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Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 02:48:39 GMT

[The following is a true account of my trip to the Philippines. Note: $1 = 26.2 pesos]

Out the door at 9:50pm. Took BART to the McArthur station, transferred to the Daily City train. Found out no buses to SFO at this hour, took a taxi. Left word that I was going away for a few weeks, then got on Philippine Airlines flight 105 for Manila at midnight.

It was a 12 hour flight but because it was a red eye the time seemed to pass much more quickly, and I was much more comfortable in my seat than last time.

Upon arrival, passed throught immigration and customs quickly but then found it was 4am and the airport was partially closed. I'd have to wait around until 6am for the currency exchange booths to open and to convert a $100 traveler's cheque to pesos.


I convert the cheque and get a Nissan shuttle 2000 coupon for 255 pesos for a taxi to the Swagman Hotel in Ermita, a district of Manila.

By now it's about 7am, and after a light breakfast, consider waiting for the 200 peso Swagman bus to Angeles. I decide its 11:30am departure time is too long to wait for and opt instead for a taxi which I'm able to bargain down to an 800 peso fare.

The trip to Angeles is fairly fast, only about an hour and a half. I tell the driver to stop at the Angeles Swagman before taking me to the Clarkton.

At the Swagman I find out that the return trip to Ermita is also 200 pesos but it's 300 to go all the way back to the airport, and that buses depart at 8am, noon, and 3pm, seven days a week. This I decide is how I'll get back.

I check in at the Clarkton on Fields. A single room is 500 pesos, first night in advance, and includes a free safe deposit box which I take advantage of. The room itself has a large double bed, color cable TV (CNN International) and a hot-cold shower.

After unpacking, I venture out for bottled water and to exchange another traveler's cheque. I hit about three money exchanges and maybe half a dozen banks, none will exchange a TC. When I get back to the Clarkton, the clerk suggests Swagman Travel about a half mile back up fields. I take a 2 peso jeepney there and take care of business.

After spending a good portion of the day traveling and wandering around, it's still only 3pm and I'm left without much to do. Angeles is a somewhat small, dusty town with mostly one lane streets, and not a lot more beyond endless blocks of small, dilapidated third world shops and bars.

I don't feel like waiting further, and after a beer at Margaritaville, go into Archie's, a go-go bar, and check out the scene. Unlike Bangkok, most of the bars in Angeles open about noon rather than early evening.

I end up going back to my hotel with a girl named Imelda. She threw herself at me in the bar wouldn't let go. It's a flat 600 pesos to the bar to have her all night.

We go back and I have her a number of times over the next 6 hours, both in bed and in the shower. Unlike I was expecting all filipinas to be, Imelda had very little pubic hair. As has been my habit, I grabbed my tweezers and started plucking, removing all the hair from her mound and then trimming her lip hair short. She's 28 with two kids but still has a fairly tight body on here 5'2" frame. Her stomach is still in good enough shape to wear a bikini, though her breasts sag a little from nursing. And as an added plus, she's also started her period. The flow's pretty light, but I'm still a bit disconcerted withdrawing my condom covered penis coated in blood.

At one point we're watching CNN and she mentions how she doesn't like Japanese men, describing them as "sadisto."

Finally, about nine or ten we head back to Margaritaville for a late dinner and then I go off for another girl, telling Imelda she can drop back in at my hotel later for a threesome, which she's happy to do.

Imelda returns sooner than I expected, before I had the chance to go out again. But so far she has seemed honest enough, so I'm not overly concerned about her swiping stuff, and I also haven't left anything really valuable in my room.


We go out together about 11:30pm and start hitting the bars looking for the third of three. We end up at Zanadu on Fields after a jeepney ride and pick out a friend of Imelda's for a 600 peso all night.

I had hoped not to get anyone she knew just to try to limit the conspiratorial possibilities. However, the others I tried either also had kids or wanted me all to themselves.

Her name was Emma and she looked quite different from Imelda. Emma was 25 but looked 14. She was simply and totally adorably cute. She was thin and only 4' 6 3/4" in height (I had brought along a tape measure this time to more accurately establish tiny girl status). You'd swear I was breaking the law until you saw her breasts, which were at least those of a 25 year old. Though she thoroughly insisted she'd never had kids, the slight sag of her breasts and fine stretch marks suggested otherwise. She was adamant that this was simply due to her menstruation. And who knows, maybe when you get down to that scale, things do work a little differently.

The three of us took a jeepney back to my hotel and I alternately ravaged the two of them, when they were not working together to pleasure me. Any lezzy action was out, though, as far as they were concerned.

By choice, Imelda preferred to the take the comforter and sleep on the floor, while Emma and me, entwined, finally settled off to sleep. Emma was quite a giggly girl, always with a big grin on her small dolllike face. They both seemed particularly hung up on my looks, repeatedly pinching my nose, cheeks, and eyebrows. Imelda said the last guy she was with was 55 years old and bald (I'm more than 20 years younger and still with all my hair).

Both Imelda and Emma insist they have to see the doctor at 9am the next morning for their weekly bargirl checkup. I take it for what it's worth and after breakfast together at the hotel restaurant, send them off with 100 pesos for the trike (motorized tricycle, actually a motorcycle with a sidecar). They take it but get on a jeepney instead, though they might still use one after a transfer.

They also insist they want to come back at noon to go swimming in the hotel pool. I don't have immediate plans beyond a couple of small errands, so go along with it.

In general, I haven't found much I particularly care for about Angeles. Beyond the many small rundown shops and go-go bars, I haven't found a whole lot more to this hot, dusty, flat town. For me at least, I don't see a reason ever to visit this place except as a sex tourist, the bargirl prices being significantly cheaper than Bangkok. That doesn't leave much for daytime, though, and I don't think I could stand to stay here too much longer. Whereas Bangkok is a town I could *live* in.

One more note. I've only spoken with a few bargirls now, but contrary to what I've heard, I've found their English speaking ability hardly impressive. The sophistication of my conversation has had to drop to nearly the level of when I was last in Bangkok, in order to communicate. Though to be fair, the airport, hotel, and clerical staff I've dealt with, spoke a greatly more servicable English.


Again, sooner than I expect, there's a knock on my door, and Emma and Imelda burst out at me from around the corner.

We end up lying on the bed talking for a while. The major issue is my paying their 600 peso bar fine again to get them both for the entire rest of the day and night. I end up going along with it because I hadn't been too excited by the rest of the bar scene I've seen and I'm pretty well settled at this point to check out of the P.I. the next day. Jet lag, of course, is also contributing to my less than party animal attitude.

The three of us head back up Fields so I can exchange another TC and visit their bars, Archie's and Zanadu, for their fines. On the way back they each get a fried banana on a stick for 5 pesos.

Emma brought her swimsuit back with her and went for a swim at the Clarkton pool. Imelda wanted to go in her bra and panties, but first went back to her place for a second change and to check on her kids.

I kick back in the room still feeling a bit out of it. Eventually Emma comes back and we make love. Imelda returns a little while later and we begin a deforesting session on Emma's pussy. Emma has much more pubic hair than Imelda *had* but it is still contained in a nicely compact area rather than uncontrolled growth up the abdomen and down the thighs. In fact, her lower lips are smooth and hairless.

Rather than working with tweezers, I simply grab a few hairs at a time and yank. Emma hardly reacts until I begin to descend her mound. After a while I've thinned the area a good deal and proceed with swiss army knife clippers to cut the hair short. Then I bring her into the bathroom and stand all 4' 6" of her on top of the sink before shaving her smooth.

Without hair, she has an almost perfect crease between her legs which I admire before tasting. Emma's quite sensitive to oral pleasure and won't keep still enough for me to really go down on her.

I had also brought along some hair removal wax and experiment with it on the short hairs remaining on Imelda's lips. This was a mistake for a first attempt as I'd chosen the most sensitive area for application. It worked with some success, though Imelda insisted on removing it herself very slowly as not per instructions.

After some more fun together, as measured by the used condoms, the three of us have a late evening dinner downstairs, before retiring for the night with the TV playing a Tagalog sitcom. Yeah, I know, but Angeles ain't Bangkok, nor is Fields Patpong.

We stay fairly entwined that night during which I have an extended session with tiny Emma. She may've dozed off during part of it even. So much for my passion.

We sleep in a bit later the next morning whereupon they amuse themselves ganging up on me, wrestling. Both have strength beyond their size and with Imelda particularly, I'm having to get on her back and pin her legs with mine while holding her, just to subdue her.

Both take pleasure in face pinching and throwing themselves at me. Fortunately with the aircon up full we manage to keep fairly cool during some otherwise sweaty action.

We shower and dress, and I pack and check out. I give them a 250 peso tip each along with two unopened leftover bottles of water I had bought. I hear the marriage line and give my home address to them, for whatever amusement it might later provide. They have proven themselves honest and sincere, though, in our time together. Nothing they've said that I could check has not turned out to be true, nor have they failed to return or follow through on their announced intentions.

I settle at the front desk. The three of us take a jeepney to check point terminal on Fields. We separate with a number of warm but sad waves before I transfer to a second jeepney to take me to the Angeles Swagman Hotel for the bus ride back to Manila.

Once back at the Ermita Swagman, the airport bus takes off after an hour and a half wait. On the way to the airport I have an interesting conversation with a long time British traveler who has been going to Bangkok for 25 years and has made hundreds of trips, business related, to Hong Kong. Got a couple of tips from him to try in Bangkok: The Siam Hotel, and Renoirs on Soi 33 for particularly beautiful girls. He said that back in the early seventies a girl could be had in Bangkok for as little as 40 baht.

At the airport, I go to the Philippine Airlines office to get on the next flight to Bangkok. I find out the 9:40 flight has been rescheduled for 8am the next day and for that I can only get on the waiting list. I'm not about to spend the next 16 hours in Ninoy Aquino International Airport nor go through the hassle of two taxi rides and an overnight in a hotel, altogether which would run at least $50 and require me back in the airport at 6am, to maybe get on a flight.

I ask the airline clerk for other flights and he says there's a Lufthansa flight leaving at 8:30, a one-way ticket to Bangkok running $240. I opt for that but on the way over remember Egyptair having cheap flights to Bangkok. I go to their office instead and get on a flight leaving at 8:30pm for only $150.

The flight took about 2 1/2 hours. The stewardesses were rather fat and matronly, but the pilot lands the plane smoothly, much more so than the Philippine Airlines landing in Manila were my seat belt was actually put to use restraining me as I was literally thrown forward.

[story continued in Thailand section]

Date: Sun, 15 Mar 1998

A Complete Philippines report from SPEEDY JIM.

Greetings fellow WSG readers. It's been a while since I've been to my favorite Asian destination, the Philippines (PI). Recently, my employer had a project in the PI and I volunteered to go. I subversively convinced my colleagues that they really wouldn't like travelling there. Too many cockroaches, hagglers, traffic jams, criminals, blah, blah (heh heh). My plan worked and I found myself leaving Boston's Logan Airport on Thursday morning, October 9, 1997. This was to be my second trip to the PI but this time everything (except the bar girls) was going on the company expense report!

Yes, this report is somewhat long. But I think WSG readers appreciate more, rather than less info. There is enough info here for others to plan their own trips as informed Horn Dogs - And for the rest of you, there are some great stories here to whack off to. So, in explicit detail, here is my day to day account of the many beautiful women I met in Manila and Angeles City, as only SPEEDY JIM can deliver. Enjoy.

October, 9, 1997 Flying

Left Boston's Logan Airport on NorthWest airlines. I've been to Asia many times for my employer, a major supplier to the electronics industry, and the trip never ceases to exhaust me. Flying to Asia from the east coast of the US is probably one of the longest air routes in the world. Fortunately, since I do so much travelling, I had built up enough air miles to upgrade to first class. It was a joy walking up that spiral staircase on a Boeing 747 for the first time, to the mythical second floor. I had always wondered what it was like 'up there'. Well, now I found out. Life is pretty good on the second floor. The seats are naturally wider and there is an astounding 6 feet or more between rows - compared to the measly 2 feet or so in economy class. I mean, Michael Jordan could put his luggage under the seat in front of him and still have tons of leg room to spare. The seats in first class also recline back to about 170 degrees so that you can sleep in comfort. Add to this, real gourmet food served with all the champagne and wine you can drink, two stewardesses assigned to pamper a total of 12 passengers and a personal video entertainment system - and you've got the perfect way to fly. But, hell, the trip is still exhausting!

The route takes one westward to Minneapolis, which is a central hub for NorthWest. On this particular day I had to wait an agonizing 6 hours at Minneapolis / St. Paul airport for my connection to Tokyo. The flight continues west from Minneapolis , crossing Alaska and Russia, arriving in Tokyo after 12.5 hours. Wait at Tokyo's Narita Airport for 3 hours. From Tokyo to Manila another 4 hours. All told, from the time I left my house in Mass., to the time I walked into my Manila hotel room to sit on the can was over 32 hours. All the while, my Notorious BIG (that's what I now call my willy since the rapper who owned that title is now deceased and can't sue me) continued to act up sporadically throughout the entire trip. Take one look at a stewardess and BIG goes stiff. See a picture of Elizabeth Hurley in an inflight magazine and BIG goes bananas. It was torture. I just kept counting down the hours left to Manila and exotic pussy relief.

Settling in and Revving up

I zipped thru customs (I was the first in line as first class passengers are first off the plane) and collected my baggage without incident. I looked back at the long lines of 'economy class' passengers waiting to go thru customs. Suckers! To think I used to be one of those 'commoners', squeezed like sardines in coach and forced to eat microwaved frozen dinners out of plastic trays. Ugh. Just kidding! I mean it! My best friend is an economy classer. I love them all. I really do.

Anyway, I change $500 dollars into pesos, the PI currency. Recently the peso has been allowed to float on international exchanges and has suffered devaluation - which is good for us Horn Dogs. At the current rate of about $1 to 32 pesos, I came out with16,000 pesos. Any number with 'thousand' attached to it sounded good to me - made me feel rich. For the sake of clarity I will denote any prices in this document in both pesos and the approximate amount in US dollars so that you don't have to whip out your calculator every paragraph.

I was to stay at the Orchid Garden Suites Hotel in Metro Manila and walked into the airport departure lounge scouting for the limo driver. I had made reservations thru the net and their email confirmation assured me that there would be a driver waiting for me, holding a placard with my name on it. I wasn't surprised that there was no driver in sight. After all, this is still a third world country and customer service is not yet the forte of many industries. I considered an ordinary cab, but quickly dismissed that based on past experiences. I was in no mood to haggle and be ripped off by cons. I settled for the airport limo service. The 15 minute trip would cost 400 pesos ($12) and is definitely overpriced compared to an honest metered cab (about 200 pesos) but where the heck am I going to find an honest metered cab at Manila Airport anyway?

The Orchid Garden Suites is a new mid-echelon hotel located off Roxas (pronounced Row-hus) Blvd in Malate, metro Manila, opposite the Century Park Hotel. It is a five minute taxi ride from EDSA plaza, home of the world famous FIREHOUSE girlie bar and other bars. The hotel was, in fact, still under construction with an unfinished entrance and parking grounds. Inside, however, the accommodations were pretty decent. For one thing cockroaches had yet to move in (emphasis on yet as most hotels, bars, restaurants in the PI have a problem with huge tree roaches). The room was well furnished, large and clean, and had a minibar, so I couldn't complain at $80 US dollars per night. Besides the bills go to my employer - so what do I care?

By this time it was near midnight on October 10, 1997 and I had to take a dump. My intestines can only retain so much for 32 hours. After the dump, a quick shower and shave and I was downstairs asking the doorman to hail a cab. It was now the wee hours of October 11th.

October 11, 1997

The Girls of EDSA Plaza

The five minute cab ride to EDSA plaza (also called EDSA International Food Court) should have cost an honest 50 pesos ($1.50) or so. But, the cabbie insisted on 100 pesos ($3). This is typical of Manila these days. Everyone believes that we 'foreigners' have money to burn. So if you don't look Philippina, you're gonna pay extra. In a few years, I think the PI will become overpriced like Bangkok, or worse, Hong Kong. So enjoy it while it's still relatively cheap! After all, $3 for a taxi ride is still a bargain by any standards.

I arrive at EDSA plaza at about 1 am. For those of you that don't know about EDSA let me briefly explain. It used to be that the Ermita district of metro Manila has some of the best girlie bars in the world, FIREHOUSE was probably the best known. But, sometime in 90-91 the mayor of Manila, lets call him Mayor Moron, got the nutty idea that all the girlie bars should be shut down. And shut them he did. FIREHOUSE and a number of other bars then moved to the district next door, Pasay City, which is sort of a borough of Manila the way the Bronx is to Manhattan, though on a smaller scale of course. The locations of the famous bars in Pasay are in a small plaza near the luxurious Heritage Hotel, called the EDSA International Food Court Plaza. It's basically a small shopping mall that contains 5 or 6 great girlie bars: FIREHOUSE, PITSTOP, COTTON CLUB, MYFAIR, ESPERANZA and a casino.

When I arrived there was a lot of activity. A dozen or so Americans and Australians were in the process of arriving or leaving the plaza with their booty as eager cabbies vied for customers. When I entered the plaza, my eyes were immediately assaulted by Asian beauties. The entrances to three of the bars were in plain view and I could see, through the open doors, the stages of each bar. Beautiful go-go girls in bikinis gyrated to pulsating disco beats. One thing that I love about EDSA is that you are not hounded by any aggressive male hustlers who try to get you to go to 'their' bar where you inevitably get railroaded, which is the tradition in Bangkok. Here, there is no pressure and you can take your time in deciding where to go.

I immediately walked into the FIREHOUSE bar, as it the most famous. Evidently, most tourists thought like I, and the place was jammed packed. I could see several 8's and a few 9's dancing on stage but there was just too many hungry customers there for me to feel at ease. I exited and took a 15 foot stroll next door to the MYFAIR bar.

MYFAIR was the place I was looking for. The girls were as stunning as in the FIREHOUSE but there was actually room to sit down and the ratio of girls to guys was about even. I ordered a diet coke for 75 pesos ($2.25 - steep, but this is a girlie bar so don't expect anything for free). I spy a cute number swiveling her hips on stage. She makes eye contact and starts to flirt and tease me. The mama-san passes by and asks me if I like the one I'm looking at. When I nod in agreement, Mama-san calls down the girl from the stage who sits next to me.

The cutie introduces herself as Jesse, all of 19 yrs old, and bubbling with giggles and enthusiasm. I buy her the requisite ladies drink. She chooses a margarita at 150 pesos ($4.50). As I make light conversation with Jesse, she is busy hugging and feeling me up in between giggling and telling me how handsome she thinks I am (obviously good judgement). How much to take her outta this place and to my hotel? The bar fine is 600 pesos ($18) she says and then I can pay her an additional amount in the morning whatever I feel she's worth. Sounded like a good deal only I soon learn that Jesse is a 'Cherry' girl (virgin) and will only kiss me and jerk me off. I tell her that I don't do cherry and need to go all the way. Jesse tells me that she can't do that but points out a few girls on stage that will. I immediately notice an 8.5 that actually slides down a fire pole from a second floor loft! Really, no joking! Just like Batman only a hell of a lot sexier and the right gender. I ask Jesse to call her for me and soon I am introduced to Luzviminda or Luz for short.

Luz is an absolutely stunning beauty and is as friendly and fun loving as Jesse. Furthermore, and this is what I really love about the PI, Jesse actually hangs around, doesn't pressure me to buy her any more drinks, and whoops it up with me and Luz. This would NEVER happen in Bangkok or Hong Kong. In those places, once a girl sees that she can't get any more money out of you - she's gone. Filipinas, though, are much less money hungry and seem to live for affection and love to please.

It isn't long before I bar fine Luz and we head back to my hotel. Luz does indeed go all the way. Unlike a lot of bar girls she does full french kissing and seems to really enjoy her job. She's totally delightful and even sings me a few tunes since Karaoke is one of her favorite hobbies.

I offer her some Chanel No. 5, my favorite perfume, and she willingly puts it on (yes, SPEEDY JIM comes fully prepared!). We're soon naked and on the bed. Luz gives me an awesome massage, kisses my neck profusely and nibbles at my chest. Her pussy is bushy with mounds of dark hair. I normally prefer bald pussy but I didn't mind facing untamed, bush whacking pussy for a change. I feel inside her with my fingers and she immediately moistens up. The time has come for exotic pussy relief! The Notorious BIG had been bugging me on the plane for over 30 hours and now he was finally about to be fed.

Unfortunately, it's times like these that I sometimes think that God is a Radical Feminist. This must have been Her way of teaching me a lesson for my sometimes lustful ways. The previously insatiable BIG refuses to budge. He remains limp in defeat. The freakin jet lag has chosen now, of all times, to catch up with me. The Feminist God in the sky sits back with a faint smile on Her lips. No sperm will find freedom tonight. I apologize for my inadequacy to Luz and she is understanding. We gently kiss and cuddle for the rest of the night until Luz falls asleep. I lie wide awake in bed for the next 5 hours as my body is still in another time zone. The no longer Notorious BIG remains limp and apologetic like an old hound dog pissing on himself because he's too old and tired to lift that hind leg one last time. Oh well.

It's a date

In the morning we have breakfast in the coffee shop. I order a full American breakfast and Luz opts for a Philippino mushroom dish. Later, back in the room, I pay Luz 1100 pesos ($33) and ask to see her again tonight. I tell her that instead of paying the bar the 600 peso ($18) fine I would give that to her tonight plus her tip of 1000 pesos ($30). She agrees to come to my hotel at 9 pm tonight and warns me that she'll kill me if I stand her up. After all, she is taking the risk of not showing up for work by coming straight to my hotel. I tell her not to worry. I'll be waiting for her. After all for a total of $50 for a full night of awesome service with an 8.5, how could I pass that up?

I spend most of the day working with big, noisy, greasy machines at one of the factories that my employer supplies. Remember, the primary purpose of this trip is supposed to be work. I have the title of Technical Sales and Service Field Engineer, and am considered the applications expert for my employer's main line of products - which basically means that I get to stick my head into greasy machinery and explain to foreign clients why our parts just failed. Made in the USA - gotta love it.

After work, I was in the mood to play. I politely decline offers of going out to supper with the clients, feigning exhaustion. I catch a cab back to the hotel for a light meal and to clean up.

Luz is surprisingly prompt, arriving at 9 pm sharp as agreed. She is sultry in her tight red dress, yet very elegant looking - definitely no stereotypical bar girl sleaze. We hail a cab and go to a large Karaoke bar on Roxas Avenue not to far from VIXENS, another famous girlie bar on Roxas about 5-10 minutes from EDSA. The name of the Karaoke joint escapes me but the basic concept of all these places is the same. There is a central stage where you can stand and sing in the spotlight so that your girlfriend/boyfriend/friends/family can howl with laughter as they watch your performance and sling back their drinks.

Another type of Karaoke bar are the ones that cater to Japanese business men. Here there is also a central stage but also many private rooms where you can take a girl so that she can sing to you in private (and do other things to you of course). The Japanese joints are naturally stratospherically expensive.

Anyway, since I definitely have no singing voice I let Luz do all the singing. She was more than happy to belt out the tunes. I was impressed with her performance. Okay, she was no Mariah Carey or Whitney Huston, but the girl can sing. And the fact that she was singing so earnestly to me, acted as some significant foreplay. I was turned on and in a state of mild euphoria.

After Karaoke, we head out to some local 'ordinary' bars to get boozed up some more. Interestingly, most of the 'ordinary' bars also had stages where you could get up to sing - not with a laser disk karaoke machine, but with a live band! The Philippinos are a very music loving people and integrate live music into most of their nightlife spots.

Finally, we make it back to the Orchid Garden Suites and I find myself actually pleading (silently) to the Notorious BIG. Please perform tonight. Please perform.

Whamming, Bamming and Thank You Mamming

Luz begs me to take off her dress. Panting and fumbling I manage to undo it and pull it off her body. Bras and panties are almost ripped off and soon I'm down on Luz. To my relief, the Notorious BIG restores honor to his name. Jet lag effects are pushed aside as he rises from the ashes in triumph.

No sooner are we on the bed that I'm quickly inside her (remember the karaoke was the foreplay). Luz is very moist and warm and it doesn't take me long to cum. A half hour later, we go a second time. Luz takes me on orally for the second go. She builds me up to a crescendo and then swallows for the finale. God, I love a swallower - especially when I'm extra horny.

In the morning I thank her and give her 1600 pesos ($50) - more than worth the experience. I had a wonderful time and am somewhat down as I say goodbye to Luz. But, Angeles City awaits.

October 12, 1997

City of Angels

I check out of the Orchid Garden Suites at 11 am and take a quick 50 peso ($1.50) cab hop to the Swagman Hotel in the Ermita district of Manila. Here I pay 300 pesos ($9) for a bus ticket for a bus called Fly the Bus that goes to Angeles City. Both the Swagman Hotel and the bus are operated by Aussie ex pats. The bus heads to the Swagman Hotel in Angeles as well as to the Hotel I was to stay at, The Oasis Hotel.

We arrive in Angeles after a 2.5 hour ride. For those of you not in the know about Angeles, it is a city that was more or less built around a former US military base, Clark, which was one of the largest US bases in the world. It closed down a few years ago when the end of the cold war made it obsolete. The hundred or so girlie bars that co-existed with the base dwindled to a handful. Around this same time (I think it was 91-92) the local volcano, Mount Penatuobo decided to blow its stack and bury everything in volcanic ash. In the last three years or so, though, the city has come back into its own and offers one of the best girlie bar scenes in Asia. The former military base has been turned into a golf course and industrial park - a special economic zone where a couple of my employer's clients have opened factories (how convenient!).

Since I'm using my employer's credit card I choose to stay at one of the best hotels in Angeles, The Oasis Hotel, frequented by rich Philippinos and foreign Horn Dogs like myself. I had booked the room thru the net. Oasis is not exactly five star, but it offers near five star quality at $75 per night for the top of the line room, which I of course booked. The room is huge, with a separate lounge area connected to a spacious bedroom replete with king sized bed, minibar and attached oversized bathroom (comfort room in the PI). There is also free cable (HBO, MTV, CNN, a dozen Asian channels), a large pool, 24 hour bar and grill that serves excellent food and finally tight security (the hotel is located in its own compound). The only slight disadvantage of Oasis is that it's not within walking distance of all the bars. It's a 3 minute, 50 peso ($1.50) trike ride away.

According to the service guide in my room, the hotel policy is not to allow scantily clad visitors on the premises. But this guide is apparently just for show as most of the hotel's foreign patrons all have local 'girlfriends' that are tolerated by hotel management. I think the real reason for the printed hotel 'policy' is that the Oasis runs a 'Health Club' adjacent to the hotel which offers 'massages' and 'extras'. I stayed away from that as it is apparently an overpriced, under-serviced rip off, according to several people that I talked to. If you want real action, it is in the bars on the main strip in town.

I arrived at Oasis at around 2:30 pm and spent the next 8 hours doing some work on my laptop (including part of this entry) as well as sleeping to recover from the still present jet lag. At 10:30 pm, I was refreshed and asking the security guard outside the main lobby to hail me a trike. Trikes are basically motorcycles with a sidecar attached. The other mode of transportation in Angeles are the ever present Jeepneys, converted WWII era American jeeps in which inhuman numbers of people manage to squeeze into. A jeepney only costs 2 pesos (6 cents!) to ride and all have specific routes, like buses in a western city. But, I didn't know the routes and didn't feel like huddling with the masses in a noisy, smog belching vehicle on a hot night. I therefore opted for the 50 peso ($1.50) trike ride.

The trike deposited me on the main drag downtown, outside the VOODOO bar. First, a word about the main drag itself. For those of you thinking of some kind of Las Vegas style street with elaborate flashing signs advertising the girlie bars, push that image way out of your mind. This is still a third world country and Angeles is just one step above a shanty town, with narrow dusty streets and noisy, non EPA compliant scooters and old junkers honking about. The bars themselves are nothing to look at from the outside, which make what's on the inside that much more surprising.

The better reputed bars around town are MARGARITAVILLE, CHAMPAGNE, ROAD HOUSE, THE CLUB, ZIGGY'S, STINGERS, TAHITIAN QUEEN, PANAMA JACKS, QUEEN TELLER, VOODOO and a dozen or so others. Most seem to be run by Aussie and European ex pats.

I happened to have arrived in front of VOODOO so I walked in thinking it should be as good as any other. I immediately liked what I saw. There were about a dozen girls in bikinis gyrating on a long, narrow stage that ran the length of the bar. Most looked suspiciously young. There were another twenty or so girls milling about the rest of the bar. They all ranged from 4s to 8.5s. What I liked even more about the place is that there were only four other customers in the bar. It was a female to male ratio made in heaven!

I was immediately accosted by three girls in succession that tried to get me to take them to my hotel and/or buy them a drink. When I told them that I needed time to decide, they turned the pressure off and just hung around, giggled, pinched my cheeks and more. Again, I was reminded about how much I think the PI bar scene is better than Bangkok. I hate to dis the Thais, but if this were Bangkok, the girls would have picked up some dirty glasses from behind the bar, toasted me, and then the waiter would come by insisting that I pay for the 'drinks' that the girls just toasted. Furthermore, if I were to indicate that I needed time to think I would have been ignored or perhaps railroaded with a huge bill for the few minutes spent watching their 'stage show'. Hey, it happened to me as well as several of my friends. But, this was the PI so that sort of thing was thankfully not happening here.

Helen the (almost) Supermodel

Most travelling guys, including me, agree that Thai girls are generally better looking than Filipinas. In fact, Thai women, are the best looking women in all of Asia bar none. But, Filipinas will slowly cast their spell upon the unsuspecting male traveler and he will inevitably find himself enamoured. Furthermore, there are always exceptions to every rule and Helen was clearly an exception, beating most Thai girls for shear beauty, and was the second most stunning girl I had so far seen in all of Asia (yes the most stunning was a Thai).

Helen walked up on stage shortly after I started to get comfortable. I don't know how I didn't see her before because she was a 9+. She had the face of a cover girl. She was of cosmopolitan magazine model quality and she was dancing before my eyes and flirting with me to boot. She couldn't have been much older than 18 (though she would claim 23), had model proportions, and a face to die for. The other girls all started to giggle and said that I was ignoring them to stare at VOODOO's Miss Universe. They were right. I called Helen over to my table, bought her a drink and immediately bar fined her (paid the mama-san 850 pesos, $25) so that I could get her outta there and straight to my hotel. I was not about to let this one get away.

On the trike ride back to Oasis I kept insisting to Helen that she leave the bar life, move to Manila and try to get into modeling. Naturally she was complemented and gushed at my suggestions. When I got her back to the hotel and turned on the lights in my room, she was even more beautiful. She claimed to be full filipina but her facial features suggested some American or European blood some where in her family tree. She did not look like the others. She was clearly in her own class.

As we got undressed and into bed, Helen kept trying to convince me of her high virtues and chastity, insisting that I was one of her first customers and that she doesn't get bar fined too often. Ya right. With a face like that she probably gets barfined every night and I could easily imagine clients fighting over her for the privilege of a taking her out. She was obviously looking for a potential husband or boyfriend, someone who would be that prince charming and offer her a better life. I was almost considering going crazy and being that guy but I kept reminding myself of a saying that I have often heard: " You can take the girl outta the bar but you can never take the bar outta the girl."

The above saying proved true as Helen demonstrated that she was no inexperienced, chaste little thing. There was no way I was one of her first, unless she meant first thousand. She sucked me better than I've been sucked in over a year. Then, she fucked me like a sexpert virtuoso. I didn't even have to thrust, she thrusted, gyrated, and rotated to a perfect rhythm that made me cum in wild spurts as she squeezed all the juice out of me with her very well trained pussy muscles.

She totally blew me away and as I lay on the bed recovering she clicked on the TV to watch HBO. She explained that she only watches HBO and the Cartoon Network. It doesn't even matter if it's a movie she's seen before. As long as the HBO emblem is in a corner of the screen, she's happy. As she watched the TV and giggled at everything she saw it was apparent that she was an airhead - But an adorable airhead.

Further 'tarnishing' the chaste image she was trying to portray, I noticed some stretch marks on her stomach and she admitted that she had had a baby not too long ago which she gave up for adoption. Upon further prodding, she also admitted to working in Singapore and the Shinjuku district of Tokyo in Japanese Karaoke bars. As mentioned before, these establishments are essentially high priced hooker bars. That at least explains where she got here sexpert training. So it unfortunately turns out that Helen was a lying whore - but an adorable lying whore.

During the night I managed to get some snapshots and videotape of her giggling and dancing. None of the shots do her any justice due to my crappy photography skills. Trust me, she's better looking in the flesh than in my shots.

Helen stayed with me the entire night and she sucked and fucked me once again in the morning. I then took her to the fine restaurant in Oasis for breakfast where she embarrassed me with loud giggling and inept table manners. She acted like an uncivilized, airheaded 12 year old little girl and was starting to annoy me. I ignored her shortcomings as I did not want to scold her and hurt her feelings and besides, despite all the negatives she was still incredibly adorable!

I finally kissed her goodbye and she made me promise to stop by her bar again tonight. I agreed but knew in my mind that the call of my polygamous nature would cause me to see what else Angeles, City of Angels had to offer.

October 13, 1997

After the Helen experience of yesterday I followed up today with an entire day of working at a factory for my employer and working on this journal in the evening.

October 14, 1997

Another day of working for my employer. That's two days in a row. Had to take the clients out for supper, got bored listening to their life stories and then promptly fell asleep when I returned to Oasis.

October 15, 1997

Had the day off today so I decided to be extra lazy. Spent most of the morning in bed then went for lunch at the hotel grill and pigged out on lamb chops and Bavarian cake. After digesting the meal, went for a swim in the hotel pool for a couple of hours.

By 10 pm I was ready for another night of bar adventure. I had already resolved that I would only settle for another girl of the same caliber as Helen. That was a tall order and I wondered if I was being unrealistic as I was triked down to the strip. The driver deposited me in front of the TAHITIAN QUEEN bar.

In TAHITIAN QUEEN I saw a few good looking girls but they were all 8s or less. Don't get me wrong. I would have screwed any of them in a heart beat but tonight I was conducting a social experiment. Since I am paying for pussy and have the run of an entire town full of bar girls, I wanted the best. From TAHITIAN QUEEN I went into BLACKJACK. Here there were mostly 7s with a few 8s. I began to consider the possibility of returning to VOODOO and seeking out Helen. But no! I was here to sow my wild oats dammit! And sow them I will even if it took me the entire night to find what I wanted.

On the third attempt I struck gold. Walked into CHAMPAGNE and I immediately liked the ambience. This bar felt a lot more 'fun' than the others. The girls on stage and even the waitresses were all whooping it up and squealing to the music. I settled into a lounge table and took in the energy. Yep I could probably spend some time here. The atmosphere was infectious. Normally I am a very reserved type of guy but I soon found myself gyrating to the music and making a little noise of my own. I noticed that some of the other customers were doing the same. This place was happening!

I arrived at a shift change. The girls, all dressed in yellow mini skirts and yellow bras left the stage and were replaced with new girls wearing black and white minis. The replacement girls were of a higher quality, ranging from 8 to 8.5 (and one 9+) whereas the previous group was mainly 7s.

When the music started up again I immediately noticed one girl on the far left of the stage. I took one look and I was in love (and lust). She was the cutest little 9+ compact model I've seen in years. What's more, Speedy Jim is a sucker for girls that have dimples on their cheeks when they smile and this girl had dimples galore. She was absolutely enticing and cuter than a button. She had Helen beat hands down. Now I know what you guys are thinking. You think Speedy Jim is fickle. One night I'm saying that Helen was the supermodel of Angeles and tonight I'm putting another girl on the pedestal. Well all I can say is that I had the good fortune of meeting the two most beautiful girls in the entire town. They were both the 9+ that I described.

Dimples was also clearly the best dancer on stage. Furthermore, once she caught me staring at her she proceeded to flirt with me like crazy, bumping and grinding while maintaining eye contact. This boosted my ego somewhat. There were a dozen other customers in the bar who were naturally also staring at Dimples but she ignored them. One guy even tried to get her attention to come to sit near him but she walked out of his range and kept gazing at me. This girl was mine and she knew how to turn me on! She teased me with her smiles and teased me with her body. She kept it up for the entire 30 minutes that she was on stage. I had to get her so I asked the mama-san to send her over.

Dimples came to sit next to me and introduced herself as Susan, 19 years old and already too much to handle. I bought her and some of her friends a few drinks at 100 pesos ($3) each. Soon I was surrounded by 4 good looking girls who were all fawning over me. My main attention though, was on Susan and I pulled her over to sit on my lap. I must have stayed there over an hour talking, laughing and fondling Susan and her three friends. It was a great mini-festival of drunken debauchery - everything a girlie bar should be.

I bar fined Susan for 800 pesos ($24) and we went off to a local disco nearby. I think it was called MUSIC BOX or something. Most of the patrons were teenage and early twenties Philippinos with a smattering of tourist guys mixed in. This place was also happening. I joined Susan on the crowded dance floor and we vogued for half an hour or so. Speedy Jim is the worst dancer in the know universe but that night it didn't matter. I was too busy enjoying myself to be self-conscious of my inept dancing skills. It also helped that I was in a totally foreign environment surrounded by people that I didn't know and likely would never see again. As a result, all my usual inhibitions were gone and I let it all loose.

After the disco we stopped by the BLACKJACK bar. Susan used to work here a couple of months back and she wanted to talk to her old friends. As Susan talked to one of her girlfriends I couldn't help but smother her dimpled cheeks with kisses as she tried to restrain her giggling. Shortly, it was a repeat of the CHAMPAGNE scene. I was surrounded by Susan and some of her friends and we were all having a great time. The bar owner, a Swiss gentleman (and Voodoo's owned by a German), even came over and tried to convince Susan to return to his bar since she lights up a room so effectively. Susan was loving the attention and I could clearly sense a lot of the other girls in the bar getting very jealous. It was written all over their faces.

By this time I was over my horny limit. If I didn't get laid soon I was going to go beserk. I cut the groups festivities short and ushered Susan out of the bar. On the trike ride back to Oasis I was pleasantly surprised to see that Susan was also very horny. We passionately fondled and smooched during the 3 minute ride. From the corner of my eye, I could see the trike driver chuckling.

Back in the room, Susan decided to tease me and torture me a bit by pretending to be interested in some HBO movie, Father of the Bride II, as I fondled and kissed her as she lay on the bed. She kept insisting through giggles that we should both just watch the funny movie and wait for love making. I couldn't retain my excitement and just kept kissing and fondling her.

Within a few minutes, Susan stops her teasing, turns off the TV and we go at it. She is a heavy french kisser and she thoroughly explores my mouth with her tongue. I get carried away with excitement and start to give her a hickey on her neck.

"Don't make mark! Don't make mark!", she pleads. But I ignore her. I enjoy nibbling her too much. When I finally ease up, she gives me a mock scolding and then proclaims that she will make two marks on my neck for the one mark I put on hers. She fulfills her promise as she sucks and bites either side of my neck. The result would be two enormous hickeys in the morning but I loved every minute of it.

To my slight disappointment, Susan does not blow but she makes up for it in kissing, nibbling and shear beauty. I try to enter her several times but she's a bit small so I smear us each with mounds of KY Jelly. I overdo the KY and soon we're both a sticky, erotic mess. With all the lubrication, I slip inside her easily and soon I'm thrusting to the slurp slurp liquid sounds of KY enhanced vaginal fucking. A minute later my cock explodes like the fourth of July.

I have her again early in the morning before sending her off with 1000 pesos ($30). I was disappointed that I ran out of Polaroid film and only got a few brief shots with the vcam of her while she was getting dressed in the morning.

Susan made me promise to see her again tonight and I agreed. It was an honest agreement on my part thought I knew that come tonight my polygamous nature may very well cause me to explore new chicks. We'll see.

October 16,1997

While I worked during the day, I debated myself continuously about whether or not I should go back to CHAMPAGNE tonight and barfine Susan as I promised her. Finally, the little devil on my shoulder won out and I decided that I would succumb to my wild side and find yet another girl.

This time around I tried STINGERS at a little past 9pm. There were a few good lookers but nothing above an 8.5. I didn't feel much like drinking so I ordered a diet coke. It wasn't long before some of the girls started to flirt. One, wearing the tightest mini I've ever seen, caught my eye. She was no where as pretty as the two previous girls I barfined in Angeles but she definitely had a killer bod. She was also a lot taller than mot of the girls. Most were 5'2" or shorter while this one was a at least 5'5", a skyscraper by Filipina standards but still well within my preferences.

It's not long before Anna, as she introduced herself, sits at the table with me. I notice that she's also a bit darker than the rest and she explains that her father was black. My immediate guess is that her dad was a black serviceman from the days when Clark Air Force Base was operational. Anna confirms that her dad was indeed an American soldier but that that she never knew him.

The conversation quickly turns to my diet coke and Anna teases me about being a baby. Do I like juice too? I playfully tell her not to get on my case so she decides to get on my lap instead. Anna bumps and grinds to the music and in a minute or two I've got a major hard on. Tonight I didn't feel like going to a disco or anything. I was revved up so I just paid the 800 peso ($24) barfine and we went straight back to Oasis.

Anna turned out to be the best fuck yet. She was a moaner, a groaner and a three holer. I had her a total of three times thru the night, something that I wasn't able to do with the others. Anna definitely knew how to turn me on with the best blow job I've had so far in the PI. To bang her in the ass I used a condom, and it's a good thing, as that ass seemed a bit too experienced for comfort.

During the fuck festival she actually screamed "Fuck me! Fuck me!" At least three times. She made so much noise that I'm sure the occupants of the nearby rooms must have heard. If they did, I didn't care. I was having too much fun.

In the morning I slipped her 1000 pesos ($30) and tried to get some shots of her on video. Surprisingly, after her less than shy performance during the night, she was too shy to be filmed. Oh well. It was worth a try.

Despite her incredible performance in bed I had no intention of barfining Anna again tonight. It must have been a personality thing. I just didn't feel that I connected with her and thus didn't enjoy her company as much as the other girls. With the previous girls I enjoyed their company both in AND out of bed. With Anna, she was great in bed but out of bed she tuned everything else out while she watched some Tagalog (Philippino language) movies on TV. That's all she really wanted to do and I naturally found that behavior to be boring.

October 17, 1997

At 9 pm I triked down once again to the bars. This time I asked the driver to drop me off at ILLUSIONS, since I had heard some good things about this hangout. Unfortunately I was disappointed with this place. Inside there were about twenty or so middle aged Aussie blokes and only 7 disinterested girls dancing on stage. None of the girls were above a 6 and this was the first bar I was in where none of the girls were flirting with me or any other customer. Furthermore, in the twenty minutes that I was there, the mama-san did not send any girls my way, which was also a first. To give ILLUSIONS the benefit of the doubt, maybe I was there on a slow night and maybe the good looking girls had already been barfined earlier that night... Maybe.

I left ILLUSIONS and walked into TAHITIAN QUEEN. Here the situation was better in the sense that the girls were lively and flirtatious. But none of then were above 7 so I left after another 20 minutes of light drinking.

From TAHITIAN QUEEN I took a short walk to LA BAMBA. Again, no spectacular babes but decent ambience. I dunno but maybe I was spoiled by having the good fortune of meeting up with the two hottest babes in Angeles, Helen of VOODOO and Susan of CHAMPAGNE, on my first couple of nights. Now I found myself wanting to repeat those experiences with new girls but none could match the quality.

In a fit of frustration, I marched down to CHAMPAGNE. I admit, I was nervous going through the door. I had essentially stood up Susan by not fulfilling my promise to see her last night. I'm sure she was going to be mad and may not talk to me at all. Also, as lot of these girls tend to stick together and if Susan told her friends to give me the cold shoulder, I'm sure they would. That would be a trifle bit humiliating. With a deep breath I ventured inside.

CHAMPAGNE is definitely the best bar in Angeles. You notice it the moment you walk in. Here the girls are all smiling and acting wild and crazy on and off stage. In most of the other bars the girls are more subdued and a few look downright glum. In CHAMPAGNE fun is the rule.

The Tease

After settling into a table in a remote corner of CHAMPAGNE it didn't take me long to spot Susan. She was the most alluring of 12 dancers, gyrating on stage. The costumes for the dancers that night were sequined bikini tops, with matching mini skirts and knee high, tall heeled vinyl boots. It may sound cheap and sleazy but it was anything but. The costumes were tastefully designed and they showed of the dancers' curves to the max. Susan out shined them all though. She was absolutely ravishing. A lot of clients in the bar had their eyes fixed on Susan. What really surprised me was that they were not all standing up and shouting out that they wanted to barfine her. They were either shy blokes or homosexuals. All the better for me.

Susan finally noticed me. Her expression rapidly went from surprise, to happiness, and then quickly to sourness as her memories told her that I was the jerk who stood her up. Then she actually stuck her tongue out at me! I couldn't tell if it was done playfully or with anger, or both.

The other night, Susan had walked on the stage towards me so that she was as near to my table as possible. Tonight, she did the opposite, walking away from me and toward a group of Germans at a central table. She then proceeded to bump and grind for the Germans and they were quickly transfixed by her. If Susan was trying to make me jealous or otherwise make me feel small, it worked very effectively. The primitive beast within me told me that Susan was MY girl. How dare these other guys even look at her? I didn't care if she was initiating the flirtation, I was feeling territorial and needed to reclaim what was rightfully mine. Now mind you, Speedy Jim is actually one of the most logical, scientific, civilized and evolved men on this planet. But it just goes to show you what a bit of alcohol and one very beautiful woman of questionable virtue can do to a guy.

I quickly pushed any aggressive or violent confrontations from my mind and instead went the pity route. Every time Susan glanced my way I tried to give her my best apologetic expression that I could muster. I couldn't tell if it was working because she kept her distance from me. But at least now she wasn't flirting with any customers. In fact, she was hiding behind the chorus line of girls but still not making enough eye contact with me.

After 20 minutes there was a shift change and Susan and her group of girls left the stage. They all disappeared into a back room. I waited minutes, that felt like hours, to see if Susan would magically appear. Three drinks later, no Susan. I had to leave. The last thing I wanted to see was Susan exiting the bar with some other guy. I would have felt like crap and, if she was now against me, I didn't want to give her that victory.

Just as I was preparing to pay my bill, out pops Susan and a few of her friends from the back room. Susan approaches me and seems to be all smiles. Then suddenly she and her friends explode in a cacophony of mock anger and they grill me. Where was I last night? How many girls did I barfine last night? Who do I think I am standing up Susan like that? Why did I give Susan a hickey the other night? You're a bad boy! Bad boy!

I manage to calm them down by buying them some drinks and pleading my case as if I was totally innocent. I was tired last night and fell asleep. I didn't barfine any other girls. Susan proceeds to sniff my clothes for perfume. Aha! She accuses me of being with another girl last night and that I came to Angeles to do butterfly (float from girl to girl). I naturally protest my innocence and tell her that she is the only girl I've had in Angeles and the only want I want (what else should I have told her?). After playing coy, Susan starts to come around and soon she's hugging me while I kiss her chipmunk cheeks. When it is apparent that I have her again, I then accuse her of allowing herself to be barfined by some old man last night and that she didn't wait for me. This really sets her off and I can't help but laugh at her adorable little temper tantrum that she throws. I apologize and quickly all past transgressions become water under the bridge.

Susan starts to bump and grind for me, putting on a personal little show at my table. Soon several other customers are also watching. Then this huge intoxicated guy signals to the mama-san that he wants to barfine Susan. What a fucking asshole! He sees me with Susan and sees Susan making it with me and he tries to get her away from me. That was a gesture tantamount to declaring war. I felt like going up to him and smashing a bottle over his thick head. Fortunately, Susan indicates to mama-san, with a look of slight disgust, that she's not interested in this other guy. She proved that she was not a scornful woman. If she wanted to get revenge on me, that would have been the perfect, humiliating way to dump me and go to another. But she didn't. She was mine again.

For the next few minutes Susan sings to me in her cute little voice, a couple of pop love songs that she knows. I can't resist her, She is the most adorable, cutest little thing in existence. For that moment in time at least, I was in love.

I barfined Susan for the second time this week and we headed back to Oasis. We spend a few hours talking and trading a few stories about our respective lives. Susan was definitely the brightest and funniest girl I've met so far. I really feel that she is in the wrong occupation.

That night our lovemaking was more emotionally intensive than the previous night. On my side, I could not just see her as a body. I felt she was someone that I also needed to take care of and protect. On her side, she gently cried a couple of times during the night when it was apparent that I would be leaving for Manila in the morning. She kept asking me if it was possible for her to visit me in the US. Could I get her an airline ticket? I guess Susan had made the cardinal mistake for 'working girls' - getting emotionally involved with a client. In the movie PRETTY WOMAN, Julia Roberts' character explains that she never kisses her clients on the lips - too personal. There must be a lot of truth to that because I could feel some sort of communication between Susan and myself when we kissed and I think it was the kissing that catalyzed our respective emotions.

In the morning I tried to keep things cheerful so that Susan would not feel too down. She gave me a favorite picture of herself from her wallet, that I had previously gawked at, and inscribed a note on the back marked with her sweet innocence:


Please keep this my photo. This is a simple rememberance for me. I know its ugly, but full of memory. Always care, Susan

It was anything but ugly. How could I help but be a little heartbroken at saying goodbye? I gave Susan 2000 pesos ($60) and lectured her about getting out of the bar life as soon as possible. I convinced her to start training for a data entry job. She was not cut out for the bar life and I feared that she would continue to get emotionally hurt until she either became angry at life or settles for 'love' with some guy who just continuously toys with her.

It's definitely not any girl that is cut out for the bar life. I have always believed that prostitution should be legalized to eliminate pimping and make commercial sex safer for all involved. In Angeles City, there are few if any pimps. Most of the girls I met were free to leave their respective bars at any time without fear of retribution. So in that sense, the situation is like Amsterdam, where the prostitutes are in control of their own work. However, such a system works well only if the girl in question has a stable private life, ie has a boyfriend or is married or has a good network of friends for personal support. Otherwise, some girls may be looking for love in the wrong places and the 'red life' becomes a trap as opposed to a temporary cash injection for other dreams. Susan was one such girl that I feared could get trapped and I only hope that my lecturing her had some positive effect.

October 18, 1997

Caught the Swagman 'Fly the Bus' back to Manila. The trip going back was a bit longer, 3 hours, due to heavy traffic when we hit the outskirts of Manila. At Swagman Hotel caught a taxi to my hotel, Orchid Garden Suites.

One Bad Fucking Night

Pay attention Horn Dogs, you may learn how NOT to get scammed by taxi drivers when trying to get to the FIREHOUSE bar in Pasay City.

It was about 9 pm when I decided to go down to the lobby and fetch a cab to EDSA Plaza. If you recall, EDSA Plaza, also known as EDSA International Food Court, is the mall like complex where a lot of famous girlie bars are: FIREHOUSE, MYFAIR, COTTON CLUB etc. The plaza is actually located just outside metro Manila, in Pasay City, but is only a 5 minute taxi drive from Metro Manila or from the Malate district of Manila, where my hotel is located. The taxi ride should be 100 pesos ($3) or less.

I hail a cab and tell the driver that I want to go to EDSA, to the FIREHOUSE bar. No problem Sir, 100 pesos - so I get in. The first thing I notice is that the driver appears to be going in the wrong direction. Shouldn't he be heading toward Roxas Blvd? He explains that Roxas is shut down due to a Christian Festival that is held every Saturday and that he has to take a shortcut. I am not immediately suspicious as I know that there are a lot of religious processions in the Philippines at many times of the year. But would they really shut down a major street like Roxas every Saturday?

The driver never shuts up. He continuously engages me in idle but friendly conversation and doesn't let up for even a second. I'm surprised he was even able to breathe. Before I knew it, what should have been a 5 minute ride was already 15 minutes. I also notice he had the meter running and it was already at 80 pesos. I remind him that I'm only paying the 100 pesos as agreed upon - no metered ride. The driver starts to act all insulted: "Do you think I try to cheat you? Oh my God! Oh my God! I try to get good short cut for you and you think I want to cheat you? Oh my God!"

The ride hits the 20 minute mark and I notice that we are in a part of Manila that I'm not familiar with. Where's EDSA Plaza? The driver insists that it's just up ahead. At the thirty minute mark I start to get really, really angry:

"Where the fuck is EDSA Plaza? Where the fuck are we?" I wanted answers.

The driver starts to get all agitated and also starts raising his voice and acts furiously insulted at my accusations that he's cheating me. While we argue, he takes a turn off the major city streets and we start going down narrow, dimly lit alley ways. I could only imagine what will happen next: He will probably bring me to some back alley where 30 of his friends are waiting. They pull me from the car, beat the crap out of me and steal all my money.

I start to go ballistic. I bang on the door and yell for him to stop the car. He starts shouting that he'll kill me if I break his cab and proclaims that he isn't afraid of foreigners. As he slows down to take a corner, I actually unlock and open the door. The cab is only going about 15 mph and I contemplate jumping out. The driver speeds up and starts going ape crazy:

"Oh my God! My God! I will kill you, you fucky asshole! Don't break my cab! I not cheat you! My blood pressure! My blood! I kill you!".

I start yelling at him that I will kill him. Physically the guy was nothing, couldn't have been more than 5'6" and 120 lbs. My only worry was that he may have been armed. Just as I was about to grab the back of his neck, he points to the distance.

"Look. See. EDSA Plaza. You see? Fucky asshole! I no cheat you!"

Indeed there is a huge neon sign that says EDSA Plaza in the distance. This calms me down somewhat. We get back on a main street and we finally stop at the EDSA PLAZA HOTEL. Wait a minute. I remember reading in a tour book that there is a 5 star hotel outside of Manila that is coincidentally called EDSA PLAZA HOTEL and it has nothing to do with the EDSA PLAZA of FIREHOUSE fame. The fucking asshole driver has driven me to another city outside of Manila and Pasay City! I throw him 100 pesos and get out of his cab, ignoring the 220 pesos on his meter. Unfortunately, I had only finished with part 1 of the scam. Part 2 is coming up.

It turn out that the EDSA PLAZA HOTEL is located a good 45 minutes away from the EDSA PLAZA bar complex. That the two locations have the same name is because they are both located off EDSA avenue, which is a very long street that connects several cities and small towns.

When I started looking around for a cab, I realized the nature of the scam. The EDSA PLAZA HOTEL is located in its own huge complex. The nearest major street where I could hope to hail a regular cab was a couple of miles away. I would have to use a private hotel cab. The two goofs that run the hotel taxi stand were part of the scam. They obviously have a simple agreement with several taxi drivers in Manila: If any foreigner asks you to go to EDSA bar complex, bring them here instead then they have to take our private car back and we split the profit.

Naturally, when I told the hotel taxi stand guys that I wanted to go to EDSA bar complex in Pasay they chuckled knowingly. The bastards. I accused them of being scam artists.

"Scam sir?" they say with knowing smiles. "We don't know scams Sir."

They charge me 400 pesos for the trip back. The new driver of the private hotel car almost has me convinced that there is no scam. He keeps insisting that there is a religious festival on Roxas and that the street will be closed until 2 am. He also insists that it was just a misunderstanding between me and my previous driver because the FIREHOUSE bar complex is known as the INTERNATIONAL FOOD COURT complex and not EDSA PLAZA. At this point he had me questioning my own memory. I knew that the bar complex was also called the INTERNATIONAL FOOD COURT but I could swear that everyone has also always called it EDSA PLAZA and that there was a sign at the entrance that said 'EDSA'.

"No Sir. There is no EDSA sign on that complex Sir. You have the names mixed up Sir."

He also tells me how unscrupulous taxi drivers will often drive foreigners to wrong locations that have similar names. For example there are a couple of hotels called Shangri-La that have nothing to do with each other and are located in different cities - a prime candidate for a scam ride.

At this point I felt that this present driver may be a good guy and start thinking that maybe I was wrong about the previous driver and it was all a misunderstanding. However, those thoughts were quickly shattered when we finally arrived at the bar complex. There is indeed a big sign above the entrance that proclaimed 'EDSA', as I originally thought. I point this out to the driver and he turns around with a big, mischievous grin and says:

"You please pay money. You are rich foreigner. Hee. Hee. Hee."

Yes, I contemplated smacking this co-conspirator and/or leaving without paying. But what were my realistic options? If I did either, he would follow me out of the cab and go ballistic. Plus, at every establishment in the PI, there are armed cops/guards everywhere - it's a bit like the old west. If the driver hailed one of these cop/guards who was that guy going to believe - a poor fellow Philippino who speaks Tagalog or a 'rich' foreigner like me? I threw the driver 400 pesos ($12) and swallowed my losses. At least I wasn't scammed out of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

I entered the COTTON CLUB bar and was in a bad mood. Unfortunately I let my mood kill my evening and affect my judgement. I just wanted to get a girl quickly and go back to the hotel so I just picked one at random. This was another mistake of the evening. It's always better to choose a girl that openly flirts with you and appears interested. Furthermore, you should always sit with her in the bar for a few minutes so that you could feel out her personality. Good service is more than good looks. Personality goes a long way. But, I did not screen her and unfortunately ended up with a dud.

By the way, on the trip back to my hotel, the third taxi driver of the evening went along Roxas Ave, which, surprise surprise was never shut down for any religious festival.

In my room I went to bed with the second Anna I met this week. She was a boring fuck and after one time she asked me if she could go back to the bar because she forgot her apartment key or some stupid excuse. I gave her 500 pesos ($15) and sent her off. I was then relieved to just go to sleep. It was a bad fucking night.

Lessons learned:

1. If you hail a cab and want to go to the EDSA Plaza Bar complex, be extremely explicit with the driver. Tell him FIREHOUSE bar in Pasay City or HERITAGE HOTEL in Pasay City (The HERITAGE hotel is a short walk from EDSA bar complex). Furthermore, if he talks of short cuts and is not taking the main streets or is going in the wrong direction, tell him to stop the car right away. Or better yet, ask him to stop for a minute because you want to buy a pack of cigarettes or something. If he doesn't stop, I would go completely ballistic until he does, otherwise it will be a long ride. Use your best judgement.

2. Always screen a bar girl before taking her back to your room. Remember, you're the customer and can take as much time as you like. If you don't like what you see in one bar, don't hesitate to leave and go to another.

October 19, 1997

My last day in the PI. I wake up late and spend the better part of the morning working on my laptop. Since it will be my last night here I start thinking about how I should arrange nocturnal activities for the final time. Should it be a blow out - should I get two or more girls and have a mini orgy? That would be awesome and a bit nuts. Or maybe I should hunt around the bars until I find another supermodel type girl like Helen or Susan of Angeles. What about taking the bus back to Angeles, finding Susan, bring her here to Manila and of course give her money in the morning for the bus ride back to Angeles. That last idea started to intrigue me.

With those thoughts in mind I went down to the third floor restaurant for a midday meal. Since this was a new hotel and it was low season for tourism, I was the only customer in the restaurant. While waiting for my meal, I was gazing out the window when one of the two waitresses interrupts my thoughts. She excuses herself for disturbing me but was curious as to where I am from. When I say the US, her eyes light up and she talks of all the relatives she has over there. She introduces herself as Miranda and asks me how old I am, am I married, do I like Philippino people, and finally am I alone in my room or am I here with a companion? Great! The waitress is hitting on me. I don't get hit upon often in public places by women I don't know so I enjoy the attention. I tell her I am in fact alone. She mentions that she saw me here last week at breakfast time with a girl (Luzviminda - remember her?). I tell Miranda that I only met one girl in Manila and I don't see her anymore.

I soon invite Miranda to sit down at my table. She hesitates but I assure her that I will handle hotel management if they get angry at her. Besides there aren't any other customers in the room so you don't need two waitresses milling about. She is happy that I insist for her to join me and before long we are having lunch together. She is pretty, has a nice figure and is very polite. To compress events, she agrees to meet me after her shift ends at 8 pm in the hotel lobby to go out for Karaoke.

It's a date

Miranda does not keep me waiting and arrives downstairs promptly at 8 pm. Unfortunately it is raining heavily outside - it's the tail end of the rainy season here, so we decide to go back up to the third floor restaurant for some cocktails.

The restaurant is again empty except for the other waitress and waiter. I have a few drinks with Miranda and we spend a couple of hours listening to music and talking with her two co-worker friends. Shortly thereafter, Miranda is in my hotel room. She had mentioned that she likes Robin Williams and I had mentioned that Jumanjii was going to play on HBO. Naturally the best place to watch it would be my room.

I actually sit through the entire movie without making a major pass at her and the whole time we were laying back on the bed! After the movie, we huddle a bit closer and cuddle for a few minutes. Then Miranda asks me if she would ever see me again after tomorrow or do I intend to just toy with her for one night. I like Miranda and decide to be honest with her and I tell her I probably will not see her again after tonight. She mentions that she cannot sleep with me then if I will not be her boyfriend. Am I angry with her she asks? I tell her that I am not angry and that I respect her decision. I don't want her to do anything that she doesn't feel right about. With those words, Miranda lights up and she gives me a light kiss on my cheek.

We spend another couple of hours watching HBO and then a little MTV. During most of that time, Miranda had her on my shoulder and I got the feeling that, for one night at least, she wanted a boyfriend who respected her and wanted to be with her. Perhaps there was also some faint hope of meeting a Prince Charming from the West who would take her to a better place.

Finally, past midnight Miranda got ready to go home and I sent her off with a light kiss on her cheek. She was not a bar girl and wasn't expecting any money and I didn't offer any.

Even though my Notorious BIG took second place tonight, I still considered the evening an excellent cap off to my ten days in the PI. In some ways it was more fitting to end the trip on a more romantic note as opposed to purely physical. I had certainly had my fill of the physical side during my stay here.


My employer has hinted recently that they would like me to live and work in Asia for up to a year or move permanently to California. The Asian idea is intriguing and I am debating whether or not to take them up on it. If I did move to Asia for a short time, I would definitely choose to live in the PI. But if I was here for a year or so, contrary to what you Horn Dogs are thinking, I would seldom frequent the girlie bars. The reason is that there are so many beautiful girls here in hotels, discos or offices who are just looking for that special boyfriend from the West who will take them away to another place. Given a few weeks, the western male could quickly get a beautiful girlfriend (or 3 if you want to be a bad boy). You don't have to be studly handsome or rich. Most Filipinas that I met just want a guy who is kind, honest, faithful and respectful. So, if any of you guys are planning to be in the PI for an extended period of time and admire Asian beauty, then this is a great place to find a potential wife. Unlike most American girls, Filipinas put husband and family first. They are sweet, affectionate, beautiful, speak English and want to meet us. What more do you want?

On the other hand, if you are just passing thru the PI for one week or less then it's probably the best place in the world for an invigorating oil change and some short term love with no strings attached.


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