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The Phillipines Child Abuse

1995 that in a crackdown in Manila they arrested a lot of young artists which are said to be prostitutes. The Philipino government wants to get rid of all child prostitution in the Philipines and they want to get rid of the child prostitution image. It is said that the child prostitution goes now to Phenom Penh in Cambodia. There are six year olds available for US$3, the Eastern Express said.

The South China Morning Post, published in Hong Kong, wrote on September 23rd, 1995 the following article:

Child abuse death penalty

Manila: A senator has filed a bill seeking the death penalty for people involved in forcing children into prostitution or in corrupting or selling them.

Senator Ernesto Herrera cited a United Nations Children's Fund study that one of every five Filipino children was a victim of abuse. He said the study also showed that about 100000 of the nation's estimated 1.5 million street children were engaged in the sex trade.

The South China Morning Post, an english newspaper published in Hong Kong, wrote on September 28, 1995, the following article, written by John Dikkenberg in Manila:

Growth in child sex trade 'due to feeble attacks'

Lack of resolution has been blamed for widespraed child prostitution in the Philippines, which now has the wolrd's second biggest child sex market.

Philippines Nation Police deputy director for investigations, Colonel Reynaldo Acop, told a congressional Foreign Affairs Comittee hearing yesterday the problem had flourished because some government agencies - sucht as the Immigration Department and the National Bureau of Investigation - were not cracking down hard enough on child sex and child abuse.

The committee is investigating reports of a rise in child expoitation, especially child prostitution.

Colonel Acop said that based on a survey conducted by the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund, the Philippines was starting to overtake the No 1 child sex market in the world - Thailand.

In the wake of a crackdown by President Fidel Ramos, he said, the nationl police had activated "Taskforce Zebra" to target prostitution and pornography, particulary the child sex market.

During the first eight months of this year, the force had arrested 2,260 prostitutes in 757 vice opartions, including 104 children, although there were as many as 100,000 child prostitutes working in Manila.

He said 95 pedophiles had been arrested, including 88 foreigners but only 23 cases had been brought to court.

"Children taken into custody are usually handed over to the Social Welfare Department, and more often than not find their way back to the streets, while vice dens usually get court approvals that enable them to reopen," he said.

"If there was enough political will on the part of some government agencies to implement the law, this social phenomenon could be overcome."

Date: Mon, 20 Nov 95

The South China Moring Post writes the following article in October 1995:

Pedophile bill falters

MANILA: An attempt to approve a bill sentencing paedophiles to death failed yesterday after a congressional committee disagreed on its effectiveness as a deterrent and on the definition of a child prostitute.

Some members of the House of Representatives' justice committee could not decide on the cut-off point between child and an adult prostitute, and others said killing offenders was no deterrent.

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