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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Go to an adult bookstore and pick up a copy of philadelphia action
magazine. They have pictures, names, phone numbers and	prices
and descriptions of the premises and the women. In short all the
information you are looking for is in the magazine. Read it and enjoy.

Date: Wed, 31 Aug 94 16:53:36 -0500 When you are in NE Phila. You are near the suburbs. There are two very good asian massage places in Willow Grove Pa. One is on York Rd. It is called VIP oriental massage. the price is 140.00 for a full service full hour. It is located in a small strip of stores next to a pool room. The place is clean and so are the girls. Some of the women are really nice. Big tits nice legs and asses. The other place is called the bali health club. This place is on davisville rd. across the train tracks. The women here are also clean and neat. The price is the same. Check out Action magazine which is available at any adult bookstore. Good luck and have a good time.
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 1995 10:59:55 -0500 > If anyone knows of a good place to go in Philly, please write me. Dave. > I have lots of interests: a foot fetish, interest in good sensual massage, > good oral sex, b&d. Thanks. 1800 Ludlow street has a great place, mention that I sent you and they will give you a discount.
From: (JayHawk) Date: Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:39:31 UTC Philly has several great massage places. These are listed in the Yellow Pages, but I also recommend an adult newspaper available in all adult bookstores. I can't remember the name, but any book store will know what you are talking about if you ask. It includes ads and detailed profiles on many places. They even have reporters who write reviews of experiences they have had! A fairly recent trend in the city is "Safe Sex" massage places, where for $45-50 (no additional tip required) you get a full body massage and hand job...and nothing else. The best massage places are on Race Street. The names have changed a few times, but one is at 1201 Race Street (just a few blocks off Broad St.) and the best one is at 1211 Race Street. Both of these are very nondescript places that have no massage sign outside; you have to know where they are or you'll never find them! Both require you to take stairs or an elevator to an upstairs room. It looks creepy going in, but then opens up to a fairly elegant, classy operation. Both places are recommended, but 1201 Race assigns a girl, whereas 1211 Race has every available girl come into your room one-by-one for a good look, so I prefer the latter. The hostess then asks you to pick your girl. She leads you to a shower room where you lie on a soft bench and she soaps and showers you all over. She dries you off and leads you to a room. They used to have a mattress in the room, but around 1993 the city made them take them out. The girl will put down a small mat, which doesn't provide much cushioning, but is better than just being on carpet. You'll get a pretty good backrub and anything else for a tip. I've gotten a blow job for $50-60 and BJ+sex for $80, and none would do anal. Once at 1211 Race the girl I picked got tied up for some reason and the hostess (who was a knockout) showered me and started the massage, then the other girl took over when she became available. In 1990 at 1211 Race I had the greatest massage experience of my life with a Korean who was a 10+, sweet as can be, and gave one of the best blow jobs I've ever dreamed of. Her name was Diane and, alas, she left a few months later, but I have never forgotten the experience. I tried Bangkok Massage once, but had a rather snooty girl who reluctantly gave me a handjob for $40, so I never went back there.
Date: Fri, 19 May 1995 06:43:32 UTC Subject: Alas, the glory that was Philadelphia... This past Wednesday night, feeling the twin compulsions of wanderlust and horniness, I decided to avail myself of SEPTA's Wednesday evening special fares ($2 round trip from Trenton to Center City -- is it possible that they're finally getting a clue about public transit in Philly?) and try to revisit some of the old haunts that I'd enjoyed so much in my wilder days of the early 90's. Alas, the fruits (or lack thereof) of my search led me to the sad conclusion that the City of Brotherly Love is no longer the City of Hot Sex that I remembered. Philadelphia circa 1992 was a place where the sex industry was alive and thriving, to the extent that there were several massage parlors that listed their phone numbers _and_ addresses right in the Yellow pages, and a man with the urge and enough dinero in his wallet could just stroll up, ring the doorbell and shortly thereafter get his own bell rung in whatever way pleased him most. The walk-in massage places may not have had the consistent top quality girls that you'd find at an incall house, and certainly not the expensive decor and plush settings that such establishments boast, but they did the job that counted. Perhaps the quintessential example of this was the Golden Touch massage parlor on Market Street. Just a few blocks from 30th Street Station, this place usually had about three girls available at any reasonable hour, mostly in the 4-6 range -- they'd never make the Playboy centerspread, but you didn't need to bring a bag either. It was great for a visit when I was just passing through on the way to DC, or wanted to blow my wad prior to some non-sexual Center City event. For 80 to 120 beans, depending on how tough a negotiator the girl was, you went into a little cubicle with a raised platform, got comfortable, got protected, and got down to business. The girls were rather jaded and businesslike about the whole thing, but sometimes I felt that way myself. It worked out pretty well when I just wanted to go from point A to point B and get fucked in between. If I was feeling more in the mood for an encounter that stimulated other organs than my genitals, and had a bit more time and money on my hands, I'd head over to Bella Femina on Sansom Street. This place was much more sophisticated, and quite professionally run. They had the double advantage of taking walk-ins and allowing payment by credit card. Convenient sex... gotta love it. The prices were higher, and less negotiable, but in return you got better quality girls and a real bedroom. My favorite was the two-girl special for $250. This was kind of an insurance policy, since it was kind of a hit-or-miss proposition at Bella Femina as to whether the girl was actually into her work. If you took two, chances would be that one of them would make sure you got treated really well. After having sampled the various treats and gotten to know some of them, I was able to pick out pairs who worked well together. One of my all-time best brothel experiences was with a pair named... well, jeez, it's been a long time, I'll just call them "Champagne" and "Candy", that's probably not too far from what they really used. I'd been with each of them in previous two-on- one sessions, and I was fortunate enough to arrive on an afternoon when both of them were free. Champagne was a young, tightly built woman (she was studying dance) of mixed race -- she considered herself black, although she had the milk-chocolate skin and exotic features of someone whose family tree has roots in more than one continent. Candy was more of the girl-next-door type, with shoulder-length blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was shorter and not as athletic as Champagne, but her pleasantly soft body made a nice contrast. Once I signed the credit slip and the girls got some rubbers, we went upstairs to the big bedroom, where the two of them teamed up to undress me. When I was completely "comfortable", Champagne pushed me down on my back on the bed and did some very sensuous sliding across my naked body (she still had on her bra, panties and garterbelt) while Candy stepped out of her own clothes. When Candy climbed up on the bed with us, Champagne unwrapped a condom and slowly stroked it down the length of my shaft (which had been rock-hard since before I even finished undressing). As Champagne ran her lips and tongue up and down my cock, Candy lay beside me with her chest next to my face. She'd already determined on previous visits that I was a "tit-man", and Candy's tits were just what I wanted to play with while my cock was being teased by Champagne's expert tongue. Candy's breasts were just perfect: medium size, with rosy-pink nipples that flushed and stood up as I lavished the same kind of attention on them as was being paid to me. When Champagne progressed from her cock-teasing to a full-fledged blowjob, I was in seventh heaven. After about a minute of this, Candy could tell from my moans and heavy breathing that I was close to coming, so she signaled to Champagne to stop, then started kissing her way down my chest and stomach until she reached my cock, whereupon Candy started giving me some oral attention of her own, while Champagne kissed and licked my balls. We made a game of this, seeing how wild they could drive me without pushing me over the edge. After about five minutes of the best two-girl oral sex I'd ever had, I couldn't wait any longer. Candy smiled and asked, "Can I do the honors?" I replied "Sure", and she got up and straddled me, slowly lowering herself down so I could feel her descend over every inch of me. She knew how I like it: starting out slow and sexy, then gradually speeding up as the pressure built up and I neared my climax. I came so intensely that Candy swore she felt me pulsing even through the condom (and no, it hadn't broken (-:). When I was finished, all I could do was lie back and smile. After letting me lie back and savor the moment for a bit, Candy slid off and removed the condom, and the two girls cleaned me up with hot towels. I found my wallet in the pocket of my pants where they'd been tossed, and gave the girls a well-deserved tip. Champagne kissed me and left the room, while Candy stayed to watch me dress. As I was reaching for my clothes, she noticed that I was still quite hard, and made some joking "down, boy!" comments, but the boy wasn't about to go down. Finally, a mischevious glint came into Candy's eye, and she said, "I'm not supposed to do this, but you paid double, so I guess you can come double too." With this, she found another condom, wrapped me up, and faced the wall, pushing her arms against it and spreading her legs. "Let's see if this can make Little Johnny go to sleep," she said, and I slipped into her from behind and launched into a truly intense fuck -- no slow start at all. It took some effort to come again, but it was well worth it, the orgasm being every bit as incredible as the first. Candy was impressed; she said she hadn't thought of me as the type to do it with so much energy. I gave her another tip, to which she said "You didn't have to do that" -- but she did take the money. Fully sated at last, I dressed and left with a smile on my face. Ah, but I've digressed from my original subject, which was the diverse massage parlors of Philly three or four years ago, and the differences of today. I remember one other good walk-in place, on a narrow block of Ludlow Street behind the Holiday Inn. That place changed names and management several times, and the quality and availability of girls was variable, but I did manage to have a few quite satisfying times there as well. Overall it was about midway between the Golden Touch and Bella Femina. There was also a porn shop on Market Street which had booths where you could go in with a girl and get a handjob for $40; I never tried to negotiate for more, but I'll bet there were some "anything goes for the right price" girls in there. Sad to say, though, the sex scene seems to have changed for the worse in the past couple of years. As I walked down Market Street from the train station, the Golden Touch was nowhere to be found; in fact, the location where I remember it being was now a heap of rubble. The adult theater next door had a sign saying it was "remodeling due to fire". What a shame if it was indeed the Golden Touch that burned down! A quick look through the adult ads of Philadelphia's two free weekly papers showed that Center City was just not the horny man's heaven that I remembered. Bella Femina was nowhere to be found, and the place at 1800 Ludlow seemed to have turned into an "Oriental Massage Parlor", where I probably could have gotten what I came for, but I wasn't really in the mood for that. That's what I'd liked about Philly in the first place: that the massage parlors weren't of the "oriental" type. I just don't find those places to be satisfying for the money you have to spend there. Besides, if I'd wanted to screw some Korean chick with a bad attitude for $200, I wouldn't have had to leave the Big Apple. There were a reasonable number of escort and incall places listed, which was refreshing to see, but by that time I didn't feel like getting a hotel room or calling to set up an appointment with an incall. I'd come looking for a nice off-the-street brothel, and my search had failed. I killed some time before leaving at the Book Bin II, on Market Street not far from where the Golden Touch used to be. This, at least, was still in business and as good as it used to be. The Book Bin has some magazines that are tough to find on 42nd Street (having sold out of there some time ago) and its movie booths, while not as high-quality as what I'm used to in Manhattan, at least have a selection of movies that wasn't put together by some twisted ambisexual maniac. I'm sure I'm not the only guy who's a bit tired of having to flip through several channels of bondage, enemas, dildos, and bad amateur videos in the effort to find a channel that shows a good old fashioned suck-and-fuck. So, although my trip wasn't a total loss, I did leave Philly without getting laid, something I never would have had to do in '91 or '92. I guess all good things must come to an end, and I'll just have to hang onto those memories of the good old days until times change again.
Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 00:09:15 UTC Subject: Re: Alas, the glory that was Philadelphia... You are not kidding. Believe it or not the Golden Touch made the news several weeks ago ... Minutes after the cops raided it an explosion occurred. The cops have really ruined things. It all seemed to start around the beginning of the year. I think they are pissing alot of people off. Unlike you I really love the asian places. There was a place off the corner of broad and vine - "The Chopstick Spa". It was great. You could go there and the girls would do anything. I should have went for the two-some when I had the chance. I was going there often. There were two girls there that I was really enjoying. These girls were very nice. We would always end up in a sweaty mess. One girl even let me shoot my load in her mouth. She darn near choked to death. I could not help but laugh! She didn't like that though. I find the American girls to be downright ignorant. They just do not like to put out like the Asian professional sex workers. And they certainly do not appear to enjoy it. Anyway ... not only did the Chopstick end up with a white poster on its door claiming "closed due to license violations" so did several other places I had been to. Another Asian place over on 13th street off of Locust - same thing. A Place on 102 market streen closed. It is the worst feeling walking up to a place where you have gotten comfortable and boom - its closed. It is downright terrible. If it were not for my own personal Korean servant I would be going through withdraw! She is the best. I swear I would take her home and make her my own in a minute ! BTW, are you saying that there is an Asian joint over on 18th and Ludlow ? What is the name of the place ? I know alot of the girls from 18th & Ludlow are now operating out of another place over near Jefferson Hospital. I went there once. These girls do not compare to Asian women. I was only there once though. If anyone has info on other places operating in Philly please post. If there are any workers in the field out there drop us a line! Things are pretty bad when a man from out of town can not even get laid easily. What is going on Philly ? The forth largest city in the nation and all the parlors are being closed by the police. Cut us a break.
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 1995 20:51:25 UTC More on Philadelphia scene - It is certainly easy enough to find a good brothel in Philadelphia. Just pick up a copy of either City Paper (free) or Philadelphia Weekly (used to be called Welcome Mat). Two good places I would recommend are Ginja, 1112 Sansom, and Lily's, Sansom, just west of 16th on south side of street. Both are asian style. There are several places on Ranstead near 18th. 1800 is an American style place and 1820 (right next door) is an oriental place. However, there must be at least a dozen places around the city, and another 100 escorts advertising in the two papers mentioned. As for the recent busts; the cops were doing a lot of rousting of the girls in the asian places around the fall and winter time, and for a very good reason. They found the pickings good. A woman whom I know well told me she lost $5000.00 to the bastards and the house lost another 7,000.00. That day, several of the local asian houses were hit. The boys (and a woman) in uniform made out real nice for themselves. Of course it wasn't accounted for in the report. Fortunately the recent sting of cops rolling junkies, which landed 5 cops in jail, seems to have stopped it for a while, but I just heard this week that another bust may have taken place. Unfortunately, the oriental brothels make easy targets for cops since, traditionally, immigrants and especially ones with a language barrier, tend to keep quiet about their problems. Don't be surprised if the ladies are gunshy about providing full service the first time you enter their place. If they don't know you, you might be a cop! The cops routinely send in one guy who may even get undressed and get a table shower. If the girl touches him in the wrong! Bust, and a bonus pay day for the bastards. You'd think they had real crimes to stop but I guess this pays better. However, I've had nothing but great experiences in these places and I find their attitude a much needed pleasant surprise compared to the american style places I've visited. Just don't go when they are super busy ... I recommend calling first. You will usually get an honest answer if they are busy and you are better off waiting (if you can!)
Date: Wed, 31 May 1995 08:09:06 UTC I had a fantastic experience in Philly today. The place was located on the 1200 block of Race St., I found out about it from The Qlimax Times which I purchased in an adult bookstore in NJ. When you go in, you get in the elevator and go up to the fourth floor. The elevator lets you off in a small room with a doorbell. Ring the bell and the hostess will let you in. You will sit in a large, comfortable waiting area for the girl, who will be brought out to you. I was matched up with Penny, a 23-year-old chinese girl around 5'2". She was beautiful, and had a fantastic body. She took me into the room and undressed me, then said she would come back with a towel for me. When she came back, she told me the shower was busy, at which point I let her know that I had just showered before coming. She had me lay on the bed, and asked if I wanted anything to drink. I asked for a glass of water, which she dutifully brought me. She then began to massage my back, and we talked until she was satisfied that I was not an undercover cop. She then left the room once again to shower and disrobe. She came back and began licking my entire body. Then she had me roll over, and she repeated the process. She began to go down on me, and then rotated around so we could 69. Then she got on top of me, and we did it in 3 different positions until I was finished. Afterwards, she did not rush me out. Instead, we cuddled on the bed for a while, after which she cleaned me up and dressed me. The cost for this royal treatment? $40 for the room for an hour, and $100 for the girl for full, and I mean FULL, service. I HIGHLY recommend this place for your next visit to Philadelphia, and look forward to going back soon!
Subject: Re: Any services in Philly?? Date: Sat, 19 Aug 1995 06:08:27 GMT Check the phone book dude. There are PLENTY in the Philly area. Try Full Moon 215-462-6666
Subject: Philadelphia Date: Sun, 29 Oct 1995 06:05:58 UTC Although the Philadelphia definitely went through a series of massage parlor busts during the summer, a lot of new places are springing up in either the old buildings or on new sites. However, I haven't tried the new ones. That's because the New World Spa at 1211 Race St is more than enough for me. There is one girl (currently called Angie), who is the cutest girl I've ever met at any of these places, and one of the best I've ever know anywhere! All the other girls there are very friendly and none seem jaded or just in it for the money,(though of course they are). I have seen 1201 Race mentioned as well, and although it is okay, I just happen to prefer the far easier acccess that 1211 offers. I should say, too, that because they're so close to the new convention center, they are extremely busy, with the result that the girls are very anxious to work there. Hence, the far more positive attitudes they have compared to too many other places. The prices are the usual, $40 for the house and up to $100 for full service. If you go I guarantee satisfaction. Tell them Michael sent you!
Subject: Philadelphia Recommendation Date: Mon, 9 Oct 1995 17:53:26 UTC For those of you looking for action in Philadelphia you might want to consider a place on Arch near just west of the Convention Center. Although it looks like just your typical seedy adult bookstore they offer what they call live peep shows downstairs. These can go beyond peepshows and for a grand total of $60 I got a great "show" in a totally enclosed private room which included the girl fingering herself, dildo fucking herself, and using anal beads, all right up close and personal. If that wasn't enough, also included was being able to finger her slit for a good long time; finally I got to come off all over her tits thanks to a good titrub. Definitely some of the raunchiest action to be found for $50. She mentioned that blowjobs ran $100 and included everything else - I'm sure that other services would be quite negotiable. For those of you who like statistics, there were 4 girls available that afternoon, 3 black 1 white - there may have been others who were "in use" judging by the numbers of closed doors. Girls ranged from 3-5 on the 10 point scale. Please post any other experiences in Philadelphia to the newsgroup.
Subject: Philiadelphia Story Date: Sun, 14 Jan 1996 00:10:33 UTC I had an interesting experience in Philadelphia lately. It was one of the most interesting visits to a spa I've ever had, for two reasons. First was the manner in which I found it. Second was the great sex I found once I got there! I had flown in earlier that evening, and had planned for several days to find some place to "play" while I was there. I had asked for suggestions on where to go in several of the newsgroups, and had gotten several replies. One reply suggested that I go to a place called "Gentleman's Retreat" which was on Ludlow street, a small street just around the corner from the Holiday Inn City Center. Another reply recommended "Lily's", an oriental spa. Unfortunately, neither message gave me a phone number. So the first thing I did was stop by an adult bookstore and pick up a copy of Action magazine. Neither place was listed, so I started calling the various incall apartments to see if I could setup an appointment (my preference). Unfortunately, all but one were closed, and that one was not taking any more appointments (it was only 10:30pm; the town sure does close down early!). So I was out of luck but still horny... I got back in my car and drove over to Ludlow street to see if I could pick out where "Gentlemen's Retreat" was. The street was deserted except for one door that was well lit and had a "Yes, We're Open" sign in the window. I asked a nearby cab driver and he told me that although he did not know the name of the place, he did know I could get a massage there. So I knocked and went in. I was greeted by an elderly Asian woman. I asked about the service and without answering, she called for a girl for me to see. The girl was beautiful! Typical short, dark haired oriental, but with a great figure. Nice curves, small waist, and nice looking breasts supported by a low cut bra underneath a see through top. Her name was Miyagi. Miyagi took me upstairs to a room. The room was better than most I had seen in Oriental spas. It has a pad on the floor that was nice and wide (plenty of room for two). The wall had a large mirror, and the room was nice and warm, which felt nice since it was cold outside. I asked about the service again and was told a massage was $40. I hinted around about any additional services, but got nowhere, so I was leery that it might be a rip-off. I normally don't visit oriental spas too often because I don't like to spend my money up front only to find 30 minutes later that either nothing is available or what is available is overpriced. But Miyagi was so sexy looking, and the room so inviting, I figured "what the hell... I'll risk $40 for a massage.". After undressing, she took me downstairs to the shower room where she gave me the typical (but very nice and sensual) table shower. I particularly liked how she soaped up my anus with her finger! We went back to the room and began the massage. I was not watching the clock real close, but it seemed like a nice long massage, probably around 30 minutes. I had already decided by that time that I had gotten my moneys worth even if nothing else was available. Miyagi finished, then got up to leave the room. She asked me if I wanted anything to drink, and I asked for a Coke. She left and told me to relax and stay comfortable. I really thought the visit was about over. When she returned, she sat down and asked if I needed anything else. I followed the lead and asked for full service. She told me it would cost $150. As I said I had already decided I was ahead from paying $40 for a very nice massage, and I did not want to pay a total of $190 for a single orgasm (I much prefer the hour session at an incall place where you can come twice in the hour). So I smiled and told her as nice as I could that $150 was too much, but that I had enjoyed it. I smiled a lot, told her I was sure it would be fun, but $100 was all I could spend. I asked how much a hand job would run, and was told $50. Again I paused as if in deep concentration about the offer (I was not going to pay $50 for a hand job either). She then told me that since it was my first time, she would give me the full service for $100. Most likely it was because she was a real professional at this, but somehow I had the impression that she wanted to fuck, and had therefore not given me the chance to accept the $50 hand job offer. I readily accepted, and let her know that I was very pleased. She left the room (still fully clothed, by the way). In a minute or two she came back, stood in front of me, and asked me to help undress her. I quickly complied with her wishes, removing clothes and caressing her body as I removed each article of clothing. The more clothes I removed, the better she looked! This was one beautiful woman! Once we were both completely nude, we spent 3 or 4 minutes hugging each other and caressing, both on our knees in front of the mirror. Eventually, she gently laid me back on the mat and began a sensual massage, this time with her in the nude (and with much more skin contact). She must have read my mind, because she made a beeline to my nipples. Sucking on my nipples is as effective at giving me a hard on as sucking on the head of my cock, and she seemed to know this instinctively. I was in heaven. From my nipples, she worked her way lower until she took my cock in her mouth. She was as good at that as she had been at everything else. She slowly licked up and down my shaft, around the head, gently sucked my balls, and licked underneath my balls (almost but not quite rimming me). What I really wanted by this point was to come, and I did not want to come anywhere but deep insider her. She crawled up on top of me and prepared to insert my cock into her pussy (she had slipped a condom on earlier). I watched and reveled in the sensation as she guided the head of my cock into her pussy, and lowered herself onto me and into my arms. She was very tight, but lubricated also. She began a very slow and sensual fucking motion on top of me. She would grind down on me until I was completely buried to the hilt, then raise back up so we could both enjoy the sensation of my cock slipping back and forth in her (apparently unused) birth canal. When I would thrust up into her, she would pause and allow me to take a few in and out thrusts. All through this time she was looking deeply into my eyes. The look in her eyes seemed to convey that either she was genuinely concerned that I enjoy the fucking to the max, or she was really enjoying it herself. Whatever the reason for that expression on her face, it was an expression I'll not soon forget. It was definitely the nicest look I've ever seen on a woman I've paid for sex. We fucked for several more minutes until finally I spewed my load deep into her pussy, holding her tight in my arms as I came. After I came, we relaxed, but she stayed in my arms laying on me until I had gone completely soft. We then disengaged, and she left the room to get a washrag. When she returned, she gently cleaned me up. As she cleaned me up (still in no apparent hurry), she asked if I would go back to my hotel and jerk off (her English was not too good and those were not her words, but I knew what she meant). I told her that I would. She said to think of her as I did, and that she was glad she got the first load. She also said that she wanted me to dream of being together that night, and that she would dream the same thing, and we would meet in our dreams. Now this might have been 100% bullshit, but it sure was a fantasy come true and was totally enjoyable. She even joked about me staying there for the night. Eventually, she dressed me, and I left with a smile on my face. Now the only unfortunate thing is this... I never found out the name of the spa, or even a phone number. I know where it is and I suppose that will have to do. It was one of the most enjoyable $140 experiences I have ever had in my life. If you are in the area, stop in and ask for her, and be prepared to receive a totally sensual and enjoyable sexual experience from a very beautiful woman.
Subject: two hot hookers Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 13:16:46 UTC We know of a great place to find two hot hookers. I'm talking horny and loose. They'll try anything and they aren't that expensive either. 12th and spruce on the corner near Camac Street Phila, PA 19107
Subject: Re: Philadelphia Street Action Date: Sat, 06 Apr 96 03:06:16 GMT >Does anyone know the areas where femme streetwalkers are working in >Philly? There on business, want to pick up on a working girl. When you get to Philly, pick up a copy of the Action newspaper. It lists the various incall establishments that are available, along with their current status (they're trying to "clean up Dodge" to attract convention trade). If you *really* want to do the "person-on-the-street" thing, cruise Broad Street south of Locust Street after about 9:00PM. Suffice it to say, it's not recommended -- you've been warned.
Subject: Philadelphia brothel experience Date: Thu, 4 Jul 1996 05:46:38 UTC I've got a detailed story to tell below, for those wondering what happens at an in-call brothel. I was in Philadelphia recently, having driven in on a very hot humid day. I'd read on the net about last year's crackdown there, and indeed in my last visit had found my favorite places burned down or closed. On that trip, I called someone listed in the "CityPaper" want-ads, but ended up paying $100 for a nude backrub, nothing more. I was sure the City of (Brotherly) Love could still offer sexual release. I had a few hours until my first meeting, so I stopped at an adult bookstore and bought the ACTION magazine. It was mostly pictures and ads for brothels and escorts in NYC, but I found some Philly sites. I called a couple and chose Julia and Friends. They offered 1/2 hour for $120, full hour for $200, and 2 girls for $300. I made an appointment for 45 mins later and got directions to a townhouse in a pleasant residential area near the river. Ashley greeted me at the door--freckled, fair-skinned redhead with very small breasts and a friendly demeanor. About a 6. She showed me to the living room, where Angel (white) and Tiffany (black) sat on the sofa. Angel was a definite dog--not more than a 3. But Tiffany was what I wanted--early 20s, tall, slim. Her breasts weren't large, but looked to offer my eager tongue plenty of opportunity for sucking and licking. An 8. Ashley collected my money (I went for the half-hour), and offered me a beer, soda, or iced-tea. Tiffany led me upstairs. Once in the room, she invited me to "get comfortable" while she left to get my drink. I undressed completely and looked around the room--a plain room, with TV & VCR, mattress on the floor, and sitting chair. I didn't see any tapes for the VCR, but Tiffany said later they had some. When she returned with my drink, she asked what I wanted. I was tense and hot from driving, so I said I would eventually want some sex, but for now wanted a backrub. She let the sex remark go by, and started rubbing me down, offering baby powder or oil if I wanted it. As she gave a nice gentle massage, I asked if tipping was allowed. (obviously, I should have asked this before making the appointment--but sometimes I forget.) She said it depends on what I want, but yes, it's allowed. But she offered no additional information. Gradually I was relaxing. She asked what I was thinking--I believe she was, quite honestly, offering 2 options: general conversation or sex. Guess what I chose? I said I was thinking of gently sucking her breasts and a nice simple fuck. Would a $40 tip be enough, I asked? After a moment, she said yes. Then she said she doesn't negotiate--just says yes or no. A few minutes later, back rub done, I rolled over, she took off her bra, and straddled me, as I began working on her breasts. They were pleasantly soft, with nipples that gradually stiffened as I licked, sucked, and fondled them. Gradually, my hands wandered around her back, her ass, and her cunt. She moaned and sighed as I played with her. I have no illusions that she was really feeling pleasure--but at least the sounds were more than mechanical. Eventually, she moved away, removed her stockings and remaining lingerie. She rolled a condom over me and suggested I get on top. But I wasn't ready for the fuck yet. I started more sucking and (after asking if it was ok) began to lick her cunt. I mentioned she was black. But the skin inside her cunt was the most beautiful and bright pink. Licking and sucking it gave me all kinds of pleasure. Finally I climbed up and entered her. I always withdraw quickly, to keep from cumming. After more licking and sucking, I had her kneel on the floor, leaning over the bed. I entered from behind. The pressure on my cock was just right and I had a truly pleasing interval of pumping and reaching around to fondle her breasts from behind. I had a most intense cum, shaking and shuddering through many thrusts. When I finally pulled out, Tiffany added to my pleasure by turning and offering me her cunt and tits for a final lick and squeeze. When I was sated, she got a towel to wipe me off, then led me to the bathroom for a shower. (I took my wallet with me.) She returned to the bedroom as I was dressing, continuing pleasant conversation. I gave her the "tip" then, which she'd never specifically asked for. As I left, I saw her checking the position of doors and people, making sure other customers and I didn't see each other. I'd hoped to return the next day for a 2-girl session, but a rescheduled meeting prevented that. Still, on my next Philly visit, I'll be sure to call again.
Subject: Hi! Philly update (small) Date: Sat, 4 May 1996 14:19:32 UTC Philadelphia May 96 Penns Port Pub (Delaware Ave) "Topless", Full bar. The girls there show it all, not all of them are great looking, but they are passable. After dancing/striping/rolling around/fingering themselves, the girl walks along the top of the bar, showing her goodies, and collecting her loot. Interesting arrangement for PA. The wildest "bar" in Philly without a doubt. Teasers has better looking women, but if Teasers is Playboy, Penns Port is definately High Society/Hustler. Definately a wild time. Show N Tel All nude, no alcohol. Nude dancers in the main room, stage behind the bar. Full adult bookstore out front. Session girls in the middle. Sessions can be expensive and a big disappointment. I tried the two girl show for $140. You aren't allowed to touch nipples or nookies, when you reach for the nipples, they put their hand over it. Two girls play with each other (mostly simulated), the "hilight" is the "bump and grind". B&G is one girl with panties, you in your undies+condom, and she simulates sex through the two pairs of undies. Unless you have a hair trigger, this isn't completely satisfying. While one was B&Ging, the other was seated across the room working herself over with a dildo. $15 entrance fee, skip the overpriced, undersexed sessions. I won't be going back.
Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 16:36:39 UTC For those in Philly, who are deciding between oriental massage parlors, here is one opinion. Two on Race Street behind Convention Center. 1201 is Natural Garden and 1211 is New World. I have done both. Visited 1211 in June 1995. The girl was Jennifer, oriental (about a 5 to 6, young, slim but with a little paunch belly) Received a sauna, bath, and a massage. she asked what else I wanted. I took the full service. She placed a condom and sucked me for awhile then mounted me till I came. I fondled her breasts, but she didnt want my finger in her cunt. It appeared to be loaded with KY Jelly. Nothing spectacular; paid $40 for massage and $100 for extra. Visited 1201 in May 1996. Girl was Penny, again oriental. she was a 7-8. Nice features, great body about 110 lbs, young, well conditioned, nice firm breasts. She wore jewelry around her waist, nice touch. Very lookable body. I received a sauna, bath and massage before she asked if I wanted something special. I took full service again. She asked me to lie on my stomach, when she returned, she began to moan and lick my ear; then she moved down and tongued my ass. She pulled my dick down (ouch) and began sucking on it (no condom). She turned me over and sat on my chest so I could play with her breasts (nice). She kept saying my name. She flipped over to the 69 position and began blowing me with her cunt in my face ( I fingered her clit, and licked her pussy) She seemed to enjoy her work; I was about to explode; so I stopped. She sat up and mounted me facing the other way. She rode me for about 90 seconds before I came. She seemed truly disappointed! The amazing thing to me was that I had masturbated twice that day and drank four pints of beer before going in order to dull my senses. I was afraid I had overdone it, but no way. I couldn't control it with her. Her only mercenary remark was to ask me to stay another hour which I had to decline. She completely dressed me and brushed my hair (all this was a little embarrassing) and told me when I came back she would go slower . She did seem genuinely disappointed; I felt bad about not giving her a chance to get off!) I am a little ambivalent about the fact that she didn't use a condom; but at the time, I was in no condition to address that. Penny was great; I paid $40 for the massage and $100 for extras. So a direct comparision is available. Guess who I chose! Please keep anonymous.
Subject: Philadelphia area Date: Fri, 31 May 1996 02:20:14 UTC Thanks to the contributors to this page for the details info regarding many different establishments. Here is my contribution describing experiences in Philadelphia area Asian establishments. I prefer the Asian places, partly from bad experiences with American women at these places but mostly because I find the Asian women extremely attractive. Anyway, here's where I've been and what I think: Sun Health Spa (Conshohocken PA) - $40 door fee for one hour includes body shampoo, sauna (sometimes), and massage. The spa is staffed by mostly older (30-50 yr old) Korean women, on the 3-6 scale. Nice clean facility, with small spartan rooms. The door fee gets a body shampoo and a good to excellent massage. Another $40 will get you a handjob. Your attendant keeps her clothes on, but will usually allow you to touch a little bit. On a slow day, sometimes two women will massage together, which would be nice if they didn't talk to each other in Korean while they worked. My best experience there was when during the handjob my attendant raised her blouse and gave me a great titfuck. I was so shocked I came in about 10 seconds. Unfortunately, on my next visit, not only was the women no longer there, but no one recognized her name. Warrington Oriental Salon (Warrington PA) - Big disappointment. $40/30 min or $60/1 hr. I chose the 30 minutes and was given an older (45?) woman, who gave a passable body shampoo and massage. A topless handjob was $60, which was hurried and unemotional. I won't go back. Sunshine Oriental Spa (Jenkintown) - My favorite place. $40/1 hr door fee gets you a body shampoo and massage. You don't get to pick the girl. The first two visits I had Suigi, a 25 year old Korean woman, about 5' 7", maybe 34-23-35. What I liked about both women, especially Suigi, is that they seem genuinely affectionate. They hold your hand on the way to the shampoo, or to the sauna, give a big hug on the way out the door, etc. Little things, but important to me. Suigi gave an OK body shampoo, followed by an OK massage. Both visits, I opted for a blowjob for a $60 tip. The system is - you pay in advance, and then Suigi would leave for a few minutes to get protection. She would then return and lower the lights. On my first visit, she just stripped in front of me. On the second, I stood up and undressed her, kissing her neck and caressing her tits. After a minute, she said, "Lie down... let me make you happy," which I willingly did. Suigi began by licking the soles of my feet, then my thighs, and then working up to my nipples. She then worked her way back to my balls, licking my balls and the areas around my crotch. She then slipped a condom over my cock and started sucking me off. As I approached a climax, she moved back to my crotch and my nipples, allowing me to catch my breath for a minute. I mentioned to Suigi how much I would like to lick her, she turned around to the 69 position, and I ate her while she sucked me until I came. After shooting my load, she would cuddle for a few minutes before cleaning me up. I think that Suigi left, because the last two times I've been to Sunshine I was given June after requesting Suigi. June is a little older (28?) and fleshier (36D-26-35) then Suigi. Both times with June I tipped $100 for "everything". The first time was very rushed and impersonal, partly from her, partly from my inexperience with the whole thing. The second time was much better. She rubbed my cock with her tits, sucked me for a few minutes, and then we fucked slowly in three different positions until I came. While I far preferred Suigi, June was OK too. The other nice thing about Sunshine was that being in the suburbs, I don't have to deal with the Philly parking/transportation hassle. Based on other postings to this site, the prices seem comparable. If I broaden my horizons, I'll post again.
Subject: T&Y closed Date: Sat, 1 Jun 1996 04:50:15 UTC Another one bites the dust in Philadelphia, most of what I read recently has a needs an addendum. T&Y at 15th and Callowhill Streets is now closed, that is the most recent closing. But Bella Femina closed late last summer or early spring; the surrounding community had been ensuing the issue for quite a while and if i'm correct then BF must only remain closed for a certain number of years.
Subject: Re: Philadelphia area prostitutes, where are they? Date: Wed, 15 May 1996 12:22:44 GMT The streetwalkers used to be, and it has been awhile, about 10 to 15 blocks south of Market to the East of Broad St. 13th st. seems to sound familiar to me. Like I said though it has been awhile, but things don't usually change that much especially in this game. I never liked Philly much for prostitution. You had to look too hard and the results were always mediocre and the prices high. Watch yourself if you are doing the car sex thing. The areas that you would park in can be dangerous. Try to go to a parking lot. It will cost some extra but at least you don't have to worry about some fool sticking a gun in your window and catching you with your guard down among other things. As far as cat houses go there, I have never felt the need after seeing what they charged on the street. Hell, if you are in Bucks and are going to travel all the way to Philly just make a night of it and head to Atlantic City. Some nice looking girls there that charge $100 if you have a room. Don't know what the main drag is called but look about 10 to 15 blocks north of the convention center after 12am. There is a White Castle where they all seem to congregate. Some tasty looking women there. Good luck.
Subject: Philadelphia Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 22:04:32 UTC Ditto on the Sunshine Oriental Spa at 111 Old York Road in Jenkintown. Great place and great service. Jade, a barely legal oriental princess, was just adorable. Prices in Philly seem to be pretty standard --$40 at the door, 40 for hand, 60 for head, and 100 for full service. Whats nice about this place is that its in a safe suburb just inside of Montgomery County. Sun Light (formerly Ginga) at 1112 Sanson St. nice too. Quality of girls a little lower but the service made up for it. Tina gave a great profession massage and an excellent head job. A real hours worth. Check for the coupon in the free papers for 25% ($10) off. She showed me around and was real polite and friendly. Afterwards she introduced me to the Mamasan and the other 3 girls. Philly has got to be the best place in the USA for oriental spas. Everyone else has pretty much summed up the execellence in Philly.
Subject: Philiadelphia contribution Date: 19 Dec 1996 23:13:04 EDT I would like to contribute a write-up about a recent visit to an Oriental massage place in Philiadelphia. I don't know the name of the place or it's phone number, but I can tell you how to get there: Starting at the Holiday Inn in City Center, go out the front door (Market Street I think) and take a right. Turn right at the first street (don't know the name) and walk about 1/2 block to the first street on the right, which is Ludlow Street. Turn right. About 50 yards or so down Ludlow Street, look for a building on the left hand side that has a floodlight on its front steps, no visible markings, and a small sign inside the window stating something like "Yes, We're Open". That's the place. As I entered, I was greeted by the woman in charge. I told her I was interested in a massage, and asked how much. She said $50 for one hour, including body shampoo, sauna, and massage, and I said OK. She called (I suppose) the next girl in line and introduced her; her name was something like Jeanna. As with many Oriental women, it was hard to tell exactly how old she was; could have been anywhere from 25 to 45, but I'd guess in the low 30's. A little on the skinny side, but still a nice and attractive woman. She took me and led me upstairs to a room. The room was small and dimly lit (or to do it more justice, "sensually" lit). It had a pad on the floor, a mirror on the wall, a small table with a lamp and massage paraphenelia on it, and a small space heater (although the room felt quite comfortable as it was). I asked if I should pay then, but she said no. She helped get me undressed, then wrapped me with a towel and took me downstairs to the sauna. As she left me in the sauna, she asked if I wanted anything to drink. I asked for water. She left and returned shortly with the water, inquired about whether the sauna was too hot, etc., then left to prepare the table shower. After a short while (long enough to enjoy the sauna but not long enough to get irritated that I was spending my 1 hour alone...), she returned and led me into the table shower room. It was clean and quite functional, and she proceeded to give me a rather typical table shower with nice, warm water. Soaped me up, etc. The norm for an Oriental massage place. She then dried me up and led me back up to the session room. When we got to the room she left me alone and went and changed, then returned and closed the door. She asked if I was interested in any "extras". I was a little suprised, as I expected to get into the massage before further negotiations were started. But at the same time I was relieved, as this was the signal that more was available, so I didn't have to experience a nice massage distracted by the worry that I wouldn't be able to go any further. I said "yes, I am interested in more; what is available?". She was direct and to the point and said "full service is $120". This also suprised me (her directness). I asked (even though I knew the answer) "does that include the $50 or is that extra?" to which she said "extra". I paused and indicated that $170 was a little more than I expected (it was), and she immediately said "but since this is your first time, $100" (plus the $50 session fee). I agreed and gave her the money. She instructed me to lie on my face on the pad. I mentioned above that she had changed, but not into what. She had changed into a very thin see through bathrobe. I could see the (nice) curves of her body through this robe, and needless to say it was a turn on. She joined me on the mat and began a nice, slow massage of my back and shoulders. At my request, hard at first, then soft later on. After perhaps 10 or 15 minutes of massage, she told me to roll over on my back, which I did. As I was doing this, she said she was hot, and I suggested she take off the robe, which she did. She let it slide to the floor and I got my first good look at her totally nude body, and it was nice... as I said she was a little on the skinny side, but I'm not one that is really into great big fleshy hips or boobs, so I didn't mind. She leaned over me and started massaging my chest, and I started exploring her curves with my hands. She had nice soft skin, and I enjoyed touching her. I got progressively "personal" with her until I was teasing the nipples on her breasts with my fingers, and she was responding nicely. I finally reached up and guided her down until she was lying beside me and our bodies were touching, and I was able to continue the massage of her body with my hands but was also able to start using my tongue and lips, breathing on her neck, behind her ears, etc., doing whatever I could to turn her on. She was responding very nicely, with heavy breathing, nice moans at appropriate times, etc. She started whispering to me some phrase that I can't remember exactly right now. It was something like "I want to make love with my mouth", or something like that. But you get the picture. I was getting into this nicely at this time, but wanted to draw it out so I continued breathing behind her ear and whispering. As I was doing this, my hand was positioned above her mound and I slowly slid a finger into her only to find (to my delight) that this woman (or rather her pussy) was totally, 110% soaked with juices. When I felt this I knew what I wanted and whispered into her ear "I want to taste your pussy; can I eat your pussy?" and she agreed. So I began slowly working my way down in that direction. Jeanna continued the little sounds and body movements that made me feel like I was really giving her some nice pleasure, which makes me really feel good. Evenutally after some appropriate oral teasing, sucking of nipples, etc., I positioned myself between her legs and began to lick and taste her sopping wet pussy. And it was nice! Neatly trimmed, and VERY wet! And of course the best thing of all was the way she was responding; she was into this! It may have been "just a job" to her but she was a person that really enjoyed her work; no way she could hide that; her pussy was just too wet and tasty to leave any doubt in my mind!. I continued to work her over until either (a) she started faking an orgasm, or (b) she really got into it and started cumming. It was probably (a), but the only reason I say that is because I was in fact paying her, so that make me skeptical. But other than that one fact, every other fact indicated that she was hot and horny, and that I was getting her off in a most delicious fashion using my tongue. Eventually she started tugging on me to get me to come back up on top of her, whispering fuck requests, etc. I complied, and she slipped a condom on me. I hovered above her and held my cock in my hand, then slowly slid it into her nice, wet, freshly eaten out pussy. I fed it all the way in and we started fucking, me on top, her on the bottom doing some nice responding and matching of each of my thrusts with her pelvic thrusts. She was a fun woman to fuck! This of course had me really, really hot, and I felt the "beginning of the end" feelings rather quickly. To slow this down, I pulled out and said "you get on top of me and fuck me". She was very gently annoyed for breaking the rythm of the moment but compiled; I rolled over and she guided my cock back inside of her pussy and started riding me up and down. One of the nice things about this fucking with her on top was that she watched my face and eyes very closely. This made things all the more intense for me, the way we were looking into each others eyes as our cock and pussy pounded in and out of each other. For a short while during this fucking I raised my chest off of the mat and held her close to my body, still fucking as I did so. Finally I reached the point of no return and thrusted deep inside of her lifting her small, light body off of the map as I spewed my load inside of her. As my orgasm subsided, I lay back on the mat and Jeanna leaned forward to cuddle up with me and lay her head on my shoulder as my cock grew soft inside her. It really felt like I was with a lover, not a professional sex worker. We lay there for awhile letting our breath and heartbeats get back to a more normal level. She then got off of me, put the robe on and left the room to return with a warm bath cloth. She cleaned me up, then I stood and started putting on my clothes. She helped me with dressing. As we did this and she straighted the room, she told me that I was a nice lover. She said that many guys don't know how to make love to a woman, but that I did. I expressed my thanks, and indicated that seeing a woman have a great time while in bed with me was a great turnon and hence was a major objective anytime I was in bed playing. Dressed by this point, she asked me to come see her again the next night if I could. Later I thought that I should have asked her whether if I came back the next day would the price be the same. It's best that I didn't, because if she had said the price would be the same, it would have crushed my male ego and taken away some of the enjoyment and intensity I had just felt while fucking her. I left with great memories of an intense and sensual fuck with a petite and sensual woman. I will eagerly await the next opportunity I have to return to this fair establishment. So my recommendation to you is to check this place out, be a gentleman, and pay a reasonable price. Once you've done this, I think you'll be rewarded by a nice, slow, pleasurable fuck that will be well worth every penny. Enjoy!
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 1997 04:02:32 -0800 Subject: [ASP] Philadelphia Escorts I've had about 4-5 experiences with escorts while in Philly on business in the past year. Other than the sex mags, you can easily find contacts in the Yellow Pages under Escorts. Going rate is about $175/hr. (no-tip required), and the women usually stay for the full hr.. I can't recommend any particular agency as being head or tails above the rest, but I have never been disappointed with one (I respectfully won't mention the #, but see the add with the pump and rose). The women they have sent have always been pleasant company, 5-6s on looks, but very sensuous. I like to get intimate with these ladies, which many professionals will shy away from. However, since many of the ladies that work for this agency are fairly new to the biz, they sometimes 'stretch the rules'. I enjoy pleasuring these women moreso than just getting my own rock off, and I have enjoyed sensuous french kissing, exploring their bodies with my mouth, licking their pussies and drinking their cum. It has always made my experiences with them more enjoyable and they seem more than open to it. I almost got one to spend the night (during a snow storm) as we cuddled for almost an hour after the official clock ran out. Not once have I ever felt rushed or dissatisfied. You will not find 8-10s in Philly, but you can get great company and great sex even if you're not into the massage parlors (although I'm not putting that down). Stay away from the street scene since that is currently dominated by TVs, druggies and vice cops (particularly on Broad St./Ludlow area).
Subject: [ASP] Review: Philadelphia Massage Date: 12 Jan 1997 08:34:44 GMT Just ended up a whirlwind tour of a few cities in the east and finally had a chance to "relax" by the time I hit Philly. Made a few calls to the usual outcall places (I have always had great experiences with "Full Moon") but everyone seemed to be swamped and out of available girls - odd for a Thursday night. Decided to drive into town and visit the "Toy" massage spa in the 1400 block of Callowhill. I have always received decent service there in the past. Buzzed in at the hard to find front door and, as usual, the manager (older Korean woman) greeted me on the stairs before I could enter the actual facility. She asked if I had been there before, what girl I had seen, etc. I generally get grilled pretty good here. It had been about 6 months since my last visit to Toy so I couldn't remember the girl's name. I don't know if this spooked the lady or not but she suddenly said "no girl's here tonight". Her english isn't great but I think she was trying to tell me that all her girls took off a few days before. This is highly unlikely, I think I just seemed too flakey and she thought I was a cop (I've been told that I have that law enforcement look to me before). OK, plan B. Recently read a report in WSG of a similar place over behind the Holiday Inn on Market. The poster had related a good experience with a girl named Jeanna in late December (nicely written BTW). I walked into this same place a few years ago and it was so dirty and smelly that I had left immediately. But, what the hell, I decided to check it out. I'm pretty sure this place is called Happiness Oriental Spa. It's damned easy to miss if you don't know where to look. It's on Ludlow behind the Holiday Inn, no sign, just a few steps leading up to a door next to a window with an "OPEN" sign in it. You go in and there's another door immediately inside where you ring in. Rang the bell and was ushered in by manager #2. Place looked a lot better than last time - pretty standard stuff for the Philly massage scene. One nice touch: a big fish tank with those huge mutant goldfish swimming around. Begin grilling #2 of the evening: Have I been there before? I lied and said yes (figured I could fake it based on the recent post in WSG). Said I had seen Jeanna and would like to again. I was told that Jeanna was off tonight but that there were "lots of other nice girls working". One confusing thing here: I have NEVER been in a massage place where they didn't take the house fee ($40-$50) almost immediately after coming in. At this point she had clearly decided that I was OK and was going in back to get me a girl without any mention of money. This really threw me off. She pops out a few seconds later with "Lily". Very nice. Mid 20's, 5'2", fairly dark skin (didn't look Korean - Thai?) maybe 103 pounds, very trim. Nice ass, tight, nice breasts, 33C, natural, no evidence of childbirth. An exceptional find, face:7, body:8-9, personalty:9, english:7. We go upstairs. There are two upper floors, both with 3-4 customer rooms each. Rooms are nicely done for Philly. Looked like remodeling within the last year or two. After conversing with Lily for a few minutes it's obvious that if you say you've been here before you are clearly expected to know the drill concerning $$. After your first time you pay both the door fee ($50) and any tip ($100 for full service appears to be standard) in the room right before the Main Event. Get into my towel and back downstairs for my table shower. She did the usual looking around corners thing to be sure that no clients see each other. In a busy place like this one it really is kind of amusing to watch. Fair table shower, no terribly suggestive contact. Back upstairs. OK, fork over the $$, she takes it downstairs and comes back to begin the massage. Good massage, takes direction well and willing to chit-chat if you like that sort of thing (which I do). After a while (no hurry) I slip her clothes off with no objection. We stroll through the standard sequence (manual, oral, position #1, position #2, etc.) at a leisurely pace. Good performance on her part, willing to please, very physical, strong verbal reinforcement. I finish up and we lay there a few minutes. She get's up and does the warm towel thing. Once again no hurry, which I really appreciate. We talk a little. She's there on some kind of rotation schedule. This visit lasts until the 26th of January, then she's gone for a few weeks and then back again. She says they don't let kids (early 20's) in on weekends because they're usually drunk and not worth the hassle. Their ad says they're open 24 hours but they really close up around 3:00. Very nice. So nice that I came back two days later. Same basic quality except that she remembered me so the table shower was quite a bit more provocative and the sex was more intense. I tipped an extra $20 at the end this time. >From what I saw over two days there appear to be 4-5 girls working most of the time. I had direct contact with 3 of them, ranges 5-9. I was told by Lily that they are good about telling you who's there or not if you call ahead. I also saw at least one customer get taken in back to make his choice from several girls. Not every place does this and I view it as an almost essential plus. The number of massage places in Philly is on the rise again and it might be time for another purge in the great law enforcement cycle. The paranoia in these places is at a much higher level then a year ago. So if you do make a visit be cool and make it clear what you want so you don't look like a cop.
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 1997 16:35:16 -0500 (EST) I have spent a lot of time in Philadelphia, where I have used Chris Miller's outcall service. This a very high-end ($400 for 1 1/2 hours) service. Chris advertises very discreetly in the Philadelphia magazine personals. Her phone number is (215) 988-XXX1, and she always answers the phone herself. Before she will refer girls to you, Chris meets with you and checks you out, also explaining the service. Her girls are all first-rate. Great looking, very sophisticated/educated, with good personalities. They are also all great in bed -- they know exactly what to do and are good at it. I have seen 12-15 different girls, and they have all voluntarily moved quickly into oral sex (both ways) and intercourse. None have refused kissing; they all require condoms for intercourse, but not for oral. When I am planning a trip to Philly, I call Chris a day or two ahead, and she set up an appointment.
Subject: [ASP] Review of Fuji in Philly, a great time Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 06:31:40 -0800 As always, please send me an e-mail that you saw this item. My news reader still misses about one half the articles that are posted. And of course, I appreciate comments. The readers of ASP provide great information. A lot has been written about the city of love, Philadelphia. On different visits to downtown I went to places listed in the phone book, but I was always turned off by the premises or the ladies who answered the door. I understand their need to be cautious, but when they say: "Whadya want?" it is very hard to answer: "I want to get laid." And if I say "I want to get screwed." I probably will. On a recent trip I picked up the alternative newspaper. I cannot remember the name, but it is available in different places down town - you have to look around. I first noticed the paper at a diner when I was having a quick sandwich. I looked through the ads for massage and noted a couple addresses. I usually expect to go to several places before something strikes me as what I want. This time I was wrong. The first place I visited was the Fuji Spa, 1900 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, 215-564-4840. The woman (girl) who answered the door was beautiful! She was Korean, and although she had implants (I don't like them) she was so sexy, I decided that there was no need to look any further. She was very pleasant, friendly, and invited me inside in a very seductive way. I was in love. Her American name is Esther. She asked if this was my first visit to Fuji, and although I usually say "No", the truth came out and I said "Yes." She wanted to know if I'd ever been to any other massage spa, and I answered yes. We were off to the races. The massage room was very nice, with a low massage table. I prefer a bed, but I know local law enforcement often dictates custom. I gave her the entrance fee for one hour - $60.00 and I was left to get comfortable (naked). She came back, took me down to the table shower, and gave a sensuous scrubbing. We talked a bit, and I practiced a few Korean words I've learned from workers at other places. We got along great. Back at the room she asked if I wanted anything else, and guess what? I said "Yeah boy, do I ever!" She asked for $140.00 and I offered $100.00. The middle ground of $120.00 was quickly reached, and she went off with the money. The massage was outstanding, except she wouldn't let me go down on her. I really like cunnilingus, but her talents soon made me forget my disappointment. She found places on my body that I did not even know about, and she certainly knew how to touch them. She couldn't have been more than 30 (and like all Korean women she looks younger), but she'd learned her lessons well. WOW!! We all know oral with a condom can be dull, but Esther made it better than ever. She squatted on one of my legs, and while she was doing oral she rocked her pubic hair on my leg, and her hands were touching the greatest places. Did I say WOW! I've never been brought so close by getting head with a condom. She was very gentle and tender, in a loving way, and soon we were in the missionary position. I wanted to try other positions, but as she continued to touch these incredible places on my body, all I wanted to do was experience the climax. And did I ever. I used my rudimentary Korean to tell her how much I liked it, and she giggled like a little girl. I get excited now just thinking about it. She was an experienced woman, but it was like making love to a girl friend. When we were done, she gently washed me (and here was the one downfall), and told me she usually gets $140.00 for full service. Again, I'm not naive, but the referal back to the business end of the deal was like an ice cube. But I promised to give her more on my next visit. On the way out, she introduced me to one of the other workers, and I immediately got hard. I wanted to go again with the second person, but alas, it was time to go to my meeting. The next time I'm in Philly, I'll be at the Fuji. The women move around a lot, so Esther won't be there, but given the kind of place this is, it has to be good...even on an off day. On the other hand, can anybody recommend any good independents in Philly? It sure appears to be the city of love.
Subject: [ASP] Philly In-Call Review Date: 11 Feb 1997 18:03:00 GMT to stop lurking and contribute (A big hint to you fellow perverts). Since this is my first post, I've decided to write about my favorite house in Philly. Maybe latter I'll post something about some of the "less great" places. In the meantime, I'd love to see (mail or post) more information on independent girls in the Philly area. This is a story about a recent visit I made to Babylon Revisited, an exclusive (but not expensive) in-call outfit in Philly. When I called for my appointment, I couldn't make up my mind who to see based on the phone descriptions, so I postponed my decision until after had a chance to look over my options up close and personnel. Usually there are 3 to 6 girls working a shift, this time was no exception. I decided on Maria whom I had never seen before. Maria is a local girl, vaguely Italian looking, 5'5", 115 lb., a drop dead smile, long black hair, and HUGE, real (really) tits. Some days I like my women with bite-sized mounds, some days I prefer Mount St Helen types, this was definitely looking to be a volcanic day! I was escorted to on of the three clean, tastefully decorated bedrooms on the lower floor of the apartment. After handing over an hour's fee, I was invited to take a shower in the attached bath. A quick soap-up, rinse, and towel dry and I had a very short wait for Maria to reappear. She dropped her outer clothes, and was left wearing a lacy bra and panties. We started with her climbing on my back and giving me a very relaxing massage. Eventually I turned over and removed her bra exposing the biggest, most perfect, pair of 100% natural tits that I have ever had the pleasure of molesting. They held their shape without sagging, yet were delightfully soft, with large nipples. After a few minutes of absorbing these I was more than ready as Maria reached over for a condom and gently slid it over my cock, beginning a fantastic blowjob. She had me so excited, that I came quick, and hard. Maria removed the bulging rubber, gave a quick clean up, and immediately started playing with my still firm rod, getting it hard as rock in no time. Now she climbed on top and proceeded to ride me for all she was worth. With those monstrous mammories banging in my face, I was in heaven. After a few minutes, we reversed positions, she continuing to bang away with incredible energy. Again, I came with a roar. We collapsed into each others arms and lay panting for a few minutes. Again, she cleaned me up gently. But-the hour wasn't up yet. She hand pumped my member once more and tit fucked me until I sprayed what juice I had left all over those gorgeous breasts. It was finally time to shower again and go about my business, weak-kneed but very happy. Every time I have been to this place it has been the same high quality service by a girl who seems genuinely happy to see me. Other girls to check out are Vannassa, a tall thin Spanish girl, Sunni a thin redhead, who screws like a demon, and Tracy a buxom blonde who is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. I've never seen a girl here who looked like a druggie or had a chip on her shoulder. The fee is $170/hr $140/half hour, or if you like two girls they can be had for $270/hour (try it you'll like it). Tips are never asked for, but you might be more popular on your next visit if you leave your cuddle partner a little something extra after the session. This is a very private place, and are not always accepting new clients. I doubt they will entertain out-of-towners. They will want to see a photo ID on your first visit, they don't write down any of the info, by they do keep track of their customers by name and code number. Don't bother going here if you have an "attitude". I've overheard the girls discussing customers as they called, and if you're a jerk, trust me, the available selection will be small. If you're interested you can find their number in several of the tabloid sex guides at any porno shop in the area.
Subject: [ASP] Philly Escort Services Date: Tuesday, 25 February, 1997 11:08 AM On a few recent business junkets to Philadelphia, I've sampled the offerings of three escort services that were recommended to me by acquaintances and/or WSG. Philly seems to have some great services - never been stuck with a bad attitutde or a rip-off (although I'm sure they exist) and all the girls have been really first rate. Full Moon Agency - Ask for Mya. She's 20 or 21, 5'-8" or 9", long, light brown hair, great legs, great ass, and very hot. Says she dances at some of the gentlemen's clubs in town. She came up with two really great lines while we were together. First, she looked up at me and, without removing mine from her mouth, said "I just love to suck cocks." Then, when I asked her favorite position, she replied "I like it doggie-style and I like it rough." The girl is worth the $175/hour (no tips asked for, but how could you not offer her one?) Other girls from Full Moon have been uniformly excellent. Glamor Girls - have only seen one lady from here - a petite (5'-1" or so) brunette named Patty. Nice figure, great personality and best of all, she seemed to believe that it was her job to keep my dick hard and in either her mouth or pussy for the entire time we were together. Great work ethic. $10 or $15 less than Full Moon, and I don't know about overall quality of the ladies. American Beauties - Saw one lady several months ago. A tall, slender (but well built) lady (early 30's) with auburn hair named Dawn. Very attractive, very oral, and fun to be with. $175/hour. Hope to find an excuse for another "business trip" to Philadelphia soon!
Subject: [ASP] Review: Philly Incall/Outcall Date: 6 Mar 1997 02:57:42 GMT Spent a good part of last week in Philly and thought I'd share some info on a couple of places... Having most recently reviewed "Happiness Oriental Spa" (on Ludlow behind the Holiday Inn) and given it a positive score I returned there at my first opportunity. Unfortunately the previously reviewed "Lily" had moved on. I looked through the half dozen available ladies without seeing anyone that I would rate over a 5, very disappointing. I remembered hearing about a place on the next street down that runs parallel to Ludlow (Ranstead?). Walked down a block and starting searching for likely looking doors. Turned out it was pretty easy to spot, the doorway has little walls sticking out from the building so nobody can see you while your standing there waiting for someone to answer the bell. The place was really nice inside, a big waiting area with couches, etc. They had 7 girls working and all looked better to me than the ones up the block at "Happiness". Selected a lady and went upstairs, nothing fabulous but alright overall. Price was $50 at the door then another $120 in the room. A little steep, I'll probably bargain better next time. They give you a membership card when you leave so they'll know you're OK next time around. Based on a review in ASP decide to try "Fuji" at 1900 Chestnut the next day. Alas, Fuji is no more. Looks to have been closed down quite recently, the space is vacant and for rent. Went the outcall route on the weekend. Called the Full Moon agency as I have always been pleased with their service before. They recommended Stephanie as the "Star of the Week" which means she was supposedly the most requested over the last month. If you like the loud, east-coast type then Stephanie is for you. She's nice enough but talks more than any woman I've ever met. Again a major disappointment. Full Moon's rates are $175 flat. Overall, not a great trip. Anyone care to share any info on prime talent in DC? Heading there soon.
Subject: [ASP] Report: Philadelphia / San Diego Escort Service Date: 27 Jun 1997 16:40:43 GMT In Philly last weekend, I had a problem with a couple of my old reliable services. Not enough girls to deal with the amount of business, running late, etc. Finally decided to try "American Beauties" a service I'd never tried. They sent Shane, a 23 year old, dark blonde, 5-4, very thin, but very nicely built. Hourly rate is $200 which is a little high for Philly. Then she wanted a tip, a first for me in Philadelphia and I told her I hadn't expected to tip up front. She said she normally works for the same agency in San Diego and tips are normal procedure there. We settled on $50 for half-and-half, and I'm glad we did. In addition to a very nice personality, Shane gave an incredible condomless blowjob, very enthusiastic, and very good technique. She climbed on top to finish me and really got the job done. Shane's back in San Diego by now, so look her up if you're there. I imagine it would take a larger tip, but she's worth it.
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 00:07:06 -0400 (EDT) Subject: The Philadelphia scene I'm only an occasional visitor to Philadelphia brothels, so it's hard for me to keep track of what's happening on the local scene. That's why it was great to find this site. I only hope more guys will find it and share what they know. Generally, my routine is to check out the City Paper, although its classifieds seem to be increasingly full of ads from "pre-op trans-sexuals" (read: guys) You have to be prepared to do a lot of calling (not from your home phone!) and to walk away from a place when the door opens and the girl is a bow-wow. I walked out of two places before my last experience in June. It's now Oct. 13 - like I said, I'm an infrequent user -- and that apartment (near the Adam's Mark hotel on City Line Avenue) has already disappeared. Too bad, because otherwise I would have filled you in on a pretty 23-year-old blonde who called herself Megan. Since the place has disappeared, I won't bore you, but more active guys might look for a girl with a two-inch Celtic cross tattoed just above the crack in her ass. I had the pleasure of watching this lovely behind move up and down?up and down?up and down as "Megan" sat astride me (facing my feet) and rode my cock. Oh, what a sight! I also want to recommend another missing girl - a VERY busty Italian 20-year-old named Maria - who was mentioned in an earlier post as working at Babylon Revisited. This sounds like a girl I had in February 1996 at the (now closed) High Society. At the time, she wasn't quite as enthusiastic as the earlier writer described her, perhaps because she had just gotten started in the business that week. (That's what she said, anyway.) Hope it wasn't me! Anyway, that young lady's chest was fabulous! I distinctly remember: - The impression of having my face and chest batted with those huge pillows when Maria got on top. - Glancing up from between Maria's legs as I ate her out and seeing her pretty face - eyes closed, mouth open, slowly licking her lips - framed between those twin peaks. I could have spent the entire hour having sex with her breasts but, guess what?, I didn't! Anyone who knows where this girl is working now will have my undying gratitude. (After reading the earlier post, I called Babylon and Maria, alas, is history there, too.) Also: a question. Has anyone visited a house in Willow Grove called Corporate Companions? Some months back, the cover of the PA Sex Guide featured a pretty redhead named Taylor, perched on a lawn chair offering her behind to the camera. Unfortunately, the story said Corporate Companions was a massage-only place. True? I'd definitely like to put Taylor's behind to use, but don't want to hand over $150 for a backrub!
Subject: Philadelphia update Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 06:24:30 PST Have an update on two places that have been previously commented on. And one new place. Babylon Revisited. This is an incall. You call a number that is in the yellow pages. You are asked for your name and date of birth. You are asked to call back twice. First, I presume to locate the woman of your choice. Second, when you call from a public phone nearby. At this second call you are given specific directions to the building. I had wanted an appointment during the lunch hour. My only request was for a girl with real breasts. I was told that Pamela was the only one available. The price was $170 full service. She was described as a 5' 7" , 124 lbs with a 34" DD. I agreed and was given directions to the building. Once there, I was asked for my name and date of birth - presumably to verify that I was the person who called. Then Pamela came out wearing a teddy. Very peasant personality - although a from my pespective quite a bit more than the 124lbs advertised However a great attittude can forgive many sins. The place was clean as a whistle. Fancy bedrooms, showers, etc. Seemed more like someone's condo than a brothel. Pamela had a great attitude and was very intent on pleasing. She was energetic and terrific. I had a very specific request regarding which I would like to place my sticky deposit. Pamela said there would be a tip of $20 for that. I was disappointed but coughed it up. All in all a satisfactory experience. I will go back and sample some of the other talent. A place called VIP Oriental Spa in Willow Grove has been comented on. I went there around the lunch hour. No one answered the front door whcih is on Old York Road (Rt. 611 near the train station) so I went around back. Thjere were three people. Mama San well over 50 and two women. Both heavily made up. Both looked about 35 and worse for the wear. Neither appealed to me so I beat a hasty retreat. Saw an advertisement for a new place in the suburbs called Health Spa in Jenkintown. I went there again during the lunch hour but no one was there. It is on the corner of Johnson and Cherry in Jenkintown. They claim to have an "all american" staff. Does anyone have any information on it?
Subject: Re: (ASP) Philadelphia street action Date: 1998/02/04 All of the places on the street have spotty infiltration of undercover cops. The only places that don't have undercover stings have strung out girls that obviously are heavy drug abusers. See the incalls in the back of Phila Mag, City Paper or Phila Weekly. Try Paige's By Appointment. If you really want to check out the street action: 15th St between Lombard and Fitzwater (on occasion), Kensington Ave from Lehigh to Tioga, Admiral Wilson Blvd. (Rt. 30) in Camden.
Subject: [ASP] Philadelphia Area Report Date: 1998/03/21 Visited the Sun Spa, mentioned at WSG. $40 door fee, and I got a decent massage from a 40ish Oriental women. She was nothing to write home about. When the massage was finished she offered to give me a hand job, apparently for me good will, cause she didn't ask for money. I tipped her when I left. The next time I went there, I got a better looking women, and a better massage. But as soon as she was done massaging, she fled the room. Dissapointing. Bottom line: No oral or full service and your lucky to get a hand job. Not worth it unless your really broke and feel like gambling. Visited a porn shop on Market near the 30th St. Station. Upstairs they advertise live women, a $5 door fee. For $40 you can service yourself and watch. For 60 and up, it gets interesting. No full service, or oral, but I've had hand jobs, and russian there from nice looking women. Each girl will do a little more or less depending on what they feel like or whatever. And the prices seem to drop once they no and/or like you. There are several other places like this around the city, and the ones I've visited offer similar services for a hair less money. Across the bridge, on the highway name for some Admiral, there was some street action, but last time I was there, I saw nothing, but police. And truthfully it's a rotten area to look anyway. There is a strip club on that road that advertises a live web site and has a guarded lot. Once inside, you will be hit for a $5 or $10 fee. I forget. There are some girls waiting inside, once of which will press her tits into your face for a tip. They keep music going and a girl on their stage. No beer or booze, but your door fee will get you a coke! If you want to have a session with one of the girls, they will take you over to the DJ, and pay some very pricey fees for her to dance over you naked in a curtained booth. Not worth it. While there, she will explain the private sessions, which are basically the same as the porn shops in Philly, but at 2 to 3 times the price. Place is a total ripoff, so stay away. One of the decent strip clubs in Philly would be much better if your not looking for anything more than a dance. If anyone knows of good places in Philly to go for street or incall please post or email. Can't do anything out of my house. Too many roomates!
Subject: Re: (ASP) Phildaelphia Street Scene Date: 1998/03/25 >There is a lot of North Broad St. Where on North Broad should I look and how >much should I expect to pay. > I would say the hottest stretch runs roughly between Passyunk Ave to the south, up to Germantown Ave to the north. The nucleas probably lies between Walnut and 676 (leading to the bridge). Wherever you see a girl on the main drag, comb the small sidestreets diligently. Especially near that hotel that lies just west of Broad. It's name escapes me, but it's the only slease motel in the whole area. Philly is a great city for whoring and I have only one caveat. Many of the crack whores are minors, in fact, some of them look between 13 and 15, so be careful with that. When it comes to price, dealing in the street is just the opposite as dealing with the in-call, out-call bullshit. In the street, the man is in charge. Depending on the girl's self-confidence, she may ask anywhere between 15 to 30 for half-and-half (head and screw). Girls new to the street scene may spring for as little as $10. For head they'll ask between 5 and 15, but again, some girls will go for as little as $3 a shot. Needless to say, it's an illegal game, therefore, there are no rules. Have Fun!
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 20:01:03 EDT Subject: V.I.P. Oriental Spa, Willow Grove, PA - Philadelphia Suburbs Why bother with the hastle and traffic of Philly when there is a great place in the suburbs less than 5 miles outside of the city. Last month, I was pleasantly surprised by a visit to the V.I.P. Oriental Spa, York Road, next to the Willow Grove train station. The place is a little dingy from the outside and situated next to a pool hall but once inside, the place was clean and well kept with very nice massage rooms. Upon entering, I was asked if I had ever been there before. I replied "yes (not the truth) about a year ago". The very charming "hostess" (mamasan) led me to a massage room and asked for $40 for the hour. I gave her the cash and she left me with instructions to start getting undressed and that "Judy" would be in shortly. She then stated that if I didn't prefer Judy she would then send in someone else. I was stripped down to my underwear when "Judy" entered. She was Korean, 5' 6" tall with a great ass and small but round and firm tits and I'm guessing 100 pounds. Her face was good but not great and she looked to be about 23 which means she was probably about 30. Judy took off my underwear and wrapped a towel around my waist and asked if I wanted a table shower. I said sure and she led me to a small tiled room with a table in the middle. She undressed (because she said she didn't to get her tiny black dress wet) and proceeded to wet, soap, and sponge me all over. She even rimmed me saying "we gotta make sure you clean up there too" with a sly smile. She rinsed me and towelled me off and led me back to the room where I started and asked if I wanted a drink. I said a soda would be fine (I didn't want anything to dull the senses). She left and came back a few minutes later with a soda. She stood me up and gently stroked my half hard cock and looking directly into my eyes asked what I was interested in. I said "how much for half and half?" she said $140. I said "whoa, way too much" (it wasn't too much but it was really tough to say as this beautiful woman stroked my now raging woody). I've had half and half down in the city of Philly for $160 with a not so attractive woman so I was ready to spend $140. I told her that I only spent $100 the last time so we settled on $120 and I paid her. I told her I wanted to cum twice and she said "you cum as many times as you want, I'm yours for the hour". She started sucking on me and she was a great actress or truly enjoying herself because just watching her had me ready to blow my load in about 3 minutes. She sensed that I was ready to go and stopped. Then she slowly crawled up my body and traced her way up to my mouth with her tongue. She then asked "you want to eat my pussy?" I said sure. She laid back and spread her legs and said "good cause I'm really horny and I want to cum when you fuck me". This woman was truly wet after a good five minute tongue job from me while she writhed all over the bed. She then climbed on top of me and rode my cock like a dog in heat. I was about to go off when she did something no other woman ever did with me. She closed her legs with me still inside her putting her legs between mine. She rode me some more for the tightest fuck I've ever had until I came like a rocket. After, she cleaned me up and told me about herself a little. I learned that she had come from Korea as a teenager to NY then SF and now Philly. After 10 minutes of talking she looked down at my still hard cock and said " we can't send you home with that". She then spread eagled herself on the wall and guided me into her from behind. It took another 10 minutes for me to come again and she turned and told me that she had a truly great time. Maybe this was just a job for her but she made me feel like she enjoyed herself. I tipped her $40 and left with a great memory. I'll make sure I go back and ask for Judy and if she's not there I saw a large breasted school teacher type with small glasses that can fulfill my fantasy from high school.... All around , the place was a seven. The girls an easy eight.

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