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Pattaya, Thailand

Date: 1 June 1996


When it comes to sex and surf, then Pattaya is most definitely the premier
sex resort in Asia. It combines the best of the go-go bars of Bangkok with
the open-air beach bars of the islands, and has more pussy per square meter
than any other city I've ever visited.

There are several distinct advantages to visiting Pattaya as opposed to
Bangkok for the seeker of carnal pleasure. Firstly, Pattaya is a relatively
small beach resort, which means that the need to travel in expensive rip-off
taxi's is limited. Most of the go-go bars and open-air bars are within easy
walking distance of the bulk of tourist-class hotels in South Pattaya.
Secondly, Pattaya is safer, as long as you stick to the tourist areas. As
the town is so small, you're unlikely to easily get lost, which is a real
possibility in sprawling Bangkok. There are fewer rip-off joints and
back-street scams evident, making for a more relaxed atmosphere.Thirdly,
it's   cheaper  than Bangkok, although not substantially so. Hotels are
about 20 - 30% cheaper, but drinks in the go-go bars are pricier, as are the
bar fines in some go-go bars. However, all-in-all I had more fun in Pattaya
than in Bangkok, and could have spent more time there, enjoying the homily
atmosphere in some of the bars.

As far as pussy goes - this is Pussyland with a capital P ! Girls of all
shapes and sizes abound, and you can literally take your pick. Something
worth noting is that many girls prefer older men, as they tend to dote on
their "girlfriend" and thus spend more money. What do you expect - imagine
what you'd do if you could land drop-dead beautiful 18 year old girl who'll
suck and fuck you as often as you asked - even though you're 52yrs old and
ugly as hell? There's no shortage of younger guys though, as the US Navy
still calls here regularly. The sudden deluge of 5000 marines sure fucks it
up for the rest of the guys looking for a lay, so when you phone ahead from
Bangkok to make a hotel reservation, be sure to ask if the Marines are coming!

The girls know that foreigners want them- badly, so they play games
constantly to maximise their desirablity and push up their price. They know
that if you won't pay their price, some other sucker will. At the end of the
day(or should I say night), your greatest success will be with girls who
actually like you for some reason. These girls will fuck you longer, more
often and more enthusiastically than girls who are only doing it for the
money. If you stay long enough, sooner or later you'll find a "steady"
girlfriend who'll be happy with hotel accommodation and R 50 pocket money
per day, if that.So, if you can't get laid in Pattaya on a daily basis, then
you're probably a corpse or a monk.


Most tourists spend time in Bangkok before departing for Pattaya. For more
info on Bangkok, check out the October 1995 issue of HUSTLER. The easiest
way to get to Pattaya from your hotel in Bangkok is by air-con mini-bus,
which will collect you at your hotel and deliver you to your hotel in
Pattaya for about 150B(R25). The alternative of catching a public bus from
Ekamai bus station is a shit option, as you will have to take a taxi to and
from the bus station, which wipes out any saving.


There are literally hundreds of hotels in Pattaya, many in the 300 - 500B (R
50 -R85) price range. For this you get an air-conditioned room with a double
bed, colour TV and stocked mini-bar. Although these hotels are by no means
luxury, they're perfect for a "pussyman's" needs. There are several luxury
resorts, but they're far away from the action, and are fussy about who you
take back to your room.  I would suggest one of the following hotels, as
they are very close to the go-go bars, eliminating the need to use public
transport or taxi's:

115/9 & 10 M10 Pratumnak Rd, South Pattaya City
Ph 038 429 234 Fax 66 38 421 174
350 - 400B/day (R60-R70)
Soi 13, Beach Road, South Pattaya City
Ph 038 426 222
500 - 600B/day (R85 -R100)
Soi 13 Second Road, South Pattaya City
Ph 038 425 550
400 - 500B/day (R70 -R85)


Go-go bars in Thailand all operate in the following manner. There is no
cover charge to enter the bar. Make absolutely sure that there is no cover
charge - if there is, don't enter the bar - it's probably a rip-off. You are
free to sit and watch the girls dance as long as you buy a drink, at a cost
of 65 - 85B (R11-R15). If you want to chat up a girl and grope her tender
young body, expect to buy her a "lady drink" for 85 - 95B (R14- R16). If you
find a girl you desperately want to fuck, you will have to negotiate a price
with her. If you want a blow-job, make sure she agrees to "smoke" as part of
the price. In order to take her from the bar, you'll have to pay a
"bar-fine" of 400 - 500B (R70- R85) in addition to the 1000 - 2000B(R170-
R340)you pay her. Rates vary from girl to girl - the stunners obviously want
more. Hit the bars early, from 8pm, if you want a quality bar-girl, as the
hottest girls are snapped up by 10pm. Always offer 500 - 800B (R85- R140)
for "short-time" and settle for 1000B(R170). Many bar-girls won't spend the
entire night - if they will, expect to pay 1500 - 2000B(R260-R340) plus the
bar fine.

By far one of the best bars in Pattaya, and extremely popular for obvious
reasons. As the name suggests, there are loads of pretty young girls with
stunning bodies dancing topless at any given time. Ages seem to range from
18 - 22yrs, although it's difficult to tell with Asian women, as they tend
to look younger than their age. If you're into young firm tits and tight
little asses, then this will be heaven -on- earth for you. Beers cost
85B(R14), and lady drinks 95B(R16). The bar fine is 500B. (R85) Remember to
go early as all the best girls will be bar-fined by 10pm.

Extremely popular with ex-patriates, this bar features regular lesbian
shows, which are really hot. The girls are very friendly, and pretty
raunchy. Some girls dance topless, and get more daring as the night wears
on. Drinks were 75B(R13) and lady drinks 85B. (R14) Bar fine  was
400B(R70).but went up when the marines were in town.

Spacious bar with a nice selection of girls and friendly management. Lesbian
shows on a circular bed in the middle of the stage each night. Some topless
girls. Beers 85B (R14)& lady drinks 90B. Bar fine 500B(R85).

One of the cheapest bars in Pattaya, with drinks at 55B(R9.50). Catch their
happy hours with Carlsberg draught at 35B(R6). Good value, with wild girls,
many of them topless. A few lookers make the visit worthwhile. Short-time
rooms available on the premises if required. No great pressure from girls,
with 1000B(R170) the going rate for short-time. I met Son there, and took
the accompanying pics of her after an incredible blowjob followed by an
extended fuck.,all for 1400B(R240)

True to its name, this bar features a revolving stage on which the girls
perform, giving patron's a chance to see all the talent on offer from all
angles. There were a few nice girls there during my visit, but several
plumpers ruined the impact - unless you enjoy fucking fat chicks. Bar fine
is 500B(R85), lady drinks 95B(R16) and girls 800B(R140) for short time.

Although I can't say I was very impressed during my visits to this club,
regulars told me that the girls were very friendly here. That could be
because they're less attractive than the girls at other bars. Maybe you'll
get lucky!

This bar is a real dive, and only earns its rating because of its unique
service. Believe it or not - you actually get a blowjob here while you drink
your beer, for only 250B(R40). Patrons sit at a wrap-around bar cubicle,
while unattractive bargirls give them a really good blowjob under the bar.
Worth a visit if only out of curiousity!

Disgusting rip-off bar. If watching fat, ugly whores who have mothered a
litter of kids pull razor blades out of their "uitgerekte" pussies turns you
on, go for it. Otherwise, avoid it like the plague.

Red Light Special
1001 A-go-go
Green Light

This was my favourite place during my stay in Pattaya. Once you've scoped
all the go-go bars - hit the Marine Disco. It's the meeting place for the
freelance girls of Pattaya, as well as the bargirls once the bars have
closed at around 3am. There's no entry fee, but the drinks run at a pricey
90 - 100B(R15-R17) per drink, so drink slowly. Don't be harrassed by the
many waiters who will shine a flashlight at your almost empty glass and look
at you enquiringly - wave them away!

The best time to go the Marine is past midnight. Don't arrive too late, or
you'll miss the best of the freelance girls. The girls you meet here make
their own price - and of course there's no bar fine - so costs are a lot
lower. An added plus is that if the girl likes you, she'll stay the entire
night, and maybe the next day as well! The first night I visited there, I
met an 18 year old girl, Hun, who settled for 800B(R140) for the night. She
left at 2am the following day, after a blowjob and two steamy sex sessions.
(See her pic.)

The following night I landed the hottest girl in the joint- perfect body,
with firm tits and a delicious ass. Nok was 19 yrs old, and was very
friendly and chatty, given the limitations of her English. She agreed to
1000B (R170) for three hours, but ended up leaving at 1 pm the following
day. She had those luscious, full "blow-job" lips which were pressed into
service on more than one occasion.

I'd say that the Marine Bar is a place to find a girl if you want to spent
an entire night with a beautiful Thai girl. I highly recommend it. Feast
your eyes on the following photo's  of girls who are regulars at the bar.

There are literally hundreds of outdoor bars in Pattaya - far too many to
list here. These bars are more popular with guys with a lot of time on their
hands.Costs are lower than in go-go bars, as the girls don't dance or expose
themselves. Drinks cost around 40-50B(R7-R8.50), and the bar fine is 150 -
200B(R25-R35). Girls will try for 1000B, (R170) but can be talked down to
500 -700B(R85-R120), depending on how hot the girl is. Quality varies
dramatically - be warned that most of these girls don't have the bodies to
dance topless in a g-string. Drift around until you spot a really nice girl
- if she doesn't spot you first. Ignore the calls of "welcome, handsome man"
if not made by a girl you'd like to fuck. Only sit down for a drink with a
potential dreamgirl.

The atmosphere at these bars is pretty laidback, with many patrons playing
bar games with the girls. Most of the girls are less sophisticated than
their go-go bar counterparts, but can be a lot more friendly. It is,
however, a lot more time-consuming to hang out at these bars, unless you're
with friends and are just after a cheap drink. Single traveller's with
limited time who are looking for hot pussy are better off in the go-go bars
or the Marine Disco.

During my trip I canvassed opinions from regulars, who visit Thailand each
year in search of the perfect fuck. Most agreed that they preferred Pattaya
to Bangkok, as they could relax a lot more in the laidback environment of
the beach resort, while enjoying the attention of thousands of beautiful
young Thai women. I noted during my four day stopover in Bangkok that costs
have risen there since my visit. I would thus suggest spending at least two
days in Pattaya for every day spent in Bangkok.

By the way, Patpong is named after Mr. Patpong who owns the two streets surrounding it.
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 97 00:01:37 EST Subject: Pattaya Action Just thought I'd send you a note about one experience on a recent trip to Pattaya. I've lived in South East Asia for 7 of the last 10 years, and Thailand is my absolute favorite place. (Of course it's because of the girls!!!) While I have been to Pattay probably a hundred times over th years I never had a street encounter like this before. I had rented a motorcycle for a few days and was planning on spending the afternoon on the beach in Jomtien, just soaking up rays an relaxing. My dick was gettin g a little sore from all the 'attention' it was getting from the LBFMs! While headding out from my hotel on soi post office I passed an absolutely stunningly beautiful creature. My first though was that 'she' may have been a lady-boy. I was soooo glad to be wrong about this. She smiled at me, and I stopped the bike. I asked her name, she said it was Nittaya. I told here I was going to the beach in Jomtien and asked her if she wanted to go. She gave me a HUGE smile and just jumped on the back of my bike. We made the short trip over the hill to the beach. She held on by alternately massaging my chest and rubbing my cock through my swim trunks. Hoo Yah, sore or not, my cock jumped to attention and started drooling at the thought of being dipped into this beautiful girl. We first stopped at a beachside bar/restaurant and had some fried rice and tom yam, two beers and then hit the beach. I had an extra large beach towel and I laid it out. I took of my shirt and she took off her top and shorts and laid down in just her G-string. I started rubbing oil on her back and ass and before I knew it she had rolled over and pulled my cock through the side of my shorts and shoved it in her pussy. We fucked for just a few minutes before I shot my load. All of this right there on the beach! I had NEVER heard of this type of public sex with a Thai girl before. I found out she worked in a bar in Patong,Phuket and had just moved to pattaya and didn't yet find a bar to work in. To make a long story short, I spent the next two weeks with this lovely, and paid here quite well for it. She was nice, sweet, gorgeous, and most importantly, an incredibly hot fuck! Thanks Nittaya, I can't wait to get back there to see her again. Happy hunting, Stryker.
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 19:09:31, -0500 Subject: my trip to thailand feel free to publish this I have just returned from 2 weeks in thailand I went directly from the airport to pattaya beach cost me 1800 b what a fucking rip off still only a hunderd but it only cost me 500 return and for 1800 the s.o.b taxi driver made me pay 30b toll for the highway but it was all worth it once i got there. Stayed at the white rose#1 best deal for miles 400b a night clean rooms air con and a tv (only 5 channels).was there not 45min and had a angel blade woman and a big bag of weed(not thai stick but still excellent) the women are fantastic most are under 4 foot fuck all.a few things I would like to mention while they are still fresh on my mind I have heard about how good looking the lady boys or kateui's are but it is downright fucking scary i mean wow god himself could not make a body that good and by the looks of it some of them have even had there A.A taken out BELIEVE ME KEEP YOUR FUCKING EYES OPEN!!! and man are they ever forward me and my pal wandered into that part of town within minutes and before i noticed you know one had its top down and rubbing it's rock hard tit's into my back needless to say when i found out i was gone. by the way that part of town is on pattaya beach road down by all the sea food resteraunts nuff said about that. now for a few realities which i hope you print. first i read in this guide about a bar called nice as ice where you get b.J's under the bar BULLSHIT!!! first the name is nice with ice and wadda ya know no blowjobs. second I dont't know what kind of trench coat wearing zit faced child molesting desperate loser wrote in that it was 2000b for a girl no fucking way eaven including bar fine of 400b bar fine i never paid more that1400b all night with absolute goddess's and if you wait till 3 or 4 am you won't pay more than 6, but bar fines are bs. a great bar to go to I don't remember the name but you can't miss it an pattaya beach road just look for a bar at the bottom of the big grean esclator going to an upstairs bar something to do with golf 18th hole or nineth hole something like that anyways don't go upstairs it's shit stay downstairs a good bar huge millions of beauty queens and no bar fine plus they have a big screen tv the bar is also directly across from the marine disco wow what a place you could write a book as thick as the bible and still not describe it all your bes bet for fun is go to the bar downstairs and watch thai boxing from 9:30 till 12:30 then go upstairs to the disco (one last tip if you go to watch thai boxing keep a pocket full of 20'sb after each fight the fighters come around tip tip) any ways that's enough for now i have ton's more of usefull information but if you don't want it i won't waste annyone's time if you want the full story post this or e mail me and ask for the rest I will be more than happy to share.
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 1997 23:28:52, -0500 day 1: at the airport i pay 1800b for a air con mini bus to pattaya beach what a rip off still only a hundred cdn.arrive in pattaya 4:00 pm hotter than hell, check into the white rose #1(thanks for the tip)400b a night had air con cleen room tv nice location.shower shave and hit the town head down the first street to the right of the hotel, takes me past 3 or 4 resteraunts and ends with a great bar across the road from thai boxing down stairs and the marine disco upstairs but forget that for now the bar at the end of the road (you can't miss it right beside it is a bid green esclator.this bar is great no bar fine, beuitfull wemen and good movies on the big screen what a great place to waste a day,this was my first stop i order a beer and watch independence day within 5 minits i am approached by a young man with cigerets in his hand he comes up to me and says marlboro i shake my head he turns to walk away i motion for him to come back,he looks at me and says what you want,I draw him in closer and make the international sign for toke toke.he smiles at me and says 500b i be back 1hr i say N.F.W he says no no i come back i say forget it,while this was happenning I guess one of the bar girls saw what was happening comes over puts her hand on my shoulder and shakes his hand with 1000b and says in broken english he my friend and off he goes I start to chat it up with the girl her name is A, she says she is 22 and is drop dead georgous we talk and watch the movie, about 25min later the man comes back and shakes my hand and slips three bags of pot into my pocket I quickly finish my singha and pay for the drinks , 2 beers and a black russian 200b,the woman pats my leg and says i like very much I say me' the pot or, and i motion to my crotch she just laughs and says lets go.we get back to my room and i inspect her then my score am happy with both.from minit one she is all over me we shower together and copulate twice. By 9:30 I am ready to crash she says 1600 I give her 1800 and a joint and say thank you. fall asleap. day 2 i wake up at 4:00 am and go out to the front of the hotel to have a smoke and check out my surroundings about 2min later this beautiful woman comes up and askes me for a light very quickly i realize that she is a deaf mute'but oh so good looking I invite her back to my room, what the hell they don't speak english anyway I spend the rest of the day with her and have a great time but must bid her farewell as she must go with her brother to visit family in Chang Mai.I go to the Paradise restaurant for a very good pepper steak the food was good but i was unhappy with the view as it almost directly across from a all male go go bar so i must be content with looking at my food.the meal +2 beers was 160b( 7 buck's for all you fellow Canucks). allmost directly at the bottom of that road is the board walk going out over the water and and beside that is the luckey beer bars (about 15 different bar stations all around a thai boxing ring) I spent most of my vacation at bar #6 from 9:30 till 12:30 it provided a great view of the street and the ring'and just far enough from the ring that i did not have to tip every fighter.that night i ended up sitting on a stool inside the bar area with two scots and 5 bar girls smokin dubes and drinkin my opinion the best seat in the house is inside the bar right in the center I made every girl that went past give me a kiss.I ended up going with 2 girls PU and N to the marine disco after the bar closed and got back to the hotel about 4 am we smoked about 4 dubes and all took a shower togher(well not really a shower a shower head and a drain ended up soaking thre toilet paper which i regretted in the morning) and for the next hour and a half alternated between me and a having sex with n while pu watched and having sex with pu while n watched to all three of us having sex and then talk about having your cake and eating it too I watched the 2 of them 69 each other.I thought these 2 beautiful women were keepers and then they did it they pulled out the old glass dick and proceded to smoke heroin or crack or speed which i dont know, all i know is that it was a hard drug and i only advocate pot,My dreams were shattered I had to kick them out right then and there because if there is one thing for sure a junkie will rob you fucking blind.I didn't want any trouble so I offered them 1000b a piece which made them happy and sent them on there way day 3:I awoke quite unexpectedly at around 7:00AM and made a mad dash to the bathroom and spent the remainder of my day waiting for the Imodium tablets to kick in while doing everyone's favorite dance the THAI two step (not moving more than two steps from the toilet).I must have gotten it from the raw crab in the thai salad,if you go to thailand I highly recomend the thai salad I also recommend that you ask that the seafood be left out and that is it for day three. day 4thru 10: hooked up with this great british bloke on the beach and basically lounged on the beach all day listineng to my Ghetto blaster, watched thai boxing till 12:30 and then off to the marine disco to fuck everything that moved,no shit when went in we were instantly swarmed by dozens of honeys,I took a different one each night always 700b long time,they were all beautiful but i was too absorbed in the experience to remember all the details it's all a blur of hot sun good food good beer(for all you canadians Singha is almost a exact copy of labatt 50)great pot and Mind blowing sex.Any one who has been there will know exactly what I am talking about. and i will save the last three days for tomorrow these were by far the most unbelievable of all the strangest three days of my life stay tuned don't change that channel
Subject: Short-time bars in Pattaya Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 17:41:19 GMT I'm trying to compile a list of short-time bars in Pattaya. The final list will be uploaded to the world sex guide ( A short-time bar is a kind of combined brothel/bar where one can have paid sex on the spot. If you have any experiences you'd like to share please reply - post or mail. I will only be considering Pattaya - but if anybody have interests in other places feel free to start a new thread on that. Here is a couple for starters - just to give you an idea: Name: Billion Bar Addr: Soi Pattayaland 1 Price: 300 Baht Desc: A small bar with usually 4-6 girls. Youngish, i.e. 20-25 years old, no real stunners, a few give good blowjobs. Name: Nice With Ice (used to be called No Hands Bar) Addr: Soi Postoffice Price: 500 Baht Desc: Bar where you get a blowjob while sitting at the bar. The bar has kinda "cutouts" with openings from the inside of the bar. A very strange experience - probably a hit for exhibitionists. Girls oldish, i.e. 30+ years, few decent - some outright ugly. PS. This is a serious project. Flames >/dev/null. Your anonymity is guaranteed.
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 17:48:55 +0700 Here is another message form the Traveller. This message is about Pattya! If u want a good and cheap Hotel, u have to go to the DIANA INN! If u want to have a girl, you can go everywhere. Well, the best girls u meet in SOUTH PATTAYA or in SOI 2. Ugly girls are mostly in some small streets, in GoGo bars, that are not layed in the Center. So if u want good girls you best look for the following bars: Drop In A GoGo ++++ I have met a very good girl called Toon there. She was 19. If u look as well as I do (I am 20 and good looking) maybe she stays with you some days. If u really meet her, tell her some Greetings form Stefan. She is very sexy! She will remember me! The other girls are also ok. Champion +++ This bar is also ok. You can get a short time for 1000 Bath (Bar fine, and Room rent included). This is very cheap. But the girls are mostly also poor. I heve just seen two real beauties. I fucked one of them (but the whole night for 1300 B) . Classroom +++ Also a very good one! nice girls and wild. Classroom 2 (Soi2)+++ The same like Classroom 1! Happy bar a gogo++ The girls are all good looking, but SLEEPY! There where about 20 men inide and no man had a girl. You have to invite her for a drink, otherwise, she won't come to your table. And I think, that this one is really expensive! Marylin A very, very POOR one! Belive me and don' t go there! You have to check out the others. I have been to many, but i don' t remember their names. Some are really good, and some are poor! And something more that i can beware you for. MASSAGE is very expensive! Well, the advance is, that you can "really" choose your girl. BUT u have to pay 1500 for one and a half hour! Belive me and don"t go there if u don't ant to become poor!These girls won' t stay the whole night with you (expect you pay 3500 B). If u like Boys (I don't) there is one street in Pattaya, where u can get it, but i dond remember the name. But if you telle a Taxidriver " Hey you, i want boys bum bum!" he will frequently bring you there. I did not Check out one of those Go Go bars! Don't pay more than 10 B for a Taxi. They try to rip you off, when they want 40 or 20 B. You will find lots of outdoor bars there. Well, you will have to check them out. The girls that are working ther are mostly underage, so that they can't work in a go go bar. Many of the older ones working ther are HIV positive! So be caerful an keep Your fucking eyes open! Don't risk your life for one fuck! One more word to the Go Go bars. The girls inside are mostly form 18 to 28 years old. If you are older than 40 you mostly will get one of the older ones. The girls form 18 to 20 only go with men that are 30 or younger. Be gentel to the girls. They don't seem to be shy in the bar, but outside they are! They mostly have a hard life, so don't make it much harder for them. Keep your Hands off them in public, if they don't want!! When you go to your room with the girl, there are some rules. Thais are Buddhists (me too). So while entering the room you should take off your shoes. The girl will also do that. You have to take a shower before you have sex. The girl also thaes a shower before. Sometimes you shower together. Thai girls are very shy and belive that teir nakedness is ugly. So you should be naked only, when the light is off. Don"t show them your penis to recognize how long or how good it is! They know that you have a penis! some girls don't expect, that you use a condom, but you should better do so! The very shy girls expect, that you put it over on your own, some others do it for you! Well, thats all i can say to Pattaya. Next time i will write about Vietnam and Cambodia. If u stopped in Pattaya and want to go to cambodia (it is save in Phnom Penh) you better don't take informations of Thais. They don't really like cambodians. If u need some information about it, ask some outdoor bar owners (mostly europeans, that speak good english). They are informed about the political situation ther and every other country in South east asia. Sorry for my bad English, but I am German. Well, enjoy yourself in Pattaya and have a good time there. The Traveller
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 20:44:33 +0200 Subject: Actual Price List of Girls in Pattaya Hi ! I just came back from Pattaya ! (1 week) ... The actual prices for girls are : Shorttime : 300 Baht One Day/Night : 500 Baht One Day/Night : 1000 Baht (if you take the girl from a gogo bar) Bar fine is about 400 Baht ....
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 12:32:31 -0500 (EST) Subject: Update on Thailand Phattya: The only reason there was to go was the Marine Bar and Disco. Its now closed as is the Baby A-Go Go. I noticed lots of changes in Phattya. Its all built up and has no charm what-so-ever. Noticed lots of Russian Signs. Phattya seems to be the favorite destination for all the Euro-Trash and the gays. Most old fags and queens. The bars were empty of foreign tourists and the bar girls out numbered the patrons 6-1. Impossible to get a quiet drink without six girls trying to hit on you. Also, hope you don't hit Phattya when the fleet is in. God, what a zoo.
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 16:07:43 EST Subject: Survival Guide for Pattaya, Thailand As an expatriate (Farang) living and working in Thailand for several years. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugliness of prostitutes in action. This article is to advise and warn future visitors what goes on in Pattaya and other whorehouse destinations, such as in Bangkok (Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza), Phuket (Patong), and Pattaya (Soi 2,8,9,12-16,Naklua). Since the largest (>700 bars) and the best including the biggest and the cheapest whorehouses is located in Pattaya and the concepts are the same as other whorehouse destinations that caters to Farangs (foreigners), I will focus on Pattaya. The City of Pattaya was created 30+ years ago by American GIs for Rest and Recreation (R&R) Center for soldiers during the Vietnam War. Its famous for GO-GO bars, whorehouses, massage parlors, girls, scams, pimps, and the tricks. Nowadays you still have the same things but generally, today's Pattaya afterdark is much tamer than the past. The "Sin City" is alive and well with much of their raucous nightlife and they still attract a large male crowd day in and day out. However, if you have no with to frequent any of the bars and massage parlors, there are other attractions, such as fine seafood restaurants, cabarets, water sports, Thai boxing, bowling, American movies, shopping, golfing, fishing, beaches, etc. Nonetheless, the main attraction why most Farangs comes to Thailand and Pattaya is because of SEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX trade. It has an international reputation for good (and dangerous), cheap sex. Nowadays, most of the Farangs are Britons and Germans (tourists), few Americans except when the US Navy (1,000-10,000 men/fleet) shows up for annual R&R to "relieve themselves" for about a week, several times a year. Rest are composed of other West Europeans, Australians, and Arabs. Few East Europeans (mostly mafia and whores). Neighboring Asians comes in group tours for entertainment that caters t Asians only and generally do not frequent beer bar whorehouses. Whorehouses in Thailand is not limited to bars and body massage parlors, but includes coffee houses, discos, clubs, karaokes, etc. Last, but far from the least, and most important, there's always lot of talk about dangers, annoyances, safety in Pattaya and Thailand. But before we go into that, you have to realize some important facts and understand some general information about the girls who goes to whorehouses to work. On an average, Thais make about US$1000 a year (about 38,000 baht/year). Generally, they work 8-10 hours a day for 28 days a months a year, and may take 1-2 weeks off per year. For examples in Pattaya. Maids in your hotel makes 2500-3000 baht/month, construction workers 3000-3500 baht/month, and cashiers 2000-2500 baht/month. Tipping is not a normal practice, required or customary in Thailand. However, some Farangs give 0-20 baht tip after their meals or drinks. Bargaining is mandatory in almost all situations in Thailand. Thais think that all Farangs are rich and they always inflate the prices. Never accept the first asking price, take 1/2 to 3/5 the asking price. More Thai you can speak, cheaper it gets. Bargaining is a normal part of Thais' commercial life. If you don't bargain, They think you're stupid. So keep cool and maintain a sense of humor. If you agreed on a price, you are morally obligated to pay that price. Majority of girls working is the business is from the families of peasants and farmers. You also see Cambodians, Laotians, Burmese, and Vietnamese. They make less than US $400 a year from their home villages. Small amounts of girls (sluts) are from low to moderate income families but they are too lazy to work and loves to make easy MONEY. You also see girls from Bangkok and local towns free-lancing to supplement their income, which is much, much higher than their day jobs. Some Euroasians, children of former prostitutes frequent the business. Few East Europeans offer their services illegally. The reason why these girls comes to Pattaya to work as prostitutes is due to MONEY. They love MONEY and makes enormous sums of MONEY selling their bodies (for Thai standards). Current cost for a short-time (having sex at your hotel) is around 500 baht, and long-time (sex and sleeping overnight) is between 500-1000 baht, all depends on your bargaining skills. You also have to pay barfine (150-200 baht), if they work in a bar. If they free-lance, no barfine. Barfine is a way that bar owners gets the piece of the pie (like a pimp). 500 baht is equivalent to 5 full work days (40-50 hours/work). In GO-GO bars, they charge 25-50% higher on drinks, girls and barfines. In all Thai whorehouses, they only charge 1/4 to 1/2 the Farang prices. The base salary for typical girls in beer bar whorehouse is 1700-2000 baht a month, plus if they come to work on time, 6 or 7 PM, they split the tip MONEY (20-100 baht per girl per night, if they don't have Farang for the night), plus any tips they might get directly from you, plus if you buy them a lady-drink, they get 20-40 baht per drink, plus 30-50 baht of barfine per short-time(s)/long-time. Plus short-time(s)/long-time per night. Bars usually close around 3 AM, then they free-lance at Marine Discos (#1&2) and Lucky Star bars. Some girls like to get 1-2 short-times per night, then they go for that long-time to maximize their income. Not bad for a girl in a country where average honest person only makes 100 baht per day working 8-10 hours a day. Special attention you need to beware on small percentage of free- lance whores is that it can be very dangerous or even deadly. These whores are known to drug your drinks, food, and their bodies to rob you of your MONEY, passport, and other valuables. Many Farangs have died in the past from being overdosed. These whores usually do their scams/tricks in South Pattaya, in and around Marine Discos (#1&2) and Lucky Star bars (Soi 14-16)., but they are not limited to these areas. It can happen in anywhere, anyplace in Pattaya and Thailand. Since they don't work in the bars or clubs, its hard to track them down. After their scams/tricks, they leave town for the another one (Phuket, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Ko Samui, etc.). However, they will come back in the future for their next scams/tricks. So always be on guard. For a one sad example, get on the, read the article on Heartbreak Hotel, Vol.44, 31 Oct.97 (How one Briton's life savings of US $75,000 was stolen by a whore who then left town. He (father of 2 children in England) than committed suicide or was he murdered?). For another, try Many more exists, but most victims are too embarrassed to notify the police, embassy, or the newspapers. And since most Farangs has to go home shortly after, police have difficult time catching the thieves/murders. Vast majority of tourists (Farangs) visiting Pattaya and Thailand tends to stay for 1-4 weeks for their vacations. And most of them have little to no idea what really goes on here, except for the experienced tourists and expatriates. Well, let me tell you. Most of them will have the best times of their lives, as long as they have the MONEY and the likes to indulge in drinking and sexual services that Thailand is well know for internationally. However, some of them will die here in Thailand...some will catch HIV, the virus that causes AIDS...some will blow or be robbed of their life savings...some will marry and divorce prostitutes...some will open businesses that will go bankrupt...some will end up in always look before you jumb into something, keep your wits about you. Thailand is a beautiful, fun and safe country that is well known for their smiles and hospitality, and you will never have any problem as long as you watch your back and USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. When Thai girls first comes to Pattaya and other Farang whorehouses. They tend to be quiet, innocent like, cute, conservative, plain, and speak no to minimal english. However, after 3 months, they change for the worst. They become whores. They lost that consevative nice girl charm. Most are still fair and nice but longer the girls work in the business, colder they become. From my experience, the worst and the most dangerous whores are the one's with tattoos, smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and/or use drugs, act slutty, pathologically lies, NOT RELIGIOUS to BUDDHA and speaks fair to good english. However, don't let the looks fool you. Some girls look very cute, innocent and speaks politely but if given the opportunity, they will take everything you got without hesitation. Here are some Dos and Don'ts to help you out. Don't act stupid or foolish. Whores here actively seek out for new Farangs who are dumb and stupid. They usually ask them 4 questions, such as but not limited to, What is your name? (to hook you in), What hotel are you staying? (to see how much MONEY you have), Is this your first time? (to find out if you know anything), How long are you staying? (to see the total amounts of MONEY she can get from you). Looking back, I could remember what this experienced whore told me about Farangs which is 100% true. She said in broken english, "I love stupid Farangs, so that I can get as much MONEY as possible but I hate smart Farangs, since they know everything". Most girls are amateurs and tends to be fair but sizable chunk are professional whores who can tell if a Farang is new or dumb. Its these whores who lie, steal, and cheat to take as much MONEY as possible. Common trick is to get you to buy them gold necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc,.especially when you leave Thailand. You see lots of jewelry on these whores. Some whores will pawn or hide these jewelry so that you can buy them a new one, especailly when you return next time. Don't try to impress these girls by spending lots of MONEY on them, or try to show them off. They know that you work hard all year long to save enough to blow your MONEY on girls and booze. And once your MONEY is gone, they will leave you for another man, and they don't care if you spent large sums of MONEY on them already. If they really like you, girls are too embarrassed to ask for any MONEY at all and will accept whatever you give them. However, if they don't like you , girls will ask for more MONEY and have no problem taking or spending your MONEY. Don't ever trust these girls under any circumstances when it comes to MONEY. Like I said before, they lie all the time, and say anything to get your MONEY. In fact, they lie so much that, they forget what they lied about. They know that you have to go back home soon, so it doesn't make any difference to them. Don't think or make decisions using the head of your penis, always use your head between the shoulders and your mind. You'll save MONEY and possibly your own life. In general, vast majority of Farangs in Pattaya and Thailand is middle to elderly men between the ages of 35-70 years old. They tend to be uneducated, foolish, lonely, overweight, not the best looking or the smartest men in the world. Girls here calls them "koewai", means waterbuffalo. In general, typical girls are small, sexy, cute, uneducated, MONEY starved girls between the ages of 18-40. High percentage of these girls are HIV positive. Always use your condom and practice safe sex. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS is transmitted via blood, seamen, and vaginal secretions. HIV virus is also contained in saliva, urine, stool, and other body fluids. Sex is great but I refuse to die from it, so always protect yourself and your partner. Almost all Farangs married to Thais are prostitutes. Most marriages don't work out due to language barriers, cultural, political, religious and age differences. Once they bring these girls back home, it gets worse. Stigma attached to marrying a Thai girl is that, "She's a whore", especially by his family members, friends, co-workers, peers, and the community. It has an international reputation. Don't feel sorry for these girls once you leave Thailand. They will find some other Farangs to be with on the same day as you leave. And never send these girls any MONEY to keep them from working as prostitutes or hoping them to wait for you when you return next time. Big mistake, this is the biggest scam that these whores have on "koewais". Some are even married to Farangs and/or have Farang boyfriends who sends them MONEY every month to "support" them, but they still work as prostitutes for more MONEY. They can never get enough. Farangs who are pussy-whipped is the one's who do this. Its better to rent pussy while you're in Pattaya and Thailand, rather than sending MONEY every month and have some other Farang or Thai men fucking your girlfriend/wife. These whores mostly free-lance, since they are too lazy to work regularly and have enough MONEY to support themselves, thanks to those fools. Like all girls in the world, they like young men around their own age. For your information, some girls have Thai boyfriends and some are lesbians and transvestites. So watch out. There is a big expatriate community in and around Pattaya. You can learn plenty from them and from other experienced Tourist Farangs, but be weary of your fellow Farangs. Some are crooks and criminals hiding out in Thailand. They have some scams too. Don't be so egocentric. Be politically correct and never say anything bad against the King, Queen, and the Buddha. Treat girls with respect and never touch them without their permission, especially on their heads. Most Thais are very tolerant of Farangs but they can only take so much. Many fights, some died, and some ended up in the hospitals. Try not to come alone and bring a friend with you. Safety in numbers. If you come alone and something happens to you, you're in deep shit. Never get into fights with Thais, they usually gang-up on you and your fellow Farangs will not help. Thailand is semi-corrupt country and its a way of life here. Some police, local, and central government officials can be bought. Altercation between Farangs and Thais is always in Thais' favor. Fines is much higher for Farangs than Thais. They have double standards. As a foreigner, Thais will never treat us as one of them. They tolerate Farangs because of hugh sums of MONEY we bring in to the country. However, if you can speak Thai and follow their customs, you have much better chances of being accepted. Even though, Farangs always pay more than Thais for the same things. Don't think or treat respectable Thai women like Thai whores. Most poor Thai girls don't sell their bodies. They work hard and honestly to make a clean living for themselves and their families. The best times to come to Pattaya and Thailand is between the months of March to October (slow season). Girls are cheaper and much friendlier. Ask for 20-50% discount on your hotel, especially if you're staying over 2 weeks. Busiest 3 months are December, January, and February (peak season). November and August is semi-busy. A week before Christmas to week after New Year is the busiest time of the year. At peak season, the prices are firm and girls are less friendlier. Hotels still gives discounts if you stay more than 2 weeks (10-30%) but not around Christmas and New Year. In conclusion, I highly recommend that you buy and read a book titled, South-East Asia by Lonely Planet. It has wealth of information and facts you need to know before coming to Thailand. In addition to those 2 web sites that I mentioned earliers, try (for hotels), (for facts and nite owl articles), (tourism),, and ( for real life experiences) GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HUNTING
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 00:50:26 -0800 (PST) Subject: Comments about Pattaya, Thailand, Dec. 1997 Despite efforts to remake the city's image, Pattaya remains a sex-tourism capital. The promotion efforts are having some effect, though, as the city was very packed-out over the Christmas and New Year period, and not just with the punters. Bars were operating all over the place and quite a few girls had come in to take advantage of seasonal traffic...sometimes these can be among the best, as they're not hardened like some of the regulars. I've never seen so many Western couples and families in Pattaya. Those people must have been asleep at the travel agent's office, or were sold a package trip and didn't ask enough questions. I saw a lot of guys bring the wife to a bar (lacking other things to do); at best the women would react like the whole thing was a museum curiosity or something. And for heaven's sake, don't bring the kids. Ko Samui and Phuket (with the possible exception of Patong) are much better options. Barfines at open-air places are about B150, and B400 at the go-go bars. I'd give B300-500 for a short time and B700-1,000 for all night, which seemed to be about right. At those prices, Pattaya was a much better value for money at year-end 1997 than year-end 1996. How long it will last is anyone's guess. Consider avoiding Pattaya during the big holidays like Christmas, New Year's, Chinese New Year and a few of the Thai national holidays (especially if they make for long weekends). Hotels get packed, traffic's a mess, and the best girls are long since taken. The economic problems in Thailand have meant a boost for visitor volume in Pattaya, ironically, as Thais vacation in their own country rather than go overseas. Bangkok is a good alternative for many of the holiday periods, as traffic is much more reasonable and there's a good range of things still open.
Subject: Pattaya, Thailand Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 18:36:04 -0000 Just got back from my first trip. INCREDIBLE! Here are some updates to the info previously listed. I was there from November 12, 1997 to Nov. 30, 1997. The exchange rate during my trip was about 40 Baht(B) per $1.00 US. $25.00 = 1000B. Its now about 50 to 1 or $20 US = 1000B. So things may have changed again. The Marine Disco is alive and well and open. Best time to go, Midnight to 4am. The Baby A Go Go on Soi Diamond also alive and well. Many really hot young girls but most want short time. Going rate seemed to be 500B bar fine and 1500B short time, no long time offered. Seemed a little high to me since had been meeting women all week long who were taking as little as 500B for long time (all night) at Lucky Star (outside bar across from Marine Disco) Most of the time I was paying 1000B -1500B for all nite. Blue Hawaii on Soi Diamond also has some excellent choice babes. GREAT TIP. Go to the Lipstick Bar on Soi 2 (I think). Has newly remodeled short time rooms on premises. These are the nicest rooms I was in during my entire trip to Thailand. Lots of black marble, low lights, whirlpool tub, plants, soft music. The room was 600B and the girl was 1000B ANOTHER TIP Las Vegas Go Go on Soi Postoffice. This is a "no knickers" bar meaning the girls are all pantyless all the time. They dance in cute little lace outfits or totally nude during the day. They have a short time room thats FREE with a 200B inside "Bar Fine". Outside bar fine was 400B. Lots of old fat men and beatiful bored women. My friend Mr. Mark is a so hyper, that after 10 minutes of him playing air guitar and acting like a basic fool, we had many girls crowded around us because we looked like we might be having fun. Too bad for the rest of the guys who were sitting around leering at the girls like a cheetah stalking prey. MANY BARS NOW HAVE THOSE SCROLLING MESSAGE SIGNS. READ THEM. VIP Massage. This also seems to be largely overlooked. You pay 270B ($7) for a physical massage 350 ($9) for a 1 1/2 hour "body massage". Of course afterward you negotiate with the girl to "finish the job" which varied from 700B to 1500B. Lots of guys seem to like negotiating price before going in, but in my opinion, the girl has just given you an excellent massage and hasn't probably made a dime. (or baht). In lots of cases she has worked real hard. I didnt mind paying for "additional" services and if she doesn't negotiate a deal, she gets nothing. I paid an average of 1000b and one girl who was exceptionally good 1500B. I got an excellent bath/massage/body massage and fucked and sucked. Compare this to the 500B barfine and 1500B short time of most Go Go bars. We come out about even, except I got an excellent bath/massage/body... you get the idea. Some of the girls were older and fatter (cheaper too) and a couple of young superstars. I actually went there just to get a good physical massage with no sex because I was having trouble sleeping (jet lag) and needed to really relax. But since I was there anyway and she had starting sucking me off and then asked about money, I decided what the hell! If you could do anything you wanted in life, wouldn't it be to ride dirt bikes and harleys, go river rafting, throw hand grenades, shoot missles, get drunk, have sex with great looking babes and own a great rock and roll go-go bar? The guys that own Tahitian Queen show videos of their exploits on the TV's in their bar. As this was my first trip, I was overwhelmed but I had an excellent guide(Jim). Some advice I think should be passed on. 1. Be fair with the girls but don't overpay. You'll ruin it for all of us 2. Tipping is not a custom in Thailand. Lots of people do tip as it is an international custom but 3-5% is adequate. When in doubt, refer to the second part of lesson 1. 3. Try to learn a little Thai, it's only polite. 4. Read a little about Thailand before going. I couldn't believe how many guys I saw grabbing girls by the head (a no-no), kissing in public, etc. Respect the girls and the culture. (I went out with a girl who didn't want me to kiss her in public but wanted me to finger her under her dress in a go go bar while we watched the sex shows. Go figure). 5. If (when) you get so fucked out you need to take a day off, go to a Wat or a Thai market and take in some of the culture. 6. Try not to maul the girls until after you tell them your name. What I mean here is give her a chance to get comfortable with you. Let her know you are a human being, not some flat slob who can't even speak her language that wants to stick his dick in her. This is universal advice in any country but I can't believe how many men I see ignore this. Believe me you'll have a much better time. A $3 ladies drink wont kill you and when you consider what a lousy time you are going to have when you get back home you'll wish you had maximized your pleasure. 7. Try some of the older women or more plain women. Its easy to do superstars everynight in Thailand, but I find the average "cute" girls to be more affectionate, usually cheaper and more appreciative and most times better in bed. I try to mix it up and do some real lookers, but lets face it, Im there for sex. 8. Respect the girls and respect the culture. I repeated this because it is so important. 9. Don't cause trouble. If you want to be an ass, stay home. We're there to party and have a good time. I didnt see any fights while I was there, probably because the testosterone level is at about zero, but I did see some tatoo'd shaved head assholes who seemed to be trying their best to fuck up everyone's time. Everybody's going to get laid so just relax. If some guy says hi to your girl don't get all worked up, cause guess what, she's going to be doing someone else as soon as you get on that plane! My friends didnt want me to write this. They are very protective of their (our) little paradise. They want to keep it as big a secret as possible figuring too many tourists will drive the price up, etc. Personally, I think the secret's already out. Its definitely Disneyland for adult males but remember "Respect the girls and respect the culture".
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 23:17:55 +0300 Subject: Thailand: Pattaya price update I visited Pattaya second half of February 1998. Short price-list: At time of my visit dollar was 1 to 43-45 baht Go-go bars: bar fines 500-600 baht; short time about 1.500 baht; long time 2.500-3.000 baht; girls all had tendency to go just for short time and even, agreeing for long time, started to ask for going home after 2-3 hours Body massage: Sabai land - 600 baht for body massage itself - done pretty poorly both for me and my friend (about 40-45 minutes); after girls ask for 2.000 baht for straight sex - my experience was also below average. Bars near the road - bar fines about 400 baht or none; standard pay for girls 1.000 baht long time (till the morning); best deal up to me - but most unsafe obviously; quality of girls is lower than in go-go bars but if you spend couple of hours you can find a superstar; beware of transvestites! Maritime disco - starts to work after midnight; yes - there are several girls there (no more than 10-20) - all of them are so ugly.... never asked about the price Good advice - pay the girl only AFTER the services are done; I always did so and in case of low performance reduced the requested fee. (Of course I gave good tips if performance was good) I lived in an excellent 5-star hotel (Dusit Resort) - very reasonable price, excellent service and not a problem to take a girl to your room Have fun
Date: Sun, 07 Jun 1998 23:10:58 -0500 Subject: Pattaya I spent 17 fantastic days in Pattaya in the last half of February 98. A lot has changed since my last trip in the spring of 93. The bar scene is pretty much the same, but there were tons more tourists than before. I arrived in Pattaya on the 14th (Valentines Day), very popular day for the ladies. Even though it was 4 am when I got to the hotel, and about 25 hours of travelling time getting there, I immediately headed down to the bars. Hordes of people everywhere, almost as many male tourists as working girls. Started out at the Marine Bar, right below the Marine Disco, which is still open and doing a roaring business. Needless to say, after a 5 year absence I didn't know anybody anymore. I decided to check out as many bars as I could to see what was still available. Being as I was dressed to kill and everyone around me was wearing shorts and t-shirts, I kinda stood out in the crowds. As a result, girls in every bar I passed were trying to entice me in. (I noticed that after I started wearing shorts and a t-shirt as well, no one made any great effort to attract my attention) I ended up in a little bar near the Marine A GO GO about nine in the morning where I met a Laotian girl named Joy. Supposedly she was just down from Laos to visit a girlfriend, and had only gone out that night because it was Valentines. We never even discussed price, just went back to the hotel, showered, had a quick bout of sex and slept. Later that day we went out to get something to eat. I gave 1,000 baht and she ask me what it was for ! I told her it was for her, period. After eating supper, I started to pull out my wallet but she insisted on paying. We ended up back at the "Lucky 7 Stars" bar where again, she insisted on paying. I figured I had a pretty good thing going here so I stayed with her. She wanted sex more often than I did (she wasn't happy with anything less than 3 times a day, more often preferring up to 5 times a day) Everyday I would give her a 2,000 baht allowance, and no matter what we did, shopping, sightseeing, eating, drinking, etc, she paid for it, often getting better prices/rates than I could have alone. I ended up spending alot of time with her Laos friends and learned quite abit about how things work in the industry. At least among the Laos's, most of them were just looking for some one nice, money wasn't a concern at all. As for the rest of Pattaya, bars come and bars go, only to be replaced by more bars. Most of the Go Go bars appeared pretty much the same, scantily clad girls trying to get guys to go short itme, doing a variety of sex shows in between. Short time was usually 500 baht(about $12.00 US), and long time was 1,000(about $22.00 US). I did alot of wandering around and didn't notice that many signs in Russian. I don't know where those stories are coming from that Pattaya is being taken over by Russian mafia. If anything, there are more "Allah" tourists there than anything. For anyone interested in going there, avoid mid-May to early June, the US Navy does an annual joint exercise with the Thai military which results in about 10,000 sailors and marines descending on Pattaya. During April is the annual "Songkran" festival, during which passerbys used to chance getting sprinkled with water. Now alot of tourists are abusing the festival and soaking everybody with buckets of water and whatever else is handy. I would mind getting soaked, as long as it was only water being thrown. I started out staying at the Bazzar Hotel (350 baht/night, aircon, fairly quiet location) and then moved to the Beach Inn at the insistence of Joy, who decided we would be better off in a cheaper place (220 baht/night, aircon, right in the entertainment district, can be loud depending on where your room is located, but is less than a block from the Marine Bar/Disco) I'm going back in July and will send an update from one of the cyber-cafes. Till then, Happy humpin !
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 1998 22:03:10 +0800 Subject: A Massage Parlour At Pattaya I went to Thailand on June 1998 with a few of my friends. I had a great time in Pattaya and I wish to share that wonderful experience with you and hope you get that same wonderful treatment. We didn't know which place had good looking girls and provided good service at a reasonable price. Our tour guide brought us to this massage parlour called P.P Body Massage. Inside there were about 30-40 girls dressed in cute dresses with number tags on them. They were seated behind this glass room. The manager told us that these girls were good at massage and sex. These girls cost 1500 baht for an hour and a half of service. I couldn't help but notice gorgeous looking chicks dressed in sexy dresses and tight jeans sitting by the bar counter. So I asked the manager who they were. He said that they were "superstars". So I asked why they were called such. He said that the were fairly good in massage, excellent in sex and damn good looking. To be frank they were real knock outs! These "superstars" came at a higher price though. For the same time limit they cost 2000 baht. So we chose 4 "superstars" for ourselves cuz we rather have better looking girls who can fuck than average(some were pretty good looking too!) looking girls who were better at massage! We paid at the cashier and waited for the girls. They came to the cashier and got the room keys and brought us up to our rooms. This joint had big rooms with all the necessities with a little extra. King sized beds, television, dressing table, bath tub and even a balcony! My girl, Koy is her name, got a basket full of toiletries and placed them near the bath tub. Behind her followed a waiter who was ready to take orders for our drinks. I got us 2 cokes for 80 baht and tipped the guy 20. After he left Koy locked the door and turned on the tap for the bath. While waiting for the bath to fill Koy sat down beside me on the bed. So we proceeded on getting to know each other better. She was 23 but she looked much younger like maybe 20-21. She said that she was from Changmai and just arrived about a week ago to work here. Then the bath was ready. She got me up and stripped off my clothes and gave me a towel to wrap myself in. She then faced her back towards me(Thai girls are shy !)and took off her clothes. Then she wrapped herself in a towel and proceeded to take off her undies. Then she took my hand and brought me to the bath. I got in first and was told to lie down. She sat opposite me crossed legged, lifted my butt and placed them on her thighs.Then she squeezed shower cream all over and bathed me. After she got me clean from head to toe, she went on to bath herself. After that she was back under the towel again while I was lying on the bed watching everything. She took a condom from the dressing table and got onto the bed and laid down beside me. I removed her towel and mine. She tore off the wrapper took out the condom, placed it in her mouth and rolled it down my dick without using her hands! Then she got up on the bed knelt down before me and there I saw a fair skinned girl with nice firm tits, slim smooth body with a well trimmed bush. She then proceeded to give me the best blowjob I ever had. After a while she moved up and sucked on my nipples while she eased herself onto my dick. We tried a few styles before I came. Then I thought that was it. But I was wrong when she asked if I'd like another shot. According to the manager, the full service was for only one shot but you could arrange the price with the girl if you want subsequent shots. So I asked her how much. She just nodded her head. I wasn't sure of what she meant but she took off the the condom, got a new one and again rolled it with her mouth over my dick. By the second time I came it was over the time given. So she quickly bathed me and herself. We got dressed and I gave her a 500 baht tip for the extra and excellent service and she gave me a "thank you" kiss. When we went downstairs, she headed for the manager (to collect her share) and left me a look. One last look to tell me to come back again. And I will, later this year when I go back to Thailand.

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