 for the massage. Handjobs are $25, as I recall, and topless is $45. Not my favorite place. I think I'll wait a while before returning - maybe the selection will change. A Friction Thereof 5046 East McDowell (McDowell and 50th Street) In a nutshell: one of the best times I've ever had at a massage joint, although they're not cheap. The atmosphere is not unlike that of a doctor's office - when I walked in the first time, I was greeted by a stunningly beautiful (9+) woman in a short mini-skirt. She must have noticed that my jaw had dropped precipitously, and so without even asking how long I'd like to stay she informed me that the massage was $50. I think I managed to utter "OK", while wiping the drool from my lip. She led me into the back of the business, whereupon she handed me a towel and pointed me in the direction of the shower. When I was done, she told me, I was to go into a particular room and wait for her. I hurriedly showered and donned the robe that they provided. I entered the room and got on the table. After a minute or two, she walked in. Well, I thought it was her, at least. As it turns out it wasn't the woman who met me at the door. The girl who was to be my masseuse was a slightly older version of the knockout in the mini-skirt who met me at the door. She was still an 8+, though. About 45 minutes into the massage, she informed me that we were almost out of time and inquired as to whether or not there was any other body part I wanted massaged. She instructed me to place her hand on the particular body part. I took her hand and placed it on my now rigid cock. A coy smile erupted on her face, and we shared a laugh. She informed me that a handjob was $30 and that a topless handjob was $50. I negotiated the topless handjob for $40. She was a real pro -- she massaged my dick with great skill, using her free hand to rub my balls and my asshole with warm lotion. While she was doing her thing, I was exploring her body. At one point, I hiked her skirt up, pulled her panties to the side and began gently rubbing her ass. I sensed that she was enjoying herself, and when I attempted to penetrate her with my fingers she accomodated me. Bottom line: a great time, but bring plenty of dough. I suspect that I could have had sex for $150 or so. Prostitutes ------------------------ The majority of the street action in Phoenix is concentrated on Van Buren Street, between 32nd Avenue and 48th Street. The cream of the crop can generally be found walking along an area from about 7th street to 40th street. The quality of hookers seems to be in direct relation to the value of the street number. Stay away from anything in the Avenue range. Most of those girls are of the $10 variety, and many appear to be junkies. A bit of trivia: Child star Danny Bonnaduce (sp?) of the Partridge Family was arrested several years ago for assaulting a transvestite he had picked up at 2nd Street and Roosevelt. Roosevelt is a few blocks North of Van Buren. If you're into transvestites, Roosevelt is the place, from Central to about 7th Street. Here are a couple of techniques I use to ensure that the girls I pick up aren't undercover cops: 1) When you pull up to them, ask something innocuous like "Would you like a ride?" or something along those lines. If they ask, "Do you want a date?" keep driving. 2) Don't make any deals unless the girl is IN your car. I have a few friends on the Phoenix Police Department and they tell me that under no circumstances will an undercover vice officer get into a suspect's car. They will attempt to make the deal with you while leaning into your window, and then they will walk away while 10 officers swarm your car. Or, they will direct you to a specific hotel room which adjoins a room full of cops. 3) If, once in the car, the girl asks you to "prove that you're not a cop", this is your cue to whip out your dick and show it to her. Generally, she'll give it a squeeze or two to test your reaction. On some occasions, the girl will want you to touch her breasts or vagina, as further proof that you're not a cop. The police don't pay a whole lot of attention to the hookers on Van Buren. Every couple of years (read: when there's an election), the Sheriff will round up his Posse (a bunch of hick Rambos with about a weekend of training) and drive the hookers away from Van Buren. Of course, they just set up shop a few streets away, but the Sheriff proclaims that Van Buren has been made safe for everyone. Once you have the hooker in the car and you're both reasonably satisfied that the other is not a cop, begin the negotiations. I have generally found that oral sex (always with a condom) goes for $20 - $40. Add an extra $10 if you want tits. I've had straight sex for $50 - $70. I haven't found any one who would do anal. Most girls have a spot in a motel parking lot, or some other sparsely populated place where they will perform the act. There are also a plethora of no-tell motels along Van Buren. Most are about $15 for 2 hours. A word to the wise: I've picked up dozens of hookers on Van Buren with no problems, and I have met a lot of very interesting, surprisingly intelligent women. I have, however, been ripped off twice. On one occasion, I stopped to pick up a particular girl, and her friend insisted on joining us. I negotiated oral sex with both of them (at a reduced rate, as I had only initially wanted one girl), and when the act was over I noticed that my cellular phone was missing. I confronted the girls about it and they played dumb. It happened, however, that they had a cellular phone to sell me for $50. I told them to get out of the car, and I immediately went to a pay phone and cancelled my cell phone #. Luckily, I had it insured and it was replaced the next day at no charge. On the second occasion, I again stopped to pick up a girl and was told that her girlfriend was going to join us. Looking back upon this, I should have just told them no deal. After the act was consummated, I noticed that $40 was missing from my wallet, which was in the glove compartment. (I had seen the money in the wallet 10 minutes before picking up the hookers.) I told them to get out, and chalked it up to experience. A few things I've learned: Don't leave any valuables laying about in your car. Put your wallet in the glove compartment and lock it. If you have any comments/questions, or if you know of any other services in the Phoenix area, drop me a line at
Date: 1 Jul 1996 18:50:07 -0700 UPDATE TO EXTENSIVE PHOENIX REPORT Streetwalkers Van Buren between 7th St and 44th St is very active with lots of hookers on the street. The police run decoy operations and arrest customers periodically. Anyone would be a fool, even without the police stings to pick up these street hookers. Mostly they are on drugs and desperate. Often they will steel from you, might assault you or worse. These are not sex workers, but desperate drugged out hookers for the most part, or decoy female cops! At least in Phoenix the problem is more drug related than pimps forcing women to work for them. When I lived in Minneapolis the situation was much worse. I was active with a Christian Safe House ministry in the 1970s, that was started at the request of the Mayor and Chief of Police and organized by a wonderful vice cop/preacher, Al Palmquist. Pimps would force women to work and there was a pipeline of hookers recruited from Minneapolis and sent to New York to supply the demand . The women were often beaten and sometimes killed if they didn't bring their man enough money. It was a terrible situation and the Safe House was a place they could escape, find protection and help in getting away from their pimp and out of prostitution. At least in Phoenix, this doesn't seem to be occurring nearly as much.
Subject: Phoenix report Date: 13 June 1996 Phoenix Report from AGentleMan <>. It's hard to keep up with the rapidly changing availability of services in Phoenix, but here's a report on what I have learned over the last couple of years. ESCORTS I had planned to recommend a great incall service in Phoenix, but unfortunately the place now only offers outcall, has fewer girls (they used to have a dozen), and the best girl that I knew there has left. However, as an outcall service at least I can assure you that you will get full service, will not get ripped off, and will not get asked for additional tips. Their recent ad in The Beat (the weekly sex newspaper available at any adult bookstore and some street news vending machines) reads as follows: "Afternoon Delight, outcall escorts, early morning specials, no drivers, no hidden charges, no games, and no rip-offs. One flat low fee, Valley-wide service. The service that caters to your every whim. Maria, Pamela, Jamie, and Cassandra. 834-5635." Their fees are $154 per hour prime time and $125 per hour before 11 am and after 10 pm. They can also be reached at 835-9281. Well, the girl I would have most recommended, Jamie, has apparently left, Maria is not accepting new clients, and I have never met Cassandra. That leaves Pamela, whom I can give a fairly favorable review. She is young (mid-20's), attractive, nice figure with breasts that are not large but are well shaped, and very smooth skin. She provides very good service but is a bit short in the enthusiasm department which is the only reason I don't give her an excellent review. When I first found this place they had a dozen girls working incall for $135 an hour and it was like finding heaven--always getting good service at a flat price with no rip-offs (two of the girls were even orgasmic with me). Shortly afterwards, they got busted and shut down for about six months. They re-opened for about six months and nearly got busted again. Two guys who made an appointment for the same time made the girls suspicious and on a gut feeling they decided not to let them in. It turned out that they were in fact cops and they stopped customers who were coming out and asked what was going on there. Of course everyone said they were just visiting a friend. The foot traffic also created a lot of attention and they had to move frequently. All of this reinforced that incall is a risky business to run in the Phoenix area and the place decided to fold up its incall business. This is a great tragedy. The United States is supposed to be a free country but we all know that this is not really true. It's nice to know at least one service that's not going to rip you off. At least half of the escorts who advertise in The Beat are ripoffs, and it seems that the more attractive the photo, the more likely it is to be a ripoff. The most common scam is that after you have paid the money (which should be enough for full service), you find out that it is only for a dance from across the room, and if you want more it is $100 (or more) extra, and even that doesn't get you what you were led to expect. I have yet to have a really satisfactory experience with an outcall escort in Phoenix (the place I recommended above I have only used for incall). I always ask if they are full service and if they have a flat fee, but it doesn't help much because they lie. There are only two other escorts that I have tried that have advertised recently. Jessica, the "Young Office Assistant" at 248-9434, is a ripoff of the type mentioned above. I give a mixed but mostly negative review to Ashley ("Satisfaction Guaranteed, Body to Body Rubs, Complete Escort Model") at 230-2590. At first I thought I had hit the jackpot, but ten minutes into a great session she asked for more money and when I gave her $40 more it evidently was not enough and her attitude quickly changed. She insisted that I get myself off and quickly left. I did get to touch inside her pussy while I was doing this, and it had been pre-lubricated and was ready for action. If you gave her gobs of money you could probably have a great time, but it is a real turn off as well as a rip off if someone is not up front about what they charge. One time I called a number from an ad that had photos of two girls in it. I asked for the girl on the right and the girl on the phone said "That's me." When she arrived, she didn't look anything like the girl in the photo and was even of a different race. When I pointed this out she still claimed to be the girl in the photo. She then asked for the money to give to her driver. I said I'm sorry but I can't do business with someone who misrepresents themselves in such a fashion. She called her agency (the ad gave no indication it was an agency) and they tried to stick me with a $100 cancellation fee. I said no and when the agency tried to argue with me I just handed the phone back to the girl and sent her on her way. The ad is no longer running so I can't steer you clear of this place. They change ads and numbers so often it's hard to keep up. There are a lot of rip-offs out there. It would be great if everyone pooled their information about who's good and who isn't. There is also a list of escorts (phone numbers only) in the New Times under "Personal Services." I haven't tried any of these. Several of these offer incall, and I would especially appreciate any reports on the incalls. Pleast post or send email to me at <>. NUDE MODELING ESTABLISHMENTS I've tried about half a dozen of the nude modeling places in Phoenix. They all advertise in The Beat. You pretty much have to spend about $100 to get a good time at these places for a half hour or so. By "good time" I mean you get yourself off while the girl does an extremely erotic, extremely close totally nude dance in a private room with you. In virtually none of these places can you get any sexual contact (the one exception I found is described below). Several of these places have absolutely gorgeous girls, and the experience can be just as erotic as actually having sex, and it has the advantage of being totally safe. The most imaginative girls I found were at the Sunset Strip (their sister establishment is Enticements, which was described quite well in the World Sex Guide). I have also had a very good time at French Fantasies (which also had a good description in the World Sex Guide). These three places are all reputable and the girls are classy and it would be hard to go wrong. Check out the ads for these places, and drool over the gorgeous girls they have! I tried The Hideaway a couple of times recently and give it a mixed but mostly negative review. If you go be sure to bring their ad from The Beat which waives the room fee (of $10). That's helpful because they won't quote you prices until you get in the room (normally after you pay the fee). Their ad says their shows are $40-$100. The ad lies! On their price menu, it's $80 for 10 minutes and $250 for 45 minutes! The first time I went there I said that I was sorry but these prices were way out of line and started to leave. The girl there (she was the only one at the time) said she would negotiate a price and so I asked for a very close, very erotic half hour for $80 and she agreed provided I promised not to tell any of the other girls that she was undercutting their prices (which is why I feel obligated not to give her name). She came through admirably and gave me a very hot show which I enjoyed immensely, and I really got my money's worth. My only complaint about her was that her breasts were smaller than her push-up bra had suggested. The second time I went there a different girl was there and I asked for the same thing but without success. She said for $80 she would give me the half hour but only dance out in the middle of the room and that that wasn't a very good show. Well, she talked me out of it and I got up to leave. She got very upset and said that everyone was walking out on her and there must be something wrong with her. I said it wasn't her but that the prices were way too high and maybe she should consider working somewhere else. I only found one of these places, Temptations I, where the girls will let you touch them all over (except inside) and will do a hand job (they affectionately call it a "hand release") for extra tips (large extra tips). Each girl is different, so I don't know if all of them do that there, but that has been my experience with three out of three of them. It was very expensive, however, in the $200 range or even higher. Twice I saw a gorgeous 10+ girl. Unfortunately I can't afford to go back for her, but she was so gorgeous that it was a special, if expensive, treat. She has since moved to Fantasy Island but I have not checked her out there (I saw her photo in their ad). Another girl I saw there a couple of times agreed to start seeing me privately for a while to cut out the middleman. We never had actual sex (i.e. no oral sex or intercourse) but just about everything else we could think of was OK with her, and we could think of quite a lot! She was very beautiful, had a wonderful personality, was extremely nice, and I found the arrangement to be very satisfying. Unfortunately for me about six months later she moved in with a boy friend who wanted her to quit the business and she did. The place has recently advertised that they have reverted to the previous management, so I don't know if the services have changed but I expect not since it seemed to be that way from the start. I know that the girls were complaining about the management not giving them enough of a cut so they had to ask for large tips, so maybe the prices are a bit better now (?). A "WATCH PARTY" Every once in a while I like to hire a couple to do a lovemaking show for a change of pace. And every once in a while there are couples who advertise such a service in The Beat. These can be offered either with or without participation, which is something that I don't ask for but have had an opportunity to try on a couple of occasions. One couple I tried was "David and Susan." This was about a year ago and they said they move around the country a lot and I unfortunately haven't seen them advertise in Phoenix since then. However, if they come back I do recommend their show as the best I've seen. It was strictly no participation, but I was welcome to get myself off during the show and I could get nude or remain clothed as I saw fit. They charged $140 for an hour although the show actually lasted about 45 minutes which seemed quite adequate. She was very attractive and they did a great job of including everything in their show. I still have a vivid memory of her squatting on top of him, riding his cock up and down in a very athletic manner. It was great fun. Another couple who advertise from time to time in the classifieds in The Beat call what they do a "Watch Party." Their ad can also be identified by the phrase "[something] is she and beastly is he." They charged $125 for no participation and $75 more for participation, but said it was OK to pay for the former and decide later whether to add on the extra, which is what I did. They also said they were quite willing to negotiate the price. I give this couple a very mixed review. They are into it for the fun at least as much as for the money, which is a major plus. The major minus is that the girl is overweight and just not very attractive. And the guy is hardly "beastly" since he can't get it up during the show, so anything other than oral is only simulated. As soon as they started the show they told me straight out that I could do whatever I wanted (it being understood that this would be $75 extra). This rather enhanced the show, because as he was using a large dildo on her in front of my face, I knew that I could replace it with my piece if I wanted, which was certainly a bit of a turn on but I didn't feel like going for it because I didn't find her sufficiently attractive. Later, however, as I gradually got more into the mood, I did ask if she would give me some oral sex, which she promptly proceeded to do with great vigour and enthusiasm. I insisted on using a condom, but she complained about it tasting rubbery, and it was quite clear to me that she wanted to do it without the condom (no thank you). She went back and forth from this to playing with her partner. At one point, she squatted in front of him while he was standing and gave him a blow job. The sight of her sucking on him with her large breasts thrusting forward in this position started to get to me. I still had the condom on and was stroking myself lightly in anticipation of me being next to receive that powerful mouth on my cock. This was a unique experience and was getting me really hot. She then switched over to me and it didn't take long for me to explode. I did not see them again because of my mixed feelings but have thought about it. They also have another girl friend and will do a four-some, but I figure the other girl is probably no more attractive than she is (I should have thought to ask if they had a photo I could look at). Occasionally in The Beat classifieds there will be an ad from a couple looking for a third male partner. These are rare (they usually are looking only for a female or another couple), but if you find one you just might get lucky. I did once. The couple said they only advertise once per year because they get so many calls they get a year's supply of prospects from the one ad. I just happened to hit a time when they were ready and available. This particular ad only said they did live sex shows, but when they told me their price ($20 a half hour and $40 an hour) I figured that there was more to it. I certainly had a most unique and interesting experience. When I got to the house and knocked on the door, a kid answered, which threw me a bit. I asked if so-and-so lived here and the kid said no. I knew I had the correct address, but was beginning to wonder what kind of practical joke was being played here. I started back to my car, but then an attractive lady came out from around the back of the house and started toward me. I asked if she was so-and-so and she said yes. She later explained that they didn't use their real name in the ad and they obviously didn't want the kids to know what they are doing, and that she usually waits out front but it had taken less time for me to drive there than anticipated. I paid them for a half hour and they started screwing on the bed a few feet from me while I started stroking myself. Then he asked her to get on the floor close to me and she thrust her rear end toward me and started playing with her pussy. She gradually inched closer and he asked her if she would like to "sit on that." This was getting me pretty hot and I was sure ready. I said I had a condom with me and put it on and then she backed right down onto me. He asked her wouldn't she prefer it without a condom and suggested maybe next time we could do that (no thank you). Although I often cannot cum with a condom on, she was making me so hot that I came within short order. She was very attractive and the only flaw in her figure was that her large breasts were slightly pendulous. I guess I passed their test because they gave me their card and said I could call back. I tried a few times to make another appointment with them but I never reached them when they were available and after a while their number was disconnected. There were two things that made me a bit uneasy about going back anyway. One was their seeming willingness to have unprotected sex, and the other was that he seemed to be the one calling all the shots and getting off on it whereas I wasn't exactly sure to what extent she was a willing participant in all of this. But I'd never had an experience like this before and I've got to admit it was quite a turn on. I tried one other couple that advertises from time to time in The Beat classifieds as an "attractive middle aged couple." Their ad says they do an erotic show and that an option to join in is available. When I called they said their price was $80 and the guy said his wife "will take good care of you." Well, I would call them an "unattractive older couple" and I found that I certainly did not want his wife to take any care of me. They didn't put on much of a show (he couldn't get it up) and it was soon obvious that what they both wanted was for her to have sex with the customer (no thank you). It was a bit embarrasing for all three of us. They meant well, and if you don't care much about looks you could probably have a great time with them, but please count me out. And that concludes my Phoenix report.
Subject: (ASP) Update to Phoenix Az (The Ultimate Effect Massage) Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 18:31:04 GMT The Ultimate Effect 3609 West Camelback Phoenix, Az, USA -36th Avenue and Camelback- Although I read that this place was not that good, I found a friend who frequented this location on numerous occasions. He said that more than a massage was possible here I found myself going here a few times before I left Phoenix. I found it easy place a little off the main drag. It was also not that bad. Although the girls here are no ravishing beauties, they average a 5. The first time I went, it was after my friend's recommendation. I went one morning and saw a woman who claimed to be the owner / manager. She was a older(30 something, maybe 40?), freckled blonde with a petite build, and one or two tattoos. She gave me an excellent massage for about $35 dollars, and then she stopped and asked the magic question if I needed anything extra. I told her yes, and she offered me two prices. The first price was for a hand job ($30), and the second was for a topless hand job ($50.) Not knowing what I was getting into, I took the latter in hopes of full service. She immediately took off her top, and was very reluctant when I reached for one of her small breasts. She said touching was not really allowed. I started rubbing on her ass (as she wore cut off sweats) and through some coaxing I was able to rub her nipples as she stood at the side of my massage table stroking my member. She was basically stroked OK, but she really rubbed hard on my balls trying to get me off quick. She succeeded of course, and I shot out and got a bit on her tits. She was not really happy with me, she threw me a towel. and went out quickly to get cleaned up. I told my friend that his massage shop was lame, and he then told me NIGHT shift is better. He said it was hard to get the day shift to do extras, and he said the manager has never given him a hand job at all. he was quite surprised that she did. (he weighs over 300 lbs and is not a pretty site, and I wondered if this was a factor) The second time I went was at night. I found myself getting this cute but chunky brunette. say she was about 19 or 20 years old. She was about a 6, but if she lost 20 to 30 lbs, she could get to a high 7. One thing I remember was that she had huge breasts. I thought this could be a plus. Well her massage was OK, not as good as the manager's, but her extras were much better. Her prices were, for a hand job ($20), and for a topless hand job ($30.) She took off her top to reveal those huge breasts, and took off her pants to reveal her silk underwear (She could have left the pants on, she had a pudgy stomach protruding over the skimpy underwear. But it was the effort that counted here.) Her hand job was nice and slow, and she leaned over the table and let met tit fuck her also. She put lotion all over her tits and did a did one excellent job of making me cum. I got horny watching my penis pop from between the cleavage and disappear right back. She definitely used her best asset to her advantage. I found her a good one to return for a massage and a quick jerk job if needed, more that I can say for the manager. Now the last woman I saw here on several occasions was GINA. She was a tall Hispanic, late 20's maybe early 30's, about a 6 or 7. She had a go-go dancer build, and that is what she claimed she used to do before massage. Gina took me back for the $35 dollar massage, and when she got me inside, she was very forward about the extras right from the get go. She quoted $20 for the quick hand job, and $35 for the topless. I told her I got a topless previously there, and Gina said that she would be much better than any girl there. She took off her top, and pants (Which revealed a tiny lace g-string) She did a quick token massage, and then she got down to business. She tugged at my cock while talking dirty about what I wanted to do with it. I told her the truth, that I would not mind if I stuck it in her pussy. She said that we were going to have none of that here, but I will not be dissatisfied. She really lotioned me all up (so much that I had to borrow their shower after the session) and stroked me hard, all over my body. (I later found several scratches on my back that I had to hide from the wife.) Gina jumped on the table and did a mock fuck of my cock. She always kept it out of her pussy, but really was rubbing her pussy all over me. Finally she got down off the table. I was on my back, and she leaned her body over top of the table (which was where my head was) to stroke my penis some more. She leaned so far, that she had her breasts in my face upside down. I wasted no haste in sucking on these as she squished them into my face. It seemed the harder I sucked, the more she would mash me and stroke my cock sweetly. Well I took the ultimate chance, as she advanced up, I realized her crotch was an arms reach away. I looped my finger around the lace to reveal her pussy. I stroked her clit. I got braver and plunged a finger into her hole. Where I thought I would get told to stop, I now found that she was sucking on my cock whole-heartedly. She even pushed my other hand to assist my first hand in massaging her clit and pussy. I guess I was not stroking fast enough, since (while still sucking my cock) pulled down her g-string (which fell loosely to the floor) and jumped up on the table to complete a perfect 69. I was reluctant to suck on her pussy, but she plopped it down and I was licking her clit and pussy like a dog in heat. She continued blowing me, and even stuck her finger up my ass for extra effect. I came hard and she swallowed it all. She licked my balls clean, and we were done. It was outstanding! I guess this might have been the other reason I needed to shower after the session. Needless to say, I would always call ahead to see if Gina was working, and I never saw another girl there except for Gina. She was always wild every time I went, and it got better each time. And by the way, the rule of no cocks in Gina's pussy was broken after a few regular visits. And as for my friend, I told him about Gina, and he has had nothing but good words for her too. I left Phoenix for good recently (Moved was job related), but I will stop by there again if I ever visit again. (Night shift only)
Subject: Report from Phoenix - Victoria on Van Buren Street Date: Sun, 23 Feb 1997 23:58:14 GMT It probably isn't any secret to anyone familiar with the Phoenix prostitution scene that the street hookers on Van Buren St. are pretty scary. Every couple of weeks I take a cruise up and down Van Buren, checking out what is available. Usually, not much - at least nothing I'd want to try. Today, however, I saw a girl that looked worth a try. It was about 2:30 in the afternoon (Sunday), and I saw this really hot looking Latina standing on the NW corner of Van Buren and 17th Place.. She was wearing a tight, short black dress and high heels, and she looked pretty damn sexy. Fantastic legs and enormous tits. Nice hair and well made up, too. I've always felt that if a street hooker wants anyone to pick her up, she as least has to go to the trouble of making herself look pretty sexy. This girl had obviously put some effort into looking nice. I drove by slow, checking her out. She smiled and waved at me as I passed. I turned around and went back, just in time to see her climb into some other guy's car. I kept cruising around, and in about ten minutes she was back. I drove around the block, but again, someone beat me to her. I drove around some more, and about fifteen minutes later, spotted her one block east, on the NW corner of Van Buren and Patricio St. This time I was in the right place. I rolled down my window, and she walked up and leaned down, giving me a nice view of cleavage. "Looking for some company, baby?" she asked. I started to say yes, but just then a cop drove by. He didn't stop, but he looked right at me as he drove past.. Spooked, I told her no thanks. She shrugged and turned away. Then she bent over to pick up a can of Coke, and her skirt lifted up in back to reveal her ass - simply gorgeous! The cop was gone, and I'm a sucker for a great ass, so I called her back over. She smiled and got in my car. "Are you a cop?" she asked. I said no, then unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock so she would know I wasn't a cop. "What do you want?" she asked. I told her I wanted a blowjob,and she asked if I had $40. and I said yes. So she told me to take a left onto Van Buren. She said her name was Victoria. I gave her the money, and then she told me I could fuck her for another $40. I asked where we could go, and she pointed to a really scummy hotel we were passing, and I said no thanks, just a blowjob would do. So she told me to take a left on 20th Street, she knew a place we could park. As we waited for the light to change, she started stroking my cock, and man it felt good! She had really pretty lips, and the thought that soon they'd be on my cock got me nice and stiff. She giggled as my cock got hard and said something like, "Oooh, baby, this is going to be fun!" She had nice long fingernails, too, which always turn me on. As we drove North on 20th, she kept rubbing my cock and trying to get another $40 bucks out of me. She looked really hot, and I did want to go to a hotel room with her, but I was afraid she might be setting me up so her pimp could rob me or something, so I said no. I told her she had beautiful tits, and she said that if we went to a hotel, I could titty-fuck her. "Imagine your cock sliding up and down between them!" she said, tightening her grip on my cock. That almost made me say yes, but I felt like she was trying too hard to get me into a hotel room. I told her again that all I wanted was a blowjob. She told me to take a right on Fillmore, which is a dead-end, and I got nervous. She told me not to worry, she wasn't going to rob me or anything. The street was pretty wide, and no one was behind me, so I figured I could get out fast if anything looked funny. She then told me to park behind a building, out of sight of the road, so I did. There were no other cars behind the building, and I had plenty of room to maneuver my car in case anyone ran up, so I felt pretty safe. (Thinking back now, however, this was really stupid. I couldn't see the street from back there, and if a cop had pulled in, it would have been quite obvious what was going on. I wouldn't have had a chance.) Once we were parked, she made another attempt to get me to take her to a hotel. She lifted up her dress and showed me her pussy, (nice black lace panties) telling me how good my cock would feel inside of her. But I insisted that all I wanted was a blowjob. I put on a condom and was ready to start. Then I asked if I could see her tits first, and I was almost sure she would try to charge me another $20 bucks just to look. But she didn't; she popped them out of her bra. They were fantastic, with huge nipples, but when I reached up to touch them, she told me not to touch her nipples. So I squeezed her tits a little, then asked if I could touch her ass. She said okay, put away her tits, and then kind of lifted up in the seat, pulled up her skirt, and let me squeeze her ass. Then I asked her to start giving me a blowjob, and this is where things got kind of disappointing. Apparently, Victoria's idea of a blowjob is to jerk you off while she holds her mouth a few inches away from the tip of your cock. I kept asking her to take my cock into her mouth, but she said something like, "Not until you start to come" or something like that. Then she started to jerk my cock really fast. She had obviously decided that my time was up, and was trying to get me off quickly. I strained up with my hips, trying to get my cock closer to her mouth, hoping she would get the idea. She relented a little and swirled her tongue around my cockhead a few times, but still no touching with her lips. "Suck it, baby, suck it!" I begged, but no luck. "Tell me when you're about to come, and I'll suck on it," she said. She was stroking me really hard (it was a nice enough handjob, but I wanted a blowjob, dammit!) and then she said something like, "Come on, baby, you have to come pretty soon." So I stopped fighting it and let her jerk me to an orgasm. "I'm coming!" I said, and her head dropped into my lap, but I couldn't be sure that she actually took my climaxing cock into her mouth or not. I think she just licked it some more. Then, before I was even through spurting, she let go of my cock and sat up. It was pretty disappointing. I drove her back to where I picked her up, and she wrote her pager number on a scrap of paper and gave it to me. I got another look at her sexy ass as she got out, too. So, to sum up: Victoria is definitely better looking than the girls you usually see on Van Buren. But she doesn't know how to suck cock, or doesn't want to, so you're really not going to get your money's worth for $40 of action in your car. She also rushes you, but, hey, I understand - she's great looking, knows it, and wants to get back out there and hook the next guy. Things might be better in a hotel room with her. I think I may try her again, next time taking her to a hotel that I pick. Not sure if I'll fuck her pussy, but I definitely would love to fuck her tits. Something else I'd like to do is kneel behind her and jerk off while she wiggles that gorgeous ass in my face. Yeah, I'd do that. If anyone else out there has had any experience with Victoria, please post here and share what happened. And if you have any other tips about the Van Buren Street scene, please share those as well. And if anyone reading this connected with law enforcement, then I swear that all of the above is simply a work of fiction, and that I didn't post it anyway, someone else must have gotten access to my computer and did this just to embarrass me.

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