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Perth, Australia

Subject: report on Perth, Western Australia

Sex in Perth, Western Australia

The World Sex Guide only has Sydney listed. Everyone should know
that the BEST girls are in Perth!  Sydney is just second rate when
it comes to just about anything... including sex!

Perth has the best climate, the best beaches, the least commercialism,
the best bars, the best pubs, the best nightclubs, the best bands,
the best women, and above all, the best SEX!


Some of this information is out of date. I had the pleasure
of these ladies' company between 1990 and 1997. Some of them have
moved on, some haven't.  Handles are given but no phone #'s (because
I no longer reside in WA and don't have them).  You should have no
problems finding them in the papers.

Prostitution is WA is technically illegal. Realistically it is
tolerated.  Private girls have to register their intention to
work and place of work with the police, so I'm told.  They are
also supposed to have a fixed telephone (or route mobiles through
to a fixed phone).

The place to look for Services is in the "West Australian" newspaper.
On sundays look in the "Sunday Times".  Both list agencies as well as
many private working girls in their "personal" sections.

Agencies, IMHO, are no guarentee to nice women (not that I've delt with
a lot of agencies). I found private girls the best value for money - and
the friendliest too.

Brothels I have no experience of (I refuse to go to one - I consider it
crass). There are plenty around. You can also sample the wares in
Kalgoorlie (a town hundreds of miles east of Perth) - notorious for its

All prices are in Aussie Dollars (A$1 = US$0.70)

As a guide, for 1 hour, straight sex expect to pay $160 to $180.
Anything under $160 is very good value if the girl is nice. Over
$180 and she'd better be an ex-model or pretty damn good. Agencies
can be cheaper (by $10 to $20).

A ? after a name indicates I'm not sure if that is the correct name
(so many names :)

If you meet these girls, treat them well and give them my regards ;)

                                  - The Tall Cool One


Candy - early 30's, about 5' 5", dyed blonde hair (last time I met
her 2 years ago), really friendly. She's been in the industry quite
a while and I don't think I've ever seen a day in the last 7 years
without her advertisment in the paper. She's into good clean
(non-kinky :) sex and enjoys her work. She's generous with her time
and doesn't rush. Charges remained the same from 90 to 96: $90 for
half hour, $150 for the hour. Works from South Perth (near the freeway).

Holly - late 20's, tall (5' 9" ?), blonde(ish). Nice firm breasts too.
She was working from a unit in West Perth but has since moved to an
agency (can't remember the name - one of the bigger ones located on
Great Eastern Highway, near the Casino). Holly is really friendly and
*really* loves her work. She is shaved & loves oral and will lick and
suck until you're in heaven.  She also likes it when you cum on her - and
she likes to play with you in her spa bath. Charges $120 for half an hour,
$170 for the hour. Her unit is located in a side street off Hay Street,
West Perth (not far down from a restaurant!)  The best I've been to.
This woman is a sex goddess :)

Linda, Madison - (also goes by other names), 30's, tall (5' 10") brunette
(but dyes her hair various shades). Reasonably friendly. Into good clean
sex and talks a lot (a bit much for my liking when I'm not in the mood
to talk, but there ya go).  Works from her unit on the 6th floor of the
block of units located half way down Clever St, Mt Hawthorn (or thereabouts).
Has a great view of the city :)  Charges $160 for the hour - although I
believe it's now $170 to new clients.  She also does visiting (which is

Eve? (describes herself as coming from Holland) - mid to late 20's, average
height, large breasts, a great body (and a damn nice fuck :)  Has an accent
to go with the description she has in her advert.  She has apparently
done modelling and also runs a (womens clothing?) business. So, if
you are turned on by screwing a young female businesswoman, this
girl's the one. Works from a house located just down from the clock
tower on Kings Park Road, her "Luxury City Apartment". Rather pricey at
$200 for the hour and only seems available during the day.

Cassandra - ex model (has photos to prove it), tall, slim, blonde, tanned
and a bitch (her word, when I was leaving - and I have to agree, she is
a bitch that likes to get her own way... :)  Good 'ol Cass used to advertise
for many years as "Playboy Centerfold" and worked from a luxury apartment
in South Perth. I only saw her once in this guise (read further) because
she was expensive - $200 for half hour, $240 for the hour. This was in
1992. Not long after this her advertisment disappeared and then returned.
The next time I met her (or the woman calling herself Casandra - with the
same mobile phone # too) in 1995 her face was familiar but her body didn't
seem the same - perhaps she'd given up working out in the gym. She also
claimed to have never met me and to never have had a place in South Perth
(I met her in a hotel room of all places - not my room but one she'd booked).
Prices were down too (something like $180 for the hour.). This version was
still as bossy as the first one.  Anyway, I dislike liars.

Amanda? - short, long blonde hair, medium sized breasts, ample figure - but not
overly so. Very "girly". Advertises as 18 (which she looks) but is in her
20's (I won't reveal her real age). Works in the apartment complex next door
to Holly's (and hence closer to the restaurant - getting less and less
discreet ;-) ).  Only saw her once. Same setup as the others - oral,
straight sex. Quite friendly. Reasonable value for money (I think it was
$170 for the hour). Works only during the day.

California - (other names too. was in "competition" with Cassandra because of
her advertisment with "Genuine Penthouse Centerfold"). Medium height,
brunnette, nice firm breasts and a nice body.  A little serious and likes
to talk a bit. Don't touch her hair or face - she doesn't like it. :)
I had the pleasure of going with her and her friend once (and oh, what
a friend! Tall, slim with large firm breasts - yummy). She used to work
from an upper floor of a large block of flats in South Perth. Then she moved
to a unit in South Perth. As of mid-1996 she seems to have gone which is
a shame.  Charges were $180 for the hour.

Silvia - "longest legs in Perth". Although she has been advertising for
over 6 years, I never met her.  The closest I got was to arranging
something, but she didn't hold to the arrangement. I wasn't impressed.

Kylie - "Canadian model" from some scrappy agency. Visiting. Claims to be
18 and could well be because she's pathetic. Tall, slim and blonde but
doesn't enjoy her work, makes no conversation and has no idea how to
handle a man. *Avoid*.

? - advertises as slim and friendly private visiting service to home/hotel,
24 hour service.  I don't know what she thinks slim is - she could lose a
few kilos. She is friendly though. Kind of, your girl next door type. She
found interest looking through the range of books I had in my house and
telling me what novel she was currently reading.

Kayla - average height, red hair, small breasts, average build. Used to
run a private visiting service. Quite a nice girl but I think she made her
money and stopped working.

Angel - tall, slim. Quiet and nice. Was working from a group of units
in South Perth next to the freeway (same street as Candy, but about
half a kilometer further south). Seems to have stopped working.

Coffee Coloured Nicole - has advertised for years but I've never managed
to get her on the phone, let alone meet her. Can anyone shed some light
on this mystery woman?

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 15:50:28 -0600 Subject: Re: Perth, Australia. February 1998. I had seen a lounge in Perth called Langtrees advertised on the web and made contact a month before my trip. The person I had conversed with over email had convinced me that Langtree's of Perth was the biggest and the best place to go for a sexual experience. When I arrived in Perth I called them and they gave me the same impression. It was mid afternoon and they suggested I come then before it got crowded, that they had 7 ladies there to choose from. Well, from what I had seen of Perth women, they are mostly 9s and 10s so I figured with 7 to choose from how could I go wrong. The taxi driver knew right where the club was. From the moment I walked in it just did not seem friendly. The woman working the entrance desk would talk to me but other women who would pass through her area would not even look my way. And by the way, I am no super stud but I am far from ugly. They told me they charged me for the room and the girls would then charge 150 Oz$. The room was $40 as I recall and that included a hot tub. If I wanted to have two women in the room with me I had to pay double the room fee. Since I thought this was rediculous I decided one girl would do. I payed my room fee and entered. It was a dark pub like atmosphere. There were 6 girls sitting at one table, all Asian. There was one gorgeous, thin blonde girl who was not Asian sitting at the next table reading a book. She never looked up so I decided to cast her out as a possibility. I did not want a snobby bitch who was obviously not interested in "doing business". The 6 Asian girls introduced themselves. I tried to start conversation several times but they would just giggle. Maybe they did not understand english or maybe it was my southern accent, I don't know but it was uncomfortable so I decdied to get on with what I was there for. I picked the prettiest of the bunch, a beautiful Thai girl with nice tits and a firm smooth body. She was OK. Not great and not bad...just kind of standard. She gave me a nice massage and then we got in the hot tub and she massaged me some more. I massaged her and her body felt wonderfully smooth and firm in the water. She would not let me play with her pussy. We got back on the bed and she put a condom on me and sucked me and then we fucked in various positions. She was a really cute girl but her moans seemed fake. I fucked her good for a long time trying to see if I could get her going but she never really came alive. She was a sweet girl but not really into it. On the taxi ride home the driver told me the girls there are "rather bitchy" and gave me a name of another place I should try that is better. I don't remember the name of the place now but it doesn't matter because I could not find it in the phone book anyway. Langtrees gets a thumbs down in my book. --------------------------------------------- There were probably 200 ads in the local paper of working girls. I called one named Dominique who advertised being slim and leggy. For $120 she would come over for an hour. She called me from her car when she was running late by 15 minutes, I thought that was very considerate for a working girl. A true first! When she got there I saw that her idea of "slim and leggy" was a bit different from mine. I am sure she was quite attractive in her 20s and that description may have fit. But she looked to be about 40 and slim evadently did not mean a hard body. Gravity had defintely taken its toll on this girl. When she took her panties off I saw that her pussy was red and nasty looking. Thats when I mentioned that what I was looking for was a really good blow job. I did NOT want to fuck her. She put a rubber on me and started giving me head. This is when my opinion of her started to change. It was the most incredible, best head I have ever had. She knew exactly what to do and her tongue work was incredible. I almost came twice but held back because I was enjoying it so much and did not want it to end. After about 20 minutes of incredible head she told me her jaw was getting tired. I let her know I understood and I did not hold back any longer. Five minutes later I exploded under her throbbing suction. It was the best blow job I have ever had or ever even imagined! ------------------------------------------ My last night in Perth I called an Agency called Peppers who told me they had just what I wanted and that all their girls were beautiful and not burn-outs. I decided to splurge and go for two women. An experience I had never had and always dreamed of (haven't we all) They were to send me two women. Both tall and thin with great hard boddies, one brunette and one blonde. When they got there they were two blondes. One was a bit overweight but not so much as to make her ugly. Actually she had really pretty tits and beautiful smooth skin. She was very young. The other girl was a little older and thinner and not ugly but looked sort of "rode hard and put up wet" The older girl was actually really good. She started to get down with the younger girl who just barely seemed to respond to some very erotic foreplay. At least one of them seemed to be into it. The young pretty one just seemed plain lazy. After a while I joined them and got some really good head from the older girl. Then she asked if I would mind if she played with herself because she wanted to cum. So I watched her work her pussy up good while the younger girl gave me half-ass head. I guess the young girl was just not showing how turned on she was cause when I started plaing with her pussy she was soaking wet. After that I fucked the older girl from behind while standing up. This was really fun and she seemed to enjoy it too. the younger girl just watched, actually looking very curious at what we were doing. I then announced I wanted to fuck the younger girl and after changing rubbers, did. Her pussy was really nice and tight and felt really good. The older girl would coax us on and play with my balls and her tits. After a few minutes of this I came. They hung around my hotel room and we talked. they drank up all the wine out of my mini bar and used up both of my towels as they showered. The bottom line is that I just could not find any good pussy in Perth. I am sure it is there judging by the number of gorgeous women I saw there in public. I do not recomend Langtrees as the girls there are just plain no my experience. As for picking a girl out of the paper, evadently there is no "truth in advertising" that can be counted on. And as far as Pepper's Agency is concerned, I was quite disappointed with the two girls they sent. Especially since they were not even close to what they had described to me on the phone. I made the best of it but when they left I had the sinking feeling that I had paid too much for too little.
Subject: Perth Australia Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 19:04:34 PDT A few notes on Western Australia for your invaluable guide. Legal situation: Prostitution is legal in the State of Western Australia however soliciting, keeping premises for prostitution, living off the earnings of prostitution etc is illegal. The police operate what is called a containment policy which allows a small number of brothels to run unhindered provided they have no drugs on the premises, no men involved in the operation, showers available, etc. Recently there has been talk of the law being tightened up but nothing has been done as yet (28/4/98). Perth: You should consult the personal adverts in the local paper for the latest details. Street walkers operate on Palmerston Street between Newcastle St and Hyde Park. Charges asked are $A70 for half an hour, blow job and sex in your car. You may be able to haggle the price down a bit but I don't think that is a great rate when you can get the same price in a brothel with greater comfort and room to move around on a proper bed. Brothels Aphrodites 385 William St Perth. Charges $A50 for straight sex, $A70 for half an hour with blow job or 69, massage and sex, $A100 three quarters an hour, $A140 an hour. Usually has between three and ten girls to choose from and the premises are clean and well kept. I recommend this house. I have had many good screws here. Jade House 396 William St Perth. There was only one girl on duty the day I called in and she was very rough so I didn't stay. Small house but looked reasonably clean. Adina's Newcastle St between William St and Lake St. Large old house rather run down. Two girls on duty but very rough and unattractive. Didn't stay to check prices but would be similar to Aphrodites. Caesar's Edward St. A bit more upmarket with showers available and a room with mirrors. Usually two or three girls on duty and fairly attractive. $A100 half an hour. Quite good and could be worth the extra to have a shower. January's 178 James St. Haven't been there for about 5 years but it used to be fairly good. Handy for nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Happy Haven: corner of Guildford Road and Garret Road. Premises are fairly old and rough and the girls aren't the best. $A70 for half an hour top and tail. Fremantle Studio Rose 205 South Tce Fremantle. Large old house with a good selection of girls. Sometimes has greek available. Prices as above. Premises are a bit run down but I quite like this place. Definitely the place to go if you are in Fremantle. Kalgoorlie This is a mining town about 500 km inland from Perth. Hay St is the place to go with a row of brothels, girls outside touting for business. It is all quite open and is considered a tourist attraction. Prices were the same as Perth when I last went there. Don't go nights at weekends - the girls are very busy and things get a bit rushed. Afternoons are more leisurely. The brothels in WA are very good and offer an excellent choice. The girls are changed regularly and you will seldom see the same girls twice. All girls use condoms but you should be careful you don't get crabs. I recommend washing your pubic hair with an insecticide after sex. Crabs could be hard to explain to your wife. Personally I agree with other correspondents who advocate treating the girls well. You can't look down on a girl for being a prostitute if you are taking part in the transaction with her. You are no better than her. I always choose the friendliest girl rather than the best looking and often prefer girls in their thirties or even forties to the younger ones. The mature ones know what they are doing and are good at it. The younger ones sometimes resent it and are sullen. When I get the girl to the bedroom I compliment her on her looks - everyone has some good point so make an effort to tell her she is beautiful. She will appreciate it and give you a better time. If you treat her well she will do the same for you.

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