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Paterson, New Jersey

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PATERSON, NJ: Sex capital of Passaic County

Paterson NJ is a very alternative to New York City if you like hookers.

The Market Street area, from the westbound exit on I-80 to Madison Avenue is a
very good source for hookers. The lower end of Market St. from the furniture
wholesaler to the Amoco Station is generally the most populated stretch.

Most hookers hang out right on Market St. near the corners of the numerous
side streets, but you can also find them on the side streets as well. The
majority of girls are blacks from the nearby Alabama projects, and most of
them are drug and/or alcohol users. Many of them will say that they need the
money to take care of their kids (the fathers/husbands have all disappeared).

A second area is the Van Houten - Broadway area near the Unemployment Office.
The quality of the hookers ranges from scuzzy to fair at best. Around the
corner on Bway. is the Rainbow Motel, another hangout. Don't ever go in there,
it absolutely sucks.

Sometimes they hang out on the corner of Bway. and Madison[a favorite decoy
spot] and along Madison away from McDonald's [incidentally, panhandlers will
nail you if you go into the McDonald's drive-thru]. Cops like to sit in a
vacant lot near the RR crossing.

White girls in this area are somewhat rare, and there are decent Hispanics
once in awhile.

Some of the more aggressive girls will wave to you or smile at you as you go
by, avoid these as they tend to draw attention to you by unseen police
observers. Make eye contact with them, and circle around once or twice before
stopping. Check for parked vehicles with 1 or 2 men sitting in them - possible
sign of undercover cops.

General ratings of the girls: Over the years, I have met some absolutely
spectacular women in Paterson, and have also met quite a few poor performers
and even some downright thieves. None of them are past a 4 or 5 on a scale of
ten, and quite a few may look  halfway decent but have bad attitutudes.

If you stop in order to let a girl approach you, ask them how they're doing.
If they say that they need to make a few dollars, etc., they're not cops, but
you can be assured of an unsatisfying quickie. One girl even said, "I need to
make some money and get out of here." Talk about not being interested in you!

Several girls to Avoid AT ALL COSTS [there are others]
1. A good-looking blonde  with long hair-piece and great legs named Kristy.
She hangs out with a pimp named Ebby nearby and specialises in hard-luck
stories. She is an accomplished thief and will let you fuck her and then she
will steal everything you own while you are putting your clothes back on.

2. Denise - a petite white girl with short hair, drug user, will sweet-talk
you and claim she needs money to get out of a legal jam.

3. Precious - a short black girl with an impressive chest, terrible fuck.

4. Lisa - Innocent looking lite-skinned black girl with buck teeth somewhat
chubby but very nice chest; claims she goes to college; rip-off artist.

There are police decoys in the area once or twice a week; if you don't see any
girls around, there's probably a police crackdown going on.

The Paterson police are no brain surgeons, but they do use unmarked cars, most
often black or white Chevys. The giveaway is the spotlight on the left-hand
door and the "MG" [for "Municipal Government"] plates.

I recently spotted an older station wagon that has the new flashing strobes
built into the parking and backup lights. The red strobe is mounted where the
right-hand visor would be. This is a difficult vehicle to spot. Recently, I
also spotted Police motorcycles as well.

The newer Paterson police cars have very low-profile roof-mounted lights,
which are difficult to see, especially at night.

All in all, I rate this consistently higher than NYC for street hookers, as
they are there most of the time and in general you can laid for $20 or less if
you are not concerned about finding the world's best looking women.

One last note: if you are looking to get in touch with these girls, it's
almost impossible because 98% do not have phones and they will rarely call

Happy hunting, but let's be careful out there!

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